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ENEAS MACKAY. Booksbllbr, 
43 MuRRAY Placb, Stirlino. 







Am Briatlirachan Beag 






AONGHAS MAC AOIDH. Lbabharrbicbadair, 

43 MuRRAY Placb, Struibhlb. 


MMkw OlMMW OfflM 


IT was vain to imag^ne fchat the Gaelic Language 
could take and hold the place which was its due 
in the Schools of the Scottish Highlands with- 
out a graded series of Elementary Reading Books, 
supplemented by a cheap and handy Vocabulary of 
the words used in those books. The want of graded 
books has been so far met by " An Treòraiche," " An 
Comh-threòraiche," and " Compauach na cloinne," 
already published and in use ; and now the present 
book is offered to meet the other want. 

"Am Briathrachan Beag" is much more than a 

Vocabulary ser\ing the above-mentioned books, how- 

ever. It contains words which occur in the foUowing 

Popular Historical Sketches, namely : "Rob Roy," 

H^"William Wallace," and "John Knox," written by 

the well-known Lachlan Maclean— or " Lachann na 

Gàidhlig," as he was familiarly called — a master of 

uncorrupted Gaelic idiom ; and also many other words 

of common use which are not in the aforesaid books. 

AHI Much matter has been appended to the Vocabulary 

^^ proper, not as a substitute for a gramraar, but mainly 

Ias a compendium from which writers of Gaelic — who, 
as a rule, are in great need of guidance in the 


technicalities of Gaelic literary work— raay derive in- 
formatiou in cases ol doubt or want of knowledge. 

In the Vocabulary proper, all words are in the 
first instance catalogued in their primar>' fonn ; while 
many are given in their inflected forms and reference 
made to their primar>' form. The principal inflections 
of nouns, and odd inflections of verbs and adjectives, 
are given after the primary forms of the words ; and 
inflections which are awanting there are made up for 
by notes and tables in the appendix. 

One of the great drawbacks to the increase of 
Gaelic literary output has been, and is, ignorance of 
the proper manner in which to prepare and carry 
through Writing for the Press ; and an attenipt is 
made to remove some of that ignorance by instructions 
in the preparation of "copy," in the methods of 
correcting proofs, and in other matters in which 
writers of Gaelic usually fail to reach a reasonable 
standard of technique. 







Abbreviations, ........ 


Vocabulary, ....... 


Words of Unsettled Spelling, 


Improper Use of Duration Marks, .... 


„ „ the Old Dative Plural, 


Improper Debasement of the Article, 




National Names, ...... 



Titnlar, Trade, and Professional Names, 



Names of Females, ...... 


The Classified Alphabet, 


Phases of the Article, ..... 


Prepositions in Composition with the Article, . 


The Personal Pronouns, ..... 


Phases of the Prepositional Pronouns, . 


Pha.<tes of the Prepositions in composition with the Posses- 

sive Pronoims, ...... 


Inflection of Nouns 


„ of Adjectives, ..... 


The Verbal Partides, 


The Substantive Verbs, 


The Regnlar Verb 


The Irregular Verbs, ...... 


Auxiliary Verbs, ..... 


Some Names associated with Literaturc, 


Numeration, ....... 


Sdcntific Numeration, ...... 


Telling The Time of Day 


Names of the Months, ...... 


Names of Special Days and Seasons, 


The Signs of ■Written Speech, etc., .... 


Syllabication— The Place of the Hyphen, 

. 184 

Writing for the PreM, 

. 185 

Correction of the Press, 



a., adj., adjective. 

acc, accusative. 

art., article. 

asp., aspirated. 

c. c (c), consonant. 

C, Comharradh, Comharraidb- 

compar., comparative. 
con., cons., consonaut, con- 

conj. conjunction. 
d., dat, dative. 
dg., deug. 
(-er) the EngL comparative 

emph., emphatic 
f., (f), fem., feminine. 
f., fh., fichead, fhichead. 
g., gen., (gen.), genitive. 
g. d., genitive and dative. 
g. V., genitive and vocative. 
ind., indeclinable. 
interj., intcrjcction. 
intcrrog., interrogativc. 
irr., irregular. 
L. Sc, Lowland Scots. 
m., (m.), masc, mascolinc. 
n., noun. 
nf., noun feminine. 

nm., noun masculine. 

nom., nominative. 

num., numeral. 

obj., objective. 

part., particle. 

pass., passive. 

phr., phrase. 

pl., plur., pluraL 

pnf., propcr noun feminine. 

pnm., proper noun mascoline. 

poss., possessive. 

poss. pron., poaseflsive prononn. 

prep., preposition. 

prep. pron., prepositional pro- 

pron., pronoun. 
Provl., provinciaL 
s., sing., singnlar. 
sv., substantive verb. 
t. t. q., times the quantity. 
unasp., unaspirated. 
▼•» (v.), vow., vows., vowel, 

va., verb active. 
V. a., verb-adjective. 
vn. verb neutcr. 
V. n., vcrb-noun. 
v., voc, vocativr 
(-), tubject of the verb. 


ft, the voc. partide ; precedes a noun in the voc. case, beginnin 

with an asp. con. ; and suffers elision before vow. 
a, his ; poss. pron. precedes asp. con. ; and sufiers elision before 

a, her ; poss. pron. precedes unasp. con. ; and takes h- before 

a, f or : do ; f ulfils the f unction of ' that ' in relative clauses ; and 

precedes asp. con. of verb. 
a, for : do ; f ul&ls the f unction of ' to ' before infinitives ; and pre- 

cedes asp. con. of verb-noun. 
a, for: do, de = to, off, in prepositional phrases ; and precedes 

asp. con. 
a, for : an= in and from in prep. phr. ; and precedes unasp. con. 
a', the ; art. precedes asp. con. of noun. 

a', for: ag = at, engaged in ; precedes unasp. con. of verb-noun. 
à, prep. out of. Note: the mark over 'a' is not indicative of 

duration or accent. 
a, part. which precedes numerals when they are used independ- 

ently, as : a tri, three. 
abaich, va. and vn. rìpen, mature. 
abaich, a. rìpe, mature. 
abaid, nf. pl.+ean, abbey. 
abair, va. and vn. irr., say, utter, express. 
Abar-eadhain, pnm. Aberdeen ; inflected ou first element. 
àbhach, a. humurous, merry. 
àbhachd, nf. ind., humour, sport. merriment. 
abhac, ni. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, tenier. 
afehaHll, nf . g. aibhne ; pl. aibhnean and aibhnichean, rìver, 

Abhainn-fàrn, pnf. the rìver Fam ; inflected on first element. 
Abhainn-fhaoiain, pnf. the rìver Fillan ; inflected on first element. 
abhaist, :ii. ; pl. + ean, custom, habit, usage. 
ablach, :.:n. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, mangled carcase. 
abstol, um. g.v. -oil ; pl. + an, apostle. 
aca, !>rep. pron. at them. 
acaid, nt. pl. + ean, lancinating pain, stitch. 
•caÌH, nf. pl. + ean, moan, sob, sigh, complaint. 
ICtÌr, nf . g. acrach ; pl. acraichean, anchor. 
aearttl^ nf. pL + ean, anchorage. 

icthaliia, nf. pl. + ean, apparatus, implemcnts, bamess, salve. 
acil, conj., but, except. 


Mhadh, iiin. n.v. -aidb ; pl. •aidhcan, field. 

•cHanaÌch, nf. pl.-^-ean. carncst prayer. 

achd, ni. pl. • .111. ;ut, stahitc, dccree. 

achlait, iit. pl. ; can, arnipit (L. Sc. oxter). 

•chlasan, nm. g.v. -aia ; pL -aiii, onything carried under tbe 

achmhatan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, rebuke, reproof, reprimand. 
achrannach, a. intricate, cutaugled. 
acrach, a. bungrj-. 
acrat, nm. g.v. -rais, buuger. 
a'd, for : anu do = in tby. 
ad, f or : do = tby. 

■d, uf. g. aide ; d. aid ; pl. + an, bat. 
adag, nf . g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, sbock of com. 
adag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, baddock. 
adagaich, vn. gatber com iuto sbocks. 
adhairceach, a. boracd. 
adhal, nm. ^.v. -ail ; pl. -ailcau, flesb hook. 
adhaltrannai, um. g.v. -ais, adultery. 
adhann, nf . Sce agbaun. 
adhar, nm. Scc atbar. 
adharc, nf. g.d. -airc ; pl -aircean, a born. 
adhart, nm. iu tbc plirasc : air adhart, fomvard. 
adhlac, nm. g.v. -aic ; pl. + an, a buria). 
adhlaic, va. bury, intcr. 
idhmhor, a. 5>ee Aphnibor. 
ag, um. ind., ' " ' -itation. 
ag, prcp. at, ' I ; precedes v.n. beginning withTOw., and 

also tbe uwiw ì.imÌi. 
agad, prcp. pron. r.t you, s. 
agaibh, prep. prou. at you, pl. 
againn, prcp. pron. at us. 
agalr, va. + t,, crave, claim. 
agam, prep. pron. at me. 

agartas, um. g.v. -ais ; pl. -ais. plefl. rlaim. law suit. 
igh, nm. g.v. àigh, bajii lity. 

agh, nf. g. aigbc, d. ai^ '. young cow. 

aghaldh, nf. pl. + eau, ia>.<, .-Miiiaiv, iiuui . au aghaidJrT agaiu^t 

:.ur agbaidb, fonvard, ouward. 
aghann, uf. g. aigbue ; d. -ainn ; pL aighncan, pan, goblet. 
aghart. Sce adbart. 
àghmher, a. bappy, prosperous, lucky. 
agvt, conj. and. 

aìl-, poss. pron. her or its f. before vowels. 
albhnt, Sec abhainn. 
albidh, nf. pl. + ean, alphabet. 
aka, l'f' p. pron. .Tt hcr. 

àlchtadh, 1:1:1. K -ii'lli. dcnying, reuotmdng, contradictÌBg. 
alCbtanbaU, uf. g. -lo, rcvcngc. reprìsaL 


àkhtidh, va. -eadb, deny, refuse. 

aidich, va. confess, own, acknowledge. 

aidmhtil, nf., pl. + can, faith, religion, confession. 

aifrMnn, ni. ^. -iune, d. -inn; pL -innean, mass (religious). 

aig, prep. at, in the possession of. 

ai{e, prep. pron. at him. 

aiftann, nm. g. -einu ; pl. -einnean, abyss. 

ai|0antach, a. spirìted, mettiesome. 

aifhcar, :im. g.v. -eir, mirtb, gaiety, gladness, joy. 

aighearach, a. mirthful, gay, glad, joyous. 

aif neadh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhean, temper, disposition, spirit. 

ailbhinn, nf . flint, fliuty rock. 

aileadh, um. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhean, marlc, impression, tracc, scar. 

àileadh, um. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhean, air, atmosphere ; sense of 

smelling, scent. 
ailMg, nf. g.d. -ei^ ; pl-f-an, the liiccough. 
àHMUI, um. g.v. -em ; pl. -einean, a greeu, meadow. 
Allean, pnm. g.v. -ein, Allau. 
àilear, nm. g.v. -cir ; pl. + an, porch. 
àili, nf. g. + e. desire, wiU, pleasure. 
àilleacfeii, uf. ind., beauty, comeliuess. 
ailm, nf. g. + e. pL + ean, helm. 

aimbeart, uf. g.d. -eirt, poverty, want, iudigence, distress. 
aimheal, um. g.v. -eil, vexation, grief. 
aimhleas, um. g.v. -eis, harm, injury, hurt. 
aimhreidh, nf. g. + e ; pL + ean. confusiou, disturbance, disagree- 

ment, contention. 
almhrtit, nf. g. + e; pL + ean, (aslast). 
aimsir, nf. g. + e ; pl. + can, time, scason, weather, 
aimsireil, a. temporal, worldly, scasonable. 
aindeoin, nf. reluctauce, compulsion. 
Aindreat, pum. g.v. -eis, Audrew. 
aineoiacii, a. ignorant. 
aineolas, um. g.v. -ais, ignorance. 
ainfhiach, nm. g.v. -eich ; pL + an, debt, obligation. 
ainfeal, um. g.v. -il ; pL-glean, angel. 
ainf eal, um. g.v. -il ; pL -glean, fire. 
ainf idh, a. wicked, impious. 
aiam, nm. pl. -i canuau, name. 
ainmtil, a. rcnowned, celebrated. 
ainmhidh, um. pl. + ean, brutc, animal, beast. 
ainmich, va. name, nominate, mentiou. 
ainmif , a. rare, seldom, scarce. 
ainneamh. Seeannamh. 

ainneart, nm. g.v. -eirt, violence, force, oppression. 
ainnir, nf. g. + e ;pL + ean, virgin. 
ainnlt, a :;.':.!., destitute ; aLw, ainniseach. 
ainnìseachd, ::. ind. poverty, destitution. 

Buu, um. g.v. -ais, t^rranny, opprestion. 


alr, prcp. before ; precedes asp. con. of noun in idiomatic 

air, prep. on. upon. 
air, prep. after ; precedcs v.u. witli the force of the Eng. past 

air, prep. pron. on him ; carrics the accent. 
airc, nf. g. + e. distress, hardship, poverty. 
àirtf, nf. g. -l-e ; pl. + ean. beight or proniontory. 
ilrd, nf. g. + c, prcparation, order, condition, statc. 
àird«, nl. pl.-fan, point of thc coinpass ; (L. Sc. airt) : an àirde 

dcas, thc suuth : an àirdc near, thc cast : an àirde niar, the 

west : an àirde tuath, thc north. 
iirtf«t nf. height, altitudc, iiighness : air àirde, in height : an 

àirdc, up, upward. 
airt, nf . ind., heed, uotice, atteution, intention, watdiing. 
aireachall, a. attentive, observaut, watchfid. 
aireamh, nf. g. •eimh., uuuibcr, quantity, numbering, numcration. 
airean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl.-c-iucau, ploughman. 
airsead, nm. g.v. -id, silver. moncy (L. Sc. sillcr) ; airgead-c4nu, 

bcad-moncy, a rcward for an outlaw's head : airgead-iaaaid, 

borrowcd moncy, 
iiridh, beltcr iirlfh, nf. g. + e ; pl. +ean, bill pasture. 
iireachan, n. pl. pastures. 
airidh, a. worthy, dcscrving, mcriting. 
alridheaclid, nf. ind., worth, mcrìt. 
airm, u. pl. of arm, arms, weapons ; see arm. 
ilrMagi ^- g<i- -c«g ; pl + au. sloe. 
ilfMtot nf. iud., household furniture, movabies. 
llr If plir., elsc, othcn\-ise. 

alrWtMi nm. g. -eii, wcariness, fatigue, heaviness, sadneaa. 
i l r mtliC li, a. wcary, fatigucd, sorrowful, sad. 
air lon, plir., for ; on ac-couut of ; instcad of ; by reaaon of. 
ait, iti tbc plirase : air ais, back, bacicwards : rach air t' aia, go 

aUda, prcp. pron. out of her. 
alstag, nm. g.v. -eig ; pl. i an, ferry. 
aisalngll, nf . ind. resurrection. 
aitlg, vii. aiseag, rcstorc ; fcrry ovcr. 
aieil, uf . g. aisle ; pi. +can, axle-trcc. 
aWaa, uf . g. -nc ; pl. aisucan, rib. 
aMiag* nf . pl. + can, drcam, vision. 
aH, a. glad, joyful. 
ilto,nm. pi. + an or +achan, placc. 
alttal, um. g.v. ocii ; pl. + nn, glimpse, txansient view. 
aiteam, um. g.v. •ci: . folk, persons. 

aiteamh, nm. g.v. -t 

alttaa, nm g.v. -eis, gia(iucs.s, joyf ulness. 
Ih, nf . g.d. •cimh ; pl. + an, fathom. 
fi a. + a. short, concise, brief , soon, quick. 


àithn, v.i. command, bid, enjoin. 

ilthnt, nf. pl. àithntean, commandment, injunction, bidding. 

althnt, nf. ind. knowlc-dge, acquaintance : is aithne dhomh, I 

know : d' an aithne, who knows : an aithne dhuit, do you 

know ? 
aithnieh, va. -eachadh, kuow, recognise. 
aithnichte, v.a. known. 
•ithreach, a. penitent, repentant. 
aithreachat, nm. g.v. -ais, penitence, repentance. 
aithris, va. aithris, tell, repeat, rehearse. 
aithris, nf. pl. + ean. recital, narration, rehearsal, imitation 

: air aithris, repeated, told. 
àitich, va. inhabit, dwell. 

aitraabh, nm. g.v. -eibh ; pl. -eibh, building, steading. 
il, nm. g.v. àil, pl. àil, brood, generation, progeny. 
iiacil, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, brood, tribe, generation ; 

set of oars. set of nails. 
ilaich, va. bear, produce, bring forth, multiply. 
Aiatdair, pnm. Alexander. 
Alba ' r Albainn, pnf. g. Albanu, Scotland. 
Albannach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, Scotsman : Ban-albannacb, 

Scotswoman ; a. Scottish. 
allaban, nm. g.v. -ain, wandering : air allaban, roving. 
ailaidh, a. wild, fìerce, savage. 
allt, nni. g.v. uillt ; pl. uillt. stream, brook. 
alitan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain and + an, streamlet, burn. 
alt, nm. g.v. uilt ; pl. uilt. joint, joiniug, condition, order : as an 

alt. out of joint : air alt, on condition. 
altachadh-beatha, nm. ^. -aidh-bb-, salutation, welcome. 
altaich, va. reidx the jomts ; thank, sahitc. 
altair, nf. g. -rach, pl. -raichean, altar. 
altrum, va. altrum, nurse, foster, cherish, rear. 
ilulnn, a. àilne, handsome, beautiful. elegant, splendid. 
am, art. the ; precedes nouns beginning with p, b, m, f una.sp. 
am, fulfils the function of ' whom,' ' which,' aud precedcs verbs 

beginning wjth p, b, m, f unasp. See an. 
am, interrog, part. ; precedes verbs beginning with p, b, m, f 

am, po98. pron. their ; precedes nouns beginning with p, b, m, f 

am, for: mo, my. 
a'm, for : ann mo, in my. 

am, prep. in ; precedes nouns beginning with p, b, m, f unasp. 
iffl, nm. K. + a. ; pl. f annan, time. The mark over • a' does not 

iniply duration. 
amadan, nm. g.v. 'ain ; pl. -ain, fool. 
amaid, nf. pl.-fean, foolish woman. 
simaidtachd, nf. ind.. foolishnest, foUy. 
amail, v.i. -aladh, hinder, prevent, obstruct. 



■mtit, va. -as and •asadh, hit a mark, find. 

■mannan. See àm. 

■mar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -raicbean, trough, channel, miU-lade. 

■m^l, nm. g.v. -ai9. hittiug a mark, finding. 

■mh, a. raw, crude, uns<)ddcn, dull, lifeless. 

amh^ch, nf. t; d -aich ; pl. -aichean, neck of an animal. 

■mhairc, v.i. .i;;ili.irc, look, obscrve. 

amh^rc, v.n. luokin^. 

■mtanM, nm. g. -uis. suspioion, doubt, mi.ntake. 

àmllfbar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -airean, affliction, anguish. 

■mhUir, nm. pl.-f-ean, dull, stupid person, boor. 

■ mhluadh, nm. g.v. -luaidh ; pl. -luaidheau, confusion, dismav, 

trouhle ; astonishment. 
■mhluidh, a. as, Uke as. 

■ mhran, nm. g.v. -ain ;pl. -ain, and + an, asong ; commonly òran. 
amhuit, a. as, like as, even as. 

Amhuinn, nf. pl. -f ean, ovcn, fumace. 

■n, art. the ;precedes unasp. cons. aud vows., except p, b, f, m. 

■n, fulfils the functions of " whom,' ' which,' and preccdcs verbs. 

except those beginning with p, b. in. f. 
■H, prep. in. 
M, interrog. part. ; precedes verbs, except those beginning with 

p, b, I, m. 
■n, poss. pron. their ; precedcs nouns cxcept those beginning with 

p, b, f, m. 

■•■tarr, nni. eXCes« ciincrnnÌtv 

•Mta'niCh, a. cxi e, cxceedingly. 

■MbUs, nm. R.v. 

■na-cothrom, nm. g.v. -ruim. iujustice, injury. 

■n^-creidmhtach, nm. g.v. -eich ; pl. -eich, unbeliever, infideL 

■na-criotd, nm. Antichrist. 

■na-cuimttach, a. cxcessivc. 

anail, nf. g. analach ; pl.-f-ean, hrc.itli. brc< /.-. uir. 

analnn, nf. pl.4-ean, the top of a li "usr w.ill. t^ives. 

anam, nm, g. anma ; v. -aim ; pl. -f auuun, s. ■ ' 'm- 

anart, nm. g.v. -airt ; pl. -|-an, Unen. 

anbharr, nm. excess. 

an-dòchat, um. g.v. -ais, dcspoir. 

anfhainnt, nf. ind., feebleness, weakncsa. 

anfhainntachtf, nf. ind., fcebleness, weakneas. 

anthann, a.-f a, fceble, wcak. 

anmoch, a. late : an t-anmoch, cvening. ni^ht. 

ann, prcp. pron. ; in liim, tbereiu, in existence, there;carrka 

tiie acrent. 
■nn, prcp. in. Se« an. 
AaMS, pnf. Aune. 
MMÌ, prep. pron. in you, s. 
MMlbfc, prep. pron. in you, pl. 
■RMlnn, prep. pron. in*as. 




annam, prep. pron. in me. 

annamh, a. rare, scarce, seldom. 

annas, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. + an, novelty, rarity. 

annasach, a. rare, unusual, strange. 

annlann, nm. g.v. -ainn, condiment, ' kitchen.' 

anns, prep. in ; precedes the art. The s of anns belongs in 

reality to the art. 
anMa, a. dearer, more beloyeil. 
annsachd, nf. ind., love, affection ; pcrson beloved, 
annta, prep. pron. in them. 
anntlacbd, nm. ind., displeasure, disgust. 
an t-, art, the ; precedes vow. and s in certain conditions. 
aobhaell, a. joyous, glad, cheerful. 

aehhar, nm, g.v. -air ; pl. + an, cause, reason, subject matter. 
aebrann, nm. g.v. -ainn ; pl. + an, ankle. 
ao-COltach, a. onlike, dissimilar, improbable. 
aodach, nm, g.v, -aich ; pl. -aichean, cloth, clothes. 
aodann, ni. g.d. -ainn ; pì. + an, face, visage, surface. 
ao-dìonach, a. leaky, not waterproof. 
ao-dòchas, nm. g.v. -ais, despair, despondency. 
iOfaiS. See eugtuhais. 

a0(asf , nm. g. v. -aisg ; pl. -aisgean, face, appearance. 
aofhaire, nm. pl, + an, herdsman, shepherd, pastor, 
aolbhneach, a. pleasant, cheerful, joyful, happy, 
ÌOÌbhMas, nm. g.v, -eis, pleasure, joy, gladuess. 
aeifh, nm, pl. + ean, guest. 
aoifheachd, nf. ind,, hospitality, guesthood. 
aoifhcil, a, -eala, kind, courteous, affable, hospitable, 
aoin. See aon, 

aoir, nf. g, + e. ; pl.+ean, satire, lampoon. 
aolrnoafan, nm. g. -ain, wallowing, weltering, rolling on the 

aois, nf. i-e. ; pl.+ean, age. 
aol, nm, g, V, aoiU lime. 
aolach, nm, g.v. -aich, dung, mannre. 
aom, va. incline, bend, droop, yield. 
aon, num. g, aoin, one ; a piece : each an t-aon, a horse a piece, 

'-r cach, 
aonach, r.m, g,v, -aich ; pl, -aichean. a heath, a steep, 
aenaich, va. unite, recon'i''- '"'" m one, sidc with. 
aenar, nm. and f.g, -air. :i, 

aonaran, um. g.v, -ain, .<^' . -on, hennit, 

aonaranach, a, desolate, loueiy, soUtary, 
aonta, nm. and f. lease, vote, assent, 
aontalch, va, accede, consent, acquiesce, agree. 
aoradh, nm, g,v. -aidh, worship. 
aesda, a. aged,, 
aettfa, nm. iud., a^c<1 onc. 
aotrem, a. -uime, bght, gi'' ^- 



aotruimt, a. lighter, giddier. 

aparan, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. -aiu, apron. 

ar, our ; precedes nouns beginning with con. 

•r, in the phrases : ar leam. methinks : ar leis, etc. 

■r, over, above, bcfore num. as : ar fhichead. 

àr, va. àr, plough, tiU. cultivate. 

àr, v.n. ploughing, tiUing, cultivating. 

irach, nm. g.v. -aich, rearing, nursing. 

iraich, va. rear, nurse. 

iraich, nf. pl.-f ean, field, plain, field of battle. 

iraidh, a. a certain, some, special, particular. 

aran, nm. g.v. -ain, bread. 

•raen, phr. both, together, as one ; accented on the second 

arbhar, nm. g.v. -air, com. 
ircan, nm. g.v -ain ; pl. -ain, a cork, stopple. 
ird, a. high, lofty, great, emincnt, loud ; n.a height, eminence. 
irdaich, va. raise aloft, exalt, clevate. 
irdan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, eminence. hill, height. 
irdan, nm. g.v. -ain, prìde, haughtiuess, anger. 
irdanach, a.. proud, passionate. 

Ard-bhruchaiit, pnm. Ardvruchilt ; inflected on first element. 
ird-chomhalrla, nf. ; pl.-f-an, supreme court, Parliament. 
àrd-dorus, mn. g.v. -uis ; pl. -dorsan. See fardorus. 
ird-easbuig, nm. ; pl. -fean, archbishop. 
ird-inntinneach, a. high-minded. 

•vrH-tnhoirlich, pnm. Ardvorlich ; inflected on first element 
ird-thaintmar, nm. g.v. -«ir; pL-|-an ; lord-regent ; inflected on 

.second element. 
ird-thigh-oiioin, nm. coUege ; inflected on second dement. 
argumaid, nf. pl.-|-ean, argument. 
arm, nm. a.v. .a:rm ; pl. ainn, weapon. 
irm, nm. g.v. .lirm; pl. airm, army: ann5 an arm dhearg, in the 

T'ng. army. 
armachd, nf. ind., armour, arms. 
armaich, va. gird on arms. orm. 
armailt, nm. pl.-|-ean, army. 
irmunn, nm. g.v. -uinn ; pl. -uinn, warrior. 
ar H-, our ; preccdes nouns beginning with vow. 
àrtfl, nm. g.v. -ois ; pl.-f-an. house, niansion. 
Aft, quoth ; prcccdes words beginning with vow. ; arsa, precedes 

words bcginning with con. 
àrttidh, .1. oUÌ, ancient. 
Art, pnm. g.v. Airt, Arthur. 
ai, '■' " ""^ '■•' ''•■-'" 'nit. 
as, ; in ; carries the accent 

asad. ! you, f. 

ataibh, l'rcp. pron. ont of you, pl. 
asainn, prt p. pron. out of us. 




•Ml, nf. g.d. asail ; pl. + an, ass. 

aȏhualn, nf. stubble. 

asda, prep. pron. out of them. 

atlaich, va. beseech, supplicate. 

ai t-, for : anns an t-. in phrases like: as t- fhoghar in the harvest 

time : as t- sarahradh, in the summer time. 
aitair. See astar. 
aitar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -airean, distance, jonmey ; rate of speed, 

momentum : gu astar, to making distance, i.e.. travelling. 
at« vn, at, swell, puff up, become tumid. 
at, v.n. swelling, bccoming tumid. 
ath, a. and pref. the next, again ; precedes nouns ; corresponds 

to pref . re- ; is attached to verbs by hyphen, with the mean- 

ing ' again.' 
itb, nf. g. -a. ; d. -àith ; pL-|-an, kihi for drying grain. 
àth, nm. g.v. àith ; pl. + annan, ford. 
athair, nm. g. -ar ; pl. -raichean, father. 

athair-cèile, nm. g. -ar-chèile ; pl. -raichean-cèile, father-in-law. 
athais, nf. leisure. 
Athall, pnm. g.v. -aiU, Athol. 

athar, nm. g.v. -air, air, atmosphere, sky ; also adhar. 
athar. See athair. 
atlUMTach, nm. g.v. -aich, change, alteration : an t-atharrach, 

the altemative. 
atharrachadh, v.n. changing. altering, removing. 
atharraich, va. change, alter, remove. 
ath-bheothaieh, va. revive, refresh, relcindle. 
ath-iath, nm. pl. -làithean, next day. 
ath-leataieh, va. reform. amend. 
ath-uair, nf. g.-f-e. ;pl. + ean, next time. 

b', for : bu, was, were, wert ; would be. 

bà. See bò. 

bae, va. hindcr. restrain. 

bae, nm. pl. + an, hindrance, restratnt. 

bacadh, v,n. hindcring, restr ' ■ tarding. 

bacan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ai tethcr, stake ; door hinge. 

bad, i!-:. pl '*. bun> ji, I iu-.u-r : ann ad bhad, attacking 

V 1 ' li, top tuft. 

badan, i;i:i. ^. . . , ;j1. -f-an, Uttle tuft, bunch or cluster 

bagald, nf. pl. -h-ean, cluster, bunch, at of nuts. 
bagalr, va. -i-t, and -radh, threaten. 
bagairt, v.n. threatening ; a threat. 
bagradh, v.n. threatening ; n threat. 
biiideaiach, j b :' i^ling, loomlng. 

Biideanach, i :::: ienoch. 

Mldh, ni. g.-c. bctu^tiiiv, K.iuuueM. 




bàidhtach, a. kiudly disposcd. 

bàidheil, a. benign, bumane, kind. 

biich. See bàidb. 

bailbh. Sec balbb. 

baile, nin. pl. bailtean, town. townsbip. 

Baile-chuidir, pnm. Balqubidder ; also. Botb-chuidir. 

balle-mòr, nm. pl. bailtean-mòra, city, largc town. 

b* àill, for : bu àill, in phrascs : b' àill Icam. I would tli 

bàillldh, nm. pl.-fean, bailifl, magistrate, (I<. " 

bàine, nf. iud., paleuess, wbitcness. 

biinidh, nf. ind., fury, ragc, great cxcitcment. 

bainne, nm. ind., milk. 

bainnse. See banais. 

baintishearn, nf. pl. 4-an, gentlewoman. 

bàir, nni. j<.-e ; pl. 4-ean, a game, goal. 

biirlinn, uf. pl. + ean, waming, summons of removol. 

biirneach, uf. g.v. -icb ; pl. -ich, limpet. 

bailt, va. baptize. 

baisteadh, v.n. baptising, baptism. 

balach, nm. g.v. -aicb ; pl. -aich, clown, fellow, lad. 

balachan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + au, little lad. 

balbh, a. dumb, silent. 

balbhan, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl.-f an, dumb person. 

balc, um. g.v. builg ; pl. builg, Icather bag, wallct, belly 

on skm. 
kalgalr, nm. pL-f ean, foz ; impudent person. 
balgam, nm. g.v. -aim ; pl. -j-aunan, ninutbful of liquor. 
balgan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain. Uttle bag, bttle blister. 
balfan-bèict, nm. g.v. -ain-bh- ; pl. -ain-bb-, fuzz ball. 
ball, nm. g.v. buill ; pl. buill, Umb, niember, ball, spot : 

at once, immediately. 
balla, nm. pl. -fchau, wall. 

ballan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f an, wooden domcstic vessel, tub. 
ball-chrith, uf. treuibling with terror. 
Baltair, pnm. Walter. 
bin, a. whitc, palc, wan. fair-haired : am bàn, thc nrt 

of a field being tiUed, in opposition to the ]>! irt, 

caUcd : an dcarg, ' the red.' 
ban-, she-, femalc- ; pref. to impart femini; 

corrcsponds to -css. 
banachag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl.-f an, dairymoid. 
binag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + nn. L' 
banali, a. -ala, womanly, 

banait, nf . g. bainnse ; pl. I ' wedding. marriage. 

banaltrum, nf. g.d. -uim ; pL-f au, nurse. 
banarach, uf. g.d. -airh ; pl. -aich, dair>-maìd. 
banas-tiglM, nm. . ' -tbighe, liousc\x ' 

ban-chèiit, nf. ; ;e. 

ban-diùc, nf. pl. i. ■■^. 



bann, nm. g.v. boinn ; pl. boinn, band, belt, cord ; hinge ; girth. 
binn-aideachaMk, nm. receipt; inflected on first element. 
bann-dldein, nm. safe-conduct, bond of safety ; inflected on the 

lirst element. 
banBtracb, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, widow, widower. 
ban-Hckin^, and ban-rifh, nf. pl. + ean, queen. 
baoth, a. foolish, unwise, stupiu. 

bara, nm. pl.-f chau, barrow : bara-rotha, wheelbarrow. 
barail, nf. g. -alach ; pl. -alaichean, opinion, conjecture. 
baraille, nf. pl.-}-an, barrel. 
baran, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, baron. 
barantat, nm. g.v. -aia, warranty, authority, security. 
bàrd, nm. g.v, bàird ; pl. bàird, bard, poet. 
bàrdachd, nf. ind., poetry. 
bàrr, nm. g.-a. ; pl. barran, top, point ; crop; superiority : a 

bhàrr, from off : toirt bàrr air, excelling it or him. 
Barra, pnm. Barra (Hebrides). 
barrach, nm. g.v. -aich, top branches of trees. 
barrachd, nf. ind., surplus, superiority, excess ; more : a 

bharrachd air, over and above, beyond. 
barraf , nf . g.d. -aig ; pl, + an, scum on the surf ace of liquid ; cream. 
barraibh. See bàrr. 

barraichtt, a. surpassing, pre-eminent. 

barr-iall, nm. g.v, -eill; pl.-f-an, shoe latchet, thong, (L. vSc. whang). 
bat, nf. g. boise ; d. bois ; pl. + an, palm of the hand, lower part 

f>f shinty club. 
bàt, : :n. g.v. bàis, death, 
bataìch, vn. die, perish, wither. 
bas-bhualadh, nm. clapping the hands, from joy or grìef ; inflected 

on second element. 
bata, nm. pl.-fchan, staff, cudgel. 
bita, nm. pl.-f-ichean, boat. 
bàth, V.I., drown, quench. slake. 

bàthach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, byre, cow house. 
bathait, nm. pl. 4-ean, forehead. 
bathar, nm. g.v. -air, wares, goods, merchandise. 
beach, nm. g. -f a. ; v. bheich ; pl. + an, bee. 
b^achd, nm. g.-fa. ; pl.-f an, opinion, observance, perccption, 

vifw, judgment: am beachd, of the opinion : thar a beachd, 

out of her wits : gabhail beachd, noticing : is beachd leam 

I am of opinion. 
beachdachadh, v.n. observation, thinking, studying. 
beachdaich, va. observe, mark, pay atteution to. 
beachdail, a. obscrvant. 

btacbtf-tmaoinich, va. muse, meditatc, contemplate. 
beach-lann, nm. pv. -lainn ; pl.-fan, bee-hive. 
beadaidh, a. iKtulaiit. cyn- ; us, fastidious, impudent. 
beadarracb, a. (.(.axiug, laj. l;;i>,', fond, sportive, pampered, 


ktadradb, v.n. fondling, caressing. 

btlf, a. bige and lugha, smaU, little : ach beag, all but. 

b«aca. See bcag. 

b«afaicll, va. lessen. dlminish. 

beafan, nm. g.v. •ain, a iittle, a fcw, small number or quantity. 

btairt. See beart. 

beairteach. See bcart.ich. 

bealach, iim. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, pass, gap, defile. 

b«an, nf. g. mnatha ; d. mnaoi ; v. bhean ; pl. nmathan ; g. pl. 

ban, wife, woman. 
Nan, va. 4-tainn and -f ailt, touch, handle, meddle. 
b«ana(, nf. g.d. -ai^ ; pl. + an, a little woman. 
beanailt, v.n. touchmg. 

bean-baÌnnM, nf. bride ; inflected as bean is, but usually ind. 
beann, nm. top, hom, peak, also gen. pl. of beinn. 
beannachd, nm. pl. + an, blessing, benediction. 
beannaich, va. bless. 
baan-phòsda, nf. married woman ; inflected as bcan is, but 

usu.illv ind. 
bean-tighe, nf. hoircwife, inflected as bean is, but usually ind. 
bean-uasal, in i;' iithwoman. lady ; inflected on both elcments. 
bèarn, in. ìì,.\. IjLÌrn ; pl. + an, gap, 1'r< ■ l> ".«. 'v 
bèarr, va. .shear, sbave, clip, prunr. 
baarradair, nm. pl. + ean, barber. 
baarradaireachd, nf. ind. clipping, sbaving, shearing, pruniag ; 

the or( upatiou of a barber ; satirìsing, repartee. 
bearradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, predpice, edgeof precipice. 
Bearruif, pnf. Berwick. 
baart, nf. g.d. bcirt ; pl. + an, deed, action, tackling. 

engine, machine, gear. 
btartach, n. rich, wealthy. 
beartaich, va. equip. hamcss. 

beart-itealaich, nf. tlying machine ; inflectedon the first elcment. 
Matha, uf. pl. + annan. Ufe, livelihood : 's e do bheatha, you are 

beathach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, animal, beast. 
Beathaf , pnf. g.d. -aig. usually given as the cquivalent o( Sophia. 
bMtbaiCb, va. feed. maint <in. 

fcak,nf. g. + e. ;^I.+ean, (L. Sc. beck). 

beiCMrtaiCh, nf. md.. a coiiiiiiut.>ii.i L>ecking or bobbing. 
beil, v.i. grind. 

beinn, nf. g. + c. ; pl. beanntan, g. pl. beann. mountain. 
bair, va. irr. beirsinn. take hold of, oring. bring forth, produce, 

bèist, nf g. + e. ; pl. + ean. beast. 
beithe, nm. bircb, birch tree. 
beò, .1. alivr. livinp. 
beò, !i:n. hvinK iTfaturf. 
Soc Ik'uI. 





b«*ir, nf. g.+e, beer, ale. 

NMacb, nm. g.v. -aJch, red hot part of fire. 

kMtlMCll. See beathach. 

kMtkaiCh, va. kindle, light, revive, re-animate. 

kcòthail, a. lively, active, vigorous. 

Nuhan, mn. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, anytiiiug mangled or spoiled. 

fetUC, nm. pL-fan, roar, bellow. 

btttcaich, nf. roaring, bellowing. 

hautf, nm. pl.-i-an. burt, injury, harm, mischief. 

btul, nm. g.v. beòil; pl. beòil, mouth, opening. 

baulaibh, ind., {really a dative plural of beul), front side. 

bttti-aithrit, nf. oral tradition. 

btttl-m6r, nm. boat's gunwale ; inflected on both elements. 

b«um, nm. g.-f a. ; v. bhèim ; pl.-1-annan, strokc, cut, blow 

bMttl, va. strike, taunt, reproach ; ring by striking. 
bMrìà, ni. ind., a languagc : a' bheurla Shasunnach, the Eng. 

baus, nm. g.-Ha. ; pl.-f an, conduct, habit, beha^àour, virtuc. 
btusaeh, a. well-behaved, virtuous, mor^. 
Btutan, sumame, Beaton. 
bh* for : bha, beforc vow., was, wert, werc. 
bha, sv. irr., was, wert, were. 
bhàrr, phr. for : a bhàrr, oflf, from. 
bheil, sv. irr., for feil, am, art, are, is. 
bhtir, va. irr., will bring, will take, will give. 
bhtirtadh, va. irr., would bring, would take, would give, 
bhi, sv. will be, aspirated form of bi after cha : cha bhi, shall or 

will not be. 
bhiaik, for : bhitheadh. 
bhiot, for : bhitheas. 

bhith, v.n. in phr. : a bhith, to be; usually : a bhi. 
bhìtheadh, sv. irr., would or should be. 
bhitheat, sv. will or shall be. 
bho, 1 rcp. from ; since ; also: o. 
bhot, in the phrase : a bhos, on this side. here ; this : an taobh 

Lhos, the near side. 
bhrigl^ for : do bhrìgh, phr., on account of. 
bhuMfell, prep. pron. from you, pl. 
bhuaidh, frcp. prou. from lum. 

bhuapa, i 
bhur, ; 
bhur n-, 
bi £ind bi 
Madh, uxu. 

p. pron. from us. 
"ron. from her. 

. from you, s. 

!. from me. 
. pruu. from them. 
■ron., your; precedes n, begiimius with con. 

:i., your ; prcccdes n. beginmng with vow. 

e : bi falbb, begone. 
. !>i'iii ; pl. -|-an, food. 


hìàitt, va., feed, maiutain, Doorish. 

MaÌbU, a. fed, fattcd. 

Man, nm. g.v. bèin ; pl.+tan, skin of animals. rardy of hnman 

beings, hidc. 
bidean, nm. g.v. -eui ; pl. •einean, piunacle, apex. 
bldh. Sec biadh. 
bidh, for: bithidh. 
bidhis, nf. pl. 4-ean, vice, screw. 

big, iim. pl. of bcag : na big, the young, Ihe httle fulks. 
bigead, nf. smallness. 
bigean, um. g.v. -cin ; pl. -ciuean, cliirp. 
bigeanan, nm. pl., ' tewkies' ; chickeus. 
bigeil, uf. iud., chirpiug, squeakiug. 
bigid, a. the less of. 
bile, nf. pl. + an, Up, edge, rìm. 
bileag, uf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an, leaflet, blade. 
binn, a., meludious, musically sweet 
binn, uf. g. + e. ; pl. + teau, sentence of condemuation, vcrui(.t, 

blnnMn, tun. g.v. -ein ; pl. -eiueau, piunacle, apez. 
binneat, nm. g.v. -eis, musical sw-eetness, melody. 
biobull, um. g.v. -uill ; Bible. 
biotf , nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, a pointcd top. 
bMag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, dirk, daggcr. (L. Sc., bittock). 
biotfh, for bitheadh. 

biag, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, a chirp, littlc squeak, or squeaL 
biolairt, uf. ind., watcr cresses. 
bior, um. g. + a. ; pl. + au, stake, spit, pin, prìdde, thom, pointed 

stjek, stick of furuiture. 
biorach, a. sharp, pointcd, peaked. 
bioradh, nm. g.v.-aidh ; pl. -aidhean, a sting. 
bioran, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. + an, Uttle stick, stafiF. 
birlinR, uf. pl. + can, gaUey. bark, pleasure boat. 
bith, nf. ind., world, existence : sam bith, air bith, at aU«in 

or ou, the world. 
bith, uf. g. -e, gi;: pitch, tar. 

bith, a. quiet, ti lcnt. 

bith-bhuan, a. (.«<...<>- ^i.g, eterual. 
bltheadh, sv. irr., lct be. 
bitheanta, a. frequcut, of ten : gu bitheanta. adv. phr. Mtne meao- 

bitheantat, nm. g.v. -ais, frequeucy : am bitheaatat, ùrcqnently, 

blàthaidh, nm. ; pL+ean, hero, foe. 
biùthat, um. g.v. -ais, fame, rcputation. 

biadh, nni. g.v. blaidh, essence, juice, mcaning ; renown, fame. 
biait, va. bUsad. taste. 

Màr, nm. g.v. blàir ; pl. blàir and + an, field, ground, battle-field. 
Màff a. whitciaced, white spotted on face, aa ■«!<«"■' 




blàr-mòÌM, am. peat moss ; inflected like blàr on the first elemeut. 

bÌM, um. g.v. blais ; pl. + au, taste, savour, flavour. 

blattltf, um. g. -aid, a taste, tasting. 

blai4a, a. savourj', tasty, delicious. 

blasdachd, uf. ind., savouriness, sweetness, tastefuluess. 

blàth, a. warm, kiud, tender. 

Màth, um. g. V. blàith ; pl. + au, bloom, blossom, flower. 

blàthach, nf. g.v. -aich, buttcrmilk. 

blàthaich, va. aud ^-u., warm. 

biJiths, um. g.v. blàiths, warmth. 

bleìd, :::. p. ■ i\ imptrtinencc, soliciting. 

bleideil, .ì. i:;: itiuent, troublcsomc. 

bieith, v.i. ■[ . ;.ii, liriiid, sharpcu on a grindstone, griudiug. 

bleociiainn, va. -am:. milk, draw milk. 

bieoghann, v.n. milkuig. 

biiadhna, uf. pl. bliadhnachan, ycar. 

bliadhnail, a. yearly, anuually. 

biìan, a. lean, iusipid. 

biianach, nf . g.d. -aich, carrion, lean carcase, l«an flesh : eòiu 

bhlianach, birds of prcy. 
blich, va. milk, draw milk. 
biiochd, nf. iud., milk, prodi.v^ ... ..jws, 

bloigh, iif. g. + c. ; pl. + dean, or + ean, large fragmeutof anything. 
blonag, uf. g.d. -aig, fat, suet, lard. 
biotf , va. and vn., souud a horn, explodc. 
bò, nf. g. l)oine ; d. boin ; v. bhò ; pl. bà ; g. pl. bò, bhò, cow. 
boc, um. g.v. buic ; pl. buic, buck, he-goat, roe-buck. 
bòcan, um. g.v. -aiu ; pl. -ain, hobgoblin. 
bochd, a.-f a, poor, sick. 
bochd, ura. pl. + an, poor person. 
bochdainn, nf. ind., poverty. 

bodach, nm. ^.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, old man, carle ; mutclikiu. 
bedhar, a. buidhre, deaf ; alsoum. g.v. -air ; pl. -air, dcaf persou. 
bog, v.i. tli:.. 

boc, 1'Ui.;e, soft, moist, wet, damp. 
bOKaich, va., soften, moisten. 
bocha, nm. pl.-fchan, bow, arch. 
bosha-froit, nm. ; pl. -achan- f-, rainbow. 
boghainn, nf. pl. -f ean, body. 

bOflach, uf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aich, bog, marsh, bwamp. 
bogsa, nm. pl.-|-chan, box. 
boicMnn, nm. g.v. -inn ; pl.-f an, goat skin. 
b6id, :if. g.-f c. ; pl.-(-ean, vow, oath. 
bòidhchtad, nf. g-d. -cid, degree of beauty. 
bòidheach, a. bòidhchc, pretty, beautlful, (L. Sc. bonnie). 
bòidich, va. vow, swear. 
boil, ni. g.-f c, niadno^ ' 'ge, pasaiou. 

bÒÀÌlcll, nf. boastim;. 1 ombast. 

boin oud boint, of 


bointid, nf. pl.-fcan, botineL 

boincid-biiiorach, nf. pl. -eanbiorach, Glengany bonnet. 

boinno, uf. pl. + achan, drop of liquid : boinne taìg, rain-drop. 

boirtann, a. female, feminine. 

boiroannach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, female, woman. 

boit. Sii- bas. 

boiteag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an, maggut. 

boitean, um. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, bundle of hay or straw, (L. 

So. buttle). 
boladh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidbeau, smell, stinic. 
bolg, um. g.v. builg ; pl. builg, bag, budget, belly. 
Ibonil, nm. g.v. buinu ; pl. buinn, solc, fouudation, bottom ; coin 

: bonn-a-sè, halfpenny (L,. Sc. bawbee) : bonn-a-h-ochd, an 

old Scots coin. 
konnach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, a cake, (L. Sc bannock). 
borb, a. buirbe, fierce, savage, passionate. 
borbhan, um. g.v. -aiu, purling sound, murmur. 
borbnaich, va. aud vn. swcll with anger. 
bòrc, va. spring, sprout, bud. 

bdrd, um. g.v. bùird ; pL bùird, table, plauk, board. 
bòtd, nm. g. + a., a boast, boasting language. 
bòtdair, nm. pl.+ean, l>oaster. 
bothan, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. -aiu, hut, bothy. 
Both-chanan, place uamc aud surname, Buchanaa. 
bòtuinn, ut. pL + can, a boot. 
botul, nm. g.v. -uil ; pl. -uil, bottle. 
bri, uf. g. brà aud brathatm ; pl. bràthntan, quern, handmill 

: brà-bhrugh, fairy quern. 
brach, va. aud vu. fermeut, malt. 
bradach, a. tiiievisb, thieving. 
bradan, um. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, salmon. 
bragh, um. g.-a. ; pL-f-an, explosiou, burst, peal. 
bràghad, um. g.v. -aid ; pl. +an, ucclc, tliroat. 
braich, nf. g. bracba. malt, fermented grain. 
Braid-albann, puf. Brcadalbauc. 
bràigho, um. g. bràghad ; pL + achan, the uppcì |>aii. ui u cuui^ 

or placc. 
Bnn, pum. g.v. Brain, a dog's name. 
feTMMMgt nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + au, whortlcberry. 
fenMltg, uf. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, a grin. 
braon, nm. g.v. braoin ; pl. braoin, a drop. 
brat, a. active, rasii, impetuous, quiclc. keen, vehement. 
brat, nm. g.v. brait ; pl. + an, mantl' .'. veiL apron. 

bratach, nf. g. d. -aich ; pL -aichcan, ì ^;. 

brath, nm. g. + a., l.r > ■ . infonii.itmii, word ■ =-■*--■'• 

design : a' bratli. 

bràth, nm. g. + a., juil^ cver : gu bràth, evcx. 

bràth, va. betray, dcceive. 
brithair, nm. c. ; pL bràithrean, brother 




krithaireil, a. brotherly. 

fefHt-ùrlair, nm. carpet ; inflected on the first element as brat. 

krtak, va. kick, spum. 

fertab, mu. ^. + a. ; pl. + an, a kick. 

brtac, a. bnce, speckled, spotted. 

brtac, va. checker, speckle ; pick, as a miU stone. 

krtac, nm. g.v. bric ; pl. bric, trout. 

brtac, nf. g.d. bric : a' bhreac, smallpox. 

brtac an t-til, nm. water wagtail ; inflected on first element. 

brtacaf, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, pancake, thin cake, scone. 

breacan, :ira. g.v. -ain ; pl. +an, plaid. 

breac-dhonn, a. -dhuinne, brown spotted. 

breac-dhubh. a. -dhuibhe, black spotted. 

breacnaìch, va. checker, make spotted. 

breac-ruadh, a. -ruaidhe, red spotted. 

brèacha, a. fine, splendid, beautiful, {h. Sc. braw). 

brtamas, um. g. -ais, mischief, mishap. 

Brtatunn, nm. g.-uinn, Britain ; Breatunnach, a Briton; a. British. 

brèid, iim. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, kerchief, napkin, piece of cloth, patch. 

brèineach, a. corrupt, stinking. 

breisleach, nm. g.v. -ich, confusion, delirium. 

brtislich, va. rave, talk nonsense. 

brtith, va. irr., see beir ; bearing, birth, begetting, catching. 

brtith, nf. g.-e. ; pl. + ean, judgment, decision, opinion. 

breithtamh, nm. g.v. -eimh ; pl. + an, a judge. 

breithtanas, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. + an, judgment, decision. 

brtithnich, va. conceive, apprehend. 

brtdltt, v.a. infirm, frail, feeble. 

brtyg, nf. g.d. brèig ; pl. + an, lie, falsehood. 

brtVf, va. soothe, amuse, cajole, entice. 

brtufacil, a. lying, given to falsehood. 

brtUfalr, nm. pl. + ean, liar. 

brtttfnateta, va. falsify, bely, gainsay. 

brtun, a. breine, stinking, loathsome, putrid. 

briaf ha. See brèagha. 

briathar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -ran, word, saying. 

briathrach, a. talkative, wordy, loquacious. 

briathrachan, nm. g.v.-ain ; pL +an, vocabulary, dictionary, word- 

briathran. See briathar. 

brlb, va. bribe, corrupt. 

bric. See breac. 

bflCMUit nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, small trout. 

brfctan-btltht, nm. g.v. -ein-bh- ; pl. -einean-b-, chaffincb, liimet. 

bridean, mn. ^. -cin ; pl. -eineau, sea piet. 

brigh, nf.g. -rc, piih, powt-r, essence, sap, nourbhmcut, mcaning. 

brigil. See briogais. 

brlodal, nm, g.v. -ail, caressing, courting, lovers' languagc. 

brÌOfait, nf. pl. + can, brecches, (L. Sc. breeks). 

17 B 


briosgaid, nf. pl. + ean, biscuit 

bris, v.n. brcak, fracture. 

bristadh, v.n. brcoking : briseadb na fàire, brcak of dawn. 

briss, a. brittle. 

broe, um. g.v. bruic ; pl. bruic, a badgcr 

brocair, nm. pl. + ean, fox-huutcr. 

brochan, nm. g.v. -ain, porridge, gruel. 

brdj, nf. g. bròigc ; pl.-j-an, shoc. 

brogach, nm. sturdy boy or young lad. 

brofilMCh, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ichean breast, bosom. front 

brdlt, nm. g.v. bròin, gricf, sorrow. 

brònach, a. grievcd, sorrowful. 

brosnaich, va. encouragc, stimulate, indte 

brot, nm. g. + a., brotli. 

brù, nf . g.d. broinn ; v. bhrù ; pl. bronnan, bclly. 

bruach, nf. g.d. bruaich ; pL-fan, bank, briuk, small extoit of 

rising ground. 
bruadair, vn. -ar, drcam. 
bruadar, tun. g.v. -air ; pl. + an, a dream 
bruaich. Sec bruach. 

bruaillean, nm. g.v. -ein, vexation ; confusion. 
bruailleanach, a. confounding, vcxing. 
brùchd, va. bclch, forth, sally. 

brù-dhearg, nm. g. brù-dhcirgc ; pl. + an, red-breast, robin. 
brugh, um. g. bruighne ; v. bhruigb ; pl. bruighean, large housc, 

tumulus, fairy residenre. 
bruich, va. boil, cook, i ' i>d, roast. 

bruich, a. boiled, ron> as food. 

brùid, nm. g. + c. ; pl. -• i.iu. uiule. 
bruideadh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhcan. stab, throst. 
bruidhinn, va. hnudhinu, si..- il- » iii-. 

bruidhinn, i.f. i;. l<rui<!li!ìt . >uversing, omversation. 

bruidhneach, u. talkativc. ;. 
bruidhneadh. See bruidhiuu. 
Brus, suniamc, Bruce. 
brùth, va. bruise, pouud, crush. 
bruthach, nm. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, acclivity, asceut, (L.Sc. 

bruthainneach, a. warm, sultry. 
bu, wa.s. wcrc-, wcrt, would bc, 'twcre. 
buabhall, nni. g.v. -aill ; pl. -t an, bufTalo, unicom ; cowstalL 
buadhair, nm. pl. + eon. cunqucror, victor. 
buadhmhor, a. victorìous, valorous. 
buachaille, nm. pl. -f an, hcrdsman, cowhcrd. 
buachailleachd, uf. ind., hcrding. 
buachar, nm. g.v. -air, cow duns. 
buadh, nf. K- tìuaidhc, d. buaidn ; pl.-^ au or-t-aunau, virtue 

attnlmtc, good quality. 
kuadliatcll, va. ov-r '" - •■ prevaiL 



buaic, nf. g.^e. ; pl.+ean; wick of candle or lamp. 

buaidh, uf. g.-j-e. ; pl. + eac, vìctory, success: thoir buaidh air, 

buall, va. bualadh, strìke, smite, thrash. 
buaile, iif. pl. -tean, fold for cattle, pen. 
buaiiinn. Seebuail. 

buailtear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl. + an, thrasher. 
buain, va. buain, mow, reap, pluck, cut down ; win, as grass. 
buaina, a. more durable, more lasting. See buau. 
bualr, va., tempt, vex, provoke, annoy, disturb. 
buaìreadh, nm. g. -idli ; pl. •idheau, temptation, anuoyauce, 

Irouble, distraction. 
buairtu, um. g.v. -eis ; pl. + an, tumult, confusion, trouble, dis- 

turbance, temptation. 
huamastair, nm. pl. + ean, vain boaster, noisy fool. 
buan, a. lasting, durable, long. 
buanaich, vn. last, abide, persevere, endure. 
buannachdail, a. -ala, proètable, benefìcial. 
buannachdala, a. more profitable, morc beueficial. 
buannachd, nf. ind., profit, gain, benefìt. 
buannaich, va. gain, pro6t, win, benefit. 
buarach, uf. g. d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, cowfetter. 
bucaid, nf. pl. -ean, bucket. 
buclaich, va. buckle. 

budagoc, nm. g.v. -agoic ; pL + an, snipe. 
buideal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. -eil, cask, anker, bottle. 
buidhe, a. yeUow. 
buidheach, a. thankful, well plcased : tha toi buidheach dhiot, 

I am thankful to you. 
buidheann, nf. g. buidhne, d. -inn ; pl. -nean, a company. 
buidhinn, va. buidhinn, win, acquire, gain. 
buidseachd. See buitscachd. 
buil, ui. g. + e., effect, use, issue. 
builMCll, a. complete, entire : gu buileach, quite, entirely, whollj. 

bulllch, va. bestow, dispose, put to use. 
builg, k'- and pl. of bolg, bellows, bags. 
builgean, nm. g. -ein ; pl. -eincan, blistcr, pimple, bubble. 
buille, nf. pl. + an. blow, knock. 
buillscean, nm, g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, centre, middlc. 
buin, ' 1 intainn, dealwith, belongto : do'm buineadh, to whom 

bMÌnnt, nf. pl. + achan, rapid current, choppy sea. 
bùir, va. roar, bellow, aa deer or bull. 
bvirbe, a. fiercer, more aavage, more passionate ; see borb. 
bùird. Seebòrd. 

bùlrdei nat ll, nm. -eich ; pl. -eich, burgcss, freeman. 
bùirean, nm. g.v. -ein, a bellow, roar. 
Hirkii, nf. roaring, bellowing. 



bultstach, iif. g.d. -icb ; pl. -ichean, witch. 

buitMachd, nf. ind.. witchcraft 

kun, nm. g.v. buin; pL boiji and+an, root. stock, bottom-cnd 

bunalt, nm. nl. -i-can, fonndation. 
Bun-an<-t->lèihh, place name, ' Mountain foot.* 
bun-os-clonn, plir. upsidc domi. ' :vy. 

buntalnn, v.n. bclonging lo, rcferring. referring to. 

buntàta, uin. potato, potatoes rv^.iinvu «. ullcctively. 
bùrn, iiin. j.;.v. bùirn, fresh watcr. 
burraidh, nm. pl. + ean, or -ncan, blockhead, fool. 
but, nm. g.v. buis ; pl. buis, mouth of an animal; (in alndicrotu 

scnse) mouth of a mau. 
bùth, nm. g. -a. ; v. bhùith ; pl. bùithean, bùthan or bùthannan 

tcnt, booth, shop. 

e', for : cò. cc, cia, whcre ? 

Cà, for : c'àite, whcre ? 

eafe, nm. g.v. caib ; pl. caib, mouth, gab. indentation. 

Càbkg, nf. g. d. -aig ; pl.-f-an, a checse. 

cahar, nm. g. air ; pl. -air, couple of a house roof, raf ter, deer's 

antlers, a heavy polc, caber. 
cabhag, nf. g. d. -aig, hastc, hurry. 
cabhagach, a. ìn habte, hurricd. 
Cabhair, va. cabhair, help, a.ssist, aid, ;< ..^ .1 . 
cabhair, nf. ind., help. assistancc. 
cabhlach, nm. g. v. -aich ; pl. -aich, a fleet, navy. 
cabhiair, nm. pl. + ean, causeway, pavement. 
cabrach, a. branchy, antlercd. 
Cich, nin. g. chàich, the rest, the othcrs. 
cach a chèilc, phr., each other. 
CMlMUIe, nf . pl. + an. a gate. 
Mial, nm. g.v. -ail, slecp. 
eadilaeh, a. sleepy, drowsy. 
cadhag, nf. g. d. -aig ; pl. + an, jackdaw. 
cagailt, nf . pl. -f cau. hearth. 
eagainn, va. -nadh, chew, gnaw, ma>: 
cagar, nm. g. v. -air ; pl. -airean, a wh. ; 
•afMÌII, v.u. chcwing, gnawing. masticatiug. 
canat. See cagalnn. 
MUML nm. pl. -f- annan or -f- nchan. spadc. 
MMmIì, nm. pl.-i-can. chapter. 
eaMH, vn. cadàl. sleep. 
Cill. See càl. 
Càil, nf. ^.-f-e. ; nl.-f-tean, appetitc, taste, dkpocitkHi, con- 

stitution. condition. 
eallbll. See calbh. 


cailc, nf. g. +t. chalk. 

eafle, va. chalk. 

calte, nf. pl. + an, a hussy. qaean, girl, wench. 

eiÌlMCM, nf. ind., appetite, natural endowments, natiU'e, 

caJlMf, nf. g. d. -eig ; pl. -f an, little girl (L. Sc. lassie). 
càilMM, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, a husk of grain. 
CailMN, pnm. g.v. -ein, usually given as the equivalent of Colin 
Ciiiei{inn, nf. somewhat, something. 
cailin, nf. pl.-l-ean, girl, damsel. 
caill, vn. lose. 

cailleach, nf . g. d. -ich ; pl. + an, old woman. 
cailleach-eidhchc, nf. owl, inflected on the first element as 

: cailleach. 
caiilteach, a. ruinous, causing loss. 
CaimbeulMh, pnm. g.v. -aicb ; pl. -aich, a Campbell ; a. of or 

bi-longing to the Campbells. 
caimean, nm. g. v. -ein ; pl. -einean, mote, 
Càin, va. traduce, revile. 
càin, nf. g. -e. tribute, tax, a fine, rent. 
Càineadh, v.n. traducing, reviling. 
càinich, va. impose a tax, tribute or fine. 
cainnt, nf. g. -(-e. ; pl.-f ean, speech, conversation, language. 
caiptMll, nm. g. v. -ein ; pl. -einean, captain. 
Càlr, nf, g.-i-e ; pl. + ean, a gum. 
cairfeh, nf. g. -|-e. ; pl. -j-ean, carcase, dead body. 
Càirean, um. g. v. -ein ; pl. -einean, a gum. 
càirdean, n. pl. See caraid. 
càirdeat, nm. g. v. -eis, friendship. 
Ciirdeii, a. frìendly. 
càirich, va. repair, mend, lay, 
cairt, nf. g. cartach ; pl. -)-ean., cart. 
cairt, :.f. g. cartach ; pl. -j-ean, bark, chart, card. 
cairteaian, nm. pl. ^uarters, lodgings. 
cairtear, nm. g, v. -eir ; pl.-l-an, carter. 
caisbheart, nf. g. d. -eirt, footgear. 
càise, nm. ind., cheese : càis-bhalg, cheese-bag. 
caltg, va. check, stop. restrain, quench, quell, curb. 
CàilÌ* °^- g- +e. ; Easter, Passover, feast 

caltmtaehd, nf , pl. -i- an, an alarm, signal, march tune, war song 
caltttai, niTi. g. v. -eil ; pl. -f an, castle, 

Caisteal Bhlilr, ; nm. Castle Blair ; inflected on the first elcnicnt. 
caitteal-deiridh, -..m. poop of a ship ; inflected on the first elcnii. nt. 
Caiataai-auadh, y>um. Newcastle ; inflected on both clements. 
eaiSlliMtWcl^ nm. forecastle of a ship ; inflected on the first 

c'àltt, phr., where ? 

eaitMn, nm. g. v. -ein, shag, nap of cloth, mffled sorface. 
eaith, va.-f-eaznh. cast, wear, spend, ezhaost, 



caithfl-b«atha, nf. behaviour, moral conduct* 

caithrflam, nm. g. v. -cim, shout of joy or triumph, joyfnl noiae. 

Càl, uin. g.v. càil, colewort, kale : càl ceirtleach, cabbage. 

cala, um. pl. + chan, harbour, haven. 

calaman, mu. g. v. -aiu ; pl. -ain, dove, pigeon. 

calanat, nm. g. v. -ais, wool-working, lint-working. 

calbh, nm. g. V. cailbh ; pl. cailbh, head, headland, capet 

eaic, va. ram, drìve, caulk; cram. 

calg, nni. g. V. cuilg ; pl. cuilg, awn, beard of com, bristle, prickle. 

cal{-dhirtach, a. pcrfectly straight, direct, 

call, :ini. g. -a. v. chaill, lo.ns, damage, dctrimcnt : air chall, lost. 

callald, nf. pl. + ean, hcdge ; lurking place ; cap. 

callaid-bhr6in, nf. funeral wail, elegy ; iuflected on first element. 

cailda, a. tame, domesticated. 

calldach, nm. g. v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, loss, damage, detriment. 

caiidachd, nf. ind., loss, damage, detriment. 

calltuinn, nm. hazel. 

Callulnn, nf. New Year's day. 

calma, a. bold, staunch, resolute, brave. 

calpa, nm. pl. -f-nnan, calf of the lcg ; calpannan, hauiyards. 

Calum, pnm. g. v. -uim, rendered in Hnglish ' Malcohn.* 

cam, a. crooked, distorted, bent, blind of oue eye. 

camag, uf. g. d. -aig ; pl. + an, a curl ; a comma. 

caman, nm. g. v. -ain ; pl, -ain, club for sliinty or golf, a shinty. 

camanachd, nf. ind., sfainty playing, the game of shinty. 

cam-bhflui, nm. wry mouth ; inflected on second element. 

cambal, nm. g. v. -ail ; pl. -ail, camel. 

camhanaich, nf. the dawn, twilight 

camp, um. g. -a ; v. chaimp ; pl. -f axman, camp. 

campaich, va. encamp. 

campar, nm. g.v. -air, vexation, grief, tmeasiness. 

Camui-choinnich, pnm. Cambuskenneth ; inflected on firtt 

can, va.-l-tainn, say, sing, titter, speak. 
cànaln, nf. pl. + ean, a lauguagc. 
cantainn, v.n. saying, singing. speaking. 
caoch, a. empty, hoUow, blind. 
caochail, va. and vn. caochladb, change, alter, die. 
caochan, ura. g. v. -ain ; pl. + an, rivulet, strcamlet, thin spoot. 

caochiach, a. cnanging. ••• '-nt. 

caochladh, v.u. changi: ^, dying. 

caog, va. wink, take aiu. 'ting one eye. 

caogadh, v.n. winking. 

caoidh, nf. g. + c., wcepinc:. Inmcnting, lamentation. 

caoidh, va. wccp, mouT 

caoilfl, uf. ind., thi: :idemeM, leanncfla, na nu w u c— . 

CMMMÌ, nm. g. -eid, dcgrcc ut above. 

CMlall. Sce caomb. 

va. wecp. lamcnt. 


caeÌR, a. kind. mild, dry. 

eaelnicli, va. dry as bay, dry by exposnre ; sooth. 

eael, a. thin, lean, slender, narrow. 

CMlaÌCh, va. make slender, attenuate. 

CMlas, nm. g. v. -ais ; pl.-f-an, a strait. 

CMMIi, a. kmd, gentle, benign, tender, meek. 

cacmliac, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl.-f-an, mild or kind woman. 

caamhail, a. gentle, mild, kind, affectionate. 

eaemhaill, va. -nadh, spare, save, reserv-e. 

caomhnailll, v.n. saving, sparing, reserving. economy, frugality. 

caomhnar. See caomhain. 

caonnaf, nf. g. d. -aig ; pl.-f-an, fight, skirmish, fray. 

caoca, nf. g. -ì-ch ; d.-f-ich ; v. chaora ; pl. -J-ich ; g. pl. chaoracb, 

a sheep. 
caeraich. See caora. 

caoran, nm. g. v. -ain ; pl. -f- an, a fragment of peat. 
caorann, nm. g. v. -ainn ; pl. -ainnean, rowau berry, rowantree. 
car, somewhat, before an adj. : car coltach ri, somewhat like. 
car, nm. g.v. cuir ; pl. cuir, tum, twist, trick, fraud : an caraibh a 

chèiie, wrestling : car mar char (tum) over and over : car 

greis, during a short interval of time. 
caracll, a. deceifiul, tricky, wily, winding, tuming. 
Carachil, nf. ind., motion, movement, wrestling. 
carachd, nf. ind., deceit, cunning, wiliness, quirkiness. 
Cimtfh, v.n. mending, repairing. 
Caralbh, dat. pl. of car : dol an caraibh a chèile, going to contend 

or wrestle with each other. 
caraich, va. move, stir. 
càraich, va. place to or against, apply. 
Caraid, nm. pl. càirdeau, friend, relation. 
Ciraid, nf. pl. -l-ean, a pair, couple, married couple. 
csrantat, nm. g. v. -ais, kindness, friendliness. 
carbad, nm. g. v. -aid ; pl.-|-an, carriage, chariot. 
Clrd, va. card wool, cotton or lint. 
CardrtM, pnm. Cardross. 

càrn, n!:i. 7. V. cùira ; pl. cùim, (L. Sc. caira) a heap, a pile. 
càrn, ' ; •ap, pile. 
carrachan, nm. g. v. -ain, pl.-|-an, frogfish. the fish commonly 

called ' sboemaker.' 
carragh, nf. g.d. -aigh ; pl. -aighean, rock. pillar, monument. 
carraic, nf. g.-f-e. or cairge ; pl.-f-can, rock. 
CarraÌC, pnf. Carrick. 
c' ar son, • hr. why, for what reason ? 
c:irt, m. muck, cast out. 

cas, : .,i .• , 1. cois ; pI.-> ' h;ift, haft : casan 

'l' ::■ .:i, ;,;:;':'■ ,■-, : casan t(- 

cài, liui. g. V. tàis ; pl.-f-aij, V .V., i ■'.'-'• ♦,,..„.. 

liS, va. ifna<ih. to cloflc upon, oppose. thwart. 


CM, a. stecp, rasb, passionate. 

casad, nra. g.v. -aid, cough. 

CMat, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, long coat. 

CMald, nf. pl. + eon, complaint. accusation. 

eatan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, path, road. 

cas-chrom, nf. g. coise-cniime ; d. cois-chruim ; pL casan rroma 

a kiud of spade. 
catd, va. casdaicb, cougb. 

catf , nm. for casgadh, stopping, opposing, clodng. 
catgair, va. -airt and -radh, slay, mangle, massacre. 
caigradh, nm. g.v. -aidh, massacre. 
cat-ruisgtfl, a. barefoot. 
cat, nin. g.v. cait ; pL cait, cat. 
cath, nm. g. + a. ; v. chaitb ; pl. + an, fight, battle, fighting 

Cith, nf. g. càithe ; d. càith, husks of com, chaf!. 
cathae. See cadhag. 
cathair, nf. g. -rach ; pl. -raichean, chair. 
cathair, nf. ^. -rach ; pl. -raichcan, city. 
cathair-thalanta and -thaimhainn, nf. plantain, yarrow; inflected 

on the fìrst element. 
cithar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -air, mossy ground, monntain bog. 
ca, who, what ? why, how ? 
Cè, nm. g. cèithe, cream. 

cè, nm. ind., tbe earth : an cruinne cè, the terrestrial globe. 
cead, inn. ind., leave, permission. 
ceadaich, va. permit, allow. 
cèaird, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, trade, handicraft. 
caalf , nf. g. ceilge ; d. ceilg, deceit, treachery, hypocrìsy. 
cealfach, a. deceitful, treacberous, hypocritic^ 
cealfair, nm. pl. + ean, deceiver. hypocrite, rogue. 
caalfaireachd, nf. ind., fraud, hypocrìsy. 
CMll, nf. ^.d. ciU ; pl. cilltean, church, cell. 
CMna, whithcr ? See ciona. 
ceanail, a. mild, lovin^. kindly. 
ceanalta, a. mild. amiable, kind. 
ceanfail, va. -al, tie. fasten, bind. 

ceanf al, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. -laicbean, tie, t>ond, fastcning. binding. 
ceanflaidh, will tie. See ceangail. 
ceann, nm. g.v. cinn ; pL cinn, head, end, cL. 
CMnnaiCh, va. buy. purchase. 
MMnairc, nf. robcllìun. sedition. 
MMMlrMach, a. rcbellious, seditious. 

MMMfÌ, nm. g.v. -aird ; pl. + an, commander, chicf . lcader. 
CMSMa, nm. g. -ais, superìority, headship, chieftainsbip, the 

ujipcr hand. 
ceann-bheart, nm. g.v. -bheirt ; pL+an, headpiece. headgear. 
ceann-cinnldh, nm. head of a clan, chicf ; inOected on the first 




CMnn-feachd, nm. gcneral ; inflected on the first element. 
ceann-feadhna, nm. chief, leader ; inflected on the first element. 
Ctann-flnt, nm. chieftain, head of a clan ; inflected on the first 

CtlBlllaMlr, a. headstrong, obstinate. 

CMUUHatell, va. subdue, quell, tame, conquer, keep under. 
CtUa-lMfaiSfi titn. g.v. cinn-th- ; pl. cinn-th-, subject, text. 
ceann-uidhc, um. g.v. cinn- ; pl. cinn-, end of a jonmey. 
ceap, va. catch, stop, intercept. 
cearb, nf. g. cirbe ; d. cirb ; pl. + an, rag, tatter. 
cearbach, a. ragged, tattered, awkward. 
cearc, nf. g. circe ; d. circ ; pl. + an, hen. 
cearcall, nm. g. v. -aill ; pl. + an, circle, hoop, ring. 
caarc-f hraoich, nf. g. circe-fr- ; d. circ-fhr- ; pl. cearcan-fr-, 

mourhen, female grouse. 
C««rc-thomain, nf. partridge ; inflected as last. 
ctari, nm. g.v. cèird ; pl. + an, tinker, any class of smith. 
cèardaeh, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, smithy. 
cèarn, nf. g. + a. ; d. cèirn ; pl. + an, quarter, region. 
cèarr, a. wrong, left-handed. 
Ctart, a. right, same, proper, certain : a cheart cho, quite as, 

equally : anns a' cheart àite, in the (very) same place 

: cearta còmhla, all at once, together. 
Ctart, nm. g.v. ceirt, right, justice, propriety. 
CMrtalch, va. rectify, adjust, put to rights. 
ceartair, in the phr. : an ceartair, just now. 
caartat, nm. g.v. -ais, justice, equity. 
CMtnaiCh, va. catechise, examine. 
CMthach, nm. g.v. -aich, mist, fog. 
ceathairnt, nf. ind., peasantry, yeomanry, portion of population 

tit fnr warfare. 
Ctatharnaeh, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, keme, stout, trusty 

CMthamat, mn. g.v. -ais, heroism. 

ceathramh, um. g.v.-raimh ; pL + an, fonrth part, stanza, quatrain. 
ceathramh, num. the fourth. 

CMthrar, nm. and f.g.v. -air, four persons collectively. 
ctigtach, a. squat, shapeless, clumsily formed. 
Ctigtan, nin. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, thick short man. 
Ctiftintach, a. podgy. squat. 
Ctil, va. r-tinn and cleith, conceal, hide. 
eèiit, nni. spouse, companion, partner, fclluw. 
Ctiltar, nm. g.v. -eir, singing or chirping of birds ; light iiv<iv 

eailMradh, nm. g.v. -aidh, caroUing, singing. 
Ctilc. See cealg. 

cèilidh, nf. pl. + ean, gossiping, visiting. 
eèlU. See ciaU. 

fittlf a. far, distant, remote ; also dan. 



eèir, nf. g.+e., wax. 

Ctirsi*, nf. d. -idb, pL + an, ball of worsted, dew of yain, (better 

Mittf nf. g. + e. ; pl.-f ean, question, controversy. 
Mitt, nf. g. + e. ; pl.-f ean, darling, regard. 
Ctistaar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl. + an, catechist. 
C«it, puf. Kate. 

cèittan, um. g.v. -ein, May, beginning of sunimer. 
Ctithir, num. foor. 
Ctd, nm. mist, fog. 

Ctèiian, nm. g.v. -aiu, small drizzling rain. 
CCÒbanach, a. dcwy, misty, drizzly. 
Ceòi, nm. )^.v. ( iuil. niusic. 
Ceòlmhor, a. uiuòical, tuneful. 
Ctòiac, pnf. g.d. -aig, meaning the ' bunchy one.' 
ceud, num. hundrcd ; fiirst : ceudan, hundreds : an ceud and a' 

cheud, the first. 
CCUdna, tbe same, before mentioned : mar an cendna, similxirly, 

likewise, also. 
ccum, nm. g.v. cèim ; pl. -f-annan, step, pace, degree. 
CCUt, va. crucify, torture. 
Ctutach, a. becoming, elegant, beautiful. 

Ctutaicht, a. more becon:-- ■ — — ■ ' -» beautiful. 

Cha, iiiii ; precedes v. bt . t. 

cha mhòr, almost : cha n.l. ,: _ ._...: ..:, it'may almost 

be said. 

cha mhòr nach, almost. 

Cha 'n, uot ; precedes v. begiuning with vow. and fh. 

cha robh ann acii, there was but. 

Chaidh, va. irr., went, bappcned, was, has passed : chaidh aca 
air, they succeeded : chaidh dha, it happened to liim. 

Chtana, phr. word for : air cheana, already. 

Chèilt, each other, one auother, both : bbunil iad a chèile, they 
struck one auother : dh' fhalbh le chèile, tJ"^^ ".-nt 
away together : coltach ri chèile, Uke one anot' 

Clli, va. irr., will or shall see. 

Chionn, for : a chiouu, becausc. 

Chittar, va. irr., will or shall be sccn. 

chltheadh, va. irr., wouUI or should sce. 

chlthinn, va. irr., I wouUi see. 

Cho, i()ually, as. so : cho math ri sìn, as goo<l as tnat. 

Chuaia, va. irr.. heard. 

ehlica, prf" 'ir '- to them. 

tliVglMlt I to you, s. 

fkMCBÌhll, : . :>■ to you, pl. 

chufalnn, prcp. prun. to us. 

chutam, prep. pron. to me. 

Chulet, prep. pron. to hrr. 

Chuld, in : aon chuid, ncither (with the neg.) 


ehaf(«, prep. pron. to him. 

chuireadh, was put, would pnt, was invìted. See cuir. 

chuirtac, will put. See cuir. 

Chuirlnn, va. I would put. See cuir. 

ckllM, phr. word for : a chuin, to. for, for the purpose of, in order 

to, so that. 
eblia, unto, until : chun a' bhaile, unto the town. 
ehHniiaie, va. irr., saw. 
eia, for : ce, which? what ? : cia as, whence i cia mend, how mnch, 

how many. 
elahh, nf. g.-a. ; pL+an, lock of hair. 
ciad, num. See ceud. 
dal, nm. ind., side or brìm of a vessel. 

clail, nf. g. cèiUe ; d. cèill, meaning, sense, understanding. 
eiaJI, nf. g. cèille ; d. cèiU, darling. 
eiallaeh, a. sensible, discreet, judicious. 
eiallaich, va. signify, mean. 
ciamar, for : ceamar, how ? in what way ? in what manner ? 

in what state or condition ? : ciamar a tha thu, how are yoa ? 
CÌail, a. cèine, remote, foreign ; also cèin. 
eUmkii, a. •ala, melancholy, pensive. 
clanalat, nm. g.v. -ais, melancholy, dulness, pensiveness. 
clar, a. cèire, dusky, dark-grey or brown. 
ciatacb. See ceutach. 
cileatfalr, nm. pl. + ean, trustee, agent. 

cill, uf. g. + e. ;pl. + tean, church, cell, burying-ground. See ceall. 
Cill-eama, pnf. KiIIeam. 
Ciil-ribhinn, pnf. St. Andrews. 

cineal, um. g.v. -eil ; pl. -eilean, ofiFspring, clan, species. 
cinn, va. -ftinn, grow, increase, spnng from. 
clnn. See ceann. 

cinneach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, nation. 
clnneadh, um. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhean, clan, trìbe, kin. 
Cinneat, :im. g.v, -eis, growth, increase, crop, growing thing. 
Cinn-fhèarrlMll, pnm. Kingairloch. 
Cinn-rois, pnm. Kinross. 
einnt, nf. g. + e., certainty. 
einnteach, a. certain. sure, evident, positive : cinnteach as, 

ctrt.iin of it. 
cinntinn, v.n. growing. increasing, prosperìng. 
Cinn-t-tàil«, pnm. Kintail. 
ctob, nf. k'+a., a mountain grass. 
eiohair, nm. pL + ean, shepberd. 
eloch, nf. g. dche ; d. ctch ; pl. + an, woman's breast. 
etocrat, um. g.v. -ais, keen longing, excessive desire, greedineM. 
ciod, what ? : ciod è, what is it ? 
eion, nm. want, desire, estccm. luve. 
eiona, whither. S«e cean i 


etonil, nm. hrad : os cionn, above, overhead : a chionn, becanse 

:o chionn tri làithcan, threc days ago. 
clonnat, how ? in what way or manner ? by what means ? 
cionta, nm. pl. + n, guilt, sin. 
ciontach, a. guilty. 
Ciontaich, va. transgress, bc guilty of. 
ciorram, nm. g.v. -aira ; pl. -f an, disaster, mishap. 
ciosaich, and ciosnaich va. subdue. 
Ciotach, a. leftbandcd, .sinister, awkward. 
eir, va. comb, tease, as wool. 
elr, nf . g. + e. ; pl. + ean, comb, cud, crest of a cock. 
cirb, nf . g. + e. ; pL -f- ean, comer. See cearb. 
circe. See cearc. 

cil, nf. g. + c. ; pL + ean, tax, tribute. 
ciste, nf. pl. + achan, chest, co£n. 
ciùil. See ceòl. 

ciùin, a. calm, peaceful, mild, smooth, placid. 
Ciùln, vn. become quiet ; become calm. 
Ciùlnoat, nm. g.v. -eis, calm, peacefulness, quietness. 
Clùinlch, va. render quiet, assuage, appease, calm, pacify. 
clùrr, va. hurt, injure. 

clach, nf. g. cloiche ; d. doich ; pL-f-an, stone. 
Clachaif, nm. pl.-fean, mason, builder of stones. 
Clachan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f-an, hamlet, village. See clacli. 
Clacharan, um. g. -ain ; pl. -j-an, stonechat. 
clach-maallaln, nf. g. cloiche-mcallain ; d. cloich-mheallain ; 

pl. clacban-meallain, hailstone. 
Cladach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, shore. 
cladh, um. g.v. claidh ; pl. -l-annan, graveyard, churchyard, 

Cladh, nm. g. -f-a., spawn. 
dadil, va. cladh, spawn. 
CtaÌiUICh, v.n. g. -aich, digging. 
didhaieh, va. cladhach, dig. 
clag, niii. fi.v. cluig ; pl. cluig, bell 
Claidheamh, nm. g.v. -eimh ; pl. claidhmhnenn. sword. 
Claigeann, nm. g.v. -inn ; pl. claignean, ^' 
Clail, nf. g. -f-e. ; pL-f ean, ditch, furrow, » 
Clàiiteachd, nf. ind., hearìng. the sense of licaiiut;. 
Clàlltinn, nf. hearing, listenini;, hcarkening. 
Clann, ui. c. (.loinnc ; d. <! . tlan. 

Clann Chamthroln, pnf. t: n. 

ClMa Mhic R^tk ' 

dMMh. V t. 

CtaM, a. I tial. 

Ciaon, va. incinn-. ^;<> .isku-. .'.;; 

daen-hhrtlih, uf. pl. - ean, unj ; cnt, prejadicc. 

dàr, nm. g.v. cUir ; pl. clÀir, board, tablet, Ud, iiny mootli 

surface or plaue. 



clir-aodainn, nm . the forehead, the f ace ; inflected on fixst element 

dàrMCÌl, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, harp. 

clirttir, nm. pl. + ean, harper. 

Citachd, va. and vn. accustom, practisc, use. 

cicactldadh, v.n. practice, use, custom, habit. 

cieachdainn, nm. pl. + ean, practice, use, custom, habit. 

Cltamhnaa, nm. g.v. -ais, affinity, or relationship by marriage. 

Ciaas, mn. g.-a. ; pl. + an, trick, playful trick, feat. 

Cieatachd, uf. ind., play, pastime, sleight of hand. 

Cièireach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, clerk, writer. 

Clèit, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + can, flake o£ snow, downy feather. 

cleith, v.n. concealing, hiding. 

Cleìthtaelld, nf. ind., concealment, secrecy, skulking. 

cleòca, nm. pl. + nnan, cloak, mantle. 

Cll, a. lcft-handed, awkward : an car cli, the left-hand tum. 

Cli and clith, nf. g. + e., vigour, strength. 

Cliabh, nni. g.v. dèibh ; pl. clèibh, creel. hamper, basket, man's 

Ciiath, ni. g. clèithe ; d. clèith ; pl.+an, hurdle, harrow. 
diathach, nf . g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, the side of the body ; slope 

of a hiU. 
diath-iùth, nm. ind., a sectiou of a ' ceol-mòr ' tune on the bag- 

Clis, a. nimble, quick, sudden. 
ciisbeaehd, nf. ind., lamcness, imsteadiness. 
cliss, va. and \-n. start, leap through fear. 
clisfeaib, v.n. startling : a chlisgeadh, instantly. 
Cliste, a. dexterous, nimblc, swift, agile, expert. 
Clisteachd, nf. ind., dexterity, agility, expertness. 
ciiù, nni. fame, honour, praise, renown, reputation. 
Ciò, andciidb, nm. g. + dha; v. dòidh ; pl. clòidhean, a prìnt, 

pnntiag press. 
Ciobha, nm. pl. + chau, pair of tongs. 
Cio-bhuail, va. -bhualadh, print. 
dogaid, nm. pl. + eau. helmet. 
deicll. See clach. 
dòimh, nf. g. + e. and clòmhach ; d. clòimhidh, wool, down of 

deinnt. See clann. 

dMMh, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichcau. carcass, dead body. 
dètll, um. g. + a. ; pl. clòitheau, cloth. 
daain, uf. g. + e. ; pL + tean. green plain, meadow, pasture. 
dulst. See cluas. 

dun, nf. g.d. claain ; pl. + tan. Seecluain. 
dus, nf. f;. duaise ; d. cluais ; pl. + an, ear, lug, handle of dish. 
dutìlg, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, pillow. 
clùdan, nm. g.v. -ain : pl. + an, dout, tatter. 
ciuich, um. K- + e ; pi. +eannan, play, playing, a game. 
cluicl^ va. cTuich, play. 



cluiitan, nm. g.v. -^n ; pl. -einean, pendicle, bell, drop. 

cluinn, v.i. irr., bear, li5ten, bearken. 

cluinnttar, nm. g.v. -cir ; pl. + an, bearer, Ustener. 

cluinntinn, v.n. beoring : ri (and r'a) cbluinntinn, to be beard. 

Cluip, va. cbeat, deceive. 

clulp, nf. g. 4-e. ; pL + ean, deceit 

cluiptar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl. + an, a cbeat, decciver. 

cna|, nf . g.d. cnaig ; pl. + an, peg. pin, knob, tbowlpin. 

cnàimh, nui. g. cnàmha ; pl. cnamban, bone. 

cnàmh, va. cbew, gnaw, corrode, waste, digest. 

cnàmll, v.n. cbewing, gnawing, corrodiug, wasting, ut^c-stuig. 

caàMllMll, a. bony. 

cnimlian. See cnaimb. 

cnap, nm. g.v. cnalp ; pl. + an, lump, knob, little hilL 

cnatan, nm. g.v. -am ; pl. -ain, a cold. 

cntad, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, moan, sigb, groan. 

cntap, nm. g.v. cneip ; pl. + an, button, bead, pebble. 

cntas, nni. g. + a ; pl. + an, skin, waist. 

cntasda, a. bumane, modcst, tcmperate, ominous. 

cnò-bhoif, um. g.v. -bbuilg ; pl. • bbuilg. nut bag. 

cnoc, nni. g.v. cnuic ; pl. cnuic or +an, knoll, hiliotk. 

cnocan, nm. g.v. -ain, pl. + an, dimiuutive of cnoc. 

cnòth und cnò, nf. pl. cuotban, nut. Sce cnùtb. 

cnuac, nf. g.d. cnuaic ; pl. + an, lump, head. 

cnuasalch, va. coUect, iuvcstigatc, ponder. 

cnuasanach, a. given to coUecting or invettigating. 

cnuic. Scc cuoc. 

cnuimh. Scc cruimb. 

cnuimhtag. Sce cruimbeag. 

cnùth, nf. g. + a ; pl. + an, nut. See cnòtb. 

c6, niiirr. pron., wbo .' wbat ? cò air bitb, whoever. 

CO, iqually, as ; also cbo. 

CObhair, va. cobbair, relicve, belp, aiil. a^sist . Scc cabhair. 

cobhair, nf. g. -racb, succour, bcl]' 

CObhar, nm. g.v. -air, foam, frotb. 

còcairt, nm. pl. + an, cook. 

cochull, nm. g.v. -uiU ; pl. -uil^ husk, hood. 

codach. Scc cuid. 

co-dhiùbh, phr. neverthelcss, at ony ratc, whatcver, whicheTer, 

COg, va. fight, carry on war. 

cegadh, nm. g.v. -aidb ; pl. -aidbean, wor, warfore, fighting. 
cogalt, nf. pl. + eau. couscicncc. 
COgull, nm. g.v. -uiU. tares, cockle. 
COlbhntli, a. kind. mUd. lenicnt. 
c6i|, nuni. five ; abK) cùig. 

0MgllMr and CÌigMir, nm. .r. ' . -. . five pcrsoai coUcctively. 
MMrMeH, nm. g.v. -icb ; pl. .or, foreigner. 

cetltach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pL 'kiì, cock. 




coiltach-dubb, nm. g. coilich-dhuibb ; pl. coilich-dhubha, black 

coiUacti-f rangach, nm. g. coilich-fhraugaich ; pl. coilich-fhrangach, 

turkey cock. 
coiltach-fraolch, nm. g. coilich-fhraoich ; pl. coilich-fhraoich, 

i-.! rouse cock. 

coileach :im. g. coUich-ghaoithe ; pl. coilich-ghaoithe, 

coille, i;f. pl. coilltean, wood, grove, forest. 

Coille-chreathnaich, pnf. Killiecranlde. 

coilltean. See coille. ^ 

coimeas, va. coimeas, compare, liken. 

coimeas, nm. g.v. -eis ; pl. + an, comparìson. 

coimheach, a. forcign, strange. 

coìmhead, nm. g. -id, Ìooking, watcliing, observing. 

colmheadachd, nf. ind., attcnding, convoying. 

coimhearsnach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, neighbour. 

coimhearsnacM, nf. ind., neighbourhood. 

COÌmhlion, a. perfe.t , ..MinUte. asmany as. 

COÌmhlieilÌa,a. co: lure, fulfilled, come to man's estate. 

COÌmhthlOlial. Si uional. 

COÌn. See cù. 

coinean, nm. g.v^ -ein ; pl. -einean, rabbit. 

COÌngeiS, ;i. indiiTerent alK)ut, independent. 

COingheall, nn.. -..'.v. -ill ; pl. -ill, loan. 

COinne, ui. pl.-i<ilKan. nieeting, assemblage. 

c6innoach, ni. g.v. -i< h, moss, fog. 

COÌnnoal, uf. k- coinnle ; d. coinneil ; pl. coinnlean, candlc. 

COÌnnoamh, in tÌK- phr. : mu choinncamh, before, or iu front of 

: mu choinneamb an doruis, opposite thc door : 'na 

choinneamh, against him, to meet him. 
coinnich, va. meet, encounter. 
colnnlear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-f an, caudlestick. 
CÒir, a. !■ . ; iit, lionest, just, civil. 
Cdir, i'.T : >-:nl!. ir, nf. ' ' '' , ''.^'uity. 
edir, n!. s.' > ' u ; ■ ' ht,'justice, claim, title : b 

* • ir ■l:;:!;*. ' ■; ■ :. ^'ght. 

coirbeachd, nt. i;: '... : aess, crossness. 

COÌrbte. rrupl, pt.: : 

Coir;-. •. corca, oats, com. 

coir. , :. f achan, pot, cauldron, kettle ; corric. 

eoire, 2.:. pl. 4-annan. fault, blame, guilt, harm. 
eolreÌ£Ìnn, in the phrase : air choirciginn, of some kind, somc. 
coirich, va. blanic, rcprovc, reprimand. 
còirneai, nni. g.v. -ilcir ; pl. -ilcarau, au army coIoueL 
coi = 

Cc , walking. 

coi : !, _ ui, walk, travcl on foot. 

coiiiiclM, nm. pt-i-an, walker, pedestrìan. 



eoisinn, va. cosnadh, win, earn, gain. 

coitcheann, a. common, public, general. 

COitich, va. roax. prcss onc to take something. urge. 

colann, nf. j^.d. -aiun ; pl. + au, body, trunk of the body. 

COlbh, nm. g.v. cuilbh ; pl. cuilbh, coliunn, pillar, plant stalk. 

COl{, ura. g.v. cuilg ; pl. cuilg, wrath, rage, nerce look, prickle, 

awn, ibristUng. 
COl{ail, a. with bri.stles up, martial. 
COlgarra, a. wild, menacing. 
COltach, a. Uke, probable : coltach ri, like to : car coltach rt, 

somewhat like. 
Ctltakh, va. compare, liken. 
COltlti nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. -ais, likenes.s, iiKcuhooù, appearancc, 

MBI, nni. g.v. cuini ; pl. cuim, body, cavity of the chest, tnink 

of the body. 
Mma, a. indifferent, regardless : coma-co-dhiùbh, indifferent 

as to which, all the same to, careleas as to which of them« 

COmain, nf. g. + e; pl. + ean, obligation : 'nad chomain, under 

obligation to you, in your reverence. 
cema leat, phr., ncvcr miud, pay no heed to. 
COmas, nin. g.v. -ais, powcr, ability, authority. 
comasach, a. ablc. capablc. 
comhachag, uf. g.d. -aig ; pl.-f an, owl. 
COmhair, uf . ind., direction, tendency : fa chomhair an sùl, before 

their eyes : an comhair a chinn, headlong : an comhair a 

chùil, backwards. 
COmhairie, uf. pl. + an, advice, counsel. 

comhairleach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ichean, counsellor, cotmdllor. 
COmhairlich, va. advise. counsel. 
comh-aontaich, vn. aiquiosce, agree. 

comharradh, lun. >.,'.v. -aidh ;pl • " '. sign, token, mark. 

COmharraÌCh, va. niark, puint • uish. 

comharraichte, a. notablc, rcuu-: . marked. 

comhart, nm. g.v. -airt ; pl. + an, dog's bark. 

comhartaich, uf. barking of a dog. 

còmhdach, um. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, covering, dothing, dreas. 

còmhdaich, va. cover, clothe, drejis. 

còmhdhail, uf. g. -alach ; pl. -I ( interview. 

comh-dhuin, va. -dhùnadh, cor. m end. 

comh-dhunadh, v.n. g. -aidh, c>>ii< i 

comh-fhoghar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -a:T >nant. 

comh-threacair, vn. + t an<\ -r,<ih i. suit, agrec. 

comhthurtachd, nf. ind., < 

còmhla, i. tf)j;tther. in coi; longwith. 

còmhlaich, va. meet, intcrci.'pt. 

còmhnadh, nm. g.v. -aidh : pl. . belp, aid. 

còmhnard, a. level, even, plain. 




eòmhnuidh, nf. pL+ean, dwelling, habitation :an còmhnuidh, 

habitually ; a chòmhnuidh, dwelling. 
e^mhradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, conversation, dialogue. 
còmhrtf , nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, battle, combat, fight. 
còmhraic, va. còmhrag, fight, combat. 
comh-shamhÌHkh, va. compare together. 
comh-shMM, vn. -amh, cousist in. 

comh-thiOlial, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. +an. assembly, congregation. 
companach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, companion, associate. 
Comunn,'nm. g.v. -uinn'; pl. -uinn, company, a society, fellowship, 

cen. See cù. 

cònlach, nf. g.d. -aich, straw, fodder, hay, stubble. 
connadh, nm. g.v. -aidii, firewood, fuel. 
cònsaich, va. mnteud, dispute. 
CÒnspaid, :: can, dispute,strife. 

cop, :i : /. u:p, foam, troth, spume. 
copag, :.: ^.d. -aig ; pl. -fan, dockweed. 
copan, :uu. g.v. -ain ; pl. -fan, cup. 
copar, um. g.v. -air, copper. 
cor, nm. g. coir, condition, state, situation : air chor 'sam bith 

on any condition. 
Mrc, nf. g. cuirce ; d. cuirc ; pl. + an, luiife, whittle. 
còrd, vn. agree. 

Còrdaf , pnf . g.d. -aig, meaning ' agreeable one.* 
còrn, nm. g.v. cùim ; pl. cùim, drinking hom. 
corp, nm. g.v. cuirp ; pl. cuirp, body, corpse. 
corpMTa, a. bodily, corporeal. 
corr, nf. g. + a ; pl. + an, heron, crane. 

còrr, nf . ind., overplus, excess, odds : a' chòrr the rest, remainder. 
tòrr, a. odd, eminent, extraordinary ; corra, when prefixed 

: corra h-aon, an odd one : còrr uair, atodd times. 
corra-biod, nm. attitude of readiuess to start. 
corrach, a. steep, precipitous. 
corrag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, finger. 

corra-{hriathach, nf . g.d. -aich, pl. corran-griothach, heron, crane 
corran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, reaping hook, sickle. 
corruich, nf. anKcr, rage, wratii, ire. 
Cdrta, uui, pl. -rchan, coast, shore. 
COt. See ca«. 

c6«, nm. g.v. còis ; pL-f an, hoUow, recess. 
CMtf, va. cosd, spend, waste. 
MMlMt nm. g.v. -ais, expense, cost. 
ewlaeh, ■ ' ' - - semblmg. 
cotlas, ^;likeness. 

cosnhuil, ; -sembling. 

cotnadh. - . jsinn. 
cosnar. .^n- 1 (>i>iun. 
còta, om. pL+ichean, coat. 

33 C 


cothaich, va. win, carn, contend, strive. 

cothrom, inn. g.v. -uim ; pl. + an. opportumty, luirpLi 

t '[UÌpOÌSC. 

cothromach, a. fair, just, cquitablc, Icvcl. 

cràbhach, a. piou.s, rclÌKÌous. 

cràbhadh, nm. g.v. -aiììh ; devotiou, picty. rcligion. 

cràdh, um. g. cràidh, puin. anguisb, tormcnt. 

cràdh, va. tonucnt. paiu, vcx, harass. 

craiceann, nm. g.v. -iun ; pl. craicnean, skin. 

craidhteach, a. turturcd, niiserablc, grievous, afflicted, causing 

cràìdhteachd, ui. ind., distrcss of miud or body, vexation, miser>'. 
cràmhan, um. g.v. -ain, constant scolding or grumbling, bi(Jccring. 
crann, um. g.v. croinn ; pl. croinn, tall trcc, mast, plough, door* 

crann, va. bolt, bar, adjust doorbolt. 
cranna{, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, pulpit, perch. 
crann-athair, nm. plough (constcliation) ; iuflcctcd on the first 

crannchur, nm. ^;.v. -uir ; pl. + an, lot, fortunc, casting lota. 
craobh, nf. ^'. ri.i(pil>lu' ;d. craoibh ; pl. + an, trce. 
Craobh, in : A' Chraobh, puf. Cricf!. 

craobhadh, mn. ^^trc.inung. 

craobh-S{àÌleadh, nm. .shadc imparted by txecs. 

craoibhe. Scc cmubh. 

craos, nin. g.v. craois ; pl. + an, gaping mouth, maw. 

crath, va. shakc, wave, 

crè, nf. ind., day. 

creach, va. harry, rob, plimder. 

creach, nf. g. crcichc ; d. creich ; pl. + an, plunder, pillagc 

creachadair, um. pl. + can, robbcr, pluuderer. 

creachann, nm. g.v. -ainu, summit of a rock, hard rockj surfacc. 

creadha, nf. clay. Sce crè. 

creag, nf. j.;. crcigc ; d. crcig ; pl. + au, rock, crag. 

Creag-bhirnaid, pnf. Craigbamet ; inHectcd ou first element. 

creathach, nt. ;..'l. -:ii(-h. brushwood for fucl. 

Creid, \ :i. ^ u iilsinn, IilIìcvc. 

CrtMMab, um. g.v. -imh ; pl.- : iisbchef. 

B ft H t M, nm. g.v. -cis, crcdit ; c. 

CtlKimcll, a. trustwortliy, cr«..»wiv. 

CHM l Ì Pa, um. bclicviug. 

croif. See crcag. 

creuchd, uf. g. + a ; pl. + au, wound, a sorc. 

creud, n(. g. + a ;d. cr6id ; pl. + an, crccd. 

creutair, nin. pl. • c an, crcature, bcing. 

criathair, v.i. -r.i<lh. sift. 

criathar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -ran, sieve. riddle. 

criathraidh. Sce criathair. 

crtch. ^^ - ' 




CrMlM, nm. pl. + achan, heart. 

CriÌÌMÌi, a. -ala, hearty. 

cri«ch, uf. g. ciiche ; d. crìch ; pL + an, end, dose, limit. boun- 

cHocIimUcIi, va. bring to an end, or dose. 
cri«ni, va. pick. bite. nip. 
critmadll, v.n. picking. nibbling, biting. 
criomaf , uf . g.d. -aig ; pl. 4- an. bit, piece. 
crieman, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f an, bit, piece. 
Crion, a. crìne, little. withered, shrìvelled, mean. 
crienach, nf. g.d. -aich, brushwood, withered branches. 
cries, lun. g. + a. ; pl. -f an, belt, girth, girdle. 
Crtoetf, and GrlOOÌa, pnm. Chrìst. 
CrimiMkt nm. pl.- caii, a Christian. 
criotlinaicli, v* -.h.ikc. tremble. 
crith, .;. r /.. . tremble, quiver : air chrìth, trembling, 

crè, um. g. cròtha ; pl. <. ròithcan, fold, eye of a needlc. 

Crètk, va. coniiuc iu a fold or pcu, gather in. 

croch, va. hang, suspcud. 

crochan, nm. g. v. -ain ; pl. +an, pot hook. 

croih, um. g.v. cruidh, cattlc. 

crèf, nf. g. cròige ; d. cròig ; pl. + au, clumsy hand, fist, paw. 

croj, nm. g. -a ; v. chroig ; pl. + achan, a jar, crock. 

crefan, nm. g. v. -ain ; pl. + an. dim. of crog. 

cròic-choaan, nm. an antlered head ; inflected on the second 

: iLUt. 

croich, uf. g.+e. ; pL + can, gallows, gibbet. 

creis, nf. g.+e. ; pL+ean, cross, misfortxme. 

Croit, ni. g. -J-e. ; pì. 4-ean. croft, hump. 

croitear, an, crofter. 

crom, at, crooked, corved, bovred. 

crom, v... .,.._.,... ,,, ....... 

cromaih an tpour, plir., vault of thc sky. 

cromg, ni. g.d. -aig ; pL + au, a crook, any little crooked thing. 

Cff ■■, nm. g.v. -am ; pL -ain, kite. 

croni hhWoacll, a. having a beut bill ; iuflected on second element. 

cron, um. g.v. croin, harm, mischief, eviL fault, defect, blame, 

crenaicb, va. rebr.- 
cronaiL a. harmi 

crànan, mn. ^'.v. ..^ww^.^ .....aud, hum. 

cro«4a, a. cf b*, i: 'ured. 

croUL nm. i^.v. - l:. , ibear. 

cruach, nf. g. cruauhe ; d. cruaich ; pL + an, a heap, pile, stack. 
cruach, va. heap, build iuto .siacks. 
Cruachan Boann, pnm. Ben Cruachau. 
cruadaL nm. g.v. -ail ; pL -ail, hardihood, hardship. 
craadalach, a. hardy, enduring, brave. 



eruadhaich, va. harden, parch, kihi-dry. 

cruaicht. See cruach. 

cruaidh, nf. g. cruadhach, steel. 

cruaidh, a. hard. difficult, severe. 

cruaidh-chàt, nm. g.v. -chàis ; pL + an, predicament, pcril, adver 

cruathM, and cruas, nm. g.v. -ais, bardness, rigour, hardihood. 
crùb, va. sit. squat. crouch. 
Crùbach, a. laiuc, cripple. 

crùban, nm. g. -ain. crouching attitude : 'na chrùbau, crouching. 
crubh, nm. g. -a ; pl. -an, horse's boof. 
crùdh, va. sboc as a borse. 

crudha and eniblM, nm. g. cruidhe ; pl. crùidhean, borse's sboc. 
cruimh, uf. g. +e. ; pl.4-ean, worm. 
cruimheac, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -l-an, small worm. 
cruimh-shionnachain, nf. glowwomi; inflected on fìrst clcnunt. 
Cruinn, a. round, spherical, globular, succinct, asscmbkd. 
cruinna, um. ind., the globe. world. 
cruinnaac, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -l-an, trig, tight lassie. 
Cruinnich, va. gather. assemble, collect, convene. 
cruinn-leum, nm. pl. f annan, stauding jump, bound. 
Crùiig**'*! ^^^- S-V- -ein ; pl. -cincau, lamp, cruizie, jug. 
cruit , nf . g. -f- e. ; pl. -|- ean, crowd or barp. 
cruitear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl. -f-an. crowder or harper. 
cruitheachd, nf. iud., form, conformation ; thc creation, univtrsc. 
cruithear, um. g.v. -cir ; pl. -f an, creator. 

crùn, um. g.v. crùin ; pL crùintean, crown, five shilling piecc. 
crùn, va. crown. 

crutli, nui. g. -a. ; v. chruith ; pl. -f-an, form, shape, figurc. 
cruthachadh, v.n. creating, creation, 
cruthaich, va. create. 

cù, iiin. g. coiu ; d. cù ; v. cbotu ; pl. coin ; g. pl. con, dog 
Cuach, uf. g. cuaicbe. d. cuaicb ; pl. -f an. quaich, cog, dJUL. 

driuking cup, boUow part of bird's uext. 
cuagach, a. awkwardly beut, having unshai>cly curves, mis- 

cuaille, nm. pl. -f acban, cudgel, dub, baton. 
cuain. See cuan. 
cuairt, nf. g. -fe. ; pL+ean, drcuit, tour. trip. whirL eddy 

t uir mu'u cuairt, tum round ab-:' 
cuairteag, uf. g.d. -cig ; pL + an, wbir'. 
cuairtear, nm. g.v. -cir ; pL +an, tr.i.-. . .....: — :. 

cuairtlch, v.t sur: •\i:..\. > :u ompasB, make .> > 
cual, r.f. ('ii.ul ; j>l. (.u.ultean, bordcn, f.>^ 
cuala, vn. irr. beard ; ancaalatn, heard yuu ì : Uiachualami, I 

liave not heard. 
cuan, nui. g.v. cuain ; pL cuaintean, occan. 
cuaran, um. g.v. -aiu ; pL -aiu. broguc uf uutauucd hidc. 
Martachadh, v.u. surrouuding, encompaaaing. 




cuartakh, va. sorroand, compass. 

cùbadh, nm. bending, crouching, shrinking for fear ; coop. 

cubhaidh, a. decent, fit, meet, scemly. 

Cùbhraidh, a. fragrant, sweet smelling. Better cùmhraidh. 

CUdtrom, nm. g.v. -uim ; pl. -uim, weight, heaviness, barden. 

eudtromach, a. heavy, important. 

Cà-dubh, nm. otter : inflected on both elements. 

cuibh«ali, nf. g. cuibble ; d. cuibhill ; pl. cuibhleachan, a wheel ; 

nom. often cuibhle. 
cuibhtaa, nm. g. -eis, enough, a sufficiency. 
CUÌbhill, va. wheel. 
CMÌbhla. See cuibheall. 
cuibhiich, va. wbeel, tum round. 
cuibhne, nf. pl. -ichean, deer's antler. 

cuibhrtacb, nf. g.d. -ich ; pl. -ichean, bond, chain, trammel. 
cuid, nf. g. codach ; pl. codaichean, portion, share, some, part, 

one's complement : cuid na h-oidhche, night's entertain- 

cuidtachtf, nf. pl.-f-an, company ; likewise. also. 
cuidtaiat, nm. g. -ais, conceit, forwardness, pertness. 
cuideiginn, um. some one. 
euidtii, a. -eala, conceited, pert. 
CHÌdiCh,va. help, assist. 
Càlg, num. five ; also còig. 
CUÌgaal, nf. g.-l-ach, d. -eil ; pl.-f an, dlstaff. 
CàÌÌ, nf. g.-f-e. ; pl.-|-tean, recess, comer, niche, nook, clo.set. 

See cùl. 
CUÌIbh. See colbh. 

CUÌIbhtar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-fan, fowling pi«ce, culverin, rausket. 
cuile, nf. g.-f e. ; pl.-f ean, reed. 

eàiltaf, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -f-an, dim. of cùil, little recess, etc. 
CUiÌtag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl.-|-au, a fly. 

cuiltan, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, whelp, pup, young dog, cub. 
CUÌlKtan, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, awn of cora or barley, pricklo. 
CÙiittar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl. -f-an, skulker, sneak. 
c'uimt, phr. for wiiat ? of what ? about what ? of whom ? about 

whom ? 
Cuimtintach, pnm. g.v. ; pl. -ich, a Cumming ; a. of or belonging 

to thc Cummings. 
cuimhnt, nf. ind., recollection, remembrance, memory : ia 

(uimhne leam, I remembcr : am bheil cuimhne agad air, do 

VI ni re^raember it ? 
cuimhneachan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, memorìal, keep-sake. 
cuimhnich, va. and vn. remember, bcar in mind, recollect. 
cuimir, a. brief, concise, trim, tidy. bandsome. 
cuin, when ? 
cuinntag nf. g.d. -eig ; pL-f an, pitcher, pail, bucket {h. Sc. 

cuinntaa, nm. g.v. -ein ; pL -einean, nostrìl. 




cuinnlMii, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, sUlk of corn, nostrìl. 

euip, nf. g. + e. ; pl.-f eachan, a wbip. 

enir, va. cur. put, sow, place, lay : cuir an aghaidh, oppose 
: cuir an cèill. describe, declare : cuir air cbois, set on foot, 
institute : cuir as, put out, extinguisb, destroy : cuir air 
falbb, put or send away : cuir fa sgaoil, release, let ^o 
: cuir gu buil, employ to some purpose, put to use : cuir n*. 
add to, apply to : cuir rombad, n-solve : cuir air leth, set 
aside, .separate, appropriate : cuir seacbad, lay bye, put 
past : cuir am raacb, publisb : cuir air. put on, trouble, 

Cuir. Seecar. 

cuireadh, nm. g.v. -idb ; pl. -idbean, invitation. 

cuireadh, va. let — put. 

cuirm, nf . g. + e. ; pl. -f eannan, feast, banqoet. 

cùirt, nf. g. 4-e. ; pl.-f-ean, court. 

cùirtear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-|-an. conrtier. 

C6U, nf. g. -l-e. ; pl.-f-ean, affaii, '. subject, ■ 

eagail, cause of fear : cùi^ . plea : < n. of complaint : cui.s-niiia-M.imu, u matter <-■ ivi......i li. 

CUÌteaf, uf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -f an, a stalk, plant stem, recd. kind ('i 

Cùiteil, a. -eala, business like. 

cuitie, nf. pl.-f an, veiu, artery, pulsc ; : nsail. 

CUÌtt ! hist I 

CÙI, nm. g.v. cùil ; pl. cùil, the back, the hiuder 

Cùlaibh, um. bebind tbe back ; d. pl. of ci^I. 

culaldh, uf. pl.-f ean, apparel. tool, boat ; object : culaidh-eagail. 
an objcct of fear. 

Cài-Cumhainn, nm. a tight comcr ; inflected un thc fìrst element. 

cùi-taic, nm. a support, backing ; inflected on the first elcnient. 

cum, va. antl vn. cuniail. kcep, hold, retain, contain, c«lebrat< . 

cumaii. v.u. kerping, bolding. 

cuman, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain. coggie. milking pail. 

cumanta, a. common. ordinary. 

cumhachd, nin i>'i\v<r. ability. autbority. 

cumhachdach, .> ]>' v.irful. migbty. 

cumhani iuui cumhann, a. cuinge. uarrow, sir.tit. 

Cùmhnant, um. >;.v. -uiut ; pl.-f au. coveuant, contract, agrei- 

cunnart, nm. >; v. -airt ; pl.-f an, danger, risk. 

eunnartach, i. dangerous, risky. 

cunnt, va. count. number. 

CunntM, um. g.v. -ais; pl. * an. connting, re<1coning. numl>erin>'. 
an account. 

eujian, nm. Se«* cop.n 

CUr, v.n. ]«ii1' ; ;;.L' .snowinx. ^< '' mir. 

Cùram, ntu ]'l. fan. care, charge, anxiet^. 

cùramach, t loi.' 


currac, nm. e.v. -aic ; pl. -aicean, cap, woman's head dress, cowl. 
cùrta, um. pL+chan, course. 

cuspair, nm. pl.+ean, object aimed at, mark to aim at. 
cutach, a. short, stumpy, bob-tailed, docked (L. Sc. cutty.) 
cuthacll, nm. g.v. -aich, rage, madness, iiisanity : air chuthach, 

CUthas, nf. g.d. -ai;.j ; pl. -i-an, cuckoo. 

(i', for : do, thy ; before vow. and fh. See t'. 

d', for : do, the verbal particle ; before vow. and : rinn, rug, ràinig. 

d'a, to his, to her, for : do a. 

di, num. two ; govems nf. in a case similar to tlie dat., being a 

remnant of the old dual number. 
4à, prep. pron. to him. 
tfactaMb, and •Si{h, nf. pL-fean, a home, residence, domicile ; 

homewards, to one's own country. 
tfàekasacb, a. two-footed, bi-pedal. 
tfatf, nm. aught, auytbiug, the smallest thing. 
daf, nm. g. daige ; v. dhaig ; pL-f-achan, pistoL 
daibh, and Mfeli, prep. pron., to them. 
dàibhir, a — - ' itute. 
diibhreas, is, poverty. 

diicheil, i -(., gracefuL genteeL 

diil, nt. w'. <: ; pl. dàlaichean, delay, crcdit. 

diil, lii. i.'. tial.tch ; pl. dàlaichean, a meetiug, convention. 

Oail-an-eas, pnf. Dahiess. 

dail, :ii. \^. dalach ; pL dailtliean, meadow, field, plain. 

diimh, r.i. g.-f-e, relatiouship, affinity. 

diin. Siedàn. 

daÌRfMnn, a. -r- • firra. 

dalncnMCb, uv : pl. -ichcan, fort, castle, citadeL 

daiof nkh, va. _ .... ... fortify, establish. 

dall, a. •h.iUv. ! h:; !. 

dallag, i:i ^'.'ì. -.ii^ ; pL-f-an, shrewmouse, any littleblindcreature. 

dalma, a. bold, forward, audacious, obstinate. 

dalmachd, nf. ind., impudcnce, audacity, forwardness. 

damh, :::.. v'v. daimh ; pl. daimh, ox, stag. 

damhan-alluidh, um. g.v. -uiu- ; pL -aiu-, spider ; tuflected on first 

- ì: ;:i.nt. 
din, :.:::. ^.v. dàin ; pl. dùiu, pocm. 
din, dana, -> '"■'•i <l..riiir., iutrepid. 

dinachd, ity, presomption. 

dinadat, mu. g.v. -aia, audacity, bolduess. 
dannarra, a. stubboru, re&olute. 
iaant, va. dance. 
iaaat adb, v.o. dandng. 



danntair, nm. pl.+ean, daac«r. 

daoi, nin. g. -f-dhe. ; pl. -f dhean, wiclced man, evilone. 

daol, a. daoidhe, wicked. 

daoint, nm. pl. of duine, men. 

daoire, a. more costly, dearer. See daor. 

daoiread, nm. deamess. 

daol, nf. g.v. daoil ; pl. daoil, beetle (insect). 

daonnan, pbr. word, always, at all times. 

daonnda, a. h<"" ■"■• 'haritable. 

daor, a. (kar -lavcd. 

daorach, nf. i;: a : air an daoraich, on the spree. 

daorsa, nf. captivity, bondage. 

daortaìnn, nf. ind., famine. dearth, bondage, slavery. 

d'ar, to our, precedes n. beginning with con. 

dara, num. one of two, eitLer of two : an dara fear no am fear 

eilc, the one or the other. 
darach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. daraich, oalc. 
darag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -f-an, oak tree. 
da-rireadh, phr. word, truly, certainly, surely. 
d'ar n-, to our ; precedes n. beginning with vow. 
darna. Soe dara. 

dath, nm. g. -f a. v. dhaith ; pl. daithean, coloar, dye. 
dathte, a. coloured, dyed. 
dè, for ciod è, what ? 
do, prcp. of, ofT. 
dè, in : an dè, yesterday. 
deacaid, nf. pl.-f ean, jacket. 
deacair, a. difiìcult.hard, sorrowful. 
deach, \ a. irr., went, did go. 
deachaidh, va. irr., went, did go. 
deachd, va. dictate, indite. 
deagh, t. ^'ood, excellent ; precedes n. and a. 
deagh-bheatha, nf. welcome. 
deal, nt. g -f-a ; pl.-l-achan, 1< 
dealaich, va. separate, part, > 
dealan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f-an, iigutiung. 
dtalan-dè, nf. g.v. am- ; pl.-f-an- butterfly; inflected on the 

first elemcnt. 
ÌMlbll, va. form, shapc, dclincate, devise, contrive. 
iwlbll, nm. g. -f- a ; pl. -f- an, image, picturc, figure, shape. 
dealbh-chluich, nf.. aplay (stagc) ;mflectedon thcsecoDdel< 
deal{, ni. K <1< il^s'c ; d. deilg; pl.-fan and deilg, pin, s^ 

dealrach, a. ^littcring, shining, bright, radiant. 
tfMlt,tif. ind.,dew. 

ÌMmbail, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, demon, devil. 
Man, vn. irr., do, act, make, perform. 
dèanadat, nm. g.v. -ais ; industr}-, activity, behavionr, daings. 




ÌtaHamh, v.n. doing, making. 

ÌMMil, nf. g. + a; pl. + an, force, rush, haste, speed : deann-niith, 

otmost speed. 
tfMimag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, small pinch. 
tfMliaal, nm. g.v. -ajl, conflict, onset, hurry, haste. 
tfMBRtag, nf . g d. -aig ; pL + an, nettle. 
iaarkll, va. prove, confirm.try. 
ÌaarHll, a. -a, sure, certain, particular, identical : gu dearbh, 

dearbhachd, nf. ind., proof, confirmation. 
ÌMrbÌMtfk, v.n. proof. attesting, confirming. 
iaarc, nf . pL + an, berry , lizard ; dearc-luachrach, an asp (L. Sc. 

tfaarMg, uf . g.d. -aig ; pL + an, small berry. 
ÌMrg, a. deirge, red ; nm. g. deirg, the ploughed part of a field 

m opposition to the unploughed : dol an dearg bhàinidh, 

going stark mad. See bàn. 
dtarc-rùitgtt, a. stark naked. 

dearmad, nm. g.v. -aid ; pl.+an, neglect, forgetfulness, omission. 
dèaraa, m. g. + idh ; pL+idhean, the palm of the hand. 
diam, va. shine, gleam. 
dAarrMCll, a. bright, radiant. 

iitmatf k, nm. g.v. -aidh, radiance, efTulgence, shining, gleaming. 
itÈMf a. deise, ready, right hand, south, dexterous, trim. 
iiaMCll, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, south countryman. 
ÌaaMÌCh, va. preparc, get ready, dress, cook. 
iaaatairaacM, nf . ind., disputing, debating, reasoning, wrangling. 
iaaaèai, nm. g.v. -uid ; pL + an, dispute, debate. conference. 
tftatackf nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, steam, mist, exhalation. 
dMtan, nm. g.v. -aim, anxiety, eagerness, soUcitude. 
tfaatkach, nf. g.d. -aich, smoke. 
Mck, num. ten. 
iClCk M aik, num. tenth. 

idckliaar, nm. and f.g. -eir, ten persons coUectively. 
ÌèMk, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, wish, desire. 
dMdh, in ; an dèidh, after : as a dhèidh. after hira. 
dèidhtil, a. -eala. desirous, addicted to. 
deidhinn, in : mu dhddhinn, conceming. 
ièidh-làimh, phr. afterhand, afterwards, behind, neglected, too 

Ìèigk. Seedèidh. 
iateMaa. See deidhinn. 
ÌdÌN, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, configuration, framlng, preparing 

tiie warp of cloth. 
dèiÌC, nf. g. -idh ; pl. + achan, or + an, a deal, plank. 
licilg, n. pL of dealg, knitting needles : also dealgan. 
iMaiiMaa, a. true, surely : gu deimhinn, assuredly. 
t lè i ai ac ki, nf. ind.. kecnneM, impetuosity, eagemess. 
mn. g.v -• '-—nneM, eagemeas. 



dèirc, :if. ^.-!-c. ; pl. + ean, alms. 

dtirtadh, um. g.v. -idh ; pl. (leireannan, rear, hindmott place 

or part, end, stcrn : mu dlieireadta, at last : air deireadb, 

late, last to come. 
dtireannach, a. Inst, hindmost. 
deireas, nm. g. -eis, injury, harm, damage. 
deirge, redder. Sec dearg. 

deise, nf. pl. -f-acbau. dress, gannent, .suit of clothea. 
deisead, nf. g. -eid, rcadincss, hand.s<.>mencss, elegance. 
dèistinn, nf. pl. + ean. disgust. 

deò, ni. ind., breath, Ufe, air, vital spark, ray of light. 
dtoch, nf. g. dibhe ; pl.-j annan, driuk, stroug liquor. 
dtòin, nf. g. -f-e, will, consent, asscnt, accord. 
deòir. See deur. 
deònach, a. willing, agreeable. 
deònaich, vu. grant, v<'! LÌveconseut. 

deòraidh, nm. pl. 4-ean. leature. 

Oeòrsa, pnm. George; .u-n.. .^..uias. 
deth, prcp. pron. off him. 
deuchainn, uf. pl.-|-ean, trial, attempt, proof. 
dtud, nm. the teeth. 

dtli|, -teen of numerals : tri-deuR, thirtoen. 
dtur, um. g.v. deòir ; pl. dcòir 

dh', for : do and de. 
dhà, uum. two : a dhà, wlien : 
dhà, prep. pron. to him. 
dh'a, to his. 
dheth. Scedeth. 
dhiot. Sec diot. 

dhith, prep. pron. off her. toher, ; also di. dith. 
dhomh. Sec domh. 
dhuit, prep. prou. to 
di, dith, prep. prou. to hcr, uff hcr. 
di- (i.>y, as in the names of tho days of the week. 
dia, DÌa, um. g. dè, Vhù ; pl. deathan, a god, (k>d. 
diabhul, um. g.v. -uil ; pl. diabhlan, a devQ : Au Diabhul. 

'J hc DevJI. 

diadhaidh, n. godly, piou.s. 

diadhair, nni. pl. -f^ean, a divinc. 

dian, .1. dèine, keen, hasty, vehi • r. 

diat, nf. g. dèisc ;d. dèis ;pl.-|-;ii.. rn. 

dibh, i>r<i>. jiron. off you, pl. 

dibht. >>(<' <U(>i'h. 
diblidh, . ; 

dicheall.ii; .., ..w.....,i .,..„i. 

dlcheallach ful, endeavouring. 

di-chuimhnit tì 



didtann, nf. g.d. -inn ; pl. + an, defence, protection. 

Di-dòmhnaicll, pnm. Sunday. 

iif, nf. ^'. — e. ; pl. + ean, ditch ; dyke. 

Di-h-aoÌn«, pnm. Priday. 

tfUt, nf. dtrluge, flood. heavy rain. 

dilMfe, nf. g.d. -ib ; pl. + an, legacy. 

diÌMèacll, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aidi, legatee. 

ÌHMf , nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an, small drop of liquid. 

ÌHmS, a. dUse, faiUifuI, dear, beloved, related to. 

MlMeMail, nm. g. V. -ain ; pl. -j- an, orphan. 

ÌttM, mn. pl.-i-au, faithfulness, relationship, a faithful one, 

a rclation. 
ÌMSMClld, nf. ind., faithfulness, relationship. 
Di-luain, pnm. Monday. 
Oi-màirt, pnm. Tuesday. 

ÌÌ WMS , nm. ind., contempt, acom, depreciation. 
ilntftsacft« a. disreiipectful. 
tfl-mol ; <=ce diomol. 
dinn, ■ r ; . pron. off us. 
dinn, \ .1. .-,tuff in, force down, press, squeeze. 
iiatttir, nf . g. -earach ; pl. -f- eau, dinner. 
iitfteir, va. desert. abaudon, forsake. 
iiOèlMÌI, nm. g. -alach ; pl. -f ean, loss, destruction. 
ÌlOf , niu. g. -a. the least possible efifort of speech, syllable. 
diochaltas, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. -ais, veugeance, revenge. 
diol, v.i. pay. render, satLsfy, avenge. 
dtolain, :11 .:ti:: ite. 
dioilaid, : :. .saddle. 

diomb, : . -ure, dissatisfaction. 

dlombach, i : : ised. 

diombadh, :;::i ;.; lidh, displeasure. dissatisfaction. 
diombuan, a. short-hved, evanesceut. 
dlomhain, a. idle, uuavailing, to iio purpose. 
diomhair, a. secTet, privat' 
tflomhanach, a. idle. 
diomhanas, nm. k-v. -ai-. v.iuity. idleness : an dlomhana.s, 

in vain. 
diomol, aiKÌ di-mol, va. di.s|>, vilify, disparage. 
tfion, va. (1< li ud, shfltcr, prulcct. 

tfion, !in'.. ^. ; a ; pl.-ran, a sheltor, protection, defence. 
tflonach, a. »ecure, water-tight. 
Dior-daoin, pum. Thursday. 

iiorrMf um. g.v. -ab, stuhÌM)rn(..-.s, vchemence, vehement anger. 
iì Or rMM li, a. persistcnt. obstniate. 
ii#|,prep. pron. off you. 
iir, va. ascend. as< cud iu a straigbt direction, as opposed to 

fiar = ascend in ' • *• '•-■ rtion. 

iÌTMiki a. inst so. ;it : direach mar, just as. 

Ill, v.n. asLetu! ...^. 



dlrich, va. inake straight, straighten. 

Di-8athuirn«, pnm. vSaturday. 

dit« va. condemn, reproacb. 

dttb, prep. pron. to her, off her. 

dith, nm. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, want, deficiency, destruction : a 

dhlth orm, awauting to me. 
dithtan, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, field-6ower, daisy, biossom. 
dithit, nin. and f. pl. -f can, two persons ; often erroneously appUed 

to things. 
dlA, nm. thc worst, the refuse. 
diA, a. unworthy. 
diùbh, prep. pron. off them. 
diu|h, in : au diugh, to-day. 
diuc ! ttwk I 

diùilidh, a. faithfully, perseverìngly. 
diùlnach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, hero. 
diùlt, va. refuse, misgive. 
dleas, lun. pl.-f-an, duty. 

dleasannat, and dlMtnu, nm. g.v. -aù ; pl. -ais, duty. 
dlighe, nf. ind., law, ordinance ; a right, a due. 
dligheaeh, a. lawful, rightful. 

dlò, uf. g. dlòtha, d. -|-ith ; pl. dlòintean, handful of com. 
dlùithe, a. uearer, closcr. See dlùth. 
dlùth, um. g.v. dlùith, warp of a web. 
dlùth, a. near, nigh, ; confined, tight. 
dlùthaich, va. come closer or nearer, approach, draw near, joiu 

t lusely together, pack or press together. 
dlùtht, nm. g. dlùiths, for dlùthais, neamess, closeneaa. 
do, prep. to. 

dO, poss. pron. thy, thiue, your. 
do-, pref. signifying diificult of accomplishment. 
dòbhran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, otter. 
docair, a. diffìcult, hard, uneasy, troublesome, grìevous. 
tfOClUU &• fonder, dearer, preferred : is docha leam, I would 

rather ; compar. of : toigh, agreeable. 
dòcha, a. more likely. more probable ; compar. of : dòigh likely. 
dochainn, va. hurt, injure. 
dOCbair, uf. pl. -f-can. hurt, damage, injury. 
ÌMkaaili nm. g.v. -ainn ; pl. -f an, hurt, injury. 
dtelUU, nm. g.v. .ais, hope. confidence. 
do-fhaictilinoach, a. h.ard to be seen. 
doibh, prcp. prun. to thcm. Abo daibh. 
doicheall, nm. g.v. -ill, churlishncss. 
dòigh, nf. g.-fe. ; pl.-f-ean, manner, way, metbod ; tniot, con- 

■ lition, proper arrangement. 
dòigheil, a. -eala, bustucss*Uke, systematic, well-arranged. 
dOÌlfhOM, nm. g.v. -is ; sorrow, afHiction. 
Ìtll l O lr , a. dim, dark, obscurc. 
MmllM, uf. pl. • .tchan. i]>v\h. thc dccp. 


dointaaiti ni. g.v. -inn. inclement weather, storm. 

doirbh, a. hard. difficult. 

doirbheachd, nf. ind., difficulty. 

doirbheas, nm. g.v. -eis, difficulty, mischief. 

doire, ni. pl. -f achan, grove, plantation. 

ddirt, va. dòrtadh, pour, spill. 

dol, v.n. going, proceeding. about to do or say, going to. 

dolaidh, nf. ind., mischief, harm. loss, injury. damage. 

dòlas, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl.-f-an, grief, mouming, woe. 

do m', tomy. 

domblas, nm. g.v. -ais, gall, bile. 

domh, prep. pron. to me. 

domhall, a. -ala, bulky, crowded. 

domhaÌB, a. doimhne, deep, profound. 

domhan, nm. g.v. -ain, the universe, the world. 

Dòmhnull, pum. g.v. -uill, Donald. 

Dòmhnullach, pnm. g.v. pL -aich, a MacDonald ; a. of or belong- 

ing to the Macdonalds. 
dona, a. miosa, bad, evil. 

denas, nm. g.v. -ais. evil, evil one, mischief, the devil. 
donn, a. duinne, brown, brown-haired. 
donnal, nm. g.v. -ail ; pi. 4-an, a howl. 
donnalaich, nm. ind., howUng. 

dorcha, a. duirche, dark, dusky, obscure : an dorcha, the dark. 
dorchadas, nm. g.v. -ais, darkness, obsctirity. 
dergh, nm. g. dnirgh ; pl. duirgh, hand-Une for fishing. 
dàrlach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aicb, handful, a good deal, sheaf of 

arrows, quiver. 
dòrn, nm. g.v. dùim ; pl. dùim, fist, shut hand ; haft, handle, hilt. 
derran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f-an, vexation, anger. 
dorsair, nm. pl. -fean, door-keeper. 
dòruinn, nf. pl. -)-ean, pain. anguish, torment. 
dorus, nm. g.v. domis ; pl. dorsan, door. 
iM, nm. g.v. duis ; pl. duis or +an, bush, thicket, tuft, plume, 

forelock ; drone of bagpipe. 
DMan, pnm. g.v. -ain, dog's uame, meaning ' the little tufted one. 
drie, nm. g.v. dràic ; pL-fan, drake. 
dragh, nm. g. -f a. ; pL -f an, bother, trouble, annoyance. 
dragh, va. drag, pulL tug, draw. 

draghail, a. -aìa, bothersome, troublesomc, annoying. 
dranndan, um. g.v. -ain. huui, mumiur. 
draoidh, nm. pL-fcan, necromauccr, magician. See druidh. 
drisd, dràtda, for : an tràth-sa, now, the present time, at this 

drtach, nm. g.-f a ; pL-f an, appearance, aspect. form, figure. 
dreachMlMr) a. comely, graceful. good looking. 
dream, nm. ind., people, folk, f amily, dan, tribe, race. 
dreas, nf. g. diise; d. dris ; pl.-fan, bramblc, briar, or thom 
^^1 bush. 

I ' 


drcathan-donn, nm. g.v. •aiu-duinn ; pl. -ain-d-, wren. 

drèin, nf. g. ; e. ; pl.H-ean, grin. 

dreòlin, am. g.v. -ain ; pl.-t-an, wren. 

dreuchd, nm. pl. -f an, officc, duties, employment, vocation. 

driamlach, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, fishing Une. 

d' rlnn, va. irr., made, did ; for do rinn. 

driodfhortan, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. -ain, adventure, misfortuue. 

driop, iiin. hurry, confusion. 

driopail, a. cmbarrasscd, coufused. hurricd. 

drip. Sce driop. 

dripeil. Scc driopail. 

dris, nf. g.-fc. ; pl. -i-ean, bramblc, briar, or thom bush. 

driùchd, nm. pl.-fan, dew. Also drùchd. 

dròbh, um. g.v. dròibh ; pl.-f-an, drove of cattle. 

droch, a. bad, evil ; precedes n. and a. : droch-bheart, evil deed. 

drochaid, nf. pl.-i-can, bridge. 

droigheann, nm. g.v. -imi ; pl. -nean, thorn bush. 

droma. Scc druim. 

dronnac, nf. g.d. -aig ; d1. -f an, the back, a small cmlneuce. 

druaip, nf. g.-fe. lces, aregs, sediment. 

drùchd, nm. pl. -f an, dcw ; also, driùc hd. 

drùdhadh, v.u. pcnctrating, oozing, soaking. 

drùdhas, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl.-f-au, small drop, 

druid, va. shut to, close ; draw uigh. 

druid, nf. R.-f-c. ; pl. + cau, starling. 

drùidh, va. pcuetrate, oozc through, influence, affect, soak. 

drùidhteacb, a. affecting, imprcssivc, influ<>>v <"" 

druidh, nm. pl. + cau, druid. 

drùich. Sec drùidh. 

druim, nui. y.. droma ; pl. dromannan, back, ridge. 

Druim-diomhain, pnm. meauiug ' idle back.' 

Druimean, pnm. g.v. -cin, Drymen. 

druma, nf. pl. -f-chan, drum. 

Drumann, i^nm. g.v. -ainu, Druuuuoud. 

Drumannach, pum. g.v., pl. -nich, a Dmmmond 

l;ilwn>^uif; lo thc nr""""'""!*. 
du, a. 11)1 ' i, proper, fìt. just, ualive. Sec dùtii. 

duaichneachd, nf, ind., ■ ss, gloom, uglinr^, w.inius>. 

dualchnidh, a. ghastJy, gluomy, ugly. 
duain, Sccduau. 
duairc, a. rude, uncivil. 
duais, uf . g. -i- c. ; pl. -f can, prize. rewanl . 
duaii-bhrathaidb, nf. a betr.r 

dual, nm. j.;.v. duail ; pl.-f .;: 

dual, i'.in. K' V. -ail ; pl.-f an, wv..v. ..,.,., ..^^4.1 wi uiapuaiijuu, um-. 

dual, \.i. : 'M, plait, braid. 

dualchat, lun. g.v. -ais, bereditarv tìAìì <>r dispodtioB. 

duan, nm. g.v. duain ; pl. duain. . song. 

duanac, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-f an, di song. 


tfùkailte, a ,! uMc. 
dubh, ... i.i.i k. a.irk. 

dubh, vu. blackeu, darkcn, blot out. 

dubhach, a. sad, sorrowful, melancholy. 

dubhaile, nf. pl. -i-ean, a vJce. 

dubhan, utn. g.v. -ain ; pl. -aln. fishing hook, hooked daw. 

dubhar, nm. g.v. -air, shade. darkness. 

dubh-dbMK, a. -dhuinne, dark bro\\-u. 

dùbhlan, um. g.v. -ain, challenge, defiancc. 

dùbhlanachd, ni. iud.. challenging, defying. 

dubh-neul, um. dark cloud ; inflected on sccond element. 

dùdacilt uf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, bugle, trumpet, horu. 

Dafliall, pnm. g.v. -aill. Dugald. 

dulbh. Sce dubh. 

duìbh, prep. pron. to you. 

duibh-leym, nf. g.d. -lèim ; : ' • " n. b«juud, furioui lcap. 

dùil, :.!. g. -fe. ; pL-f-ean, 1 taliou. 

dùii, uf. g.+e. ; pl.-fean, . 

duÌlMSg, um. g.v. -isg, dilsc. 

duHiCll, a. duilghc aud dorra, dif&colt, sorry. 

duìlle, nf. pL + an, leaf, lcaf of a book. 

duilleach, nm. i;.v. -icb, foliage. 

dullleai, nf . ■ pl.-1-an, letter, leaf. 

diiin, V... 1 t, closc. 

duÌM, uiu. i i man, humau bcing : duui u..3cii,.i geutle- 

man : >! ■. effigy. 

duÌMachan, .. . . .lin ; pl. -ain, littlc mau, mauikiu. 

duineil, . manly. 

duinn. >vv .: mi. 
duinn, ì>rcp. prou. to us. 

duin uaMÌ, nm. gentleman ; Ìnflected on botb elements. 
duirche, I. <! edorcha. 

dùirn. >v 

duitg, va. ati<i \jj. <j;i-gadh, awaxv , luusc up, t;i.<.ite. 
duit, prep. pron. to you. s. 
dùn, nm. R.v, dùin ; pl. dùin, heap, mount, mouud, fortress, 

forliii' ation. 
dunach, nf. g.d. -aich, woe, disaster, misfortunc. 
DuN-4i, pnm. Dundee. ) 

DM-takMlt, pnm. Dnn«'%'is. ' Inflected on first element. 
Oun-èideann > 

dùnadh, ' 

dùnan, ucap, uniiiicu, uunj;-hlll. 

dur, . 

duraclld, .... ....acss, siucerity ; good-will. 

diiralg. vn. < 

ÌitrMl, nf. 1 it or of black cock. 

ÌIHU, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -.iiti. <iuzen. 
iillgaib, v.u. awakcuiug, ruusiug. 




dutlach, nm. g.v. -aich, dust. 

tfùth, a. dùtba, bereditary, natural. See dù. 

dùthaich, nf. g. dùtbcba ; pL dùthchannaa, country, native 

dùthcha. See dùthaicb. 
dàthchannan. See dùtbaich. 
dùthchat, nra. g.v. -ais, beredity, nativity, hereditary right or 

dùthchatach, a. patriotic, native, hereditary, of one'a native 


4 ! eb I inter. of surprise. 

è, pron. be, bim. 

•abar, nm. g.v. -air, mud, puddle. 

•ach, nm. g.v. eich ; pl. eicb, borse. 

•achan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f an, horsie, reel fur winding yam. 

Eachann, pum. g.v. -ainn, rcndcrcd in Eng. ' Uector.' 

•achdraldh, uf. pL + ean, history. 

•achraldh, nf. borses, cavalry, stnd of horses. 

•adar, prcp. bctweeu. 

•adaraibh, prep. pron. between you, pL 

•adarainn, prep. pron. between us. 

•adar-dhealachadh, vn. and nm. a distmctiou, a : : : . 

•adar-dheaiaich, va. separate, differentiate, distinguL>li. 
•adar-theangaich, va. translate. 

•adh, it ; 6cadli, it is, yes, yea, so : ni h-eadb, it is not. 
•adhon, to wit, namely. 
•adraig, va. -}-inn., interpose, separaU 
•adraiginn, nf. iuterposition, separatiug two combatants. 
•ag, uf. g. cige ; d. eig ; pL-f-an, notch, back, nick. 
•agal, nm. g.v. -aiL fear, fright 
•agar, nm. g.v. -air, order. 
•aglait, nf. pL + ean, cburcb. 
•«gi>*i^'l, a. precise, accurate, punctilious. 
•ala, nf. g. f-idh; pL + chan, swan. 
talachainn, nf. pL + ean. a pcg to hang things on, a ataod un 

which to place a gun. 
•alag, uf. g.d. -aig ; pL +aa, a block for hacking oir apUtting wood 


Ib, va. -adb, creep, steal along. 
I, nf . pL + ean. art, skill ; also ealdhain. 
•alamb, a. quick, nimble, expcrt 
•alanta, a. ready, expcrt, artistic ; ingenious. 
•allaeh, nf. g. eallcha ; d. -aich; pL+an. burden. load. 
•alta, nf. g. + iun, ajvev of birdà ; drove of cattle, etc ; a trip 

of goats ; a rout of wolves ; a pace of aasea ; a sounder of 





MNCbainn, nf. pL + ean, the braì: 

taaraicii, nf. soup, flesh juice. 

Mr, nf. ind., east : gaoth an ear, liic east wind. 

tanii. nf. g. -alach ; pL -alaichean, exhortation, waming, 

advice, counseL 
Mreiticil, va. exhort, caution, wam. 
Mri, va. and vn. +sadh, trust, con£de, hope, rely. 
earb, carfetg, nf. g.4-a, ; pL-f-aichean ; g.d. -aig ; pL-f-an, roe. 
Mrhaii, nm. g.v. -aill ; pL -aill, tail. 
MTlMMfe, a. confident, relying. 

MrftMÌk, nf. confidence, trust, hope, reliance ; trosting, relying. 
iarr, nm. g. -}- a. ; pL -l- an, extremity, tail, end. . 
Mmcll, nm. g.v. -aich, springtime. 
Mrradll, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, clothes, dress, accoutre- 

Earra-ghaidliMi, nm, Argyll. 

Mrraiia, nf. g.v. -ainn ; pL-f-an, portion, share, section, division. 
Mrras, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL-i-an, wealth, property. 
•ar-tbuatll, nm. the north-east 
•M, nm. pL -f- an, watcrf aU, cataract, cascade. 
ittftliaidh, nf. pL-f-ean, want, defect : dh' easbhuidh, awanting, 

without, in need of. 
MSfeHÌf, nm. pL-|-ean, bishop. 

Eatfaf, pnf. g.d. -aig, meaning ' little ready and willing one.' 
•asfaid, ui. pl. -f-ean, a hough ; also iosgaid. 
èasftidh, a. rcady, willing to obhge. 
èasfaidheachd, nf. ind., rcadiness to oblige. 
Easgair, in : Mac an Easgair, sumame rendered in Eng. ' Fisher.' 
Eaagaa, pnm. g.v.-ain, meaning ' little rcady and willmg one.' 
•asgaaa, nf. g.d. -aiun ; pL-f an, eel. 
Mthar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL eathraichean, boat. 
èibbeail, nf. g. -le ; d. -iU ; pL -lean, a live coaL 
èibhinn, a. joyous, happy ; odd. 
èìbhleaf, uf. g.d. -eig ; pL-l-an, a live cinder. 
èiceart, nm. g.v. -eirt ; pL-t-an, injustice, eviL 
•ich. Sti- cach. 
ètd, \.i. i: ss, clothe, array. 

èideadh, um. g.v. -idh ; pL -idbean, clothing, suit, apparel, armour. 
EidMrd, pmu. Edward. 
•ÌdlMaRn, nf. g. -ne ; d. -inn, ivy. 
•ifh, nf. v'. • >•. ; i< c. 
èif h, V 1 .t, cry, proclaim. 

èifbMCb, u: '■ " -— — •• "'laiming. 

èègtaa, nf. n : is èiginn domh, I 

must, !:__._. ._ ilt V. iitiili r cointìiilsioii. 

èifinneach, a. necessitous, m<: 
èJflnneach, nm. g. -ich ; pl. -ic!: 
è«Macb, a. ; see èigi:. 
•i, for feiL is, are, ai: . 

49 D 


tiie, a. othcr, anotlicr. 

•iìsan, nin. g.v. -eiu ; pl. -cincan. i' 

eilid, nf. g. eilde ; pl. èildean, 1 Ic dcer. 

eireachdaiì, a. -ala, Iiandsome, )>< propcr, gracvful. 

eireac, nf. g.d. -eig ; pL + an, pulleL, youug hen. 

èirich, va. -igh, arise, rise. 

eiridinn, nni. attendance ou thc sick, nursing. 

eiridinn, va. nurse, cherish. 

eiridneach, nm. g.v. -nich ; pl. -nich' — -■ '• -' 

èiric, iif. pl.-(-cau, raiisom, forfeit, r 

èirl{h, v.n. risiug : èirigh na grcine, 

Eirinn, puf. g. -eann, Ireland ; bettcr Eirc. 

èis, nf. g. 4-e. ; pl. -f ean, respite, defect, delay, hindxancc. 

èisd, vn. -f-eachd, hear, listcn, hcarkcu. 

èisdeachd, nf. ind., listening, carshot, hearing. 

èisdear, um. g.v. -eir ; pL + ant hcarer, listcn<r 

èiSf. See iasg. 

eisimeii, nf. g. -ealach ; pL -ealaichean, obligatiou, rcvcrt.-ucc 

:'nad cisimcil, in your reverence, dependent on you, under 
•w , obligatiou to you. 
I, >.»». jijijnn^ jjf pi.4-can, the board on which a corpse i» laid. 

strachtm-board). ; also a bier. 
E6f hann, pnui. g.v. -ainn, rendered in Eng. ' Hngh,' ' Eugvue,' 

• Ewcn,' ' Ewiug,* aud * livan ' ; also Eòghan. 
•6in. See eun. 
•Al, um. ind., knowledge : cha 'n eòl dhomh, I don't lcnow, I 

have uo ku' ' ' ■ f. 
aèlacll, a. acqu.i wing, skilled : còlach air, acquaintcd 

with him or ìì., ù.imìik kuowledge of it. 
eòias, imi. g.v. -ais ; pL-f-uu, kuowledgc, acquaintanceship. 
eàrna, nm. iud., barley. 
esan, emph. prou. he, him. 

cucaii, uf. g. -alach ; pL-f-ean, (ìiscasc. infirmitjr. 
•UChd, nin. pL-Fan, fcat, acir cxploit. 

•uchdach, a. heroic, valorous, i arhieveracnts. 

eucoir, nf, g. -orach ; pL-t-ean, mju . xr'ii'. iiiiin^. 
eucorach, nm. g. -aich ; pL-aich, an i:;: , i n, ui •: - ': .< i. 

eucorach. Scc cucoir. 
eud, nm. iud., cuvy, zcaL jcalousy. 
•Udaii, nf. pL-f-can, re ; caii.. , .,;m of endeanncut 

: m' eudaiL my trcasure, darling. 
tliar, for feudar in thc phr. : is fhcudar, it b ucccssar^-. 
•Hf, um. g.v. èig, deatti. 

•Hf, vu. die ; expirc, peri^h : dh'eug e, he die<L 
•■fmliait, uf. po»se.<> ìon : as eugnilifti.H, withuul. 

•UH, um. g.v. eòin, ; ; 

•Unach, nm. g.v. -ai( ii, lowiiiig, sacx>ting birdt. 
•uniaith, nf. nll tc.ithcrcd »pecies. 
9Utt va. aud vu. rcfiiMc. 




^HK Pfcp- having the force of mu, but not used except in : fa 
chomhair, opposite : fa leth, apart, separately : f a dheòidh, 
at luiit, and siuiilar phrases. 
fàblur, mu. g.v. -air ; pl. + au, favour. 

fac, faca, va. irr.. saw. 

ftcal, um. g.v, -ail ; pl. -ail and -lan, word ; also focal. 
facas, va. irr., was secn : cha'n fhacas, was not seen. 
faciair, nm. pl.-f-ean, dictionary, vocabulary ; also foclair. 

fad, nm. ind. lcngth ; during : fad na h-ùinc, during thc whole 
time : air fad, wholly, altogether, on the whole. 

fada, a. faide, long, far. 

fadadh, v.n. kindling, lighting. 

tadadh-Cfuaidll, nm. g.v. -aidh-chr-, rudimentary raiubow, a 

■ (i'ig-tooth.' 
fateidh, va. -adh, kindle, inflame. 

faial, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. 4-an, delay, longing, weariuess. 
faitafl, nf. g. -lach ; pl. -laichean, extensive bcach, a sea ford. 
fig, va. -l-ail, leave, forsake, quit, abandon. 
fifall, v.n. leaving, forsakiug, quitting, abandoning. 
fàcail, nf. ind., anything left, idiosjoicrasy. 
fafatg. See fagus. 
fafhaid, nf. pL-t-ean, hunting party. 

fafus, a. faisge, near : fagus do, ncar ; n. : am fagus, present. 
faic, va. irr., sec, look, bchold. 
faiche, nf. pl.-t-an, a grcen by a house, field. 
faicheachd, nf. ind., parading, miUtary parade, exercising in the 

open field. 
faicill, nf. cautiou, care, watchfulness. 
faìcilleach, a. cautious, wary, guardedly. 
faicinn, v.u. sccing, looking, beholding : ri (and r'a) fhaicinn, 

to be scen. 
faide, nf. ind., length, degree of length. 

taida, a. lo!. ' * ' : ";. r : ua 's faide sìos, farther down. 

taidlllr, nf. i, a fair, a market. 

falfh, v:i. ir; . air, get away from him. 

faishneachd, \.::. :: 

fal|hnlch, v.i. -> .i< ìkI, .i>k. 

taif hteadh, va. irr. would bc got. 

taìiC, va. bathe. 

fàHMdll, g.v. -idh, smcU, savour ; scnsc of smcU. 

faHMt, nm. g.v. -cis ; pl. ~|-an. reflcction, shadow. 

fàUidh, :iMy. slowly ; for fòiUdli. 

tailiinn, . ean, a faiUng. 

failte, iii. i'l. r<in. salute, salutatioii, .<^i ./>..c, hail ! 

fàiltich, va. salute, wclcome. 

, phr. word, under or into consideration : thoir fainear, 
e, comiideT ; accented on tbe second syllabie ; also 
n ear. 
bring, fetch : fair a nall, bring over here. 


falrbhianadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, waming, notice. 

fairch*, nm. pl.-{-an, hammer, mallet. 

talra, nf. ind.. watch, watching. watchfuluess. 

fàirt, iim. ind., dawn, break of day, the horizon. 

fairaach, a. watchful. 

faira-chlaldh, nf. watching a grave (against corpse lifting). 

fairce, nf. pl. + annan and +achan, sea, ocean. 

fairich, vn. feel, perceive, note. 

falrtllch, va. overcome, baffle : dh' fhairtlich e omi. :nc 

to do it 
fiitf, va. fàsgadh, squeeze, wring, compress. 
failg, a. near : faisg air, ncar to it. 
fais|e, a. nearer ; nearest, nether. 
fiisneachd, nf. ind.. a pruphecy. 

fii, inn. R.v. fàil ; pl. fàil, scythe. spade. peat spadc. 
taiach, nni. g. -aich, hiding : am falacb. in hiding. hidden. 
faiach-fuinn, nm. a going out of sight; inflectedonflrstelcmcnt. 
falaich, va. -acb, hide, cover. 
falamh, a. failmhe, empty. 
falbh, va. go, depart. 

falbh, nm. moving about, going, walking' air falbh, gone away. 
faibhan, nm. g. -ain, moving about, babit of walking. 
faibhanach, a. given to walking ; um. g. -aich ; pL -aich, wandercr. 
falchaidh, va. will hide, will covcr. 
fallan, a. healthy ; usually fallain. 
faliuing, nf. pL + ean, mantJe, cloak. 
fallui, nm. g.v. -uis, swcat, perspiration. 
falt, II m. g.v. fuilt, human hair. 
famh, nm. g.v. faimh ; pl. faimh, a mole. 
famhair, nm. pL + can, giant. 
fan, \ II. I tainn. stay. 
fanaid, nt. mocking, mockery, derision. 
fa'n ear. Scc fainear. 

fang, nm. g.v. faing ; pl. + an, sheep pcn, prìson, den. 
fann, a. faiune, weak, faint. 
fantainn, v.n. staying. 

faob, iim. g. V. faoib ; pL + an, excrescence, knob, piece as of dou^h. 
faobhar, nra. g.v. -air ; pl. + an, ed^e. 
faochag, uf. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, periwinkle. 
Im4, vu. faotainn, may, bc able to : faodar. tt ui.iy Ix.' uu 

fhaodadh e, it uiight : dh' fhaodadh gu'n, it might be 

that : math dh' fhaodteadh, it might well br tMw^ii.K 
faoileag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pL + an. See ncxt 
faoileann, nf. g.d. -inn ; pL + an, seagulL 
faoilteach, lun. ^v. :> h. the loat fortnight of wiutef aud thc icrtnÌKlit. "i ••!'!!'!j'. 
faoin, a. v.iin, foolisb. ise, void. 

faoineachd, uf. ind., i y. 

faoineat, um. g.v. -cis, i< uv, vanity, ailHniita. 



faoìntfeul, nm. and nf. g.d. -eil, pL + an ; vain or idle tale. 

faotainn, v.n. gettiug, finding. 

faottiaich, va. and vn. relieve, be relieved frora. 

ftr, where, upon : far an d' fhàg mi e, where I left it. 

firadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, ladder, the shrouds of a ship. 

firdaeh, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, house, mansion, home, 

tardorut, um. g.v. -uis ; pL fardorsan, lintel of a door. Also 

larmad, nm. g.v. -aid, envy. 

farpuiS, nf. pL + ean, contest. contention, competition, strife. 
farrtdll, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, freight, fare. 
tirradh, nm. g.v. -aidh, litter, straw or brushwood in a boat. 
farrald, va. farraid, ask, enquire. 
fartuinf, a. wide. 
farum, nm. g.v. -uim, noise. 
fàt, vu. fàs, grow, increase. 
tàt, v.n. growing, increasing. 
fàt, a. -a, empty, waste, hoUow, void. 
fitach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aichean, desert, wildemess. 
fàtail, a. -ala, desert, lonely. 
fatan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an. fashion. 
faifadh, nm, g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, protection, shelter. 
fàtfadh, v.n. wrinping, squeezing, compressing. 
fatgnadh, v.n. winuuwing. 
fàth, nm. iud., cause, reason, opportunity. 
fathatt, yet, still. 

fathunn, nm. g.v. -uinn, rumoor, news. 
faabhat, nm. g.v. -ais, ' bettemess,' goodness, improvem«nt, 

recovery ; excellence. 
fcachd, nm. pL + an, army, host, military forces ; time, journey. 
ftad, nf . pL + an, a whistle, smart blow. 
ftadan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, a whistle, flute, chanter of bag- 

pipe, a spout. 
ftadh, ""< i'"^1 . ez4«nt, length : am feadh, while : air feadh, 

, among. 
ftadha I n c , . feadhna or -nach, those, folk. some people, troop, 
tèairrdt, u. better of. 
ftairt. Sce feart. 
ftalla, nf. ind., treachery. 
ttalla-dhà, nf. ind., a joke. 
ftall-thalach, nm. g. -aich, ambuscade. 
ftallMnachd, nf. ind., philosophy. 
feamainn, nf. v. -aun or -nach, seaweed. 
ftann, v.i. ^k'-r.i, llay. 
ftannadh-buiig, nm. divesting of the whole hide ; inflected on the 

iMMac, nt. K d. -aig ; pL + an, a hooded crow (I<. Sc. hoodie- 




Itar, nni. g.v. fir ; pl. fir., v. pL fbeara, a man, one : fear-an- 
tìghe, the man o£ the house (L. Sc. th'- ■■•■• ' — nn) 
: fear-pòsda, married man : fear-a*-bhaile. the ir- 

dnnidh, clansman : fear-ionaid, substitute : fear :. Uie 

nian required : fear-brathaidh. betrayer : fear-falbh, traveller. 

ftanill, a. -ala, manly. 

ftarinn, nm. ^.v. -ainn ; pl. -ainn, land, farmland, estate. 

fearas-chuideachd, nf. ind.. diversion. 

fearg, nf. g. feirge ; d. feirg, anger, wrath, rage, ire. 

fèarr, a. bettcr : is fòarra dhuit, it is better for you : b'fhèarr leis, 
hc would rathcr. 

ftartaid, nf. pl. -f-ean, spindle. dart. 

ftart, nf. g.d. feirt ; pL-f-an, attention, notice : na toi: .^„. ; 
air, pay no heed to him, 

faart, nf. g. -f a ; d. f eirt ; pL -|- an, virtue, effidency, deed, 
attribute, inherent quality. 

ftaid, for : am teachd-sa : am fcasd, for ever, aaed along wìth 
the negative in the sense of ' never.' 

ftasf ar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -raichcan, aftemoon, evcning. 

fèath, nm. pL-f-an, calm, tranquility. 

tèldh. Scefìadh. 

fèilt, nf. ind., generosity, hospitality. 

fèiltadh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pL -eachan, the kiit : am fèileadh beag, 

tèlll, nf. g, 4-e. ; pl. -ean, or -tean, feast, festivaL fair, market 

fèln, self, follows the n., pron., or adj., as : mo chà ft^n, rao chù 
bàn fèin, mi fèin. 

fèintil, a. selfish. 

Fèinn, pnf. g. -t-e, the race, (■r country comprising the i-ianns. 

fèin-tpèil, nf. g. -fe, self-Iove, self-conceit. 

tèin-spèisealichd, v* i-.i ., u- ..u„;r .t;..,. 

fèin-spèiteil, a. 

fèln-uaill, ni. K 

ftlth, va. and vn. -reamh, wait, serve. 

fèlth, nf. g. -f-e. ; pL-|-ean, sinew, vcin. 

ftlthtachd, nf. ind., waiting, serving. 

ftithtamh, v.n. waiting, scrving. 

fiisd, nf. K-+P ; pL-f ean, feast," cntertainment. 

ftòdar, nni. g.v. -air, pcwtcr. 

rtòil, 11 f. g. feòla, fiesh. 

Ttòlr. Sce fcur. 

ftòlrling, nf. pL-f-can, farthlng. 

ftòrag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-f-an, squirrcL 

ttòralch, va. inquire, inqniring. asking. 

ftuch, va. -f-ainn, sec, 1 ■ : dh' fheucb, to try. 

feuchalna, v.n. tryiug, 

feudail, nf. g. -alach, cattu-. 

feudar, v. paat. uaed aa a noun in the phrase : is fheudar, HÌA 
u«cesMry : is fheudar dhuit. vou must. 


g.-f a, need, use. 
va. and vn. be in need of, muat, needs mast : am feum 

tbu. will you need? : feomaidh mi, I must : dh' fheumadhiad, 

thcy woiUd need : feumar. must be. 
fliimach, a. needy : nm. g. -aich ; pl. -aich, a needy person. 
ftumail, a. -ala, needful, useful, necessary. 
f»um-SCaoilto, a. lithe, free. 
faur, nni. g.v. feòir, grass, hay. 
ftur-MÌdh, nm. hay ; inflected on the first element 
ttMagi "f- g-d- -aig ; pl. 4-an, beard. 
ftMfM, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. -ain, musseL 
fheudar ; see teudar. 
Fhinn. See Fionn. 
fhuair, va. irr., got, found. 
thuarat, va. irr. was got. 
fiacaill, nf. pL -lan, tooth. 

Ilach, nm. g.v. fèich ; pL-j-an, value, worth ; debt, arrears. 
Haeh, a. + a, worthy, valuable, good. 
fiadh, nm. g.v. fèidh ; pL fèidh, a deer. 
fiadhaich, a. wild. savage, tempestuous. boisterous. 
fiadh-MNMlthach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean. wild beast ; inflected 

on the »econd element. 
lial, a. -f a. and fèile, generous, liberal. bounteous. 
Ilalachd, nf. ind., generosity, liberaUty, bounty, hospitality. 
Ilaillh, nm. g. -f-a, hue, tinge, a trace, aspect. 
fUllllll, nm. g. -l-a, awe, reverence. 
flaaais, nf. pL-f-ean, a witness, evidence, testimony. 
flar, a. -f- a, crooked, twisttd. curved, bent. 
fiaradh, nm. g.v. -aidb, inclination, obhquity, slautiug ! car am 

fiaradh, somewhat slantwise. 
fichead, num. g. -id ; pL-f an. a score, twenty. 
fideag, ::f. - : ':;' : p' ' " " ' 'vhistle. 
fidheall, : : dhlean, fìddle, violin. 

fìdhlear,UL:i. ^... ^;: ;';1. _.^r. 

a(h, va. 4- eadh, weave. 
•aata, a. eloquent, fluent, ready of speech. 
fìlidh, um. pL -r ean, poet. Better file. 
hll, va. -l-eadh, fbld, 
filleadh, v.n. folding. 
fine, iif. pL-(-achan, dan, tribe, kindred. 
Iineachd, nf. ind., fineness. 
finealta, a. -eilte, elegant, fine. 
f tnealtachd, nf. !"■' '>!'•., .n,-.. «„..,,*«. 
fiodh, uni. g. 
fiodhlair. Sc 
fi«dhull. Six- ri.iiiL-.iii. 
Flofa, pum. l'iu-. 
Nmi, nm. g. -f a, winc. 
a. -a, white, fuir. 



Fionn, pnm, g.v. Phlnn, the principal leader of the Pìanns. See 

fionnar, a. cooL 
Fionnlairii, pnf. Finlarìg. 

flenntfoul, nni. aud f.g.v. -eil ; pL -i-an, fable, romance. 
tlor, a. true, genuine, pure : fìoruLsge. pure spring water. 
fioralr, nm. cultivated mbabited land. 
fior-eun, nm. caj^lc. Sec fìreun. 
flM, nm. g. -f-a, knowlcdge, information, non. t, 
fltMChd, nf. ind. foretclling, divinatiou, fortune-telì 
lÌM r a ch, a. well-informed, intelligeut 
flosraich, va. inquire, investigate, ezamine. 
flr. Seefear. 

fìreach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pL -ichean, hill ground, moor, mountain. 
flreann, a. male, masculine. 
fireantach#pnf. ind. rìghteousncss. 
f Jreun, nm. g.v. -eòin ; pl. -eòin, eagle. 
firinn, nf. pL-|-ean, truth. 
Hthtach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pL -ich, raven. 
fìù, a. worthy, estimable. 
flughair, nf. pL-f-ean, eamest ezpectation, hope : tha fiughair 

agam ris, I expect him. 
fiàran, nm. g.v. -am ; pL -ain, straight young tree, a youth. 
Flànrat, pnm. g.v. -ais, Flandcrs. 
flapraich, nf. aapping. 

flath, nm. g.v. flaith ; pL flaithean, chief, prince, noble. 
flathail, a. nuble. stately. 

flcadh, nm. g.-f-a ; pL-fan, feast, banquet, entertainment. 
fltasgach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, young man, bachelor. 
flichneachd, nm. iud., slcet. 
fliodh, nm. g. -f a, chickwced. 
fliUCh, a. fliche, wet 
flAr, nm. g.v. fiùir. flour. 
fo, prep. uuder, bencath, bclow, at the foot of. 
focal, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. -uil aud -lan. word. See facaL 
fOChaid, II f. motkini;. scoffing, «' ' 
fochaideach, :•.. r. < king, scoiBi 

fochair, nm. w ..r...,.i,. , ,!.iii-. in tlu- vi. .. 

fOChana, g.v. -a: <>! <(.rn il,. <<■. l.r,iir<I). 

fadair, nm. pl. •>, v<><alnil.iry. .Sct- faclair. 

fodha, prcp. pron. uuder him. 

fodhad, prep. pron. under you. s. 

fodhalbh, prep. pron. under you, pL 

fodhainn, prep pron. under us. 

fodham, prcp. pron. uudcr me. 

fodhpa, prcp. pron. under thcm. 

fògalr, vn. -^ tjaiifl -radh. cxprl. »-";-»' -hase. 

fògarrach, nm. ^v. -.ii<h ; pl. - . 

toghainn, vn. -n.i<lh. .'.utli<o. •' • ì:pu«c. 


fOghaintMCh, a. sufficient, fit, brave, valorous. 

taf tMT, nm. g.v. -air, pl. -airean, a tone, vowel. 

tofliar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -aran, autumn, the harvest time. 

f^Maiin, vn. -um, leam. 

ffigbiam, nm. g.v. -uim, leaming, acquired knowledge ; teaching, 

fòghMÌh, v.n. serving the purpose. sufficing ; also subjunctive 

mood of fogbainn : na db' fhòghnadh dhà, what would 

serve for him. 
tòitf, nf. g. -l-e. ; pL -|-ean, clod, peat, turf, sod. 
foidhidinn, uf. ind., patience. 
foidhidneach, a. patient. 
foidhpe, prep. pron. under her. 
foithnich, va. inquire, ask. See faighnich. 
fòil, a. slow, stately ; cahn, tranquil, gentle, mild. 
fÌilMk, a. same meaning os last. See fàihdh. 
foili, nf. g. + e., treachery, fraud, deceit. 
fOÌIlÌH, a. -eala. treacherous, fraudulent, deceitfuL 
foilltlell, va. rcveaL pubUsh, disclose, make manifest, declare. 
foillsichcar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL-fan, publisher. 
foinne, nra. pL foinnean, wart. 
foinnich, va. temper, as iron. 
fòireigneadh, nm. g.v. -idh, violence, oppression. 
foirfe, a. i>€rfect. 

foirfeach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pL -ich, an elder of the church. 
fòirnoart, nm. g.v. -eirt, oppression, Nnolence, force. 
folt, nf. g. -f e., leisure, rest, peace. 
fOÌMÌI, a. -eala, restfuL peacefuL 

follut, iim. g. -uis, pubhcity : am follus, into notice. Also follais. 
foiluiMacll, a. pubUc. 

foail, nm. g.v. fuinn ; pL fuinn, a tune, an air, good htimour. 
fonn, nm. g.v. fuinn. land. 
Forchu, pnf. Abhainn Fhorchu, the river Forth. 
forasach, a. assuming, forward. 
Forfhair, pnf. Forfar. 
forfhais, nf. pL+ean, inquiry, tidings. 
fortan, um. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, fortune. 
fortanach, a. fortunate. 
toefail, va. -ladh, open. 
fotgailta, a. opened. 
foegiadh, v.n. opening. 

fradharc, ; ••). g.v. -airc, vision, view, eyesight, sight. 
fraoch, v.-... ,;.v. fraoich, heath, heather. 
fraa, ni. g. :roise ; d. frois : pL-han, shower. 
froi^air, va. 4-t and -raah, answer. 
froofaifl, nf. pL+ean, an an«^^''- •'"«wering. 
traagarrach, freagrMk, answ ible ; liable. 

froagradh, mn. g.v. -aidh ; i an. an answer. 

froaàilail, va. -al, attend. wait ou. 



frtatdal, mn. ^.v. -ail, serving, attendmg, waiting on. 
frciceadan, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. -aiu, watch, guard : Am Freiceadan 

Dubh, thc Black Watcb. 
freumh, nm. g. + a. ; v. fhrcimh ; pl. -f an, root, stock, lineage. 
frlde, ni. pl.-t-an, animalcule. 
frioshan, nm. g. v. -ain ; pl. -ain, a bristle. 
frionai, um. g.v. -ais, anger, ragc 
frith, nf. g. + e. ; pl. +ean, forest, deer forest. 
frith, a. smail, trining ; also a prefix meaning ' of a lower degree.' 
frith-bhailt, nm. village, suburb ; inflected on the sccond element. 
fritheil, va. -ealadh, attend, minister. 
frithir, nm. rough uuinhabited laud. 
frith-rathad, nm. g.v. -aid ; pL -aidean, bycway. 
fròg, nf. g. fròige ; d. fròig ; pl. + an, bole, cranny, chink, deii, 

crevirc, recess. 
frògaf nf. ^.d. -aig ; pL -f an, little hole, etc, dim. of fròg. 
froi»e. Scf fras. 
fuachd, nf. iud., cold, coldness. 
fuadaich, va. ezpel, drive away. 
fuadan, nm. g.v. -ain, ezpulsion, ezile. 
fuaigh, va. -i-eaL sew, stitch, knit, connect, 
fuaigheai, v.n. scwing, stitchiug. 
fuaighte, a. sewcd, stitched. 
fuaim, nm. R. + e. ; pL+ean, sound, noise. 
fuaimneach, a. sounding, sonorous. 
fuaimneachd, uf. ind., uoisincss, sonorousness. 
fuairt, a. colder. 
fuar, a. cold. 
fuaradh-froitt, nm. tbe breeze which precedes a shower ; inflected 

on Ihe element. 
fuarag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, meal and water drink. 
fuaraich, va. aud vu. cool, become cooL make cooL 
fuaran, um. g.v. -ain ; pL+an, spring well. 
fuatgail, va. -ladh, untie, loose, free, liberate. 
fuatgladh, v.u. uutyiug, loosiug. freeing, liberating. 
fuath, nm. g. + a. hatred, averaion, abhorrencc, hate. 
iuathach, a. hatefuL abhorrent. 

tMatlMS, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL, -ais, a frigbt. a ghoat, a great quantity. 
fwrtlMtUll, a. horrible, dreadful, terriblc ; prodigknta. 
fùdar, nm. g.v. -air, powder, gunpowder. 
fuidh ! tie t shame t 
fuèf hMll, nm. g.v. -iU, remainder. 

fMtelHtafll. nm. g. -ich ; pL -ichean, leavinga, rcmaina, refuae. 
tal, nf. g. fola or falo. blood. 
taMtMM, nf. ind.. blood feud, bloodshcd. 
tallMCMaeh. a. bloody. 

fttllear, in tli< {lirase : cha'n fhuilear dhomb, I most 
tuiling. .'-'(.i tiil.iing. 

tUÌIt. .SlC ialt. 




luiitMCh, a. bloody, cniel. 

tulittM, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, a single bair. 

fuin, va. bake. 

lairtaeh, nm. g. -ich, stayiug, waiting. 

luirich, va. -each, stay. 

Ittiainf, va. and vn. su£fer, endure, allow, permit. 

fulanf, nm. g.v. -aing ; pl. -f an, sufferiug, forbearance, patience, 

fttlangat, nm. g.v. -ais, sufferìng, endurance. 
tttnin, um. g.v. -ain, welcome reception, kindly recognisance. 
furai, nm. g.v. -ais, patience. 
furasiia, a. fusa, fhusa, fasa and fbasa, easy of accomplishment. 

f', for : gu ; to. 

•f , for : ag, at. 

'fa, for : ag a, at his, at her. 

f'a, for : gu a, to his, to her. 

fafe, nm. tattling mouth (L. Sc. gab). 

flbll, va. -l-ail, take, receive, admit of, accept, go, proceed 
: na gabh ort, never let on : gbabh e eagal, he took frìght 
: gabh air t' aghaidh, go on : gabh rouihad, get you goue 
: gabh air, beat him: gabh beachd, take note: ghabh an teine, 
the llre began to kindle. 

f ihhadh, um. g. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean ; danger, perìL 

fahlUlii, v.u. taking, receiving, accepting, goiug, proceeding. 

fahbar, nf. g. gaibhre ; d. -air ; pl. -air, goat. 

f abhar, va. wiU be taken, etc. See gabh. 

f ach, eac-h, every. 

fad, nm. g.v. goid ; pl. goid, withe, switcb, twisted twig. 

fàd, nm. g. -ha. ; v. ghàid ; pl. gàdaichcau, iron bar, bar of 

fHllltl, mn. pl. + au. thief. 

ftikar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -air, grey-hound, lurcber dog. 

Càg, nf. ii.'ì. ì; lig ; pL-f an, cleft, chink, fissure. 

&aidheai, \>um. g.v. -«il ; pL -eil, a Gael ; Ban-ghaidheaL a Gaelic 

Gaidhealach, a. Gaelic by race. 

Gaidhealtacild, nf. ind. Gaeldom, thc name of the countrj' occu- 
V thc Gaels, usually tcrmcd the Highlands of Scotland. 

Gaidhiig, : !. thc language of the GucLs. 

gàidMar, 'V. -eir ; pL-f an, gaugcr, excise oflSccr. 

galliaann, i:r j^.d. -inn, wintry wcatlicr. slorm, tempefit. 

galMtmh, iii. g.d. -imh, sand. 

galaabMCh, nf. g.d. -ich. sand. 

faUlM, nf. ind., want, scarcity. 

fàhr, nm. g. -fe. outcTy, shout, din. 

gairhh. Sec garbb. 




gairbÌM, nf. ind., ronghness ; a. rongher. 

gàÌrÌWClltt, nm. g.v. -&ia, rejoicing, joy. 

tilriW. nm. g.v. -eiu ; pl. -cinean. orm, fore-arm. 

fàirt, nf. ind., a l.inKh. 

gàirtachdaich, nm. inl., laughìng. 

gairgt, iil. ind., icrocity, fierceness. 

gairitinn, nf. dctestation, revuLsion. 

gairm, va. call, crow os a coclt, proclaim. 

gairm, nf. g. -f-e. ; pL-f-eannan, call, proclamation. 

gaitga, nf. ind., vaiour, bravery, feats of arms. 

gaitfMCÌi, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, champion, hero, warrior. 

gaiWCH, a. heroic, valorous. 

gaftnMn. Seegath. 

gal, uf. ind., weeping. 

galar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -f-an, disease. 

Mil, nm. g. Goill ; pl. Goill, foreigner, a Scottish Lowlander. 

gaUa, nf. pL-f-cbau, bitch, fcmale dog. 

gailda, a. foreign, belongiug to a strange land, belonging to 

Lowland Scotland. 
Gaiidachd, uf. ind. the country occupied by the non-Gaeli< 

.spcakcrs of Scotland, usually termed the Lowlands of Scot 

land : air a' Ghalldachd. in the Lowlands. 
gamhainn, nm. g. -ua ; pL -na, year-old calf, stirlc. 
gamhiat, nm. g.v. -ais, hatred, spite. 
'gan, prep. prou. poss, at their. 

gann, a. scarce, scarcely, rare : mu'n gann, ere scarce. 
gaoid, nf. g. -i-e. ; pL-fean, blemish, defect. 
gaeil. SeegaoL 

gaoir, nf. g.-fe. ; pL-l-ean, loud noise. 
gaoitneacll, a. hairy, shaggy. 
gaoith. Sce gaoth. 

gaoi, nni. g.v. gaoil, love, fondness, beloved object. 
gaolach, a. loving, beloved, fond. 
gaoth, nf. g. gaoithe ; d. gaoith ; pL-f-an, wind : gaoth lu.itli. 

U(jrth wiud : g. deas, south wind : g. an ear, east wiud, 

^. an iar, west wind. 
gaothmhor, a. wiudy ; also, gaothar. 
gar, va. warm at a fire. 
gar, proximity : an gar, near 
gar^ged uach, although not : gar au tui c, aiiuouj^ii .d 

never rctum. 
garadh, nm. ^.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhcan, den, cave. 
garbh, .1. thick. mugh, coarse, lioane, harsh. 
garbh-chnàmhach, a. big-boned. 
garbh-lltlr, nf. g. -litrcach ; pL -litrichean, c; • 
garg, a. iicrcc, bitter, tart, acrid, pungent, ■- 
gàrradair, um. pL-f-ean, gardener. 
gàrradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, wail. garden 
girradh-droma, nm. marchdilce; inflected on the first cicment 




gàrradh-piOC, nm. turf wall; inflected on the first element. 

g«rt, nin. K.v. gairt ; pL gairt, enclosure ; standing com. 

gartan, nm. p.v. -ain ; pl. + an, garter. 

gàrthaich, nf. shouting. roaring, cr>Tng. 

gas, nf. g. gaise, d. gais ; pl. -f an, stalk, stem of an herb, bough, 

gatte, a. excellent, splendid, good, first rate. 
gug, nm. g. 4- a. ; v. ghaisg ; pl. -f an, tail, appendage. 
gatb, nm. g. -f a. ; V. ghaith ; pl. + an or annan, sting, dart. 
gt, though. although. 
gt, for ce, in the phrase : ge b'e, whoever he was, or whatever it 

gèatfh, nf. g.d. geòidh ; pL geòidh, goose. 
gtal, a. gile, white. 

gaalaeh, nf. g.d. -aich ; pL -aich, the moon. 
gtaJag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL -f an, salmon trout. 
gtalaich, va. whiten. 

gMlbhan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, little fire. 
gtall, va. 4-tainn, promise, pledge. 
gtall, nm. g.v. gill ; pL gill, pledge, bet, wager. 
gtail, nm. desire, love : an geall air, with the mind set upon. 
gtalltainn, v.n. promising. 
gtaltach, a. cowardly. 
gtaitachd, nf. ind., timidity, cowardice. 
gtaltair, iim. pL-fean, coward. 
gnmhradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, winter. 
gtan, nm. g. -f a. good humour, mood, humour. 
gtan-math, nm. good-will ; inflected on both elements. 
gtaraÌB, va. gearan, complain. 

gtaran, nm. g. -ain ; pL + an, complaint, discontent, grumbling. 
gtarasdan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, garrison, fort. 
Otarasdan, in : An Gtarasdan, pnm. Fort William ; contraction 

for : Gearasdan lonbhar-lòchaidh, the garrison of Inver- 

gèard, nm. g.v. gèaird ; pL ^caird, guard, defence. 
QtarmaiN, nf. in : A' Ghtarmaiit, pnf. Germany. 
Qtarmailttach, pnm. g.v. -ich ; pL -ich, a German ; a. Gennan, of 

or bfhmging to Germany. 
gèarr, va. gearradh, cut : gearradh leum, making leaps, cutting 

gèarr, a. giorra. short. 
gèarr, nf. g. -fa. ; pL-f an, hare. 
gtarran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, a gelding, garron. 
gtata, nv.i. -^. I ih ; pL + chan, gate. 
^td, altÌKmKh, lli"Ugh. 
Kète. Sce gcug. 
KÌM, vn. yield. sabmit. obey. 
gtltt, nf. g.-f e., fear, terror, dread. 
gtlmhtal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pL -lean, fetter, chain. 



gtinn, nin. g. 4-c. ; pL+can, wcdgc 

gtir, nf. g. + e., tallow, grease, suet. 

gèlrMÌ ; sce geurad. 

gtAcair, nm. pl. + ean, glutton. 

gtèla, nf. pL + chan, yaul. .ship's boat. 

gtug, nf. n.(L RiÌR ; pl. + an, branch, bough. 

gtum, tini. ^. ^vunia ; pL + au, low of a cow. 

gtumnaicli, nf. luwing of a cow. 

gtur, a. g^'irc, sharp, sharp potnted, acute, shrcwd ; acrid, bitter, 

tart, aci<l, sour. 
geurad, um. n. -aid, sharpncss. .<ioumess ; also gèiread. 
geur-inntinneacli, a. sharp-witted. 

geur-leanmhuinn, nf. pcrsccution; inflccted on second elcment. 
geur-shuileach, a. sharp-cycd. 
gheibh, va irr.. will get. wiU fìnd. 
gibeach, a. rough, hairy. fringed, shaggy. 
gidheadh, nevcrthclcss, yet ; accentcd ou sccond syllable. 
Gigean, pnm. g.v. -ein, meaning ' dwarhsh oue.' 
gil. bcc geaL 

gHlk, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, chiseL 
gllt, nf. Ind., wbitencss, faimess. 
gille, nni. pL + an, lad, youth, man-servant. 
gilit-carbaid, nm. coachman. ì luflected on the first 
gttlt-mirtin, um. toott^tmn. / elemcnL 

gMt-ruadh, nm. n.unc for a fox ; inflccted on hoth clemcnt*. 
gfHt-ruith, nm. runntr, forcrunner ; inflected on the first eletnent 
gin, va. + tinn, beget. 
gin, nm. any onc ; with the negative, no one, nobody, nonc : giu 

'sam bith, any oue. 
glntal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pL + an, offspring, race, breed. 
gintalach, mn. g.v. -aich ; pL -achan, generation, oflspriug. 
giogan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, thistle. 
giomach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, lobster. 
giorag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-fan, fear, drcad, noise. 
giorrad, nm. g. -aid, shurtness. 
giùlain, v.i. -an, carry, bcar, endurc, behave. 
giùlan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, carrying, bcaring. enduring, bc- 

h.ivjour, couduct ; a corpsc aud its bicr. 
giuthat, nm. g.v. -ais, fir. 
glac, va. takc, .scizc, catch hold of. 

glac, nf. g.d. j.'lijc ; pl -Lon, hollow, vallev ; hoUow of the hand. 
glacadh, v.ii. ■ i/ing, catching holdof. 

glag, nni. y.\ ic uoi^e of anything falUng, thud ; horse 

glag-|airt, nm. horsc laugh, guflaw ; inflected on first element. 
glaic, uf. g. +e. ; pL glacan, valley, hoUow ; the pahu. a grasp. 
gMnÌMÌt nf. g.d. -id, cleanueM, purìty. 
glait, va. glasadh, lock, secure. 
glMi a. glaine, dcan, clcan-limbed, pure. 



luflected on Uie first 

'Wu clean, cleanse, purify, wipe dean. 
{Uodh, va. + aich, cry, shout, proclaim. 
fiaodh, nm. g.v. glaoidh ; pL glaoidh, a cry, shout. 
glaodh, nm. g.v. glaoidh, glue, bird-hme. 
glaodhaich, um. ind.. crving, calling, proclaiming. 
glas, u£. g. glaise ; d. glais ; pL + an, lock, fetter : glas-làmh, 

glM, a. grey. 

gÌM, va. and vu., tum grey. 
GlaKhe, pnm. Glasgow. 

glè, \ cry ; precedes adj. and asp. con. ; glè thric, pretty often. 
gloac, % a. gieac, fight, strive, struggle, wrestle. 
gloac, nni. ind., fight, strife, struggle, wrestling. 
gloadhralch, nf. noise, din. rattling. 
gloann, nm. g. glinue ; v. ghlinu ; pL + tan, glen, valley. 
Gloann-airtnldh, pnm. Glenartney. 
6leann-càirn, ;>um. Glencairu. 
Gleann-comhann, pnm. Gleucoe. 
Gleann-dochairt, pnm. Glendochart. 
Gleann-èite, pnm. Glenetive. 
Gleann-falach, pnm. Glenfalloch. 
Gleann-freothainn, pnm. Gleufruin. 
Gleann-goiil, : nm. Glengylc. 
Gleann-liobhann, pnm. Gleulyon. 
Gleann-urchaidh, pmn. Glenorchy. 
gliidh, va. kcep, retain, preserve, depend. 
gleus, nm. g. gleòis or -f-a. ; pL + an, readiness or preparation, 

condition, trim ; key in music. 
gleat, va. make ready, put in tune, put in trim, adjust, prcpare. 
gleutda, a. propared. clever, expert, well-cxercised, tidy, trìm, 

glcusdachd, nt. lu'l., preparation, readiness, ezpertness, alacrìty, 

glib, nf. ^. ^e., «ileot. 
gHC, a- gho. 
gJÌM, a. wis 
gtlM. Sci: ^'ic 
gtltca, a. See ^1: . . 

gliOCat, '"" -' V ■ 

gliog, klc. 

gloc, ,, i hcn. 

gloine, :.. ; i. :i,giass, aKÌoM. 

gli.r, :;:. 

glòmanaich, of eve (L. Sc. gloamin). 

gluaU, va. love, .stir, agitate, put iu motion, aflect. 

gluasad, nm. .v. -aid ; pL + an, moviug, movemeut, niotion. 

gtng, nm. )^.v. j.;luig ; pL + an, noise of liquid in a vessel (L. Sc. 


o, wise, prudent. 
: udeut ; also ghoca. 



glAil, nnu g. V. glùin ; pl. glùinean and glùintean. knee, joint of a 

plant stem, a generation in genealogy. 
gnith, nm. g. + a. ; pL + an or +annan, manner. fashion, cu»- 

tom : mar is gnatb, as is customary, according to cttstom 

: is gnàtb leis, it is usual for bim. 
Cnàthaich, va. practice, use. 

gnàthfhacal, nra. g.v. -ail ; pl. -lan, proverb. a saving. 
gnitht, nni. g.v. gnàitbs, custom, babit ; for gnathaa. 
gnè, nf. ind., a kind, a sort ; nature, quality. 
gnlomh, um. g. +a. ; pL-f annan or -f-arran, deed, action. 
gnob, utu. g.v. gnoib ; pL-f an, hillock, knoU, knob. tumour. 
gnog, nra. g.v. gnoig ; pL + an, a knock witb tbe knucklea. 
gnos, nm. g.v. gnois ; pL-f-an, snout. 
gnothuch, nm. g.v. -uicb ; pL -uicbean, business, afTair, a mattcr, 

circurastancc, errand : cha dean e an gnothucb. it wont 

scrve tbe purpose. 
gnù, a. forbidding, repellant, surly. 
gnùU, nf. g.-i-e. ; pL-i-ean, face, countenance. 
gò, nm. ind., lie, deceit, fault. 
geb, nm. g.v. guib ; pL guib, beak, bill of a bird. 
gObach, a. bcake<l, garrulous, talkative. 
gObair, nni. pL-f-eau, talker, babbler (L. Sc. r '^ - 
gObha, nm. g. -f inn ; pL goibbncan, smitb. h. 

gobhal, mn. g.v. -ail ; pL goibblean, fork, ^ ....... objecl, a 

forked support ; tbe space between the legs. 
gobhar. See gabbar. 

gobhar-athair, nm. snipe ; inflected on first element. 
gibhlach, u. forked. 
gobhian-gaoitht, nm. g.v. -ain- gh- ; pL -ain- gh-, swallov 

flccted on the fìrst element. 
goc, Jim. g. -f a. ; pL-fan, cock of a vessd. 
godadh, nm. nodding. 
gOg, nm. a cackle. 
gogail, nf. cackling. 

gogan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL+an, small cogue (L. Sc. coggie). 
goid, va. steal, pilfcr, slip away by stealth. 
geid, nf. g. + e.. stcalinp, pilfcring, sbpping away by steali. 

: air an goid, stolei'. 
geiL va. goil, boil, 

geil, nf. boiling : air gii t 

geiit, nf. pL-fan or -|- 

goirtai, nm. g.v. -cis ; \n. ..i.-., ^..u»viiiv..v^ v, i../v.i.-, ..ì-ì*..;.*'.!;... 
goirid, a. giorra. short ; n. short time : bho chionn ghoirìd, a 

.short timc ago. 
goifi, a. .sorc, sour, painful, salt. 
geirttan, nm. g.v. -cin ; pL -eineau, little ficld of com ; patch 

arable iand. 
gtlrtMM, niu. g.v. -eis. aoreneM, painlulneae. 



COlrtlch, va. and vn. hurt, pain, cause pain ; make sour, become 

gon, va. ^"..iiKid, blast, annoy ; bewitch. 
gòrach, a. f.«.iish, silly, unwise, thoughtless. 
gorm, '. ' luc, green. 

'^ ' ' .. g.v. -aic, croak. 
:if. croaking. 
gorsaiO, ni. pl. + ean, gorget. 
EOrta, nf. famine. 

grti, va. interrupt, hinder, stop, preveut, impede. 
grabadll, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, interruption, hiudering. 

impiediment, stopping. 
trabh, va. engrave. 

gràcan, nm. g. -ain, querulous noise o£ hens. 
grarf, a. quick, sudden, hasty, irascible. 
grateg, nf . g. -aig ; pl. + an, jif fy, short interval of time. 
gràdh, nra. g.v. gràidh, love, affection, beloved, beloved object. 
gràtfhach, a. lovelv, lovable. 
griihaieh, va. love. 
grila, uf. g. -l-e., disgust, abhorrence. 
graÌRg, nf. g. -|-e. loathing, disgust ; frown, grimace, 
gràinne, nm. pl. -f achan, a grain, small quantity. 
gramaich, va. hold fast, take hold of, cling to. 
gramaii, a. strong, vigorous, having power to resist. 
gramasag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl.-i-an, bite, anything to chew. 
grànda, a., gràinde, ugly, iU-favoured. 
gràs, nm. g.v. -àis, pl.-f-an grace, favour. 
gràsmhOr, a. graridir^. propitious. 
grtadhnach, a ù-tn. . p :np.)us, joyful. 
grtann, iim. ^. a., ^niij, iurlylook; bristling of hair as on an 

(.nr.i^ed dog. 
grtannmhor, a. comely, swcet, agreeable, as applied to females. 
grtat, va. and vn. -}-ad, hasten, urge, incite to speed : greas ort, 

hurry up, be smart, be quick. 
grèidb, va. prepare or drcss victuals. 
grtlm, nm. g. grama ; pl. gramannan, a hold, bite, stitch in 

^r'.viiig, a bite with the teeth : greim bidh, ' a bite o£ food.' 
|r#im-bai$, nui. ckath-^rip ; inflectcd on thc first eleraent. 
grèin, grèino. Sce grian. 
grtis, nni. g. -l-e. ; pl. -rcan, a while : car greis, for a time, £or a 

wluic : an ceann greis, after a while. 
grèis, ut. g.-f-e., needle work : obair grèis, embroidery work. 
Qrtumach, pnm. g.v., pl. -aich, a Graham ; a. of or belonging to 

'■■ ns. 

Krtnsa !>!.-f-ean, sboemaker. 

K'''«"i 1. grèin ;pL-fan, sun : a' ghrian, thesun. 


griaa, a. 1.^..v4L..v.., ahapely, neat. prctty. 

grtiaMU, nm. g.v. -ei», neatness, beauty, elegauce. 

65 E 


grinntai, nm. g.v. -eil. bottom of tbe sea, river or weU ; grsTel. 

Griogair, pnm. Gregor. 

Griogaracn, pnm. g.v., pl. -aicb, a MacGregor; a. of or bdonging 

to thc Clan (iregor. 
griogag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -f an, bead, pebble. 
grioglachan, nm. g.v. -ain, The Pleiades (constellation). 
griot, \ a. entreat, abet, encoarage, beseech, solicit, pray. 
griotach, nf. g.d. -aicb ; pl. -aichcan, buming embers. 
griosadh, v.n. beseeching, praying, abetting. 
grod, .T. rotten, putrid. 

gròiteid, nf. pl. + can, gooseberry (L. Sc. groset) 
gruag, nf. g. gruaige ; d. gniaig ; pL + an, hair of the head. wip. 
gruagach, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, young wom.t 
gruaidh, nf. g. -|-e. ; pl. -f-ean, a cheelt. 

gruaim, uf. g. -fe., gloom, surly look, sullenness, melaucholy. 
gruamach, a. gloomy, surly, sad. 
grunnaich, va. touch the bottom, sound the depth. 
gruth, nm. g.v. gruith, curds. 
grùthan, nm. g.v. -aiii ; pL-i-an, liver. 

gU, l'Tvp. tO. 

gu, bcfore adj. with the force of -ly in Eng. : gu grad, qaickly. 

Guaigean, pnm. g.v. -ein, meaning ' little whimsical fellow.' 

guaiiiean. See guala. 

gual, nm. g.v. guail, coal. 

guala, nf. g.d. -i-inn ; pL guaillean, sboulder. 

guanach, a. giddy, lighthearted. 

Guanag, pnf. g.d. -aig, a dog's name, meaning ' little coquettish 

gucag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-{-an, bud, bubble, globule. belL 
gudaboc, nm. g.v. -buic, for budagoc, one of the several names for 

' snipe.' 
gu dè, for : ciod è. 
gttlk. See gob. 

guMh, va. and vn. pray, beseech, entreat, wish eamesUy. 
guidht, nm. pl. -)-achan, prayer, entreaty, wiAh, imprecation. 
guil, va. gul, wccp. lamcnt. 
guileag, nf. ^'.ì . warblc, swan's dying note. 

gUÌn, \a. UMi;- 

guiaaach, a. >.....,. •■",- ,„->ii..,v.... 

g«lr, va. and vn. gu 

gllrMa.nm. g.v. -f 

g«lnM,a. bluer ;nt 

gll, nm. g. guil. w< . 

g«'M,»that. in ordcr iLat , ; p. b. f. m 

g«'a,»that, in order that ; tbo»e bi 

ginning ii 
gM, prep. wit 

ffkll, nm. g.v. ^..... , ,M. j,u..... f........ 

gumia, nm. pL -f ichean,or -f-chan, gim, cannon 



fiaiialr, nm. pL + ean, goniier. 

gvr, nm. g.v. guir ; pl. guir, brood of birds, festerìng, hatching. 

f nr, that, precedes n. and adj. beginning in con. 

gur h-, that, precedes n. and adj. beginning with vow. 

gM, until, to, preceding an, the art. of the n., and the verbal 

part. : gus an till mi, until I conie back. 
gMtll, nm. g. -a. v. ghuith ; pl. — annan, voice. word, syllable. 

Il-, is nsed for the most part to obviate hiatus between 
vowels ; otherwise it is a remnant of a decayed consonant 
whose aspirated sound is h. 

i, pron. she, her, it feminine. 

iao, pron. they, them. 

iadh, va. encompass, hover. 

iadhadh, v.n. surrounding, hovering aronnd. 

fain, pnm. John. 

iall, nf. g. èille ; d. èill ; pL+an, leathem thong, string (L. Sc. 

ialtag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL -|- an, bat (bird). 
lar, nf. ind., the west. 

lar, prep. pron. now lost in ' air.' See air — after. 
larann, nm. g.v. -ainn ; pL-f an, iron, an iron tool of any kind. 
laria, nm. pL-r-n, earL 
iarmad, • ra. g.v. -aid ; pL-fan, offspring, posterity, remnant, 

arnaich, va. smooth with an iron. 

\rr, va.-^aidh, ask, request, seek, search : dh'iarradh, waa 

. seeking, searching. 
g.v. -ais ; pL-f an, a rcquest, pemion. 
v, -aid ; pL-i-an, a loan. the thing lent or borrowed. 
,-u,, ni. èisg and -f-an, fìsh, a &sh. 

!i, fishing. the act or art of fishing. 

atgair, :; ean, fisher. 

idir, .it ..;;. 

Rrtaa, nf. pL ? ean, helL 

'HÌ*. See gillc. 

Im, nm. g.-f e, butter. 

Imchtitl, nf. pL -f-ean, doubt, anziety, perplezity. dlstraction. 

lilMMÌMl, nf. iud., walking, departing, joumeying, going, pro- 

Itatell, va. -tu( h(L L'u, depart. 
imleai ; 

imlich, \u. 'k. 



ImpU, iif. immincuce, iu thc phr. : an impis, about lo, iike to; 

bettcr : imis. 
Imrlch, va. imrich, carrj*, bear, flit. 
Imrlch, nf. pl. + can, flitting, rcraoval, chan^e of residence. 
Inbhe, nf. pL + an, dignity, rank, quahtv, station, posidon 

: tha c air teachd gu inbhe, he is come oi age. 
inbhir, nf. pl.-fcan, confluence of waters, mouth of a river 

common in place names. See ionbhar. 
inghtan, nf. g. -inne and highne ; d. -in or -inn ; pl. Inghnea!. 

(laughter, young woman ; commonly nighean. 
inghinn*. Sce inghean and nighean. 
inllg, nf. pl. -|-ean, rcproach, bad name. 
Inneal, nm, g.v. -eil ; pl. 4-an, instrument. 
Innean, nm. g.v. -cin ; pl. -einean, anvil. 
Innear, nf. g. -i-ach, d. -cir ; pl. innearan, duug, manore. 
innlch and inich, a. ncat, tiay, lovely, handy. 
innit, va. -.scadh, tell, rclatc, report, declarc. 
ianis, nf. g. innsc ; pL innsean, island, grazing field. 
ÌMllflflltflfh. a. ingcnious, inventivc, cunning. 
HuàMmM, nf. pL-han, device, contrivance, inventìon, machine, 

innM. Scc innis. 

Inneeadh, v.n. tclling : dh'innseadh, to tell. 
Innte, i-rcp. prou. inher. 

inntinn, uf. pL-l-ean, mind, purpose, ÌntentioiL. 
|«|i, nm. g. 4- a. ; pL + an, lump of dough ; also uibe. 
loe, va. pay, rcnder, rcmedy, heal, cure. 
lochd, uf., clemency, humanity, mcrcy, kindness. 
iochdar, um. g.v. -air ; pL -|-an, the bottom : dol an ìochdai 

f^oiug under. 
iochdaran, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. -ain, a subject, an inferior, ander 

iochdmhorachd, nf. ind., compassion, mercy. 

lodhal-aoraidh, um. beathen god. imagc, idol ; inflected on thc 

tirst clemcnt. lodhal-aoradh, idolatry. 
lolach, uf. g.d. -aich ; pL -aichean, sbout or cry, tu exultotiou. 
lolair, uf. g. -f-e; pL-f-ean, eagle. 
lotard, um. g.v. -aird, loud crying or shouting. 
ÌlWHÌllll, a. frolicsomc, gay. 

If lilll a. many, much : iomadh uair, many a time. 
lomaftln, nm. pl. ^ cau, auzicty, solicitude. 
iomain, \.i. i< kmìu, drive, urge; v.n. ond nf. g.-f c. drivin^ 

ur).;iug, ub ealUe, or a ball in play. 
lomair, va. -f t, row, wield. 
lomalrt, nm. pL-fean, contest, conflict, playing, exercise, cm- 

lomall, nm. g.v. -aiU ; pL + an, border, extremity, limit 
Ìomaflach, .t. rci-..<>tc, uttctmost. 
lomchuidh, .:. 1 1 i>c-r, ilt, meet, suitable, ezpcdie&t 



ianibaigh, nf. pL+ean, image, a Ukeness. 

lontair, pnm. Ivor. 

iomÌM, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL -f-an, navel ; also imleag. 

itlRlanl, nf. pL-fean, an exchange, barter, exchanging. 

tomlai^, va. iomlaid, exchange, change. 

i#nilM, a. complete, perfect, sound. 

tolHIMÌCll, va. turn, convert. 

i«mratfil, um. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidheau, fame, report, mention, 

\\or.I, reporting, mentioning. 
iomraidcacti, a. famous, cclebrated. 
iomrali, nm. g.v. -aill ; pL-j-an, an mor, wandering, straying 

; air iomrall, astray. 
omram, nm. g.v. -aim, rowing. 

on, a. fit, fitting ; used as a pref. as : iou-dheanta, feasible. 
'onad, nm. g.v. -aid ; pL-r-an, placc, room, locality. 
roaaltair, va. -radb, pasture, feed, graze. 
iOMRB, a. equaL alike, the same. 
ioabhar ; i>ee inbhir, which is the old literary form of the word, 

but does not accord with the general pronunciation as 

ionbhar does. 
Ieabliar«iir, pnm. Ajt town. 'j 

lenbhar-IÒChaidh, pnm. Inverlochy. 1 Indected on the first 

ienbhar-loch-làirig, pnm. Inverlochlarig. j element. 

lonbhar-snàid, pum. Inversnaid. j 

ionga, nf. g. ingne ; pL ingnean, nail of finger, claw, talon, hoof. 
iongantacll, a. wonderfuL strange, surprising. 
ongantat, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL -i-an, a wonder, miracle, surprise. 
longhaatfh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, astonishment, wondar. 
lenmhas, nf, g.d. -ais ; pL-l-an, treasure, riches. 
ienmhuinn, a. annsa, dcar, beloved. 
jonnas gu, insomuch that, so that. 
ionndrainn, vn. miss, long for. 
lonntaich, va. and vn. leam, teach. 
lonntuidh, nf. pL -f ean, attempt, approach, assault: dh' ionnsuidh, 

towards, to : do d' ionnsuidh, to you. 
ienraean, nm. g.v. -ain, pL -ain and -f an, upright man, honest 

nian, ju^t man. 
ionraic, t. ri^liteous, just. 
iorghaìil, ni. i.I. -r ean, uproar, brawL 
ierram, um. g. v. -aim ; pL -f-an. rowing song. 
ieta Orleti, pnm. Jesus Lhrìst. 
iesal, a. Lslc, low, humblc, abject ; also : IseaL 
ietadh, nm. u.v. -aidb, thirst. 
ire, n t growth, progress. condition. 

IrMich, .... huraihate. 

ÌS, conj. and. 
ÌS, Jt is. is. .lìc. 

isbcsn, : pL -einean, sausage. 






iM, etnph. pron. sbe. her. 

ItMll, nra. g.v. -ein ; pL -tinean, ciùcken, j-oung of birds and 

"'small quadrupeds. 
W«, a. lowcr, lowest ; nf. lowness. 

Mieil, va. and vn. lower, bring low, humble, subside, become low. 
ÌMMMÌI, nf. g.d. -ich ; pl. -ichean, fowling piece, gnn. 
Hl, nf. pL + an, fcather. quill, fìn of a fish. 
i4Mf, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an, a littlc fc.ithcr. 
itealaich, nf. ilying. 
Ittalaich, va. fly in thc air, flutter. 
itll, va. eat. 

labiltr, nm. g.v. -air ; pL-fan, the yew. 
inelialr, nf. g. -rach ; pL -raichean, key. 
lùl, nra. g.v. iùil ; pi. iùilean, guidance, leader, guide. 
lùnait, nf. want : as iùnais, without, wanting. 

Ìà and iatha, nm. pl. làithean, day. 

là-arn-a-mhàlraach, nm. thc morrow. 

labhair, va. ; i. spcak. 

labhairt, v.n. ind.. speaking, spcech. 

iabhrach, a. talkative, loquacious. 

Li-bhreithaanait, pnra. thc Day of judgracul. 

lach, ni. g. + a ; d. laich ; pL + an, a wild duck. 

lachdirnn, a. dun. tawny, swarthy. 

ladar, nra. g.v. -air ; pl. -air, ladlc. 

ladarna, a. bold, impudeut, shamcle&s. 

ladarnat, nm. g.v. -ais. audacity, impudcuce. 

ladhar, nra. g.v. -air ; pL -ran, hoof. 

itf , a. weak, fecblc, faint. 

lag, nra. g.v. luig ; pl. +an, hoUow, dell. 

iagìin, nm.g.v. -ain ; pL -ain. little hollow or dell. 

lacll, ura. g. ^a; pL +annan, law, ordcr, method : air lagb. 

strctcbcd as a bow string. 
laghach, a. nice. tidy, neat, pretty. 
laghail, a. legal, lawful. 
laldh. Sec laigh. 
Lag-an-ràta, pura. Logierait. 
laldhC. Scc Inighe. 
lildlr, a. t e. and treaaa (see treisc), strong, powerfuU »ecar. 

Ìalgh, va. and vn.. laighc, Uc, lic down, ^ubsidc, rccUnr. 
iaifiia, v.n. lying, rcclining, subsi'lìo" 
lalgM, nf. weakness. dcbility. fecl': 
liimil rl, by, ncar to. at hand. Sci- : 
Ìàlmhtleh,' va. handle, fcel or touch with thc fiugeta, fiage; 

treat a subjcct, thing or person. 
lalmrlg, nf ; ^ l.inding-place. a natural pier. 



làÌM, a. fnller. 

Uinnir, nf. polish, brightness. 
iàir, n; ;:. làrach ; pl. làraichean, mare. 
liiric, ni. pl. +ean, sloping hill, moor. 
laistt, a. blazing, alight, lighted up. 
làHhMR. See là. 

limh, nf. g. làimhe ; d. làimh ; pl.-f-an, hand : làmh dheas, 
the right haud : làmh chli, left hand : làimh ri, near to : roimh 
l.iinih, beforehand. 
làmhaìnn, nf. pL + ean, glove. 
lamh ' force, violence, the strong hand ; inflected on the 

Umli-»griwiin<iitfh, nf. one's hand-writing, signature ; inflectedon 

the first element 
lin, a. full, complete, filled, satisfied, govems the g. of n. 
Ìin, nm. a fuU, fulness, repletion. 

linan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -t-an, married couple, couple of roof. 
Ian{an, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -j-an, bellow of deer. 
lancanaich, nf. bellowing of deer. 
lann, nf. g. lainne; d. lainn ; pL-han, blade, sword, scale as of, lancet. 
lann, nf. g. lainne ; d. lainn ; pL -i-an, inclosure, house, repository, 

Lannraic. pnf. Lanark. 

laoch, nin. g.v. laoich ; pL laoich, hero, champion, warrior. 
laochan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-j-an, little hero, familiar term in 

iiiplduding a boy. 
laoch, niu. g.v. laoigh ; pL laoigh, calf. 
iaoidh, um. g. 4- e ; pL -f ean, lay, hymn, sacred poem. 
laeich. See laogh. 

lapach, a. benumbed, feeble, impotent, faltering. 
laparan, nm. g.v. -ain ; moving with a halt (L. Sc. hirplin). 

lir, r ' ir ; pl. làir, the ground, floor, ground floor. 

liracp :. -aich ; pl. -aic^ean, the site of a building, abode, 

;. n. 

las, va. kinilc, set fire to, light, get into a passion. 
lataich, va. bluclcen, loose, relax. 
lasair, nf. g. -rach ; pL -raichean, flame, flash of fire. 
latcair, iini. pl.-l-ean, young spark. 
lasrach, a .•;.;•• ;:iij flames. 
latha, ::; ;<• day, certain day. See lù. 

lithach, :• . ìch, clay, mire, puddle. 

lithai'' • '>n làthair, prescnt : 'na làthair, in his 

' indeed ! 
lilhj . :ice. 

1«, prcp. \<.uli, together v.iih, by means of, in possession of, ou 

thc side of. 
lèabac, uf. K.d. -aig ; pL-f an, flounder. " " nuckie). 



Itabaidh, nf. g. leapa ; pl. leapachan, bed. 

iMMuir, nni. >;.v. -aìr ; pl. -raichean, book, volume. 

iMklMr •Idmhail a' chreidimh, tbebook of the Confeasionof faith. 

Itabhar-rtictadair, nm. pl. -reiceadaireas, booksellcr ; lnflected 

ou thc .second elcment. 
iMMiran, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f an, little book, booklet. 
taM, nf. g. licc ; d. lic ; pl. 4-an, flagstone, plate, cheek. 
iMMim, nf. g.d. -ainn ; pL-f-an, steep abelvy gronnd. 
laac-an-ttintein, nf. g.d. lic- ; pl. leacan-, hearth-stoae. 
Itadalr, va. -l-t, mangle, rend, abuse. 
Itadan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-haji, a rosary, lock of hair, the berb 

teazle ; a musical strain. 
Itag, va. -r- ail and + adh, throw down, knock down, lay down. 
itagail, and ieagadh, nm. pl. -f-can, fall, throwing down, knocking 

down, demolisliing. setting down : An leagadh, Adam's fall. 
iMf h, va. and vn. melt, becomc liquid. 
iMm, prep. pron ; leamsa, emph. pron. ; with me, by me, in my 

itamh, a. importunate, impertinent, foolish, insipid, silly. 
Ltamhanach, pnm. g.v. -aich : An Leamhanach, The Lcnnox. 
lean, va. 4-ailt and -i-tainn, follow, adherc to, stick to, continue. 
lèan, nm. g. ;-a. ; v. lèin ; pl. -i-an. meadow, lawn. 
itanabail, and Itanabaidh, a. childish. 
leanaban, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ran, iufant, little child. 
Itanabh, nm. g.v. leinibh ; pl. -aibh, child. 
Itanachd (ri), nf. ind., sticking to. 

ièanai, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -i-an, littlc meadow, lawn or plain. 
itann, nm. g. -l-a., ale, beer, liauor. 
Itann-dubh, nm. melancholy, acjection, sadnest; iuflected on 

lx>th elements. 
Itantainn, v.n. following, pursuing, ^ 
itannan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-f an, .><' 
itarf, uf. g.d. I' ■ ' ' 

Itat, nm. ind.. 
IMS, nf. g.d. U : 
iMtaieh, va. aii 
iMif, a. lazy, .sl 

Itat, prep. pron. with you, by you, in )' ;un. 

Itatha, prcp. pron. with lier. by her, in 1. :on. 

itathad, nm. g.v. -aid ; pL Icòidcau, decUvity, ^idc of a hill, alopc. 
Itathann, a. lèithne, broad. 
iMtlUUr, nm. g. -rach ; v. -air. leather. 
I, nm. g. -truini, burdcu, wdght. 
- ■"■' ' " • ' 'M<1 -f eadh, let, lct out, kt go, pennit, 

a:: .; lcis, permit him : lcigidb mi fbaicinu 

di. . lcii! .»s. Ut away. 

V.n. lctt: e, raÌUÌng, mlllttnj. 

Nlgk, nm. pL-t ' 

Itightat, nni. g.v. -cii, ; pL-f au, curc, remedy ; beaiing, curing. 





ItlglllS, va. -eas, core, heal. remed^. 

lèÌM, nf. pl. -tean, shirt. shift, sraock, winding-sheet. 

lalaa, prep. pron. with us, by us, in our possession. 

Wf, nm. sight, perception, power of seeìng or beiug seen : is 

lèir dhcmh, I sec. 
lèlr, in the phr. : gu lèir, altogether, entirely, wholly. 
Mir, va. torment, pain, distress. 
Mlrifriet, nm. ; pl. -fan, utter destruction. 
Itto, prep. pron., with hini, by him, in his possession. 
ItÌt, nf . g. + e. ; pl. ~ ean, thigh. Sec leas. 

Ms, prep. before the art. an : leis an sin, on that account. See le. 
Itisg, a. ; better : leasg. 

Itisg, nf. g. -f e., laziness, sloth, slothfuhiess, indolence. 
ItiSgtM, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, lazy person, sluggard. 
Ifisgtal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. — an, excuse, pretence ; also lethsgeul 
Itithid, nm. pL + ean, the likc, equal. 
leltir, nf. g. -reach ; pL -richean, side of a hill or coimtry. 
leò, prep. pron., with them, by them, in their possession. 
itdflUUia, nm. g.v. -ainn ; pL-fan, hon. 
ItMMUrtl, a. brave as a hon. 
Ìtèlmt, a. wounded, hurt, grieved, afflicted. 
leòir. See leòr. 

leòm, nf. g. leòime ; d. leòim, prìde, conceit, vainglory. 
leòmaell, a. conceited, vainglorìous, afiected. 
ledn, nm. g.v. leòin ; pL-i-tan, wound, hurt, grìef, affliction. 
leòn, afflict. 

leòr, ey, enough : a leòr, his fill : gu 

ioji., v.i j..>.,.i . i> n;. li iijin, I think it sufficient. 
It' r, with our, by our, for : le ar. 
It 'r, with your, i' v •.onr, for : le bhur. 
Ittll, nm. ind., : f two : ceud gu leth, a hundred and a 

half, 130 : :-, half an hour : leth-taobh, one side 

huil, out: eye : leth-cheann, one side of the head 
Iimh, one hind : leth-chas, one leg : leth-bhreac, one 
equal, matcb : as a leth, on his behalf 
ness : lethcheud, fifty. 
tud, vi , pj. an, breadth. 

leudaìc' .d vn. make bruad. eularge, dilate ; enlarge upon. 

Ituj, ; . . f' leig ; pL-f-an, pr- ■ '"">■ •~»'-«ne, jewcL 

leujh, . e. 

leuchadair, can, readcr, 

leum, va. leum, U-ap, jump, bound, ^kip. 
leum, nm. r. -^n. ; pL-f-annan. lcap, jump, bound, skip, 
leus, 'is ; pL leòis, a light, torch, blister, a ray, beaui or 

liath, a. iL-uijc. grey, grcyheaded, mouldy. 
Mitiiaicll, va. and vn. make grey, become grey. 
llattiglMnil, a. greyish bltu 
llc. See leac. 


Iid«, and lltfMdh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pL -idhean, syllable, articnlation, 

lcast part of a word. 
lighlcht, mn. pl. + an, pby&iciaii, surgeon, leecb. 
Illin, nm. pl. -f tean. generation, age, century ; race, oflspring, 

linn, nm. g. + e. ; +tean, brood. 

linnt, nf. pl. +acban, linn, pool, pond, gulf, arm of the sea. 
Ilnntean, pl. of linn. / 

liobasta, a. -aiste, slovcnly, awkward, clumsy. 
liomh, va. polish, smooth. 
IIm, nm. g.v. Iln, lint, fiax. 
Ilon, nm. g.v. lln ; pl. + tan, net, fishlng net. 
Ilon, va. and vn. fill, replenish, satiate, become fulL 
IIm, in : cia lìon, bow many ? 

lionadh, nm. g.v. -aidh, fillin^, replenishing, flowing of the tidc. 
lionmhor, a. nimierous, plentiful, copious, populous. 
lionn. See leann. 

liot, nf . g. lise ; d. lis ; pl. + an, garden, orchard. 
LitO, pnf. Leith. 

Ilth, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, colour, bue, tinge. 
IHIr, nf. g. -reacb ; pl. -richeau, letter, epistle ; letter of the 

litreachai, mn. g.v. -ais, literature. 
iitrich, va. spell, put in letters. 

liubhair, va. +t and -radh, deliver, give to, surrender. 
liuthad, so many, many, severai 
1«, for . là. 

lObh, va. and vn. rot, putrify, make putrid. become putrid. 
locar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. + an, carpenter's plane. 
lOCh, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, loch, lake, arm of the sea. 
Loch-abar, pnm. Ix>chaber. 

iochan, um. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, little loch. pond, dam. 
Loch-ceatharn, pnm. Locb Katrìne. 

iochd, iiin. g. + a. ; pl. + an, blemisb, defect, harm, evil, mischicf 
iochdach, n. faulty, dcfective ; criminal, hurtful. 
Loch Laomainn, pnm. Ix>ch Lomond. 
Loch-nan-eala, pnm. Loch Nell. 
lòchran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain. torch, ligbt, lamp. 
lodan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, little pooL 
l*ln, See lòn. 

lelnid, nf. pl. +ean, chum staff. 
Idlnidh, uui. ind., rheumatism. 

loinn, nf. g. +e., good condition, comeliness, charm. 
loinneii, o. conicly. ('lo^Mnt. bcautiful. brigbt. 
ioieg, va. an<i vn. lc>sv.'a(lh. burn. causc to bum, consume, scorcli 

lirc as .1 j^un. sct tlamc to. 
lom, a. luiinc. barc, bald. sbaven, CTopped : air lom, into viet\ 
Jom, nm. g.v. luim ; pl. luim, « plain, bare surface. 
lomair, va.+t, fleece ; sheor, as shecp. 



Itmairt, v.n. fleecing, shearìng. 

lomnochd, a. naked, uncovered. 

lomraich, va. fleece ; shear, as sheep. 

|0B, nm. g.v. loin ; pl. loin, elk. 

ièa, nm. g.v. lòin, food, provision. 

lÒR, nm. g.v. lòin ; pl. lòintean, meadow, lawn, morass. pool. 

ion-dubh, nm. g.v. loin-duibh ; pl. loin-dubha, blackbird. 

lOBg, uf . g. luinge ; d. luiug ; pl. -f an, ship. 

lorf, nf. g. luirge ; d. luirg ; pl. 4-an, staff, crutch, haft of a spear. 

lorg, nf. g. luirge ; d. luirg ; pl. -f-an. foot-print. track, path, mark 

nr Mgn. 
iorgaich, va. trace, track, search, pursue. 
lorgalr, nm. pL-f ean, tracker, a dog that follows the scent. 
lot, nm. ind., purpose, intention, sake, accoimt : a los, for the 

purpose of, for the sake of, on account of, with the intention 

lOtgadll, v.n. buming, combustiou. 
lOOgonn, nf. g.d. -uinn ; pL-f-an, frog, toad. 
lOt, nm. g.v. loit ; pL -f an ; wound, hurt. 
lot, va. wound, pierce, hurt. 
lOth, nf. g.-l-a. ; pL-f-an, filly. 
lOthag, nf . g.d. -aig ; pL -f- an, little fiHy. 
luach, nm. ind., value, worth. 
iuachair, nf. g. -rach, rushes, taken coUectively. 
luachmhor, a. valuable, precious. 
iuadh, um. g.v. luaidh, fulling. 

loadbadb, v.n. fuliing. 

luaidh, va. luadhadh, thicken cloth by fuUing. 

luaidh, nf . g. -f-e. ; pL +ean, lead, leaden shot, lead or plummet 

of sounding line. 
iuaineach, a. uns^tled, restleì»s, inconstant, fickle, uncertain. 
luailg, \ a. and vn. luas«;adh, shake, wave, toss. swiug, rock. 
luaithe, i 'ju; ' r, faster, sooner, speedier. 

luaithre, : : 

luasgadh, \.:.. ^ ■ -■•"■■ '•vinging, rocking. 

luath, nf. K'- ^iii-i ; 'i. • •'-•s. 

Luath, pii!:i. 'i'-'gb uai... :ag ' speedy.' 

luath, a. '{ui' k, swift, fast, fieet, soon, speedy : cho luath 's a, 

as Mj<;ii as. 
luathaich, va. and vn. hasten, makc haste, accelerate, speed. 
luathat, nm. g.v. -ais, quickness, swiftness, speed. 
lèh, va. and vn. bend, incUne, stoop, humble, yield, consent. 
lih, nf. g.d. luib ; pL ~f-an, beud, loop, noose, snare. 
hih, nm. g. -:i, V. luib ; pl. + annan, pooL dub, puddle. 
lUCh, nf. g. • a. ; d. luicn ; pl. -ran, mousc. 
Ìuehag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-f-an, mousic. 
iùchalrt, nf. pL-f-ean, paiace. castle. 
luchd, nra. g. -f-a. ; pL-f an, burden, load, cargo. 
Inchd, um. pcople, foUc, a set ; used mocitly in compound words. 



luchdaich, va. load. 

luchd-dàimh, ntn. relations, kindred. 

luchd-dùthcha, tim., countrymen 

luchd-imrich, nm. flitters, those removing from onc rcddence 

to another. 
luchd-llubhaii, um. travcllers. 
Iùda{, nt. g.d. -aig ; pl. -{-an, the little fingcr. 
lùdafan, nni. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f-an, hinge. 
lùdan, iùdnan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-f-an, hingc. 
IU|ha, a. lcss, smaller. 
lughad, nf. g. -aid, littleness. 

iuf hdalch, va. and vn. lesscn, diminish, assuage, mitigate. 
lùlb, nf. g. -f-c. ; pl. -l-can, fold, comcr, angolar tornitig m of a 

strcam, creek. 
luibh, nf. g. -f-e. ; pL-f ean, berb, plant. 

luld, nf. g. +e. ; pl. -f eau, rag, drudge, raggcd slovenly one, slut. 
iHÌtfMCll, a. ragged, slovenly, shaggy. 
IvMMg* ^- g-d. -eig ; pl.-|-an, little rag. 
IvltfMCach, a. ragged, tattered. 
iuldhear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-f-an, chimney, vcnt. 
iuidseach, tmt. g.v. -ich ; pL -icbean, lumbering person ; also 

iuingt. Sec long. 

luinceat, nm. g.v. -eis, sbippitig ; also ship. 
lulnneag, uf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -f an, ditty, cborus. 
lùireach, nf. g.d. -icb ; pl. -icbcan, large cioak or rovenng, 

covcring of mail, patcbed garmcnt or covcring. 
luirg, nf. g. -inn ; pl.-f nean, sbank, shin, lcg, snaft or handle, 

baft, stalk of plant. 
lunn, nm. g.v. luinn ; pl. -f an, handle of an oar, staff, levcr, an 

unbroken wave. 
Lunnalnn, pnf. London. 
Lunndaidh, sumame, Lundie. 

lunndair, nm. pl. -f-can, sluggard, idler, lazy, indolent pcrson. 
iurach, n. lovcly, prctty, nitiible, bvi' ' " ' ' 
luraiche, a. morc lovcly, pretty, niti. leUghtfuL 

lurgann, nf. g.d. -ainn ; pl. luirgncan, .^wii.. .-^v 'airg. 
ius, nni. K.v. luis ; pL-f an, hcrb, plant, wccd. 
Lut, pnui. Lu&s. 

lusach, a. full of bcrbs, plants or wecds. 

lùth, nm. g. -I a : v. lùitb. strcngth, powcr, ^igour, activity, pith. 
iùth-chlcat, ::t;: r i a: pL-fan, agility, a manly fcat, atluetic 

i \( r. : <. . - ;i i^ht of hand, jugglcry. 
lAthmbor, u. btrung, able, powerful, agilc, sopple. 

n', for : mo, my ; preccdes vow. and f aap. 
'M, for : am, the art. and the verbal part. ; foUowa prcp. ending in 



m', for : mu, abont, before ; precedes poss. pron. beginning with 

vow. and the art, and the verbal part. an or am. 
■Ul, if : ma ta, well then, very well. 
MàJI, va. abuse. vilify, reproach angrily. 
Mtadl, a. lisping, stammering, stuttering in speech. 
■HlMr, nin. pl. + ean, stammerer, stutterer. 
wac, nm. g.v. mic. ; pl. mic, son, the young of any animaL 
Mae a' Cirambaich, pnm. Coiquhoun. 

macan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -j- an, little son, sonnie. 

maeanta, a. -ainte, meek, mild, geutle, ' fìUaL' 

macantas, mu. g.v. -ais, meekness, mildness, gentleness. 

Mac-an-Rothaich, pnm. Munro. 

Mic Gill-eathain, pnm. Maclcan. 

Mac Grlogair, pnm. MacGregor. 

Mac Lachlainn, pnm. MacLachlan. 

IMac Nèill Bharra, pnm. MacNeil of Barra. 

Mac Sheumait, pnm. Jamieson, MacHamish. 

macll, n. ont, without, outside, should be used only with v. of 

raotion : am mach ort, out you go. See muigh. 
machair, nf. g. -rach ; pL -raichean, field, plain, level country: A' 

inh.K hair ghallda, the low country, Lowland Scotlaud. 
mac-leisg, nm. g.v. mic- ; pL raic-, lazy, indolent person. 
mac-màthar, nm., mother's son ; inflected on the first element. 
mac-meanmna, nm. the fancy, the imagination. 
macraldh, nf. ind., youths, regarded collectively. 
mac-taila, nm. ind., echo. 
matfaih, nm. g.v. -aidh ;'pL -aidhean. dog, any wild animal of 

the doe; species, hound, mastiff. 
maiadh-aiiuldh, nm. woli ; inflected on first element. 
maiadh-donn, um. otter ; infiected on both elements. 
maiadh-ruadh, nm. fox ; inflected on both elements. 
mMar, nm. g.v. -air, madder (dye stuf!). 
maduinn, uf. g. maidne ; pL maidnean, moming. 
màf, uf. g.d. màig ; pL-f an, paw, ludicrous tcrm for the hand. 
mag, va. .scoft. mock, deride. 

migair, va. -aran, crecp, crawL handle clumsily, paw. 
magalr, nm. pL-l-ean, mocker. 
màgtrta, nm. g.v. -ain, creeping on all fours. 
magk, nm. g.v. maigh ; pL -f an, field, level country, plain. 
mag iiar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -airean, a bait for fishing with. 
maida, nm. pL4-an, wood, timber, a stick. 
maldne. Seemaduinn. 

màidttar, nm. g. v. -eir ; p L 4- an , a major in the army. 
maifhdaan, nf. g.d. -inn ; pL-f an. maid, maideu, virgiu. 
maif licach, nf. g.d. -ich ; pL -ichean. hare. 
maifhttir, um. pL-f-can, mastcr, title applied to clergymcn of 

ti;. ><otlish Churi-h : Maivjhstir Alaadau-, thc Rev. AJexander. 
mal|httir-tgeilc, nm. schoohnustcr. 
màiieid, nf. pL -l-can. bag, wallet, budget. 



mallU, nf. ind., d«lay, hindronce, slowneas. 

maille ri, for : am maiUe ri, along witb. 

mair, vn. -sinn, last, live, continue. 

malrbh. Seemarbh. 

màireach, for: om bàireach : am màireach, an là màireach, to- 

maireann, a. lasting, continuing, abiding, remaining. 
Màlri, pnf. Mary. 

MIIm, nf. ind., beauty, comeliness, omament, decoration. 
maiSMCÌI, a. beautifui. comely, ornamental, decorated. 
maith, a. fèarr, fbèarr and feobha, good, fiL, useful, virtuous. 

bccoming, valid, skilled, in good health, etc. : is maith 

leani, I am glad, I am pleased. See math. 
maith, va. forgive. pardon. 

maithaan, nm. pl. nobles. upper class of society. See math. 
maitheanat, nm. g.v. -ais. pardon. forgiveness. 
maitheas, nm. g.v. -eis, goodness, kindness. bounty. 
m^l, nin. g. v. màil ; pl. -f an. reut. tax, tribute. 
màla, nf. g.d. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, bag, budget, sack, bag of a 
mala, nf. g.d. malaidh ; pl. mailghean, eyebrow. [bagpipe. 

mal. See mol, shingle. 

maiairt, nf. pl. + ean, exchange, barter, buying and selling. 
màilia, a. mild, cahn, gentle. modest 
màl-dubh, nm. blackmail ; inflected on both elements. 
mall, a. inaille and moille. slow. placid. 
mallachd, nf. pl. -f-an, a « ■ rccation. 

mallaich, va. curse. usc ii s. 

mim, nui. g.v. T" '•" • '^! uf a round. slowly rising fonn. 

mim, nni. g.v. '.. -|-an. the fuU of the two handa of any 

manach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich. monk. 
manadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, omen, sien, portent. 
mang, nf. g.d. maing ; pl. -f an, a fawn, year-old deer. 
maadai, nf. g.d. -ail ; pl. 4- an, paunch. 
maoidh, va. and vn. grudee, upbraid, threaten. 
maoiltad, nm. g.v. -eid, baldness, bluntness. See maolad. 
maoim, nf. g. -fe. ; pl. -fean, terror. alarm, consteniatif— •^■"' 

sudden burst or eruption. sudden attack, snrprise 
maoin, nf. g.-fe. ; pL-fean. wealth. property, goods „ 

I, nf. g. maoile, d. mauil ; pl. -f an, cape, promontory. 

I, a. bald. homless. poUcd, blunt, pointlesa, edgrlcM, bare. 

easily deceived. 

nni. g. -aid, baldn(vi<i, bluntnett, bareneas. Secmaoilead. 
nni ' rdinate officer in varioas 

maorach, nn.. y..s. -..nn, ;>........-., ,.,. .... kinds. 

maor-rl|h, nm. officcr of court, meaaenger-at-anna ; inflected 

ou the fìrst elemcnt. 
Mattb, a. soft, tender, delicate, effeminate. 




maothaich, rtu and vn., soften, alleviate, become softer, become 

maethan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -fan, the chest ; a twig, bud. 
mar, as, even as, how, in like manner, lìke, like as : mar sin, 

in tbe same manner, in that manner : mar st>, in this manner 

: mar tha, akeady, as it is : mar gu'm b'ann, as 'twere. 
mra. See muir. 

BMr«C, nf. g.d. -aig, pl.-f an, padding. 
maraiche, nm. pl. + an, sailor, mariner. 
mar an ceudna, in like manner, likewise, also. 
maraon, phr. together, in concert, as one ; accented on last 

marM, a. dead, lifeless, torpid, vapid, tasteless : na mairbh. 

the dead. 
marbh, va. kill, slav. 

marcaeh, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean and-aich, rider, horseman. 
marcachd, nf. ind., riding. 
marcaich, va. -achd, ride, 

marcaich-shint, nf. ind., riders of the storm ; rain-drìfts. 
marg, nf. g.d. mairg ; pl. margan, merk = 1 3/4 Scots : marg 

fearainn, mark-land, ' Merksworth.' 
marf adh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, market, buying and selling. 
martanta, nm. pL + n, merchant, dealer in wares. 
mart, nf. g.d. mairt ; pL mairt, cow. 
ma't, it it be, or is. 

mit, am. g.v. màis ; pL +an, hip, buttock, bottom of any vesseL 
matladh, um. g.v. -aidb ; pL -aidhean, disgracc, affront, reproach. 
matlaich, va. disgrace, aiFront, degrade, reproach. 
ma tà, if so, then, however, nevertheless. 
math, a. good : bu mhatb leam, I would like : gu math mòr, 

pretty big : cha mhath leo, they care not to. See maith. 
math, nm. g. V. maith ; pL maithean, a noble, a hero. 
mathaich, va. manure land. 
màthair, i.f. g. -ar ; pl. -raichean, mother, the dam of any beast, 

s^vir c ir ii. r.,,.\;„e, the source of a stream, wellhead ; 

niùth.iir-i : ;, the prime cause or agency. 

maacan, um. >,' , , ;. -f an, root, bulb. 

maacanaich, v.i. s( /umg. 

maachainn, nf. al'.itement. deduction, discretionary power. 
mtachair, a. soft, tender, delicate, agreeable. 
maachar, nf. g.d. -air, control. 

maadar, um. i;.v. -air ; pL + an. wooden vessel. 

maadhail, nt j jy, glee. AIso : 
mtadhon, nui. g.v. -oin ; pL + iu<, ìì....u>c, centre, midst, waist, a 
mtadhonach, .<. iutcrnu-diate, middling, indifTerent. 
rneadhrach, !, festive, Uvely. 

rnèai, :;::;. ■^.^. : . -y. 

mtal, va. -t- taiua, puM»4U>*, enjoy. 



mttUl. Sce miL 

mtall, nm. g.v. mill; pl. miU and -r-an, lump, ma»s, mounf!. 

bunch, cluster ; meallan, little lump, &c. 
nttli, va. dcccive, bcguile. entice, cheat, defraud, disappoint. 
nttiialn, in : clachan-mcallain. whicb see. 
mttllanaell, a. lumpy, knobby ; aboundmg in lumps. heaps ci 

mealltach, a. deceitful, unreliable, disappointing. 
mealltaireachd, nf. ind., cheating, imposmg. 
mealtainn, v.n. eujoying, possessing. 

meamhair, nf. pl.4-eau, memory, remembrance ; also meomhair. 
mean, a.-^a, minute, small. 
mètnan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -f an, yawn. 
iiiètnanalch, nf. yawning. 
mtanbh, a. diminutive, small, mìnute : meanbh-litir, the smalUr 

Ktttrs. in contradistinction to the capital letters. 
meanbh-Chuiieaf, nf. ^. -eig ; pL -i- an, midge, ^at 
meanilan, nm. g.v. -am ; pL -f an, branch, twig, bough. 
Meanachan, pnm. g.v. -ain, meaning ' dwarfish person.' 
meanmna, nm. g.v. -f idh, spirit, mettle, magnanimity, braverj 

Mttnmnach, a. high-spirìted, mettled, magnanimotis, brave 

cour.'im ous. 
nttnmnachd, nf. ind., mettle. spirìt, fancy. 
IBttnn, nm. g.v. minn ; pL minn, kid, young roe. 
mttr, a. -r a, mcrry, sportive, wanton, playmL 
mearachd, nf. pL + an, error, misiake. 
mèars, va. march. 
mea«, nm. g.-f a ; pL-f-an, fruit 
mttt, nm. ind., respect, regard, esteem. reputation, opinion. 

judgmcnt, estimate, valuing. 
mtaa, va. aud vn., meas aud-fadh, jadge, valae. estimate 

esteem, regard, rcspect. 

a. respectablc, worthy, respected, valaed, estecmed. 
kk\ nf. pL-fean, tub (L. Sc. bine). 
I, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -ain, lap-dog, messan. 
mttWtrrt, a. tcmperatc, modcratc, reasonable. 
mttaCi va. mingle, mix, stir ' 
mtttgi in the phr. : am mca>. .imidst. 

mttlltn, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-f an, liold butter. 

Itt, a. feeble, soft. cowardly, i • <L 

itk, va. and vn. bccome weaiv ..i wìì.ìU ; decay, fadc , ^- 

hearten, discourage ; movc with pity, affect 

nf. g. ^ '• "1 • <■»"■ •■» l' weighing apparatoa. 

, mtljcirt, the bleat of a goat 

mèigeartaich, ui< . coutiuucd bleating of goat<' 

&t. ind.. blcati'... 




(«t. ?. — e. ; pl. -fean, a bleat, as of ■^h'^'-r^ ■ rnèilich, continued 

M' .'.ti::;: of sheep. 
meil, v,i ;:rind, pulverise. 
mèln, mèinn, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, mlne ; ore. 
mèin, mèinn, nf. g. + e., disposition, inclination, mind, desire. 
mèinneatfair, nm. pl. + ean, miner. 
meirbh, va. digest in the stomach. 
meirM, a. feeble, spiritless, delicate. 
melrg, va. and vn. rust, becorae rusty, canse to rust. 
meirf, nf. e. + e.. rust. 
meirghe, !.:. pl. + an, banner, troop. 
mèirie, ni. md., theft, thieving. 
mèirleacll, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, thicf. 
mèith, a. fat, greasy, corpulent ; rich. as soil. 
medf, nm. g.v. meòig, whey. See mèag. 
medir. See meur. 
mt«(l, nm. ind., size, buIJc, extent, measure ; as many as : da 

meud, how many, or how much : air mheud 's a their iad, 

notwithstanding what they say. 
mtttdachd, nf. ind., bulk, size. 
meudaich, va. and vn. increase, enlarge, extend, multiply, cause 

to increase, abound. 
mMr, nm. g.v. meòir ; pL meòir, finger, toe, branch, bougb ; 

branch of a fauiily. 
mMrticll, va. finger, hondle. 

meanill, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, thiiiible, a little branch. 
mhàla, in the phr. : a mhàin, only, alone : am fear sin a mhàin, 

that man only, 
ml and ml, pron. I, me. 
ml-, pref. equaUng ìn- and un- in Eng., meaning ' opposite,' or 

miabadh, :.::i. g.v. -aidh. affront, humiliation. 
miadh, mn. ind., honour, esteem, respect, demand. 
miafall, miamhail, nf. mewing, as a cat. 
mial, ii! i.'.-ra, and mlle ; pL + an, louse. 
mlananaich. See mèananaich. 

miann, i::!. pl. • - ' • lination, wilL longing : is miann 

•' 'I • ! ' :-• a miann, who desires. 

miannaich, v^. -; ... ,..^, long for, covet. 

miat, iif. ;'. mèise ; d. mèis ; pL + an, plate, platter, flat dish, 

mic. ."^' • mac. 

mi-fhortanach, a. unfortunate. 

ml-iomchuidh, a. nn.suitable, unfit, improper. 

mll, r.r *^ ^ 

ml-lach.-' ', 

mHa, m. pi. n.'nc.m, nuic, thousand, 

mMl, o. swcet. 

mUi, va. epoil, destroy, mar, injure. 

mNtMUI, See mile. 

Si F 


ml-mhodh, um. g. -fa. ; pL + an or +anDan, bad mamxc:.., .._ 

mi-mhodhail, a. unmannerly, unpolite, rude. 
mln, nf. g. + e., meal. 
mln, a. soft, delicatc, tender to the toucb ; smooth, even on the 

surfacc, mìld, meek, calm, unrufScd as water, pulTerìsed. 

ground fine ; fine, soft, as cloth or like fabrìc. 
ml-nàdurra, a. unnaturaL 
minich, va. smootb, make small, pulverise, explain, ezpoui: 

minig, a. mionca, often, frequent. 
ministear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL + an, minister, clergyman. 
minn. See meann. 

miodai, nm. flatterìng, fawning, fair spokenness. 
miO{ach, a. smiling, smirking, sly looking. 
miolaran, nm. g.v. -ain, tbe wbining of a dog when fawning. 
mioi-chu, nm. greyhound ; inflected on the latter element. 
miomhaich, va. toss, abuse, maltreat. 
mlomhail, a., for : mi-mbodhaiL 
mlon, a. +a. See mean. 

mionach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aicbean, bowels, entrails. 
mionaid, nf. pL+ean, minutc of time. 
mionn, nm. g. + a. ; pL + an, oath, imprecation. 
mionnaich, va. and vn. swear, vow, use imprecations. 
miorbhuii, nm. pL + ean, miracle, wonder, prodigy. 
mlorun, for : mi-rùn. 
miOS, nin. g. + a. ; pL + an, month. 
miosa, a. worsc, worst. 
miothlachd, for : mi-thlacbd. 

mir, nm. g. + e. ; pL+eanuan. a bit, part, piece ; luncheon. 
mirt, nm. pastimc, playing, diversion, frolic ; transport of rage 

or ardour. 
mire-chath, nf. rage of battle, battlc fury. 
mireag, nf. g.d. -eig ; playing, friskin^. sporting. 
mireagach, a. playful, friski: 
miraagaich, nm. playing. 1 

ml-riaghailt, nf. pL + t i.ini>. 

mi-rùn, mn. g.v. -rùin, -. will, spitt . 

misde, .1. thc \vor.>;c ^f • r 

mist, r.i. y.. • < , K. drunk. 

misgeach, a. (IrunK' 

misgear, nm. g.v, -eir ; pL+au, druuk,>! 

mÌM, i'inph. pron. I, mc. 

nilMWMell, nm. g.v. -icb, courage, fortitudc. spirit. 

■ IwHM ImiII, a. courageous. 

mltnlch, va. and vn. cncourage, take courage. 

mith, tnn. g. +e. ; pL+ean, obscure, bumble person : mitbea: 

.> , i,,urr class. 



mitkicil, nf. ind., time ; proper, or fit, time or season : is mithich 

a bhi falbh, it is time to go. 
mi-thlaclli, nm. dissatisfaction. 

«M, maaliia, mutiian. Sec bean. 

mUMÌ. See bean. 

m»f poss. pron. my. 

md, a. larger, bigger, greater, largest, etc. : cha mhò bha mise, 

no more was I : na 's raò, greater, no more : dè is raò leamsa 

iad, what the more care I. 
mocll, a. early, betimes, soou. 
mochthratll, nf. moming, dawn of day. 
mòd, !;:n. g.v. mòid ; pL-}-an, court, trial, assembly. 
modh, nm. g. -i-a. ; pL-f-annan, manner, mode, method, good 

i:: .nners. 
modhail, n. -ala, mannerly, polite. 

mogan, ::.::. .,'.v. ain ; pL -|-an, footless stockmg {L. Sc. hugger). 
mo{ul, :i:::. ..(.v. -uil ; pL ran, husk, as of nut ; mesh, interstice of 

mòid, ui. .... V.. L;reatness ; a. more, the more. 
mòina, uf. g. mòna ; pL -tean, a moss, a mossy place ; peats, 

Moirreacil, sumame, Murray. 
moit, iit. g. -f-e., sulkiness, pride, pettishness. 
moiteil, a. sulky. pettish, proud. 
mol, va. praise, recommend. 
mol, nf. shingly beach ; also, mal and muL 
molach, a. hairy, rough ; stormy. 
moll, n:n. g.v. muill, cbaff. 
monadail, a. mountainous. 
monadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, mountain, heathy ex- 

;>, mountain range. 
MonadhClial-tuathaireach,pnm.Monachal-tuarach, place name. 
monadh-frltil, nm. deer dorest ; inflected on the first element. 
montr, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -airean, trifling thing or person : cha 

bu mhonar e, it was no trìfling aff air. 
monmhur, nm, g.v. -uir; pL -i-an. murmurìng nobe. 
Mont-ròt, pnm. Montrose, place name. 
Mòr, pnf. g.d. Mòir. rendered in Hng. ' Sarah ' and ' Marìon ' ; 

Mòraj?. little Mòr. 
m6r, .1 i'I mò, big, lar^e, great, important, tall, of high 

: pacious ; familiar ; esteenied : cha mhòr nach 
■' ' -11 : tha iad mòr aig a chèile, they are 

. r ■ hey are great wi' ither) : tha e mòr 

;- ... , -rtant. 

mòrachd, nt. ind., greatncss, majesty, dignity. 

Mòrac. pnf. g.d. -aig. Sce Mòr. 

■MÌrtU, a. majestic. bigh-class. 

■oaUr, nm. pl. -f-can, old j)en»onal title rendered in Eng. ' lord.' 

ndralMll, a. honourabl 


mòralachd, nf. ind., greatness, majestj, honour. 

m6ran, nin, g.v. -ain, much, many, great quantity, great namb' • 

mòrchult, nf. pride, spleudour ; ambition. 

morKhath, nm. g. 4-a.v. -aith ; pl. -f-an. fisbing spear. 

mort, nm. g.v. moirt ; pl. moirt, murder. murderìng, slajring ; 

ulso murt. 
mort, va. mort and -f-adh, murdcr, slay. 
mortalr, nm. pl. -f eau, murderer. 
mòr-thlr, nf. pl. -j-ean. mainland. continent. 
mosach, a. nasty, filthy, sordid, mean. 

motgail, va. and vn. -ladh, waken, rouse ; awake, riae from sle< ■ 
moi{aln, nm. rottcnness, mustiness. 
motha, a. larger, greater ; also, mò. 
mothaich, va. perceive, observe, feel, know, take noti 
mu, prep. about, around ; of, concerniug, on accouui ..■, 

: mu'n cuairt. about, round about : mu thimcheall, alK>' 

around, concerning : mu choinneamh, opposite. 
muc, nf. g. muice, d. muic ; pl. +an, sow, pig. 
muca{, uf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, the fruil of the dog rose (L. Sc. hip). 
mùch, va. quench, extinguish, suffocate, squeeze togetht-r 
mùdan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -)-an, covering for a gun. 
mufharn, nf. g. -aime;d. -aim; pl. -aimean, anklt 
muicthtoll, nf. g. -fheola, pork. 

muidhe, nm. pl.-f-an or -f achan, a chum ; also, cranna^ u«u 
mùig, nm. g. 4-e. ; pl. -i-ean, cloudiness, surliness, gloom, frov 
muigh, n. out, outside ; used with v. 0» r-'* <• • -" «■ >' 
muileann, nm. g.v. -inn ; pl.-f-an, nii 
mulllchinn ; Sec muinichill. 
muillean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, milliou. 
muiliear, nm. g.v, -eir ; pL -f-an, miUer. 
muiltfheoil, nf. g. -fheola, mutton. 
mulme, nf. pl. -fachan, nurse, stepmothcr. 
muln, va. tcach, instraot. 
muin, nf. ind., back, back part of the ncck and region immediat 

below sanic : air a mhuin, on his back, on top o£ him. 
mùin, va. mùn. micturate. 

muineal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. -eilean, neck of human being. 
muing, nf. g. -f-e, ; pl. -|-ean, horse's mane. 
mulnichlll, nm. pl. -|-ean, sleeve ; aLso, muiHchinn. 
muinlghlnn, nf. pL-f-ean, conlìdence, trv dependcti 

mulnntir, nf. g, -reach, folks, people. !; relatii 

MMlr, nf. g. mara ; pL marannan. sea, ocean. 

muirichinn, nf. childr. - ' ' ' - ' -~ 

mùlrn, nf. g. 4- e., affc- 

mul, ntn. g.v. ninti • t , . ; 

mul. Sec in<A. 

mul, nm. g.v. tni. xle, axle-tree. 

muiachag, nf. g.d. -atg ; pL-ran. a cheeae. 



mulad, iiin. i^.v. -aid ; pl. -r-au, melancholy, sadness. 

muladach, a. melancboiy, sad. 

mulan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-f-an, small stook o£ hay or corn. 

muilacb, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean, top, summit, upper end. 

mult, nm. g.v. muiit ; pl. muilt, wether. Better molt. 

mu'n, before that, ere ; precedes v. beginning with p, b, f, m. 

mu 'n, before that, cre ; precedes v. beginning with vow., and 

con. other than p, b, f, m : mu'n robh iad rèidh, before they 

were ready, 
mu'n Cann, beforc — hardly : mu'n gann a bha iad rèidh, almost 

before they were ready. 
mur, if uot, except, unless. 
mùrtaf, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -hau, fishiug basket. 
murrach, a. able, capable. 

Murrachan, pnm. g.v. -ain, meaning ' little capable one.' 
murt. See mort. 
murtair. See mortair. 

mus an, mut am, before that, lest, ere, for mu'u, mu'm. 
mutf, nf. g.d. muisg ; pL-f-an, musket. 
mùSCt Jim- g-v. mùisg ; pL-fan, rheum of the eyes. 
musgan, nm. g.v. -aiu. dry rot in wood. 
mùth, va. chaugc, alter. 
mùthadh, um. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, chonging, altering. 

diiTerence, alternative. 
mùghadh, nm. ^.v. -aidh, destruction : dol am mùghadh, going 

to destruction. 

'n, for ; an=the ; an=their ; an=in ;an, the verbal part ;follows 

n-p preccdcs n. begiuning with vow. when foUowing ar, our and 

bhur, ur, yoar : ar n-arau, our bread, for : am aran : bhur 

n-àite, your place, for : bhum àite ; the n was originally 

part ot the pron, 
na, th, th.. 'iom. and dat. plur. case of the art. before u. begiuning 

na, :< h, those who, tbose which, what, wbom, all that 

: na liiu agad, all that you have : na thubhairt tbn, what 

you said. 
M, not, lct not, tbe ncg. part. bcfore v. beginning with con. 

: na tog, do not Uft. 
M, of the, the genitivc singular caòc of the art. before fem. n. 

begiuninji with lon. 
na, ♦'' "' - ' ~ • o iia sin, grcater than that 
na r : an do : far na dh' fbàg iad e, whorc they 

' lU d' (do) fhàg iade. 
na, i'->r ii<< ur, q.v. 
'BiU iu ki.^. in ber, contraction for : an a. 
M), ÌD : aa b' fhaide, was longer ; na b' »past tense of na's. 


NA0-NA8. ro^x..wk. 

nach, neg. part. preceding v. in the interrog. mood narh till 

c, will he not rcturn ? 
nach, the neg. corrcspondent of who, which 

till. he \vìxo shall not return. 
nach, the neg. correspondent of whom, which 

nach till e, the day on which he retums not- 
'nad, in thy, in your ; for : an do. 
nidur, nm. g.v. -uir ; pl. -|-an, nature. 
nàdurra, a. natural. 
na h-, uot, let not ; the neg, part. beforc v. begimiing with \ 

: na h- iarr, do not ask. 
na h-, the, the nom. and dat. plur. case of the art- befor- 

beginning with vow : na h-òrdagan, the thumbs. 
na h-, of the, the gen. sing. case of the art. before feui 

pinninR wjth vow. : bàrr na h-òrdaig, the point of the lliui 
naidheachd, nf. pl. + an, news. tidings. 
nàimhdaan. Sce uàmhaid. 

nàimhdtas, nm. g.v. -eis. enmity, hostility, malice. 
nàimhdail, a. hostile, inimicaL 

nàire, nf. ind., shamc, ignominy ; fccling of shame. bashfuhK 
nàirich, va. shame, affront, cause sbame. 
naitg, va. nasgadh, bind, make fast. 

nall, in the phr : a nall, to this sidc, towards us, from the other side. 
nam, art. of the; precedes n. in the gen. plur. beginning with p. b, 

f, m. 
'nam, in thcir ; precedes n. begiuning with p, b. f, m. 
na 'm, if ; preccdes v. in thc conditional mood, beginning ^^ 

p. b, f, m. 
nimnald, nm. pl. nàimhdeau, cncmy. 
'nan, iu thcir ; precedcs n. begiuning with vow. or con. ot 

tban p. b. f, m. 
nan, art. of the ; precedes n. in the gen. piur. beginning with v< 

or con. other than p, b, f, m. 
na 'n, if ; precedes v. iu the conditional mood, beginning wìth 

vow. or con. other than p, b. f. ni. 
naodhamh, nm. niuth. 
naoi, nu:::. uine. 
naoidheamh. Sec uaodhamh. 

naoidboan, um. ^v. cin nl. -rini.m. inf.>nt. babe. sucklini!. 
IMVlmll. See n. 
NMliMr; sec nu' 

liaamll, nm. g.v. uaouuh ; pl. aauiiuh. hol> . 

MMmk, a. holy. saintly. 
naemllÌieMt nf. ind., holiness. sanctity. 
naenar, nm. g.v. -air. uine persons coUectively. 
naetf, nm. g.-f '^ ' ■ : pl. -|- aich, snipe, 

nar, ueg. part. < : leigeadh Dia, Cod forbid. 

nir, a. shamefol. ^... r,:- i^ nàr leam. I account it shamc: 

na 'a, in phraaeo oi companaon : na '• mò, greatcr. 



MUf, nm. g.v. naisg ; pL +an, band, tie band, collar. 

MSgaldh, in the phr. : a nasgaidh. for : an asgaidh, gratis, 

without price. 
nithair, nf. g. -rach ; pl. -raichean, serpent, snake, adder. 
nathraeh. See nathair. 
-ne, emph- postfix ; follows n. preceded by : ar, our : ar 

n-athair-ne, our father. 
neach, nm. person, any person, individual : neach air bith, anyone 

at all. 
nMd, nm. g.v. nid ; pl. nid, nest. 

nMMlaiCh, va. nestle, build or make a nest, lie in a nest. 
■iMlh, nm. g.v. nèimh ; pL + an, heaven, the sky. 
NMIMÌCÌnn, nf. pL+ean, napkin. 
HMrt, nm. g.v. neirt. strength, power, might. 
nurtmieh, va. strengthen, fortify. 
■MrtMlMr, a. strong, powerfuL 
WMt, nf. g. + a. ; pL + an, weazeL 
WMIflM, nf. pL + ean, boU, ulcer. 
Mimh, nm. g. +e. ; pL + ean, poison. 
BM, or ; in the phr. : air neo, otherwise, or else. See no. 
HM-, pref. implyiug tbe absence of the quality expressed by the 

word to which it is joined. 
■■> tiridh, a. uuworthy, undeserving. Better -airigh. 
MO-Chiontach, a. innocent. 

MO-Choltach, a. unlikc, dissimilar, unlikely, improbable. 
•00-fhaicsinneach, a. invisible. 
nOÒÌI. See ueuL 

ntòinou, nm. g.v. -ein ; pL -einean, daisy. 
ntoini, nm. ind., nothing, nonentity. 

noinach, a. curious, surprisiug, droll, amusing, unusual, odd. 
BCIii, nm. g.v. neòil ; pl. neòU and +tan, cloud, hue, swoon, 

MUlach, a. doudy, obscure, pale. 
■I, nm. pL nithean, thing, circumstance, afiair. 
RÌ, va. irr. will or shall do, or make. 
Ntell, pnm. g.v. NèilL NeiL 
nic, for : ui mhic, uscd like ' mac ' in patronymics, when a female 

Ls concemed : Iseabal Nic Ailpein, Isabella Mac Alpine. 
nid. Sce nead. 

■iÌMa, um. g.v. -ein ; pL -einean, Uttle nest, nestie. 
■ifh, va. wash, clcanse, purify. 
RÌghMn, nf. g.d. -in and -mn ; pL + an, daughter. 
nlmh, • ■ i>on. Scc neimh. 

nior, :. , ucvcr ; uscd before the v. : mor chaalas, I never heard 
r tho^ e, he never lifted. 
ÌOS, in the phr. : a nios, from below, up. 

in the pbr. : a nis, now, at this time. 
I'l, for na's (thc better form). 
n. pL, sce ui. 



■f, or, uor, neither, otherwise, else, if not : fear no beau, a man 
or a woman : cha 'n c fear uo bcan a th' ann it »<. npithfr 
man nor uoman. 

nochd, va. shew, rcveal, disclose, dlspl.i 

nochd, in the phr. : an uochd, to-night (I,. Sc. tii« mdit). 

nochd, a. naked, bare, cxposed. 

nodha, a. ncw. Also uuadh. 

Nollaig, nf. pl. -fean, Christmas. 

nòl, nni. g.v. nòis ; pl. -f-an, custom, mauut;i, uauii. 

nuadh, a. ncw, frcsh, recent. 

nuadhalch, va. renew, renovate. 

miair, for : an uair, when, at thc time. 

nnali, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, howl, roar, lowing of cattle. 

nuat, in the phr. : a nuas, down, downward, from abovc. 

null, in the phr. : a null. See uunn. 

nunn, in the phr. : a nunn, thither, to the other side, bejond, 
over to. 

0! exclamatiou with thc force of Eng. O ! Oh ! Alas ! 

•, prep. a form of : bho, from, since, from that timc, becausc. 

seeing that, for. 
•b, va. and vn. ref use, rejcct. avoid ; fail, give in or over. 
Ab, um. g. + a. ; v. òib ; ^:-' ' ly, creek, harbour. 

Obair, nf. g. oibre ; pl. c: work, labour. 

dban, nm. g. -ain ; pl. +...., ...... .>ay or crcek ; an t- Oban, Obon. 

Obann, a. suddcn, unexpccted. 

6bh, 6bh ! iuterj. expressing wouder or derisiou. 

OCar, nm. g.v. -air, intcrest on money. 

OCh ! interj. cxpressiug ouuoyance or trouble. 

OChd, num. eight 

ochdnar, nm. and f. g.v. -air, eight persons. 

0Ch6in ! interj. cxpressing sorrow ; accented on second syUable 

Odhar, a. dun, dun-cok>ured, sallow. 

*l, 'i- K-v. òig ; pl. òig and + an, yo •• 'òg, thc ^-oungmai:. 

ò(an, uni. g.v. -ain ; pl. + au, a y ;:ig. 

òganach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, ._.._;. 

Ogha, um. pl. + chan, grand-child of cither scx. 

àglach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, young mon, man>servanL 

•ibrieh, va. work, operate, labour ; work to a consistencj, mix 

Oibricha, nm. pL + au, worker, workmau. labourer. 
Oidfl, nin. pl. + an and-achan, fostcr-futhcr, step-father. 
•Mbichfl, nf. pl. + anuan. night. 

•MMff, nf. pl. + ean, cflort, attempt, endeavour, undcrtaking. 
ènig, nf. pl. + can. officc. 
èigO, nf. ind., season of youth. youlh-tii;i<-. 
èlfoar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL + an, young nian. 




Algl^ nf. g.-fe. ; pL+ean, virgin, maiden. 

OI|tl Muiri, pnf. : An Oigh Mmre, The Virgin iiary. 

OÌKhre, r.;!i. pl. -j-achan, hcir. 

oigiiriachd, nf. pl. -i-an, heirship, iuheritaucc, land-estate. 

Òigridh, nf. young folks, collectively. 

oil, va. rear, educate. 

ell, nf. ind., vexation, pain, grief : is oil leam, it is an offence to me 

: ge b' oil leis, in spite of him. 
OÌIbhlum, nm. g.v. -eim ; pl. -4-an, ofìence, reproacb. 
oilean, nm. g.v. -ein, education, training, instructiou, uurture. 
oileanacb, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, student, scholar. 
oillt, nf. g. -ì-e. ; pL-f-ean, terror, dread, horror. 
oiiiUil, a. hideous, horrific, dreadful, disgusting. 
olMlligll, nm. g. -f-e. ; pL-i-ean, school, seminary, college 
Oir, for, because that. 

olr, nm. g. -f-e. ; pL-f ean, edge, lip, border. 
Oirfell, prep. pron., on you, pl. 
òirdboirc, a. famous, illustrious, noble, excellent, honourable, 

òirleach, :if. g.d. -ich ; pL -ich, iuch. 
olrnn, ; r p. pron., ou us. 
oirre, prcp. pron., ou her, on it, fem. 
oisinn, nm. pL -nean, corner. 
Oitinntach, a. having comers, angles, or nooks. 
oitMgt Q^- S-^- '^'8 ! pL-(-an, breeze of wind, light blast 
òl, va. ÒL drink. 
òl, nm. g.v. òiL driuking. habit of drinking iutoxicating liquors, 

ola, nf . g. -aidh ; pL -aidlieau, oiL oiutment. 
olann, nf. g.d. -aiuu, wooL 

OlC, nm. jg.v. uilc ; pL uilc, evil, miscliief, wickedness. 
Olc, a. miusa, eviL bad, wicked. 

oilamh, ni)i 

onoìr, nf. ; 

onorach, a. i 

òr, nm. g.v. òir, gold. 

òr, va. gild. 

ònià, nf. pl. -o.ui, <■[)■■ 

Òran, for : amliran, nin. 

ènuiaÌelM, nm. pL r 

Ari, nm. g.v. ùird ; 

òrtfag, nf. g.d. -aig 

<■'] man, doctor. 
: hcd, famed. 

' h, oratiou. 

ii.v. -ain ; pl.-ain and-han, a song. 
. songster. 
Jiumb, big toe. 

òrdugb, nm. g.v. -uigh ; pL -uigheau, au ordcr, decree, conunaad, 
arrangemeut, array ; an ordinance, observance, rìte : òrdugh 
tath, haltle array. 

òrduieh, \ :i > r<ler, ordain, decre«, commaud, arrange, assign. 

orm, ; , on me. 

orra, , , on them. 

ort, prcp. pruu., on you, 8. 



Ot, above, over, in the phn. : os ciotm, overhead : o« àird, publicl>' 
loudly, openly : os iosal, privately, secretly : 06 bàrr. berides 

•taiil, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, desistiug, ccSMtioa, truce. 

Mag, nf. g.(L -aig ; pl. + an, blast, breeze. 

MM, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f au, a hose, stocking. 

ÌMlft, in : tigh-òsda, an inn. 

ètàtklr, nm. pl. 4-ean, innkecper. 

OSnadh, nf. g.d. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, groan, sigh, sob. 

Otnaich, nf. pL + ean, sigbing, groaning; siglu, groens. 

Otpag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -f-an, gasp, sob, sigh, pang. 

Othaii, nf. hurry, confusion, hubbub. 

Othar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL-f an, ulcer, abscess. 

òtrach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pL -aichean, dung-hiU ; dong, hlth. 

padhadh, nm. g.v. -aidh, thirst. 

Pàdruig, pnm. Patrick ; also Pàdhruig, Para 

paidhir, nf. g. -rcach ; pi. -rìchean, a pair, coupie, urace. 

pàlgh, va. pay, remunerate. 

pàifheadh, nm. g.v. -idh, pay, paying, payment. 

pailleart, um. g.v. -eirt ; pL -f- an, a box on the ear, blow with the 

p.ihn of the hand. 
piilliun, nm. g.v. -iuiu, pL-f an, pavilion, tent. 
paiite, a. plentifuL abundant. 
pailteat, nm. g.v. -cis, plenty, abundance. 
paipear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL-fan, paper. 
piirc, uf. g. -f c. ; pL -f ean, park. 
piirt, nf. g. -f e. ; pL-f ean, part, share, portion. 
pAlrtÌch, va. share, divide, impart, bestow. 
pAISdO, nm. pL-fan, child. 

ptiSg, va. pasgadh, wrap, fold in, roll togethcr. 
pait, nf. g. -fe. ; pL-fean, a hump. 
Pii, pnm. g.v. PhàiL Paul ; also PòL 
pilalS, nf. pL-fean, palace. 

■ip, um. g.-f a. ; v. phàip ; pL + an, pope : om Pip, the Pope. 
Pipanach, pum. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, a papbt ; a. papist. 
Para. Sce ràdruig. 
pirant, nm. pl. -f au, parent. 
Pirlamaid, uf. pl. -fcan, Parliament. 
pathadh. Scc padhadh. 

peabar, nm. g. -rach ; v. -air ; pL -raichean, pepper. 
peabraich, va. seasou with pcppcr. 
poacaek, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -•< 
pOMSÌIl, mn. g.v. -aidh ; pL 
peacaich, va. sin, transgrcss, oticua. 
Peairt, \>ui. Perth. Bctter Peirt. 
peallach, a. ahaggy, matted. 




p«tlia{ach, a. shaggy, matted. 

ptanat, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL +aQ, puimhment, penance. 

pMnn, nm. g.v. pinn ; pl. -f-tan, pen. 

ptana, um. pl. + chan, person, anyone, bodily form. 

pMn-«a{laiS, nm. an ccclesiatic, clerg^man. 

paasair, nf. g. -rach ; pl. -raichean, pease. 

ptManacMi nf. ind., impertinencc, impudeucc. 

paighinn, nf. pL-f-ean, penny. 

Ptigi, pnf. Peggy, pet form of Margaret. 

ptilMT, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL-f-an, ball or bullet. 

ptÌlittMr, mn. g.v. -eir ; pL-f au, quoit, flat stone. 

ptillMft. See pailleart. 

pèin, nf. g. -f-e. ; pL-i-tean, pain, torment. See pian. 

ptirceall, mn. g.v. -iil ; pL -clcan, jaw, jawboue. 

ptittag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pL -f an, waistcoat, short jacket. 

ptVMg, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-i-an, pea-hen. 

ptur, nf. g. pèire ; d. peir ; pL-f-an, pear. 

pturdag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL-i-an, partridge. 

pian, nt. g.d. pein ; pL-rtan, pain. 

pian, va. cause pain, torment. 

pig, nm. pL-f-ean, peak (nautical term). 

pigtatfh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pL -idhean, earthen jar. 

pill, va. turn, cause to tum. 

pinnt, nm. g.-f e. ; pL-i-ean, pint. 

pM, nf. g.-f-a. ; pL-i-an, pipe ; piob-mhàla, bagpipe. 

pittair, nm. pL-f ean, piper. 

pitglUli^i ^^- pl- + ^^"' magpie. 

pitMCb, nm. g.v. -ich, good fortune, prosperìty, success, luck. 

piSMg, :if. g.d. -eig ; pL-f-an, kitten. 

piuthar, nf. g. peathar ; d. piuthair ; pL peathraichean, sister. 

piutharail, a. suterly. 

placaid, nf. pL-f ean, woodeu dish. 

pladhadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, a flash, sudden biaze. 

plaidt, nf. pL-r-achan, blanket. 

plàigh, n: •• ■ • ' ean, plague. 

plaotg, n ; pL -ì- an, husk, empty shell, onter slun 

of a ., .^., bhell. 

plaotg, va. pcel, skm, open thc eyes, burst from the husk. 

plath-lin, um. g.v. plaith-, a lineu sheet. 

plOC, nm. g.v. pluic ; \à. ~r au, a large turf, clod, club with a round 

head, bcctle for mashiug potatoes, block of wood. 
plM, va. brui.'te, pound, mash, strike with a club. 
plt tg , nm. ii- ploLsg ; pL -f- au, throb of the heart, palpitation ; 

SOUK ' • ' - 

piotg, M'. oh, pant, gasp. 

piotgartaica, -.,.ng, startiug, gaspiug. 

pluh, vn. plump, tall suddenly into water, give forth a noite as 
of liquid in a Tettcl. 



plub, nm. g.v. pluib ; pL+an, sudden plunge, sound of a itone 
falling into water, sound of liquor in a vcsseL 

plubraich, nf. thc noisc of watcr bcing jumbled. 

plùch, va. squcezc, prcss. 

pluic, tif. K. +c. ; pl. -fcau, a cheek. 

pobull, nni. g.v. -uill ; pl. + an, pwjple. tribe, congrcgation. 

pòc, va. put into the pocket 

poca, um. pL + nnan, bag. 

pèca, um. pL + nnan, pocket, pouch. 

p6f, nf. g.d. pòig ; pL + an, a ki&s. 

pelt, nf. g. + e, ; pL-fean, pot : poit-chàiL kale pot. 

pòlt, nf. g. + e. ; drinking, tippling. 

pòitear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL + an, tippler, drimkard. 

poll, um. g.v. puill ; pL + au, mirc, mud, pooL puddle. 

pdnair, nf. bcan ; beans, collectively. 

ponc, ponf . See punc. 

poncail. Scc puncaiL 

pòr, nm. g.v. pòir ; pL + an, seed, spore, race, pore of th 

port, nm. g.v. puirt ; pL puirt, tuue ou a musical iuì.;. 
: port a beuL a dance tuue sung to doggereL 

portair, nm. pL + ean, a porter, ferrjTuan, gatekeeper. 

Port-an-ill«ln, pnm. Portanellan. 

pdt, va. niarry, perform the marriage ceremony. 

pdtadh, n. aud v.n. g. -aidh; pL -aidhean, marrying, marriage. 

pÒMla, a. married. 

post, va. tramp with the fect. 

pott, nm. g.v. puist ; pL + achan. pillar, post. 

pOSt and posta, nm. g.v. puist ; pL + achan, Post, lettcr carrier. 

poitachd, nf. ind., thc busincss of the post offit <' 

pribar, um. g.v. -air ; pL + an, the rabble. 

pràmh, nm. g.v. pràimh, slumber, shght sleep, dcjcctiou. 

pratach, uf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aich ; manger, crib. 

proat, nm. g.v. pris ; pL + an, bush, .shrub. 

proatamach, uf. g.d. -aich. shrubbery. 

prlobadh, um. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhcan. winking, i\\^.ij^.^.^. 

priomh, a. primc, chicf, priucipuL 

prionnia, nm. pL + chan, prince. 

prlonnta-fuadaln, um. fugitive prince ; iuilected ou the fir^t 

priotan, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. + an, prison. 

prlotanach, nm. g.v. -aicli ; pl. -aich, prisoner. 

prtotanalch, va. i 

prll, nf. g. + e. ; • i'rice, respect 

prlOOll, a. valuaM , , . 

prlnt, nm. pL + achan, pin for fìxing dothes (L. Sc preen). 

prinich, va. secure witii pins. 

probhaM, mn. pL +ean, provoat 

pràto, nl. g. + e., pride, baoghtineM. 

prèitoll, 8. prideful, haughty. 



pronn, va. pound, mash, bray. 

pronnasf, nm. g.v. -aisg, brìmstone, sulphnr. 

pùc, va. push, jostle. 

MÌMMaCt n^- g-<i- -cig ; pl. + an, sucker. 

ylBHM, nm. g.v. -ein ; pL -einean, poison. 

p«ÌSl. See post. 

pHltlg, nf. g.a. -aig ; pL + an, roimd stone, baU, pedestaL 

pHRC, nm. g. V. puinc ; pL + an, point or stop, note in music. 

puncail, a. distinct, exact, accurate. 

pund, nm. g.v. puind ; pL puind, pound. 

purcadair, nm. pL + ean, purifìer, purgatory. 

purfaid, nf. pL + ean, a purge. 

pHrr, va. push, thrust, drive, urge, butt, strike with the head. 

pnt, va. push, thrust, strike with the head, butt. 

pHtìl{, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, oar pin, thowl. 

pBtan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, a button. 

pntll, nf. ind., pL + an, a puff. 

pnthaf, uf. g.d. -aig ; pL+an, a little pufiF. 

'r, for : ar, our ; after prep. ending in vow. 
'r, for : ur, yonr ; after prep. ending in vow. 
r', for ri, to, towards ; before poss. pron. begmning with voweL 
ra, fur ro, q.v. 

rabhadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pL -aidhean, a waming, advertisement. 
ràc, nm. g.v. ràic ; pL + an, rake. 
ràc, nm. g.v. ràic, the call of a duck, qnack. 
raeb, va. irr., go, proceed. 
radan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL -ain, rat. 

ràdh, nm. g.v. ràidh ; pL ràidhean, saying, word, adage. 
radharc, nni. g.v. -airc, sight, power of vision, view, prospect. 
ra-dorcha, nm. the time of the moon's being iu the wane. 
raf, a. stilì, rij^id, bcnumbed, obstinate, inflcxible, disinclined. 
rafaich, va. and vn. stiffen, raakc stiff, become stiff. 
raintach, nf. g.d. -ich, fem, brackens ; also, roineach. 
riinif, va. irr., reached, arrivfed, came. 
ràith, nm. g. + e. ; pL + ean, quarter of a year. 
raithoil, a. quarterly. 
ràmh, ;:: ' . ' ■.+an, oar. 

ràmhach, 'vith oars. 

ramhachd, iu. luw., i.^^^mg. 
rimhaìr, nm. pL + ean, rower. 
ràn, nm. g.v. ràin ; pL ràin,, lc.iid rry. 
ràn, va. +aich, roar, cry out. 
rànaieb, nf. roaring. 

rann, n! t;.d. roinn ; pl. + an, part, portion, division, section, vene. 
ranniaich, va. search, scmtinize, examine minutely. 
ranntachd, nf. ind., poetising, versification. 



raoir, in : au raoir, last night (L. Sc. yestreen). 

raoitearachd, nf. ind., carousing. 

raon, nf. ^'.d. raoin ; pl. raointean, fìeld, plain, a green. 

RMOall, pnni. g.v. -aiU, Ronald. 

rfttiall, va. -aladh, rake, harrow. 

ràtdal, nra. g.v. -ail ; pl. f an, rake. 

rath, nni. g. 4-a, v. raith, prosperity, luck, advantage. 

ràth, nm. g. -fa, v. ràith; pl. -fan, raft. 

rathad, um. g.v. -aid ; pl. -aidean, road, way, direction. 

rathail, a. prospcrous. 

ràthan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f an, surety : chaidh e an ràtiian air, 

bc became surety for him. 
Rath-thuaidha, pnm.', Rahoy. 
rè, nm. time, season, space of time, duration of time, lifetimc ; 

rè, nf. ind., the moon. 

roabhalrt, nf. pl. -fean, the time of spring-tide. 
rtachd, nm. pl. -f an, law, .statute, ordinance, act, regulation. 
reamhar, a. fat, plump, thick, gross. 
reamhraich, va. and vn. fatten, become fat. 
reannag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -f-an, star ; also, rionnag. 
reasd, um. arrestment. 

reatfach, a. stubbom, perverse, irascible, restive. 
relc, va. reic, sell. 
reic, nni. sale, selling. 

reiceadair, nm. pl. -l-ean, seller, vendor, salesman. 
riidh, a. plain, level, smooth, unintcrrupted, ready, arranged. 
rèidheachd, nf. ind., plainness, state of being level, smoothnew, 

rcadiness. state of bcing arranged. 
rèidhlean, um. g.v. -ein ; pl. -eincan, a grcen. level plain. 
rèir, in : do rcir, a rèir. according t'.. !■': - — - - - 
rèis, nf. g. -f e. ; pl. + ean, a race. 
riis, nf . g. -h e. ; pl, + ean, a span. 
rèisimeld, uf. pL-fean. regiraeut. 
rèite, nf. pL-fan, concord, agreement, reconciliation, marrìage 

( ontract. 
rèiteachd, nf. ind., state of being reconciled, di-sentan^lef! or 

reithe, nm. pL-fachan, a ram. 
rèitich, va. atiil v!i. : " Mt ni <>rucr, 

(ii.^ciil.i::v;K', .s; ; ■ 

reodhadh, ik.i. k .. • • fr...... 

reodh, va. ;inil \ ii. irc 
reub, va. rciul. ;:. .::,,.• . ;! .:- . 
reubainn, nt. ra])inc-, robbery. 

reubair, nm. \>l. -t, robber, violent person, despoiler. 
reubai, nni. g.v. -ail ; pl. -ail, rebel. 
reubalach, a. rebelhous. 
rvvdMi nm. g.y. -ain :. timber moth. 




, nf . g.d. rèìl ; pL +tan, star. 
rtal*iàil, nf. guiding star ; inflected on the &rst element. 
rtultair, nm. pl. + ean, astronomer. 
rcutan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL + an, a reason, cause. 
rflannta, a. reasoned, reasonable. 
ri, prep., to, towards, against, engaged at : cho math ri sin, as 

gòod as that, as well as that. 
riabtiach, a. brindled, grizzled. 

riailiag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pL + an, woodlark, hedge sparrow. 
riaell, va. cut the surface, graze the skin. 
riaih, nm. g.v. rèidh, interest of money. 
riaf hail, va. -ladh, rule, govem, regulate. 
riafhaiit, nf. pL + ean, a rule, regulation. 
riachlailh, nm. ruling, goveming, regulating. 
riaghiair, nm. pL-f-ean. ruler, govemor. 
riamh, ever, before, always ; used only of past time : bha e 

riamh mar sin, he was ever so : cha robh mi riamh an so, I 

was never here before. 
rian, nm. pL -l- an, order. arrangement, mode. 
rianaieh, va. arrange, distribute. 
riar, nm. g.v. rèir, pleasure, wiH, inclination, desire. 
riaraich, va. satisfy, distribute, share. 
rib, va. ensnare. 

ribà, nm. pL-f-achan, a tatter, rag, suare. 
rlbtaf, nf. g.d. -dg ; pL-han, little tatter, rag, or bunch of hair ; 

ribheiil, nf. pL-f ean. reed of a musical instnunent. 
ribhinn. See righinn. 
ridlr, nm. pl. 4-ean, knight. 
rlfh, ii::i. jl.-f-rean, king. 
rif h-chatliair, nf. -rach ; pL -raichean, throne. 
rifhe, nm. pL-f-an, the forearm. 
rif hil, va. dance, reel ; nf. g. -le ; pL -leachan, a dance, reel ; also, 

rif hinn, a. tough, elastic, adhesive. flezible ; dilatory, pliant, 

rifhinn, nf. g. -ne ; pL -nean, nympb, young lady. 
ri|hnich, \ a. and vn. make tough, become tough. make adhesive, 

1j< ( ;:i,: adhesivc, prolong the time. 
rlnn, ni. g. -f-e. ; pL-f-ean, point, sharp edge. 
rinn, va. irr., did, made. 

rieb, nm. i?. i- a : pl. -achan, a rag, tuft of hair. 
riochd, : ;>1. -f-an, likeness, forrn, appearance, state, 

fiaclMlaiCh, va. pcrsonate, represent. 
r^afkacM, nf. pl.-^-an. kingdum. 

riiafhail, a. r iv. 

rtofhaiachd, oyaltv. 

r'Omhach, . iornea, fine. costly, handsome, elegant. 



riomhadh, inn. ^. v. -aidh, finery, ridmest of raiment. 

rionnach, um. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aichean. mackerel. 

rireadh, m : da rlrcadh, truly, actually, indeed. 

rit, prcp. to, towards ; see ri ; prccedes the art. 

rlt, prcp. pron. towards him : a chasan ris. his feet ezposed : M^ 

ris e, cxposc it, discover it, lay it open. 
riS, for : ritbis, a rithis, again. 
rftlM, prep. pron. towards hcr. 
rithlt, again. See rls. 
riù, for rìutha. prep. pron. towards them. 

rillt, prep. pron. towards ■ '"' Mli!i« yciu 

rO, ro-, very, rather, ex .•<>(! ; pn 

cedes adj. mostly, ain .i-jmì.. 
Rob, pnm. for Roibeart, Robcrt. 
robair, nm. pl. +ean, robber. 
robh, sv. irr., was, were ; =:ro-bha, and is the form which follow 

verbal part. and prep. : cha robh, was not ; an robh, was 

not ? 
ròcat and ròcait, nf. g.d. -ais ; pL-|-an and+eon, rook, a crow. 
ro-cliièireacii, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, over-leamed person. 
roghainn, nm. pl. -|-ean, choice, selection, choosing, tbe best o; 

roghnaich, va. choosc, sclect. 
Roibeart, pnm. g.v. -eirt, Robert. 
rèle, va. tear. 

rèle, nm. g. + e. ; pl. -|-ean, a rough, unrefined feast. 
ròieaach, a. givcn to rough feasting. 
roid, nf. g.-f-e., bogmyrtlc. 
rold, nf. g. -f-e. pl.H-ean, short race, such as • 
roimh, prep. before (in rcspect of place, o: 

respcct of time) ; in prcference to : roimh i tunn. ijiii>n.-n'iii': 
rolmho, prep. pron. beforc him ; bcfore, l>efore now, formcrly, 

Ròimh, pnf. g. + e., Rome. 
roimpe, prep. pron. before her. 
ròin, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, a hair. 
ròinoai, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an. a lìttle 1> ; 
rolnn, uf. -g.-i-e. ; pL-ì-eau, a sh i. (hvÌM.iì. scction 

nir an aon roinn, in the samt 
roinn, va. roinn, divide, impart, djsini^iuic 
ròmach, a. hairy, towsy. 

romhad, ••"••^ • ' " '-•■•• — « 

romhalnn, . , 
romham, pri p. jtou. bcforc mc. 
rompa, p^p. i>i<<n.. before them. 
rèn, nm. g.v. ròin ; pL ròin, a seal or S( 
ronn, nm. g.v. roinn ; pL + an, slaver, ; 
ronnaeh, a. viscous, glutinous. sUmy. 



pL-f-n, rope. 
rÌÌ, mn. g.v. ròis ; pL-f an, a rose. 
rot, nm. g.v. rols ; pl. -i-an, promontory or isthmus' 
rosf, :nn. c'.v. ruisg ; pL-fan, eyelid, eyelash. 
Ros-neothaJCh, pnm. Roseneath. 
roth, nm. g. -}-a. ; v. roith ; ] ' wheeL 

rù, nm. ind., the plant rue. 
ruadh, a. rd'li.-h. rc'!-!i .i:\a. 
ruadhat, nf. ■^.■ì. -..ic an, j-oung hind or roe. 

ruadh-bhOC, um. g.v. -bLuic ; pL-fan and -bhuic, roebiick. 
ruadh-dhMR, a. reddi.^^h brown. 
ruag, \\u pursue, put to flight. 
ruagadh, nm. g.v. -aidh, chasing, pursuiug. 
ruaidh. See ruadh. 

ruaif' II J. g. -r-e. ; pL-fean, a pursuit, a flight, defeat, 
ruaimltMh, a. muddy, as water (L. Sc. drumlie). 

ruamhalr, va. rua:: ' !i a spade. 

ruathar, nm. g.v. t onset, fierce attack. 

rubha, nin. r' •.'.ì.l ^i ^.iii^a jutting into the sea, prom- 

<n;t' ry. .land. 

rue.nm.g.v.r ., an and-f-annan, rickofhay or corn. 
rud, nm. g.v. rmd ; pL-t-au, thing, matter, circumstance : rud- 

eiginn, somethmg : rud beag, somewhat. 
rùdan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-{-an, a knuckle. 
rudha. See rubha. 

rudha, um. g.v. -j-idh ; a blush, bloom, ruddiness o£ complexion. 
rùdhraicli, va. search for, grope. 
rug, v.i. irr., caught, bore. 
rugadh, ■. , irr., was bcru, was caught. 
ruidoas, 111:1. g.v. -eis, fri.sking, caperÌQg. 
ruig, va. -h heachd and -r sinu, rcach, extend to, arrìve at, attain 

to : cha ruig mi leas, I ueed not. 
rulj, in gu ruig, to, so far as, untìL 
rulghaacM, ni. ind., rcaching, extendiug to, arriviug at, attain> 

ing to. 
ruiftillll, nf. ind., same meaning as ruighcachd 
rù\n. ^ ■ -:n. 

ruinr ron. towards us. 

rùlsg, .; idh, bare, strip, peel, bark, shear, disclose. 

ruittach, .*. ru i'!y. 

ruith, va. ruitli, riin, flow as a stream : 'ua ruith, running. 
rAm, nm. g.v. ruim ; pL • aunau, room, i^lac.-, space ; a room, 



fun-chleiriacri, ^. . . 

- -cret, love 

c or intend. 

, purp<jsi. 

.-, lucaiu-. 



• r,l -i, I1 

Vil.; r..t -iT^ 


rùn-diomhair, nm. g.v. rùin- ; pl. rùintcau-, bccrct purposc. 

rùraicli, va. scarcb diligcntly, nimmagc. 
rùSf. iini. g.v. rù ; nl. -j an, eztemal covcring, rind, skin, 

husk. flie(c. Iiark of tree. 

't, for : is, it is. 

'tf for : is, and. ; - 

-t', for : -sa, and -sc. 

-ta, cmpb. postfìx. 

'ta, for : anns a', iu tbo. 

tibaid, nf. pl-fean, tbc Sabbatii. 

tabaid, nf. pL-l-can, brawl, figbt, tu-sòlc. 

tàbll, nm. g.v. sàibh ; pL + an, a saw. 

sàbh, nm. g.v. sàibb ; pL + an, salvc. 

sàbh, \ a. saw. 

sàbhadair, nm. pL-f ean, sawyer. 

sàbhail, va. savc, rescue. 

tàbhailtt, a. safe, rescucd. 

tabhal, tabhuil, um. g.v. -ail ; pL saibblcan, barn. 

tac, nin. g.v. saic ; pL-f-an and saic, sack, bug. 

tacaich, va. load. lay on as a burden. 

tad, nm. g.v. said ; dust sbaken out of anything, smart blow. 

tad, va. sbakc, thump, or brusb of! dust. 

tagart, um. g.v. -airt ; pL -f an, priest. 

tàibhir, a. ricb, wealthy. 

tiibhrtat, nm. wcalth, opulcucc, afHucncc, richcs. 

taidh, uf. g. -f e. ; pL-f-ean, upright beam ; thc part uf a bla<. 

\vhich is inscrted into a handle. 
Midht, nf. hay. 

taÌKhdear, um. g.v. -cir ; pj,-f an, soldicr. 

taighead, nf. g. saighdc ; d. saigbid ; pL saigbdean, arrow, dai 
tail, nf. g. -f e. ; pL + ean, beam. ~ —SSa tlT\rn ft- t*s t( 
tàil, nf. g. sàlacb ; pL-f tean, hcel. 1 O S (, i ì^n.'i^ ck . 

tàilean, nm. p.v. -'•*" ■ •>' -.•;".>" i.mi,. ì.iI. . ..r ,rn, ,,. »»,0 «• , 
tailf, nf. \i. ■ V , \ 

Mill, va. sall, .sc. _ 

taillear, nm. g.v. -cir : pL -ran, salt ccllaz ; co&k. 
Miilte, a. salted, pickicd. 
SàHtMn. Scc sàiL 

Sàl, nm. g. sàilc. v. sbàil, the sea aa salt watcr. 
mI, nm. g.v. sail ; filtb, f' ' 
MlMll, a. lailcbc. dirty, tilthy. f' 
MtaelWf, nm. R.v. -air ; pL-+-an, ;... 
Mlalcll, va. dctilr, poUutc. suUy, rcnder di: 
talami, nm. g.v. -ainn, salt. 
Mlm, uf. g.d. sailin ; pl. sailm, psahn. 



va. + 1, tread, trample. 
sallairt,nf. ind., treading. trampling. 
'tam, for ; anns am, in whom, in which : 'sam bith, at all; literally, 

iii thc worM. 
tàmlUICh, a. quict, still, cahn, peaceful. 
samhach, nf. g.d. -aich ; pL -aichean, wooden haft or handle, 

as of a hammer or aze. 
tamhail, nf. g. samhla ; pl. -fean, Ukeness, image, copy. 
tamhchair, nf. <4uietness, tranquiUty. 
tamhladh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, likeness, resemblance, 

exainple, pattem, copy. 
tamhiaich, va. compare, liken. 
tamhainn, uf. g. samhna, Hallowtide. 
tamhradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, summer. 
for : anns an, in the. 
I, emph. postfix. 
tanat, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL-f-an, hint, warning. 
tannt, nm. g.v. sainut, desire, covetousness, greed. 
taantach, a. covetous, greedy, dcsirous. 
aUNtaiCll, va. covet, desire, long for. 
MMbh, a. foolish, wrong, silly, erroneous : saobh-chreideamh, 

tao4, nm. g.v. saoid, care, attention, state, condition, joumey ; 

also : seud for joumey. 
taoiaiell, va. drive flocks or cattle to pasture, tend, take carc of. 
taOfluUt nni. g.v. -ail ; pl. -f-an, worl^ an age, lifetime. 
tMffkalta, a. worldly, penurious. 
taoi, nm. pl. -dhean, go<>d, worthy persou ; maguanimous man; 

learned man, warrior. scholar. 
taoil, vn. - •^inn. tliiiik, suppose, imagine, deem. 
taoilsinn, :.:. ilar.king, supjxjsing, imagiuing, deeming. 
taoire, a. uiMrc irce, chcaper, etc. Sce saor. 
SMr, a. frec, uurestrained, gratuitous, cheap, frank, easily 

split or broken as wood or stone. 
taor, va. free, deliver, rescue, save, redcem, set atUberty, chcapcu. 
taor, nm. g.v. saoir ; pL saoir, wright, carpenter. 
taorta, nf. ind., liberty, freedoni, dehverance, redemptiou. 
MMtluUr, nf. g. -rach ; pL -raichcan, labour, toil, work, pains, 

taothraicbt va. labour, work, toil, bestow pains. 
ttr, . ■-Ilcnt : uscd mostly as a prcf. to n. aud adj. ; .,„. ..^..^alb, 


»àr, ;;.; pL sàir, hcro. 

tàraich, . .4. ue, wrong, injurc, tire. 

•*»! ""!• -' acs, restraint, grasp : an sàs, in 


tàtaich, v.i. satisfy, satiatc. 
8ai«aa, pum. g. -uinn, Hngland. 
titll, lun. g.v. sàith ; pleuty, satisfactiou, &1L 



titb, va. thrust. iusert, transfiz. 

Sàthtch, a. satiatcd, causing satiety. 

's e, tur : is e, 'tis hc, it is : 's c, it is, in answcr to a question. 

-M, cmph. postfix. 

8i, num. six. 

•èab. See sèap. 

•iafeliaf, nf . g.d. -aig ; pl. -f an. a hawk. 

SMbliaKl, nt. pl.-rcan, error, wauderìng, going astray. 

stac, va. aud vn. wither, cause to wither ; scorch, parch, fad 

Stach, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + an, a tum, alteration : fa seach, mu 

seach, alternately, by turns, tinie about. 
seach, a., gonc by, away, aside. 
seachad, by, along, forward, ouward, aside, past : seachad av 

past hira. 
tiachainn, va. -nadh, shun, avoid, dispeuse with. 
taachd, uum. scvcn. 
saachdain, uf. pl -f can, week. 

seachdnar, nm. and f.^. -nair, seven persons collectively. 
seachnadh, um. g.v. -aidh, sbuuuiug, avoiding. 
seachran, uui. g.v. -ain, wandering. going astray : air seachra: 

Stadh, ycs, il is s<>, just so. 
Stadh, nni. 'fi. ■ a. ; pL-f-au, lucauiu^, scubc, uuucrbtauumg, 

ttal, uiu. y. ■-.(. ; pl.-Lnn. n v.lnlr. ^»i.,. .- .,f n',,,.. . spcll. 

taalbh, m::. •■ :r i: : • : k. 

taalbhadair, iiin. pl. i.,r..i" . _ .r. 

sealbhac, "i. g.J. -aig ; pL-t-au. \ ì. 

sealbhaich, va. and vn. posscss, n. .irc. 

seaibhan, inn. ^.v. -ain ; pL-l-au. tlic Ihiuat. 

sealg, nf. >^. s(.il;.:c ; d. scilg ; pL-f an, a huut, hunting. the cha^i 

sealcair, nm. pL fean, huuter. 

seall, \ i. +tainn, look. scc, behold. 

saalladh, nra. g.v. -aidh ; pl - 'i'Mv 

{KJWcr of VÌSÌOH. 
•Inn, uui. loukiug. 
seamrag, nf. g.d. -ai^ ; pL-f au, 
seaaisan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pL-f an, ì 
tiaHt a. siue, old, aged, ancicut : u, oi uld, audcntly 

: scann, beforc t, d, s, n, 1, r. 
Stanadh, um. g.v. -aidh ; pL -iiidli 
seanair, um. k- •i'" ; !•'• • c.ui, y. 
sianar, '.-■!■•. -lud l.^. -air, si- •■ 
taanchaidh, nin. pL • cau. r> 
••aachas, nm. ^-.v. -ais ; pl. 

course, ìiist<>r\ , rcl.itÌDU, ii.irriitivc 
seaatliacal, um. r.v. -.lil ; pl. -lau. <>1<1 sayiug. proTett 
seaa-mhalghdean, ni. l; •!. inn ; pL -dnean, old maid. 



«. -i-a., slender, slender-waisted, lean. 
Manfan, :nu. g.v. -ain ; pl. -Han, ant. 
Mtn-fhiilc, nm. pl.-f an, old bachelor. 
tMMHlliair, nf. g. -<ir ; pl.-hean, grandmother. 
tMlin, a. for sean before t, d, s, 1, n, r. 
Mtnn-Sf eul, nm. g v. -sgeòil ; pl. -sgeòil, old tale, legeud. 
tlap, '.1 :id vn. sneak. slink away, draw off privately. 
tèa^ìr, um. pl.-l-ean, sneaking. slink' " . 

tninààìr, nm. pl. + ean, towel. 
Mtr, nm. the east. 

Marfch, a. bittcr, disagreeable, sour, pungent, acrid. 
Marfehanta, nf . pl. -i- n, servaut maid. 
scarf , va. and vu. dry, wither, fade ; cause to dry, wither or fade ; 

pine away. 
ttarniM, nf. g.d. -oin ; pl.-^an, senji' 
Mtrmonaich, va. preach. 
MVrach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, foaì, loii. 
Marraf, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -f an, bottle. 

MtS, va. and vn. -f-air'' -♦■'"' - vìrt. endnre, last. 

Maumh, nm. g.v. -ai '<osture uf standing, state of 

cuduring : 'na slu ::ig. 

Maag, a. barreu, unpruiiiìc, drj-, not giving milk, farrow. 
•MSgair, a. comfortable. siiug. sheltered, at ease, cosy. 
Maamhach, a. firm, lasting, enduring. 

atie, nf. g.-r-e. ; pl. -f-eau, skin, hide ; enveloping membrane. 
Mk, nra. K'.-f-e. ; pl.-fean, stable rack (L. Sc. heck). 
•tiCMl, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. -clean, instrument for dressing flax 

(L. Sc. heckle). 
Mieht, nf. pl.-^- aniian. a hide. 
Mid, nf. g.-f-e; pl.-i ean, bed-spr_ . .. ihe floor, a .:_ 1. i_ 

or .>>trj\v. 
tèid, va. Mow as wind, breathe upon or into, pant, puff, inflate, 

3\v,-H l,v lìattt-rv. 
stiibh. s<.- -..Ibh.' 
Milchcag, ;;: 

Mil cach, iiiii. K-v. -ÌV.U , [>ì. -i< iic.iii. \Milij\v. 
ttUititar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pL-|-au, the plant yellow iris, < ; 
Miiiean, ; 

tèimh, ::;;:;. ;.• p ■. :u;. ;r : _ :.l, stÌU. 

ttÌM, va. aiid vu. »eiuu, ì>iug, pUy upon an instrument, rìng 

as a bell. 
Minn, ' iying upon an iu.strument, rìngiug. 

Minnen. . an singer. 


Mirbh: scrvicc, advantage, use. 

Mirbhac^tli, . .....cable, advantageous, useful. 

stiitt, ni. g. -t c., love, affection, charity, benevolence. 



Miretil, a. charìtabl«, affectionate. 

Mirm, nf. g.-fc, musical noise (L. Sc. chirtn). 

Mirmeil, a. buzzing, humuiing. 

tèit, nia. g. + e. ; pl.-f-ean, tune ; tune of choni" " '• '•• ' 

as that of the verse. 
tèistf, va. besiege, invest (as in warfare). 
seise, nm. pl. + an, one's raatch. 
sèiseach, mn. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ichean, wooden bench or couch (I. 

Sc. settle). 
MÌMar, um. and f.g. -eir, six persons collectively. 
Misrtach, nf. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ichean, a plough team. 
Stòd, nm. g.v. seòid ; pl. seòid, jewel, valiant man ; general' 

used in the plural. 
ttèl, nm. g.v. siùil ; pl. siùil, a sail. 
Stèi, nm. g.v. scòil ; pl. + an, method, mode, manner, way, oppor- 

tunity, means. 
ttèi, va. guide, direct, instruct, point out, show ; sail, navigate. 
t«òiadair, nm. pl. -f ean, sailor. 

ttòi-mara, nm. g.v. seòil-mhara ; pl. seòlan-mara, a tide. 
seòlta, a. cunning, crafty, wily, skilful, ingenious, wise. 
seòltachd, nf. ind., skill, ingenuity, cunuing. craftiness, wiliness 
seòmar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl -raichcan, chamber. 
seòrsa, nm. pl. + chan. a -sort, kind, genus, specics. 
seòrsaich, va. arrange, cla&sify. 
Stud, nm. g.v. seòid ; pl. + an, jewel, precions stone ; darlin^ 

also, joumey. 
MMÌ and ttulaich, va. seal; nsually pronoanced with broad 

(low) s. 
Stumai, pnra. g.v. -ais, James. 
MUn, va. charm, defend by charms. 
MUn, va. avoid, refuse, deny, shun. 
ttun, nm. g. + a. ; pl. + tan, a charm for protection, prosperit} 

seunain, in : breac-sheunain, freckles. 
teusdar, nm. g.v. -air, acme, perfection : 'na sheusdar. 

•s thtudar, it behoveth, it must be, it is nece8sar\ . 
tf abh, nm. g.v. sgaibh, sawdust. 
tfadan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an and -ain, a hcrring, herrii: 

tf ac, va. and vn. split, crack, cause to split, shriuk, filter, winm 
tfiil, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + eau, shade, shadow, veil. 
SfàÌl, va. sbade, overshadow, conceal. 
tftUe, uf. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, smart blow, skelp. slap: sgailc d« 

dìraiu, a swig of the dram, bumper. 
9èIèM$ nf. g. + e. : p1. ' cnn. boldness, bald patr. 
igàMtaiil, in : sg > sholus, a blink of li> : 

iftWtat. nm. g.v >in. 

igàlll, va. and vn. burst. burst asunder, causc 



tgalrMg, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. + an, a young sea fowl. 

SgÌirnMCh, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -ich, a continuous heap of loose 

stones on a steep hill-side. 
tgairt, nf. g. + e. ; pl. -fean, activity, vigour ; shrìelc ; midrifF. 
Sgairttn, a, active, lively, vigorous, smart. 
tgait. See sgat. 
tgaittaeh, a. sharp, having a keen edge, cutting, using cutting 

or bittcr l;ini,'uaj?e. 
Sgal, mn. g.-ra. ; pl. + an, a shriek, yell, shrill cry, the howl of a 

dog when hurt. 
tgalag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. + an, a workman, farm-servant. 
IgilaiR, nm. pl. scales for weighing : sgàlan. a scale. 
Sgilan, nra. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, stage or scaflold. 
Sgamhan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl +an, the lungs. 
Sgann, nm. g.v. sgainn ; multitude, herd, drove. 
Sgann, nm. g.v. sgainn ; pL + an, membrane. 
Sginradh, nm. g.v. -aidb, a scare, surprise or fright causing dLs- 

tginraich, va. scare, affright so as to cause dispersion. 
tgaoil, va. and vn. stretch out, extend, spread, expand, enlarge, 

send away, loose, untie : air sgaoil, free. 
Igaoilttachi, nf. ind., state of being spread ; diffuseness ; liberality. 
tgaeim, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + eannan, fright, sudden terror, a start 

due to fear, skittishness. 
Sgaoimtar, mn. g.v. -eir ; pl. + an, a rake, restless fellow. 
^aelmail, a. like a rake, rakish. 
i;a9th, "Tv.. g. -f-a. ; V, sgaoith ; pl. + an, a swarm or great nnmber, 

^^aothach, a. in swarms or flock.s. 

sgap, va. Mattcr. (li.-pi-rse. 

sgar, v.i. stparaie, ilisjuin ; sevcT, pull asunder, part, divorce. 

sgarbh, inn. g.v. sgairbh ; pl. sgairbh, cormorant. 

Sgiriaid, nf. scarlet. 

tgat, nf. g.d. .sgait ; pl. + an, skate. 

Sgath, va. lop oif, prune, injure. 

Sgith, a. ; V. sgàith ; pL + an, shndow, -''-'"■ -'••"'>■'. 

m, sake, accoont. 
Sgithacìi, '.ly. 

Sgithan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, mirror, looking glass. 
Sgtaeh, uf . g. -r a. ; pl. -- an, haw, hawthorn bcrry. 
Sgoachag, nf. V l. + an, dim. of sgeach. 

Sgtaiaich, va. m with dress. 

sgtaib, nf. .t' <!. ' Uj ; pL + an, a splinter or broken fragment 
oi wuod. vti,ti.-, etc. 



Sgtan, ; pL + an, bcehive (l,. Sc. skn. 

Sgtarr ige. 

Sgèar ...p,... .,: ..:_:: 1 ■.■k-- in the facc 


t|tig, nf, g. + c., mockery, derision, jeering, 

•gtig, va. niock. (ierìde. 

SgtigMt, nra. g.v. -eis. waggery, buffoonery. 

IgtigtH, a. inockiug. scomful, deri«ive. 

Sfèimh, nf. g. -"-e.,, beauty, omament. 

Sgiimheaclld, nf. ind.. bcauty. 

•feinnidh, nf. flaz or bemp tbread. small twine or tliread. 

tgeir, nf. g. -f e. ; pL-f ean, a rock in tbe sea, skerry. 

•geith, nf. g.-f e. ; vomited matter. 

•geith, vn. and vn. vomit, tlirow up. 



tfeui, 1111:. L. ^ _< 111 , pL-f an and sgeòiL story, tale, narrativc 

ncws, tidintrs. 
Sfeuiach, a. givou to story tcniTU' f.r news-monging. 
Sfeuiachd, nf. pL-f an, st'or} i tale. 

•feuiaiche, um. pL-f an. a s; 
•geun, nm. g.v. sgèin. dread, look of fear, readiness to be 

frightened. See sgòan. 
•geunach, a. shy, easily frightened. 
tfiamh. Scc sj^iinib. 

•fiamh, nni. '. V-fan, vell, catcr^v,; 

•giamh. va. 

Sfiamhaii, uf ling. mewing. 

Sgian, nf. g. .'^.yìno ; d. sgithinn ; pL sgèanan, knife. 

•giatll, nf. g. sg.'ithe ; d. sgi'ilh ; ^l. nn, winy;. sbield, tanet. 

Igialhaiaich, va. flutter, ply vinging, flitting 

about on wing. 
•gii, nm. g. ~e.. skiU, often pronouuccU with Ibe Eng. 1 sound. 
•gil, va., sbell. 
•giliinn, nf. pL-f«. . =a shilling Scots. : sgillinn Shas- 

unnacb, a (m' ing. 

•gimiiear, nm. g.\. an, vagrant, parasite, intruder. 

•finn, va. and \ n. : force out, protrudc, gusb out. 

Sfieba, nin. pL -i n, - \v. 

•fielMir, nm. pL-f eau', skippcr. 
•fiebalta, a. quick, artive. clrver. neat. 
•giel, va. sbelL unli 

•glerr, vn. .sUp. sti, 

ÌglMTadh, nm. g.v. -ai(in ; pì. 

SgÌM, unv '"' ""ariness, fatigue. 
•glre, nf. .arish. 

•gith, a. <L fatigued : sgith dhetli. iire<I of it. 

Sfitheach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pi. -ichean, th< ^ 
Sf ithich, v.T. and vn. weary, fatigue ; bc 
Sfiùrs, \ whip. ' 

•fièata, r . a slate, slatc. 

Itlèatair, nm, pi. • ean, slater. 




•fltè, nm. intì.. ditnness of the eycs, vapour, film. 

tfltd, nin. 1 mancing, false report. 

tfOb, va. sr. , sting. 

tf ««11, va. g a incision. 

tf M, nm. g. .. + an, the comer of a cloth or garment« the 

sheet oi .1 ^^an. 
tfoil, iif. g. -f e. ; pl. + ean. school, schooliug, education. 
tfoileam, mu. f.v. -eim, Ìoquacity, garmlity. 
tfoilear, -eir ; pl. -fan, scholar, student, man of leaming. 

tfOilt, .h, split, cleave. 

tfOinn, m'. g.-re., care, attention, neatness, trimness, efficacy. 
tfoinntil, a. careful, attentive, neat, trim, tidy. 
tfOlb, nm. i^.v. v^ruilb ; pL + an, spUnter, prickle, wooden pin 

or wattlf iv.r thiitch. 
tfORH, um. g.v. àguiun ; pl. + an, block of wood, shapeless mass, 

tfènUM, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, the throat. the ncLk. tlu thmpple. 
IfèfT, nm. g.+a ; pl. — an, a sharp ro 
tfttll, nf. g. + a ; pl.-r-au, a skiflf, boat. 
Sfritacll, a. rou^h. ruij^cd. 
IgràHI, va. rail at, abu^c with words. 
^riÌIIUltfll, nm. g.v. -idh, severe scolding. railing, abusiug. 
Sfratll, nf. g, + a ; pl. + au, outer skin or riud. turf. sod. 

Igrni, nm. r -' - '• '-•'-— reaui. 


9gn^tt, V.;.. 

Igr««f Mh, a. dry, har . 

ifrtamh, nm 
igrtamhail, : 
igrtataidh, a 
igrtuch, va. 
igrtiKb, nm. 
igriab, va. s 
igrleb, nf. 












fUrMak, nm 
muk, nf. g 

, c.v. sgTc. iiiug, abhorrence, disgust, 

. 1 lathsouie, uaaiy. 

, liisgusting. horriblc. 

rail, screcch, .scream. 

g. + a ; pl. + an. a screech. scream, shrill cry. 

lark, furrow, trip or 

~ can, scriptu! 

'. ; pl. + au, atuuy ravine on mountain side, 
oy, min. 
an, dcstmction, ruin : alr sgrios, destroyed. 


i the nails, scrape. 

: pl. + an and -aiu, the crop of a bird. 

pl. — tan, sf.c 
sguaibe ; > 
broom, theaf of cora, wi^p, 

+ an, 

brash. betom. 


t|uaib, va. brush, sweep. 

tfuidl, va. scotch or scutch, switch. 

tfuir, va. and vn. sgur, ccase, stop, desist. 

t{uit, nf. g. - f 1)1 i-.iii. the footboard of a boat. 

tgur, v.ii. II . stopping, giving OTer. 

theachnadh. i. 

thìot, (lown (iu poMtiun). 

thuat, up (in position). 

ti, pron. she ; only used in thc nom. case. 

*t i, it is, for : is i ; 's ì in answer to a question. 

tiab, va. wipc, rub, swcep along quickly. 

tiabadh, um. wiping, rubbing, quick sweep past. 

tiabair, nm. pL -f ean, wiper, snatcher, swecpcr. 

tiabann, nm. g.v. -ainu, soap. 

tiach, va. sprain or strain a joint. 

't iad, they are, for : is iad. 

tian, uf. g. slne ; pl.4- tan, storm of wind and rain ; the element 

scc sìon. 
tiar, wcst, westward, sideways. 
tiar, va. throw obliqucly, move obliquely. 
tiatag, nf. g.d. -aig, sciatica. 
tibh, pers. pron. ye, you. 

tic, nf. g. + c ; pl.-f ean, the prominence of the belly ; »ee stic. 
lid, nm. g. + c, weather. 
ijl. Sec siol. 

til, va. and vn. drop, distil, rain. 
tila. See seilc. 

tilteach, a. dropping, tearful, running as an ulcer. 
tilteachd, nf. ind., a constant dropping. 
timid, nni. pl.-|-ean, niallet, bcetle. 
timilear, ni" " ^- -'■''■ • r>l.-f an, chimncv m 
timplidh, ;i arted, artless. 

tin, that, tli' rc, then. 

line, nf. pl.-hachan, teat, uipple. 
tin, va. stretch. incrcase iu length, prolon. 
tint, a. older. 

8Ìne, pnf. Jane (L. Sc. Jean). 
tinn, {nr.s. pron. we, us. 
tinne, « mpii. form of : sinn. 

tina-teanair, nm. g. -ar ; pi. ■ ■ -•• '"••••♦ "m.wu^fii^r. 
•inillMr, nni. g. -src ; pl. -- 
•InniraacM, nf. anccstrj-, ci: >fsucce»M 

tinteag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pL-fan. a skip. bound. 
tiob, nm. g. f a. «lrift. 
tiObail, va. -lailli. (i-^h. ant>l 
tiObhalta. a ; Mc.nis, 

tleciialnt, i>; ;» se. 

tiochalr, nn. it.fairy. 




uMtL, nm. pL+diai], silk. 

tiel, nm. g.v. sìl, seed. desccndants, clan, spawn or fry of fish. 

tioia, nui. pl. -fchan, gill ; also, a syllable. 

Sìoiadh, ntn. K-v. -aidb. straiuing, fìlterìng, sinking. 

tieiaCi ^' g-u- *^g ; P^- + an, sand eel. 

tioiaicll, va. and vn. propagate, multiply, engender. 

tielmiier, a. prolific. 

tieman, nm. g. v. -ain ; pL -f an, a rope of twisted straw or heather. 

tien, rnn. ind., something, anything. 

tien, nm. g. sine ; pL sìontan, wtather, season ; see sian. 

tiennach, um. g.v. -aich ; pL -aich, foz. 

tiennach, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, the reed of abagpipe. 

tionnachan, nm. g.v. -ain, glow. 

tionnachanach, a. phosphorescent. 

tiennsar, nm. g.v. -air ; pL -airean, the chanter of a bagpipe. ; 

aLsu seannsar. 
Sior, a. cuntinual, perpetual, ever. 
tiorraidi^ a. etemal. 

tierram, nm. g.v. -aim ; pL-|-an, sheriff. 
sierramMM, nf. pL-f an, sherìffdom, shire, county. 
SÌOS, down, downwards, used with v. implying movcment. 
Sir, va. seek, search, ask, request. 
Sirlt, nf. pL-f ean, cherry. 

Sitk, nf. g.-i-e, peace, quietness, iranquility. Better sldh. 
slth, nra. -r-e; pL-f ean, strìde, long quick pace, onset, dart for^vard. 
sith, nm. g. -*-e; pL-richean, fairy : sith-bhrugh, fairy mouud 

or inai'.'-i' •!!. 
sithoann, •.!!. ;; -:'".. n. i. -inn, venison. 
tltheil, ... ]H,,. . :; :. :• , liL 
titinn, i:: ; ! liill. 

Sltir, ::: ;:■ ;^:. : -i:>c. 

Sitrich, ::::;.; aing. 
tiutlhaii, \\i. -^l. ., , ::iove, walk, die, 
inMwl, nm. g.v. -ail ; pL -laichean, 

degree of speed, dyinp, jonmcy 

going, moving. walking; 
the first varìation of a 

bagpipe tune, i.e. the 
a. speedy, fleei; 


oir ; pL -aircan, sugar. 
ock to slecp. 




tiUÌI, c7»-(.' ;»ftJi. 

tÌMthai, say away, begin, go on 

Siuthadll, ntn. p.v -.nidh ; pl -ri' 
siabhag, ni. K'' 

tiabhraldh, ; : .::. .; i;::. 


tlacraich, :.:. 
•lai, nm. K'V. 
tlad, va. steaL 

for marching. 

bcut with a niailct. 
ain ; pL - ^n, a bpetle or mallet. 


•Iaid«ar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.+an, thief, robber, planderer. 

llai{htear, nm. g.v. -cir j pl. + an, rogue, rascal, knave. 

llàintc, nf. health. salvatiou : dcoch-slàinte, a toast. 

tlàinteil, a. healthv. 

Slait. Sii' slat. 

tiainan, uui. g.v. -ain ; pl. -j-an, curdled millc, any flabby snb- 

tiin, a. whole, sound, bealthy. 
tlànaighaar, um. g.v. -eir ; pl.-|- au, saviour, healer. 
llaod, va. drag, haul, trail aloug the ground. 
tlaop, va. parboil, simmer. 
tlat, nf. g. slaite, d.slait ; pl.-f-an, rod, twig, switch, wand, yard, 

tlatac, uf. f.'.d. -aig ; pl. + an, little rod, switch, or wand: - 

nain ìniadh, divining rod, rod of enchantment. 
Sieagh, uf. g.-fa ; pl. -f an. spcar. 
tleamhnaeh, a. Sec sleamhuinn. 
sleamhnaich, va. and vn. slip, .slide. 
sleamhuinn, a.-na, slippery, smooth. slimy. 
Sleuchd, va. prostrate, knecl, bow down revcrently. 
Sliabh, nm. g.v. slèibh ; pl. slèibhteau, mountain. 
Sliabh an t-tiorraim, pum. Sheriflmuir. 
Sliasaid, nf. g. sKisde ; pl. slèisdean, thigh. 
tiiath, nl. R.-i-a ; pl. -|-au, bliudworm. 
tiibitt, nni. pl-f ean, slovcn. 
tli|e, ni. pl. fan, sh. 1) s. .,1.- of balance. 
Siighe, nf. pl. f an !, path, passage. 

sliginneach, n. S<^ h. 

Sligneach, a. shelly, scaly. 

siinnean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -ein<»an. shoulder blade. shonldor. 
sliob, \ a. stroke, rub gently \> 
sliochd, nm. g. -f-a ; pl. -t-an. 
sliogach, .T. sìv sii'*' ' ^i . sict Kn.i 

sliom, ;i. -ì.« k. -K iful. 

tliop, fur liup. lip, 

tliot, nm. g. 4-a ; ; of uian or bea«t, alao 

of a countrj', .. ly. 

tiit, nf. g. -f e ; pl. -f can, a slice, a shaviug. 
tiitoag, nf. g.d, -eig ; pl. -f au, a small slicc oi 
tioc, nni. R.v. .sluir ; pl. sliii.-. pjt. dcn, cavity, AÌouglj. 
tièigh, for shi.'iÌL-li. Sc- .shi.iph. 
tlolnn, \ ' 

iloinneadh , patronyi 

iloisir ,, i..^ ,,.., vva&hbvwi' 

oft substances by stirrii. 

sluagh, um. g.v. aluatgh : pi. 
sluaisdir, va. -dreadb. mix a. 
sluasaid, uf. pl sluaiadean, shuvcl. 



, mn. g.v. -aidh, swallowing, engulphing, overwhelming. 
tlBfan, 'nni. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, the orifice of the gullet* the neck 

ot a bottle, whirlpool. 
Sluig, va. -hii: .d;i, > v ^' w, cngulph, ovenvhehn. 
imachd, n'.n. in i . ■■'-.:'.: . tv. control, command, correction, 
smachdaìch, \ rr ...:.:. 1, outrol. 

smachdall, : : live. 

smàd, -. .! l' ' vay. 

smàll, va. - iash to the ground. 

smal, ii:;.. ^ ix)t, speck, blemish, snuff 

< t 1 c .inile, cinders. 
smàladh, nin. g.v. -aidh, snuffing as a caudle, cxtinguisliing. 
smaian, um. g.v. -ain, gloom, melancholy. 
smaoin, nf. g.-^e ; pl.-^tean, a thought. See smuain. 
smaoinich, ih and -tinn, think. 

smaointinn, ;ig. 

smèid, va. ci i. "i. wink, beckon. 

smeòirn, nr.i. -. e. ; pl.-|-ean, the end of an arrow which is next 

Vj ihc b'.'W sUÌUg. 
smtòrach, uf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichcan, thrush, mavis. 
smour, va. anoiut, smcar as sheep, besmear ; also : smiùr. 
smonr, tmoMran, nm. g.-f a. ; pl.-f an, bramble berry (L. Sc. 

black bide). 
•mM, nf. g.-t-e. ; pL+ean, a syllablc, an opeuing of the mouth, 

a word. 

imf^. •• - . -I can, chin. 

im^ . g.-l-a, marrow, vigour, mettle : smior 

- . .- marrow, 

smiorail lìi smoaraìl, a. vigorous, mettlesome. 

smodal, ::;::. ;,'.v. -ai!, pl. : an, sweepings, cnunbs, fragments, 

smuain, ; : , ;liought, 

smuamich, vu. thiiik, 

imuairean, um. g.v. -c; ^-jectiou. 

imuait, :.: - •' rrow of bones. 

•mùc, :.:.:. .1 sound. 

imùcalr, ; 

•mùdag, ::: lautity of smoke. 

imùdan, i:; iove. 

•mug, i:::: . : . pl.-r<iu, àpittie, snot, phlegm. 

•mugaid, : : i :. :., a npittlc. 

•mùid, :.; ;. t-c. ; pU-f taii. s;;i<>ke. 

•mùid, :.: ;^.+e ; pl. -r i m, a lylow, attack. 

smiiir, bce smùr. 

unMrMMt nm, g.v. -ein ; pl. -cinean, mote. 

'na, : 

snag, \ ... < !• ■ ^ 

•••§« ul. g. lAaige ; d. feuaig ; pL -r au, a litU« andible knock. 



tnàgach, a. ^r-. •■— '■■ •■ ■^caking. 

snigail, nf. < 

snaKair, va. l.. . _ . with a kuife. 

tnagan, nni. g.v. -ain ; pl. + an, a little tinklc, or cUuk. 

snigan, nm. g.v. -ain, a crecpin^ or slow motion. 

snagan-daraieh, nm. g.v. -ain- ; pl.-fan-, woodpeckcr. 

snaidh, va. hcw, wbct, chip, shape. 

tnaidheadair, nm. pl. -f-can, hcwer, one who whets. 

tniig, va. suàgail, crcep, crawl, sueak. 

tnaim, va. tic, knot, stitch. 

inaim, nm. g.-(-c. ; pl. -!-eannan, a tie, knot, stitch. 

snimh, va. and vn. snàinh, sw^im, float. 

snimh, nm. g. snàiiiih, swimming, floating, the art of swimming 

: air an t-snàmh, adoat. 
tnimhaich, nm. pl. -i-can, swinuner. 
tnimhair. Sce snàmhaich. 

tnaoit, nt. g.-f e. ; pl. -f ean, slicc, piece of anythlng. 
tnaoitaan, nm. g.v. -ein, snuff. 
tnas, nm. ind., rcgularity, ordcr, clcgancc, gloss. 
snasaich, va. reducc tu ordcr or regularity, make elegant, poUsh. 
snatda, a. ordcrly, regular, ueat. 
tnith, nm. g.v. suÀith ; pl. snàithcau, thread, yam. 
inithad, nf. g.d. -aid ; pl.-fan, necdle : suàthad mhòr, darninL- 

snithainn, nm. g. snàithne ; pl. snàitlmcan, a thread. 
sneachd, nm. g.-a.. snow. 

tnigh, \ n. drop, faU in drops, ooze through in drops. 
tniomh, va. and vn. twist, 1 ' ^ : wind as yarn. 

tnlomh, um. g.-f a., spinnin , twisting, a twist, a ringl' 

tniomhaicht, nm. pl.-f-au, > 
tnodha, mn. pl. -f n : snodh.i :nile. 

tnodhach, nm. g.v. -aich, .•i.i; leo. 

tnotraich, uf. snortiug, suufting. 
tnuadh, mu. g.v. suuaidh ; pL-j-au, huc, colour ; complezi> 

M, this, these : au so, here : os an so. hcnre. from this p1;* 

: gu so, hithcr, to this placc, till : 

so, thus. iu this matmcr, in 

tcrjcctivfly) hcrc, scc h •■■ ' •' 

Comc, loiiK- 1 Ict us go 

sèkhracb, sdMirag, nf. g.d. ..„ , .: 

SM, um. g.v. suic ; pL suic, snout, lorc end ot anything ; plou^ 

MCaÌr, nf . ease, rest, comlort : air do shocair, at your ease, taki. 

your time. 
socair, a. rasy, qt:° 
tochair, nf. pl.-|-< 

MChar, uf. g.d. -au, ui;<iuuiuiy ui pui 

casy temper. 


VOCABmSSRT^'""™ 80G-8PA. 

>'ielding dispositioa ; unstablc, easy tcmpcred, 

SOCrach, a. casy. comfortable, steady, slow, at ease. 
Steraictl, va. establisb, make steady, fix, determine, settle, cease 

from motion. 
SOdal, nm. g.v. -ail, flattery. 
sodan, nm. g.v. -ain, joy, expression of gladness at seeing or 

meeting one. 
sodar, nm. g.v. -air, trotting as a horse. 
Mg, ••gin, nm. g.v. sogain, mirth, joy, delight 
ttftil, a. merry, joyous, fcstive. 
tòf ll, nm. g.v. sòigh, luxury, luxurious easc. 
sòfhail, a. luxurious, sumptuous. 
soilleas, nm. g.v. -eis, officiousness, adulation. 
SOllleir, a. dear, brìght, transparent, limpid, cvideut, visible. 
SOÌIIse, um. ind., light, ray of hght, brightness. 
soineann, nf. g.d. -inn, fair or cahu weaUier. 
soir, vAsi. 

SOÌrbh, a., quiet, courteous, pUant, prosperous ; safc. 
Mlrbboas, nm. g.v. -eis, prospcrity, fair wind. 
Mirbhlch, vn. prosper, succecd. 
SOÌSgeul, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. -f an., gospel. 
soitheach, nm. g.v. -ich ; pl. -icheau, vessel for food or drink ; 

a ship, dish. 
MÌthMmh, a. gentle, affable, tractable, tame, docile. 
Miair, va. -ar, provide, gather, procure. 

Miar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -airean, providing, purveying useful things. 
tòiat, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. -f an, solace, comfort, consolation, cou- 

tentment, pleasure. 
SÒiaMCh, a. solacing, comforting, con.soling, contcnt, plcasant. 
SOlus, nm. g.v. -uis ; pl.-f an, light, knowledge. 
son, nm. ind., sake, account, good, advantage, profit : air mu 

shon. for me, for my sake : air a shon sin, for that matter, 

nevcrtheless : air a shon sin uilc, for all that. 
SOna, a. lui ky, happy. 
SOnas, inn. K'V. -ais ; pl. -f-an, happiness. 
sonn, luu. K V. suinn ; pl. suinn, stout man, hcro. 
SÒnruich, va. sclect, choose, appoint, ordain, particularisc. 
sònruichtt, a. .sperifjr, stic ( iil i, ,rt i, appointed, ordaincd 

: gu sònruichU', ], v. 

SOp, nm. K.v. suip ; pl. , loosc buudlc of straw 

<>T hay. 

Sòr, v.i. h( lilate, grudge, givc unwiilingly, spare. 

SOraidh, ni. pl.-fi'an, farewcU complimcnts, good wishcs. 

S6rn, nni. ^.v. sturn ; \>]. Miirn, flue, vent, cavity. 

tfiatf, va. lin<K k iUjwu at a blow, fell, brain, kiil on thc spot. 

tJNIiliadh, niii. ^.v. -aidh ; pl. -annan, strung. quick pull ; thc 

utni<»,i cxtcut of thc out-.str't, ii,,i ,ri,w • ii,,. ,.ra:-.s <ut by 

ouL' strokc of thc acythc. 

1 1 1 


tpig, uf. g. spàigc ; d. spàìg, pl.+an, paw, clubfoot, Umb of .. 

ipàcach, a. pawed, walkin? awkwardly. 
ipaga-da-ghliof, i. ' * * tion. 

ipigalaii, nf. iiid . 

ipaglainn, ui. <-i '^ "•♦ 

ipaideil, .1. -(.Mia, -^ait. 

ipaldMarachd, ut. : . k 

ipailp, ni. g. + e., seit-conceit, boldncss, seli-i 
ipailpean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, f op ; v.. uuaut 

ipailpeil, a. -cala, conceited, self-confident, vainglorioos, swagger- 

tpiin, uf. g.+e. ;pl.+ean, spoon. 
ipiirn, nf. g. + e. ; pL + ean, efio.., ......sfe-. violent excrtion 

tpil, nui. g.v. spàil ; pl. + an, wcaver's shutUe. 
tpirr, va. spjrradh, drive as a nail or wedge, induce by forc 

thrust, euforce by argumeut, inculcate, urge. 
tpaach, nf. g. + a. ; pl. + annau, wasp, any veuomoos inse^ 

bite or sting of wasp, etc, stitch in the sidc. 
Ipeal, uf. g. + a. ; pl. + au, scythe. 
ipeal, va. mow, cut dowu. 

iptaladair, nm. pl. -i- . - 

•pMlg, nf. g. .spcil^c ; <i l.-rau, splinter, fra.i, 

tptalg, va. aud vu. bi . . violcnce, fall into ^; 

ipèil, va. and vu. slip, slidc, &katc. 

•ptil, nf. g. + e. ; pl. + ean, a drove or herd of swinc. 

tptir, uf, g. + e. ; pl. + ean, the hough of a beast hoof, claw, sp; 

of cock, talou. 
ipeireag, uf . g.d. -cig ; pl. + .n k. 

ipèil, ni. g. + c. ; likiug. te^ ^. fondness, esteem. 

ipèiteil, a. fond, .at' ' ' * *" 

ipeuclair, um. pl. 

tpeur, um. pl.-i-a: — 

tpeuradair, um. pi -ronomer. 

ipid. nf. g.r-c. ;.si '1- 

ipèièlg, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl.-ran, mghUngale. 
9 § ÌÈt U ,nm. g.v. -cil ; pl.-^nn. ho«>pitBl. 
ipilgtan, nm. g.v. ni. 

ipioc, u(. g. + a., .;ardlmee». 

tpiOCacll, a. mcau, n.isi.ini.v. !)i^)^.uui,>. 
ipÌMftlr, mn. pl. f ean, mcan fcllow. dastard, niggard. 
•piol, nf. pl.-i-an. M, 1,1,1. i„te, snatch. 
tpiol, v.i. ; lu< k. lc, poll osmider. 

Spiolg, \.i. unhiisk 

tpion, v.i. pull, pluck up, »'.. away. 

ipionnadh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; .ilght, forc«. 

iploiradh, nm. ;;.v. -raidh ; pL -roidheas, sptcc 




ipiortd, nm. g.v. -aid ; pL + an, spìrit, a spirìt. 

tpioratfiM, a '^r.irit,, ,1 

•plrii, 111. p! roost, hammock. 

ipitheag, nt. , . , pl. -f an, a chip of wood. a small bit of 

stone or wood thrown by the hand. 
iplMdh, nm. g. + a. ; pl.-ran, romancc, boasting, fiattering, 

ipleuc, \ a. stare, squint, spread ont by trampling. 
Ipliùcan, ::-\i. g.v. -ain ; pl. ' ' cco pouch. 

tplìut, :: .: ^. -ra. ; pl.-fan. 1. 

tpoch, '. '•■— ^- oneqiiick; ! y ; iutimidate. 

tpecil, r : pl.~au. ault. 

tpòf, ui . ■» ; pl. + ai; i'.v, talon, the hand or foot 

in riùu ule : spògan toisich, fore paws. 
tpong, uf. g.d. spuing ; pl.-r an, tinder (L. Sc. spimk}, sponjre. 
Ipor, va. incite, spur on, instigate. 
tpor, nm. g.v. spuir ; pl. spuirean, rider's spur, claw, talo:.. 

iporan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-|-an, purse : sporan molach, hairy 

purse wom with the kilt. 
Spraìc, nf . g. -f e ; pl. -r ean, reprimand, severe reproof . 
spraiceil, a. reprinianding, given to severe reproofs, ....,,.:._„. 
tpraidh, ii::i. g.-f-e ; pL-Hean, any loud sudden sound, report ot 

a f^uushot. 
sprtad, rmi. g.-l-a; pL-i-an. splash. .' !. 

spreadh, va. burst, <itrike, sound : .ii de'u bh 

siiiart b! • iff. 
tprèidh, nf. ; uv kind. 
tprelg, va. b: --- *■■ — '■ -.-c. 
iprcigeil, a. tivc, undaunted. 

tpreòd .., j .. „ ,.; ,j ..g beam : crann- 

tpri!..j, au, asplash. AIso spread. 

tprechd, uui. iud., dejcction, lo^vness of spirits. Better sproc. 

tprogan, nm. p.v. -ain ; pl.-i-an, dewlap, the crop of a bird. 




tpruan. ruain ;pl.-f-an, brushwood. 

tpru'rf^: .- V -,,i, ir ..Miicnts, cnnT'i>- 

tpt ìlofacat. 





trat' ])ark of iìre. 

tradag, .rkoffirc. 

tràid, :.: > ik. 

iràidimeachd, ' - .>>.,i. r'" • 


traigh, : i'l. + ean, a snec/A . 

tnimh, nin. g.v. sraimh ; pl. sraimh, a jct ot miik trom a cow 

trann, nf. g. sminnt' ; <! ■-••■•• • pl.-f-an, snore, snort, hum. '•" 
trann, va. - ndli .iml -nort, hum, buzz. 

traointe, v.a., falku, k:. . .> T. 

traen, vn. makc a false step, stumìtlc. 
traon, nm. g.v. sraoin, oflcnce, du<lj^con. 
traonat, nm. g.v. -ais, a huff, swell of anger or arroganc- 

trath, nm. g.-f a ; pl. + an, strath, low lying land by a ri\ 
trathair, nf. s. -rach ; pl. -raichean, pack-saddle. cart- 
Srath-Chluaidn, pnm. <•- •< ' ^o. 
Srath-Fhaolaln, pnm. n. 

tream, va. and vu ; wn... ..^mc wriuklcd, co;...;^ 

sream, nm. g. + a ; pl. -f-an, rheum. 

treamach, a. wrinklcd, corrugated, blear-eyed. 

traamadh, nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, wrinkle, corrugatii 

foUl ; wTÌukling. 
trtang, uf. g. sreinge ; d. sreing ; pl.-fan and-haiuian, strii 

liue, cord. 
treath, nm. g. -f a ; pl. -f an, a row, rank, series. 
sreathaich, va. set or place iu rows, or ranks, or in scrìcs. 
srèin. Scc srian. 

sreothadh, nin. i.,'.v. -aidh, a sneeze. 
trian, nf. g. srcinc ; d. srcin ; pl. -f tan, brìdlc, rein. 
trideag, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl.-f an, a drop, a spark. 
triut, nni. g. srìuit, a torrcut of quick sounds or vrords. 
tròin and tròine. Sce sròn. 

tròl, niu. g.v. sròil ; pl. -f tan, gauze, crape, silk, satin, banii' 
tròn, nf. g. sròinc ; d. sròin ; pL sròintean, nose, promonto: 

truab, va. and vn. drink up •••♦'• "■•'•"•, pull hastily outof wat 
truth, nm. g.v. sruith ; pl. an, running water, currci 

truth, vn. flow, strcam, bec<i: i -■ 
truthail, va. srùthladh, rìnse witb watcr. 
truthan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl. -f an. Uttlc stream. 
irùthladh, um. g.v. -aidh, rinsing. 
ttà, nin. ind., use, advontage. 
ttàbull, nm. g.v. -uill ; pl.-f an, a stable. 
stac, niu. g.v. staic ; pl. -f annan. stecp cliil or hiU. 
ttad, va. and vn. stop. ccase, pausc, hinder. 
ttad, nm. g. -|-a ; pl. -f an, a stop, ccssation, pause. 
ttAdaf, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl.f an, gnJlc'niiu' stt i.. 
•lMlll,nni. g.-f a ;pl.-f annau, a ^ing. 

•teilHlill, nm. R.v. -oidh ; pl. icn lurch 

lCaM, nf. g. .tn, state, condition. 

1, a. -eala, italcly, portly. 


Staifhir, ni. >;;. -reach ; pl. -rìchean, stair. 

StMCi nf . g. + e ; pl. + ean, stubbomness, thomp. 

StalCt va. drìve, press forward, strìke, knock against, stamp, 

put down the foot suddenly. 
Stiiiinn, nf. ind., steel. 
Stàinit nf. g. + e, noise such as the tread of horses' feet, violent 

StailWMCll, nf. g.d. -ich ; pl. -ichean, threshoid. 
StalC, va. and vn. stiffen, tie a fìshing book. 
Stail, nm. g + a; pl. + achan, overhanging rock, craggy steep, 

stamil, nm. g.v. staimh, sea-tangle. 
Staoin, nf. g. + e, tin. 
ttarfelMnta, a. strong. powerful, robust. 

stcacil, for: a steach, into, to the inside; used with a v. of 
Stcall, nf. g.d. stiU ; pl. still, a spout of liquid. [motion. 

stMll, va. and vn. sp>out, pour out, squirt. 
stèarnal, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. + an. a bittem. 
StèMk, nf. g. + e ; pl. -i-ean, foundation, basls. 
Stèidllicll, va. estabhsh, found, lay a foundation. 
StCUtf, nf . g. + a ; pl. + an, a steed, warhorse. 
StCMi-tach, nin. steed ; inflected on second element. 
Stiall, va. streak, mark with stripes. 
Stiail, ni. ^. btt-ille ; d. stèill ; pl. -han, a streak, strìpe. 
stifh, for : a stijih, within, in, inside ; used with a v. of rest. 
ttiabhaii, suniamc, Stcwart. 
tttùbhartach, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, a Stewart ; a. of or 

bvlonging to the Stewarts. 
ftiùir, nf. g.-f e. ; pl. + ean, mdder. 
itiùir, va. stiùradb, steer, guide, direct, manage. 
Stiùradair, nm. pl. + ean. steersman, helmsman. 
ttob, va. llmist. fix in the ground, stab. 

ttob, nm. g.v. stuib ; pL + an aud stuib, a stake, prickle, thom. 
Stohh, va. stou. pack. 

ttoc, HTn. j.v. stuic ; pl. + an aud stuic, astock, trunk, stock, store. 
ttocaidh, stocainn, nf. pl. + ean, stocking. 
ttoirm, L'. c ; pl. + eanor +eannan, astorai. 
ttoirmeii, ■ rray. 
ttòl, : : . •. -il ; pl. + an. stool, scat. 

ttòlda, .1. ■: ■ ■! .'■ . '■■•• •:■ ' 

Itòr. :.:;:. • .r • : . ' ..,aK^-. 

Stèras, nni, .. . ::, ^tore, at)undaucc, weaJth, 

Sttth, va. 1' ; 

StriC, nm. : : pl. + an, stroke, blow. 

Stràic, ni. ', a swell of anger. 

Striictil, :. .. insolent. 

ttrai|hiich, :.: r.ii: Img noise, or bustle. 

StriiMo, ui . pi. • aii, carpet, mg, mat. 

1 1.. 



ttràlilMdh, uui. ^.v. -idh ; pl. -idhean, a loud stroke, thtunp or 

ttrtap, va. strcap aud +adh, cliiub, seale, strive against obatadcft. 
StrMp, um. ind.. cliiubiug, scaling, striving. 
ttrÌM, va. aud vn, yield, subniit. 
ttrioeh, uf . g. + a ; pl. 4- an, streak, liue. 
ttrioch, va. draw liues. delineate. 
Striopach, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichcan, harlot. 
ttrith, uf. iiid.. -strifc, coutcntion, eudeavourùig. 
ttrithtil, a. conUntious. 

ttrèdh, nin. K.v. .stròi.Jh, prodigaUly. • •'- ■ — 

ttròic, va. tcar asunder. 

ttròlc, nf . ^. -i- c ; pl. -f ean, loug rag. 

ttròidh, \ ,1. -<jn.iniltT, dis.sipate, %vastc. 

Struibhle, pnm. Stirliug. 

Struidhear, nui. g.v. -eir ; pl. + an, a prodigal. 

Struidheil, a. prodigal, wasteful. 

Struth, ul. g. -}- a ; pl. 4- an, ostrich. 

Stuadh, nf. g. stuaidhe ; d. stuaidh ; pl.« aunan. : ^' . 

>jab!c of housc. 
ttuaim, Jif. g.-t-c, tcnjperaucc, modesty. 
Stuama, a. stuaime. toni'>.r ,i.. ihvt 
stuamachd, nf. ind., tcr.r 
ttùc, iif. g. stùice ; d. st' 

from a grcater. 
ttuig, va. iucitc as dogs to fight or chasc. 
ttuth, nni. g.v. stuith ; pl. + an, stuff, mattcr 
tuaichtantat, nm. g.v. -ais, escutcheou, (. nig uiark, 

tuaimhntach, a. genial, sccurc, quiet, cahn. 
suaimhntas, nm, g.v. -cis, gcniaUty, sccurii. , .,«... "-' 

suain, \iì. wreathe round, cnvelopc, twist as ropc. \vr.r 
tuain, nf. g.+c, decp slcep. 
tuaip, nf. jr. i c ; pl. ! can. faint rcscmblancc. 

coni!: ' '. 

tualrc, a. < ntlc, urba: 

tualrceas, mn. v;.\. -cis, cmlity, aiTabiUly, knidncss, gcnlJtno . 


suarach, a. m ■ "••■ — t, trifling, '■• •• -—.•. .< i;..i.. .- 

suarachas, in: . contcmpr 

tuas, a suas, r.; . ..: l. 

tuath, va. ru)\ wipc. mix a soft substai: 

tubh, nm. fz.v. vuiV.h ; pl.-f-an, bcrry : -, 'bh, raspbcrr^- ; 

SUbh.iC .': 

tutf, yon. 
•dgM, um. ^. 




tAgh, nm. g.r. sùigh ; pl. sùighean, jmce, sap. 

tù{radll, nm. g.v. -aidh, mirth, diversion, play. 

luic. Seesoc. 

suidh, va.+e, sit, sit npon eggs. 

tuidhc, nm. sitting : 'ua shoidhe, sitting : dèan suidhe, sit down. 

MÌdllMttlHldll, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, situation, arrange- 

ment, pattern. lettini; for reut, disp>osition. 
tuidhich, \M. svf ' int, arran. let for reut. 

tuidhichte, a. .ointed, ed, set, let. 

tùil, iit'. K- " ' •>". *-yP. a look. ^.^i.vv i..»w^^'.». .'rifirc. 

tuilbhir, .1 Uy. 

tùìl-chrith, .. ; pl. sùilean-crith, quagmire. 

wHÌMll, nm. g.v. -ein, expression of joy or 
tuim, nf. g. -fe ; pL-f-cannau, sum. regard, consideration, atten- 

tion, ai 'onnt : gabh suim dheth, pay regard to it. 
tHÌmcil, a. 1 oii-iderate, respectful. 
tuipcir, ut. g. -earach ; pl.-f ean, supper: suipeir au Tigheama, 

The Lord's Supper. 
tuiridhc, nf . courting, wooing. 
tùitt, nf . j;. — e ; pl. • ean, flail. 


tùith, nni. v 

lùlair, !.:: 
lUlt, ii:.: 

tumaiR, va 
tùmiiall, a. 

tURIMf, nt 
IHRRd, nm 
•URRdaCh, a. . 

làri, nm. g.v. <si 
tÙrdaH, a. eager. 
tuthaÌRR, a. eteruiil, everlit^itwg. 

11 il. 

ean, gannet. 

i:ÌT. iatness, comeliness, mirth, fertility. 
:■ rtile. oomely, merr\\ 


up, peaceable, tame. 
- 'f twisted str.L" 

:on, iudu.stry. 
' trinj. 


«1 ;iTirl Tirefixed to the ni."v ' - '■{ n 
l. and geu. ca^ . n 

r 1, n, r, ; to T,. aud 

ai. <.a-^c-. ..i itm. u. s before a vuw. or 1, n, 

: an t- uau, for : ant : air au t- saoghal, for 

ant shaoghal, in tbe wurul : oir an t- sràid. for : air ant 
, on thc .street ; an l- .siiil, for : antshùil, the eye ; un 
for : ant »hlat, the rod : as an t- slighe, for : as ant 
out of the way. 
do, thy, your : t' 'ti> 'ir «•■<"• •' Ti'-r. 
am, are, art : a \ ery well, then. 

. pL -l-ean, brawi ^ 1. 

nm. g.T. tàibh ; pL-hau, hsluug uct, <ipo«>u i: * 


tàbhachd, nf. ind., efficacy, good effect, soUdity. 

Uhhair, va. irr., -f t, give, take : tabbair dhomb e, give it to me. 

Sec thoir. 
tabhairt, uf. giving, taking, brìnging : a' tabhairt leat e, takin.L' 

it witli you. 
tabhal, nm. g.v. -ail ; pl. + an, asling tocast sf'>i""~ " i*!! 
(abhann, nni. g.v. -ainu, a dog's bark. 
tabhannaich, nf. barking of dogs. 
tac, ur tachd, va. choke, strangle. 

tacan, mn. g.v. -ain ; pl.-|-an, short time, a little while. 
taear, um. g.v. -air ; pl. -i-an, provision, plenty. 
tachair, vn. -f-t, happen, come to pass, meet with, meet. 
tachairt, nf . pl. -f can. happening, nieeting. 
tachais, va. -as, scratch, scrape the surface of thc skin. 
tachas, nm. g.v. -ais, itch, itching. .scratching. 
tachd, va. choke, strangle, stop up. See tac. 
tachrais, va. -as, wind yarn. 
tachras, nni. g.v. -ais, winding yarn. 

tadhaii, va. -al, frequeut, resort to a place ; visit, call upon. 
tadhai, nm. g.v. -ail, visitiug, frequenting, a resort. 
tadhal, um. g.v. -ail, goal, hail. 
tagair, va. and vn. -radh, plead, claim, debate, argue. 
tagh, va. choose, sclect, elect. Tci^ <^»tYA >ì y>ì (j- a^c^ , 

tagradh, um. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, pleadiug, claiming, reason- 

taibhse, nf. pl. -f an, ghost, apparition. 
taibhssar, mu. g.v. -cir ; -t-an, one having second sight, seer. 
taibse, nf. ind., proprìcty of speech. 
taic, nf. g.-t-e. ; pl.-f-can, a prop, support, dependence, prox- 

imity : an taic rì, ncar bye. 
taiftid, uf. pl.-f- ean, a bow-strìng. 
taigtis, nf. pl. -fean, haggis ; a fat, podgy person. 
taighe. vSee tigh. 

tiiilsar, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-f-an, tailor. 
talnaad, nm. g. -eid, thinness. 
taing, nt. g.-f-e., thanks. 
taingealaCM, nf. iud., thankfulness. 
taingeil, a. thaukful. ^ratcful. 
tainlstear, nm. g.v. -cir ; pl.-f- an, heir. 
tiir, ni. g.-f-e., contempt, disgracc, reproach. 
tairbaart, nf . g.d. -eirt ; pl. -Y au, peuiusula. isthraus. 
tairbh. Sce tarbh. 

tairbhe, nf. ind., profit, advantage, uscfulness. 
Uirbbtartacb, ■ •■••'■•'• ''■'•• •"•""fìcial. 
lilrtN, a. mea: v, despicable. deapising. 

lalrg, va. -sc i>: ose. 

UirgM, uf . pl. -t- adiati, • cr. 

Uiris, a. kind, compassi(': U-r-hearted. 

tAirneanach, nm. g.v. -aivh, thuuiUr. 




tait, a. motst, damp, dank, interspersed as metal ; timJd. 

taiSbMn, va. reveal. show, make manìfest. 

taisdtal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pl. + an, joumey, voyage. 

taÌM, nf. ind., moisture, softness, dampness. 

taiSf, va. deposit, lay up, hoard, store away. 

taiscaadan, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. -fan, storehouse, treasury. 

taiSfeal, nm. g.v. -eil ; pL-f-an, the finding of anything which wa<; 

taisich, va. and vn. soften, tum moist, make moist. 
taitinn, va. ami vn. -neadh, please, give delight, sati.sfy. 
taitneach, a. pkasant, agreeable, acceptable. 
taitna as , nm. g.v. -eis, pleasure, delight, satisfaction. 
tàl, nm. g.v. tàil ; pl.-f-an, adze. 
talach, xun. g.v. -aich. complaining, murmuring. 
tàladh, nm. g.v. -aidh, enticing, alluring, caressing, hushing. 
talaich, va. and vn. complain, murmur, be dissatisfied. 
tàlaidh, va. -adh. cuticc, allure, soothe, hush to rest. 
taiamb, nf. g. -mhainn ; d. -aimh ; pl. -mhannan, the earth ; 

earth, land, soil : air an talaimh, on the earth. 
talla, nm. pl. -f-chan, hall. 
talmbaldh, a. earthly, worldly. 

tàmailt, nf. pl.-f ean, disparagement, insult, degradation. 
timh, nm. g.v. tàiinh, rest, quiet, sleep, stajTug, dwelling 

: 'na thàmh, at rest, idle : mu thàmh, to rest or sleep. 
tamull, nin. g.v. -uiU ; pl. -f-an, space of time, distance, space. 
tana, a. tainc, thin. 

tanaich, va. aud vn. make thin, become thin. 
tanalackf nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aich, a shallow, shallow water. 
tannasf, nm. g.v. -aisg ; pl. -aisg, an apparition, ghost. 
taobh, nm. g.v. taoibh ; pl.-i-an, side, partiality, conntenance, 

aid : a thaobh, in regard to. 
taobh, \ a. side with, be partial to, come nigh to. 
taobhan, v.m. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f-an, rafter. 
tMbb-beÒU, the front side. 
tMbk-«l), left hand side. 
tetMHCÌU. the back side. 
iMMHtftas, the south ; rigbt hand side. 
iM b tl el flnn, tnn. ini some direction. 

taod, uin. ^,: ;>I.-f-an, halter, bair rope, bindiug, cable. 

taoibh. Se« u»./^li. 
taeid. See taod. 

taoim, iif. i;.+e., bilge water in a boat. 
tliois, :n. ; f e., dough or leavcn. 

Iliotenkb, va. kn'- ■ ' n. 

tiMM, va. and vi; as watcr, empty, overflow. 

tMman, nm •.• v m ì.i.l.T ,.f ., boat. 

t losg, .<h out ; czact full of 


taotg, va. pour out, pump. drain, enipty. 

tapaiih, mii. g.v. -aidh, clever feat. cleverness, a«.ijvji\ , .Mucess 

: tapadh leat, ' thanlc you,' succej»3 to you. 
tapag, T» '' - "R ; pl. + an, a casualtv nns.f;ike in speakitir 

tapatdh, . quick, smart, bold. 

tapairt, uui. pl. -pan, clever person of tiie male sez. 
tàr, va. get to, gain, raove: th.^r iad as, they moved away. 
tarbh, nin. •j,.v. tairbh ; : hull. 

tarbh-nathrach, nm, di iflccted on first element. 

tarbhach, a. ]>rofìtable. 
tarcuit, uf. pl.+can, (. 

targaid, nf. pl.-rean, taiv,, 

targair, va. -radh, foretell, diviue. 

targradh, nni. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, foretelling. propheiv. 

tàrladh, vn. iet it happen. 

tàrlaidh, vn. -adh, wùl happen. 

tàrmachadh, nui. g.v. -aidh, source, origin, gathering, dwelUin 

tàrmachan, mn. g.v. -ain. pi. -ain. ptanniean. 

tàrmaich, va. and vn. < : ' ' T , .''..:. 

tàrmus, um. g.v. -uis, (!: 

tàrr, nui. g.-^:- • -1 

tarrang, ni. 

tarruing. va. ; ^. .. •,.:;.-::,;•,•.::.„.;., 

tamiing, uf . g. tàimgnc ; pl. tàimgneau, drawing, pnlling, ship 

tartuinn, a. transverse, that crosses, oblique, acro.<is. 
tart, imi. g.v. tairt, thirst, drought. 
tartar, um. g.v. -air ; pl.-f an, noise, clamour, bustle. 
tartmhor, a. thirst- . - i- > 
tatdan, um. g.v. -. iilling. 

tatgaidh, i-.i. i l. ;,, treasure, thinf l.ii.l Ijv. 

tith, V. uer, glue, soldc : 

Tatha, b ue rivcr lay. 

tathaiCh, va. \i.sil uìUij, Ucqueut. 
tè, nf. ind., an individual person or thing whose namc is o£ tl: 

■ ler. 
tea !: ti, taunt, repartee. 

ttaCli, i. . •usr. 

tOaChd, :ìi:i. II!''. . :.:::. ..: ir. .il. accession. 

tOSChdaire, ni:;. 1 1. : <r loiiri.r. .imhaftvndnr, 

iMchdaireachd, m iìi 
loadhair, nt. ^. -r.i< h ; : 
tOfttfhraiCh, va. tcthvr. 

tOtgair, va. -rniih. roilect. <-uppI' . • ìtcr. 

ltaftiS|, va. 

loagftMn, nir, i>erplezìt^ 

anih • • 




tMgar, nm. g.v. -aìr, provìsion. 

tMfa«f, nir.. g.v. -aisg; pl. + an, teaching, instructiou, doctrine. 

ttafasKair, r.m. pl. -f-ean, teacher. 

tMfhiach, n:.i. i..\ . -aicb ; pl. -aicliean. family, household. 

tMJlacll, n:r. : h; pl. -aichean, bearth, fireplace, smith's 

tMmpull, um. g.v. -uill ; pl.-j-an, temple, church. 
ttanchair, nm. pl. -)-ean. pincers. smith's tongs or vice. 
teanja, u:. p. -ai " ' ' — 'i. language. 

teanfair, y.-.y^. ]•: 
tMnn, a. teiiiin.-, ., ..^..., „. v.t,"-, narrow, miserly 

: tcauu air, near to, close to. 
tMnn, v,T. proceed, fall t", bt.«in : ccuie nigh : teanuadh ri, 

b'. . i:;:;ing to. 

ttannaich, \a. tightei:. .vd together. 

titrainn, va. and vn. -uadli, e^cape, rescue. 

tèaraintt, a. safe, secure. 

ttarb, va. M-parate, 

ttarc, a. t iT\ . . rare, unusual, scarce, few. 

tèarmunn, um. g.v. -uinn ; pl., -uinu, ^....^.i — .,, 

i'i •:< tion. 
tiarnadh, nm. g.v. -aidh. desccudiue. cscaping, evading. 
tèarr, nf, g.-ha., t : 
tèarr, va. tar. 
teas, :nn. iud., heat. 

tMMCh, nf. g.d. -aich ; pl. -aichean, fever. 
tMMÌCh, va. and vn. heat, become hot. 
iMMÌrf , va. -t-inn, save, deliver, rescue, release, restore. 
tMSd, \n. (lie. 
teasf, ■ :. ' ut, cut ofT. 
teich, wi. :iee. 

tticheadh, mn. g.v. -idh. fligbt. 
tèid, vi. irr., will go : an tèid thu, will you go ? : cha tèid, will 

not gu : mu tluni e as ort, if it elude you. 
talaa, nm. pl. -tian. lìre. 

ralamity, sickness, straits. 
.. -eineau, hearth, fireplace ; leac an 

tsinn, i:f. K- ^ 
tsinttan, mn. . 

ttirlf , 

tèls,iu.K. •-■:i 
ttit-mMdhon, n 

ttistf nf . g. -r e ; pl. t eau, ttstimony, • 
ttitlMMt, nni. g.v. -ai* ; pl.-'-an and 

tt*. N.i. ■ ■• 


ttèmachii, iii. i.ui , v.v 

Itth, .1. tcotha, hot, sc.. 

1 ,ted. 

down, descend. 
il air. 
-an, thc cxart middlo. 


ttuil, um. g.v. tèid; pL+an, string, cord, string oi musical 

ttum, va. bite, wound, sting, snatch suddenly at a tiiing. 
ttum, uni. R. : a ; pl.-f an, a suddcn snatch at a thiag : tha tetini 

a' ti: : im, I have a good mind to made a snatch at it 

th', for : vow, 

tht, aml thà, .'5V. um, art, is, are. 
thachradh, would bappen. See tacbair. 
thàinig, va. irr. came. 
thairil, acrus.s, over : thairis air, over him. 
thall, on thc othcr side, over yonder. 
thalla I conic along ! 

thar, ovcr, acros.s, beyond ; govems the ijen. case of n. 
tharad, prep. pron. over you, s. 
tharaibh, prep. pron. pver you, pl. 
tharainn,prcp. pron. over us. 
tharam, prep. pron. over me. 
thàrladh, vn. it happened. 
tharta, prcp. prou. over them. 
thatar, and thitar, sv., tbey are : thatar ag ràdh, it is said, they 

are saying. 
thMb, vn. past tense ; missed doing, nearly did : theab mi 

tuiteam, I nearly fell ; rarely uscd in any other tense. 
theagamh, for : a theagamh, perhaps, may be. 
thèid, va. irr., will go : ma theid e as ort, if it escape you. 
thtir, va. irr., will say : theircadh, would say : theirteadh rw. it 

would be said to him. 
thairig, va. irr., go. 
thlg, va. irr., wil] corae : thig dh.i. nmiì iifninic liim . tiui i:^. 

will please him : thig eadar, wiU disagree. 
tboir, va, irr., bring, givc, take : njr, persuad'* r<,- •■! 

: thoir ort, bctake yourself. { 
thtt aud thd, pers. pron. thou and \ ; tù. 

thubhairt, va. irr., said. 
thugad. Scc chugad. 
thun. See chun. 
thUM, emph. thu. 
tl, nm, ind., aiiy human bcin;;. 
ti, nm ind.. design. iutenti> : .i glilacadh, designing to 

. it. h llÌTll. 

tiam ' loomy, ioncaome, dismal. melancholy, eeric. 


tigh, iiui. K- tighe ; pl. + ean, house : tigh-tasffaidh. store : tii^h- 
(^.s<la. au inn : tigh-aoraidli. a hottse of wonship. church 
: tigbleanna. alchouse. The t is broad (low^ 

Tigh-an-droma, pnm. Tyndrum. 

tightarna, um. pl. f n, lord : na tighcarnan beaga (i,. >» . tuc uro, 

tighinn, " .<„tii!i.' tii^hinn bcò, coming alive, subaisting. 



-eil and -eadh, cast, throw, cast out, vomit, fling. 
n. flingìng, ca<tiiij;, throwing, vomiting. 
tiU, vu. return, cause to rctorn : tilleadh air ais, toming back. 
tim, nf . g. -i- e ; pl. -f eannan, time. 
timcheali, n!ii. circuit : m'a thimcheall, about him. 
tinn, .!. ~: k. unwell. 

tinneat, uui. g.v. -eis ; pl -^- an, sickness, disease. 
tiodhlac, nm. g.v. -aii- ; pl. -aicean, gift, present, offerìng. 
tiodhlaic, va. -.u alìi. ' ury, bestow. 
tiolp, va. sua uddenly. 

tiom, a. soft, i : ful. 

tiomadh, nm. g.v. -aidh, blenching. 
tiomaich, »a. and vn. soften into tears, become tearful. 
tiomain, va. -nadl;. >tow. 

tiomnadh, nm. g.v. 'iean, wiU, testament, beqneath- 

ing : an seaun . ..hì.i.iìi, hìc old testament : an tiomnadh 

nuadh, the ncw tistament. 
tiempM, nm. g.v. -diu ; pI.-H an, cymbal, tabor. 
tionàii, va. and vn. -al, gather, assemble, glean, come together 

as an asstuibly. 
tiOMl, nm. g.v. -ail ; pI.-)-an, gathering, assembling, assemblage, 

gleaning, coming togethcr. 
tionniatfh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, tuming, a tum. 
tionndaidh, va. and vn. -adh, tum by altering position, canse 

t" tuni, char '* -. convert, be converted, translate. 

tionnsgainn, v.i. : ,, invent, bcgin. 

tionntffninn - ginning, an eleraent. 

tion ; pl. -aidliean, beginning, devising. 

tlor, va. dry us curu, kihi dry. 

tioram, a. dry, barren, uninteresting. 

tiormaicli, va. drA'. 

tiota, liiii. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -j-n, a moment, jiffy, little whilv. 

tir, u:;i ' ean, land, a country : tìr mòr, the uiainiand. 

tiufainn, usgo. 


tiachdmh: ly, desirable. 

tlàth, .. lo the touch. 

tlatht, ■.::... . :..i;Uu>, luilduc^, iuuduess, tcndemess, smooth* 

tlui, :i:ìi Uais. genial war ' • ' Toction. 

tlutail, ... ' ::!paa8Ìonate. war ti*. 

taùth. -■ • •'■ . ....^...i... 

tfbar. . fountaiu, source, origin. 





tech, niu. g.-a. pl. + an, hough of an animal. 

toehail, va. -ailt, di'. — - 

tòchd, iini. iiid., u)i :!R-11. 

todhar, um. k- -Ji': , , '"■ i'Hir.-, (lung, a field manured br 

foldin^ cattle upon it, 1 
tOf, va. -ail, lift, build, rai^< .istil, rear, educatc, ezdt< 

stir up, rouse. 
tegail, nf. g. -alach ; pl. -a1ai<-hcau, Uftiug, building. rai.^in 

brcwing. disUIIing. " ■. exdting, rousing ; a bui! ' . 

ttgair, va. an<l vn. -i- 1 ìi, desjre, uisU greatlv : 

tho:- -•• 


togar, V,;.. , . : ^^. 

togarrach, a. desiruus, keen, willing. 

togradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, dt>irc. passion, propensit 

togsaid, uf. pl. -i- ean, hogshead. 

toibheum, um. g.v. -eim ; pl. -fan, reproach, blemish, stair. 

tAie, nf. g. -he ; pL-f ean. a swelling. pufTed up state of the f.i< • . 

tol|h, .1. a[;rc ' ' -' ■■' ' ' ' toigh leam, I like 

toighe, 111. t 

toigheach, a. i .,. ... 

toil, ni. g. -|-e ; pl. -f can, the will, incUnation, desire. 

teileach, a. wilUng, voluutary, desirous. 

toileachas, nm. g.v. -ais, contentment. 

toilich, va. aud vn. please, satisfy, be willing. 

toil-inntinn, nf. .saUsfac^jon, gratifìcation. 

toill, \ .1. • tinn, (le.servc. merit. 

toillteannach, a. deserviug. 

toilltinn, mn. ind., mcriting, deserving. 

toimhseachan. «"< • ^ . .,„ .,i . .„ 

toinitg, nt. 

toinn, v.i. tw ; 

toinneamh, um. g. -eimU, twi:>tiug, twiuing, spimiiug. 

toTr, va. irr., give. See tabhair aud thoir. 

tèir, nf. g. tòireach ; pl. -f- icheau, pursuit, diligent »ear< ' 

tbòir, iu pursuit. 
toirm, nf. g.-fe; pl.-f-ean, noise, soun' ' ' iìmnnnriui; 

toirmieg, va. forbi-' •'.>'">;« 
toirmisgte, v.a. r 

toirt, ni. i-'. '■. : .!ne : bulk. tastc. 


tOÌMach, uiu. K-V- -ich ; yl. ■ i- 

front, van, precedcncy, bov 

: .iir thoiseach, in front. 
tòiioach, nui. g.v. -ich ; pl. -icliean, thane 


Wtgu A, a. the left, anlacky, anpropitious : an làmh tboisgeal, 

thc left hand. 
lèiticll, va. begin, commence : tòisich air, begiii. 
tolt, nf. g.-re; pl. -fean, smoke, vapour, fume, sieam [L. oc 

toig, nni. g.v. tu!!*; ; pl.-f an, hoUow on a smooth surface, a dent. 
toll, n:::. .; ^ . t :;!! : pl. tuill, hole, hollow, ca\*ity, crevice: toll- 

toll, va. borc, pcrioratc. 

tolm, nm. ^.v. tuihii ; pl. -fannan, round hillock. 

tom, nin - \ t li::); pl. tuim, hiUock, kuoU, cminence, roundheap, 

t !u!:.;i . 'ì ' ;i-!ie!i. 
lOinatJ. • .. lutity. AIso tomalt. 

tom a r- . littie hillock, little hcap. 

Tòmas, .: ■i.ias. 


tomh, \ ,1, threatcu. ;ii:::. 

tomteit, va. -as, measurc, guess, u: Ive. 

tomhM, nm. ^.v. -a:5; ; p1. ■ an or i, a mcasure, moder- 

:.g, sense, meaning : gnu 

lor i, nni. .int-niii ; liiiiv tL'i on first clcmcnt. 

tòn, . d. tòin ; pl. -+- an, thc f undament. 

toon, ...;..., . pi.^an and tuimi, wave, surgc, billow. 
iMin." j ; pl.-fan, woman's shoulder shawl. 

tOra, :!, .-lut'.r 

toradh, n:... ì.fruit, produce. 

torc, ;;:::. k.\. t:;;t' ; j i. r. 

torchair, va. pieri.e, trausfix. 

torman, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-^ an, rumbling soun<i. 

tdrr, :i:: i or couical hill or mountaiu, 

ir.' ruins. 

lòrr, % ;ì. JH.-.1JI • t i . 
torrach, a. prcgua:: 
tòrradh, vtm ■' . 'piug or piling np 

losd. ilent. 

toth, .-;ii. ij.-ra ; pl.-ruu, a ioui blaslui vaix>ur, stench. 

tràgh, \ .1. ehh as tiH*'. 



.._ liCil, 

tratgh, ; tin. 

Ira'ina. ;, .kc). 

tnt4, .1. .1 r <«. 
tratdan, i ;: j».r. -aln ; 

tra»|, ;.: ;:..; ■ . l:..;-^ , ; 


tràth, a. carly, in scason, quick. 

tràth, nni. g.v. tràith ; pì. + an, scason, a meal, diet o£ food, 

appointed time : trath-maidne, breakfast. 
tràthail, a. early. 
tràth-sa, in : an tràth-sa (see an dràad), now, at this timt 

tr«, prci>. through, by nieans of. 
treabh, \ a. plougb, till the ground. 
treabhachat, nm. g.v. -ais, husbandry, nrablc fami. 
trta{haid, nf. pl. -f ean, darting pain. stitcb. 
trealaich, nf. lumbcr. trash, baggagc. 
treas, num. thc tbird. 
treasa, a. strongcr. 

trelbhireach, a. prudent sincere, upright. 
treibhireas, nm. g.v. -cis, sincerity, uprìghtness. 
trèit, va. forsake, abandon, descrt. 
trèigsinn, nm. ind., forsaking, abandoning, dc<:"-*'" • 
treis, nf. g. f e. a while. space of time. 
treise, nf. jnd., force, vigour, strength. 
trelse, a. strongest. 

treodhair, nm. pl. -fean. smith's nail mouM. 
treòlr, nf. g. -f e., strength, forcc, powcr, ' 
treòraich, va. and vn. guidc, lead, direct, 
treòraiche, nm. pl. -f an, leadcr, a guidc. 
treubh, nf. g.-f a. ; pl.-f an, tribc, clan, family. 
treubhach, a. strcnuous, valorous. 
treubhantas, mn. -v. -ais, bravcry, valour. 
treud, nni. ^'.v. trcid ; pl.-f an. flm-k. herd. 
treun, a. trciue, bravc, bold, valiant. 
treun-ri-treun, nm. g. trcin-ri-trein, landrail {h. Sc. comcrak 

bctter traona. 
treuntas, and treunas, nm. g.v. -ais, strength, power. 
trl, num. threc. 

trìall, va. triall, go, dcpart. sct out. 
trlall, nm. ind., journcy, dcparturc. 
triallalr, nm. pl. -f ean. travcUcr. 
trlan, nm. ind., a third part. 
^rlath, nm. g.v. tr^-ith ; pl.-f an, lord, chief. 
trlc, a. oftcn, frequent. 
trid, prcp. tlirough, by means of. 

trllleachan, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f an. picd oyster catcher. 
trinnsear, nm. g.v. -eir ; pl.-fan, trmchcr, plate. 
trioblaid, nf. pi. -fcan, trouble, anxiotv. vcxatinn. tribulatj 
Trlonald, nf. the Trinity. 
trlubhat, nm. g.v. -ais ; pl. -f au, trcu 
trluchan, nm. g.v. -ain ; p1. ' .-tr ••• 
trlùlr, nm. and f. (lircc^ 
trluthacb. uf. g.d. -aith. bf.Kipii;^ .. 
tròcalr, m. pl. ■fean, mercy, compassionate act 


V ^V, 



trod, nm. ij.v. truid ; pl. truid, scolding, reproof, quarrel. 

troich, niu. g. +e. ; pl. 4-ean, dwarf. 

troi{h, nf. p.-'-e. ; pl.-Hean, a foot, a foot of 12 inches. 

troimh, ■ igh. 

troitnhe, -. through him. 

troimp*, ::. through her. 

trom, :ì ^ressive, hard, difficult, sad, sleepy, pregnant. 

tromaich, .. ....ù vn. make heavy, oppress, burden, become 

hcavii r. 
Troma-mhala, pnf. mcaning ' heavy eyebrow.' 
tromb, nf. g.-f-a ; pl. + an. Jew's harp. 
trombaid, nf. pL + ean, trumpet. 
tromhad, come, come to me. 
tromhad, prep. pron. throuKh you. s. 
tromhainn, prep. pron. throu.' 

tromham, irep. prou. throu. ^ 

trompa, pr«^P- pron. through ...v.... " 

troif, nm. g.v. truisg ; pl. truisg, cod tish. 

trù, nf. g. +tha; pl. +than, a bcastly being, villain, traitor. 

truaeantÌ, a. merciful. 

traagh, a. wretched, miserable, unhappy : is truagh leam, I pity. 

truai||lM, nf. pL + an, misen.-, woe. 

.-J-e. ; pi.4-ean, .sheath, scabbard. 
'le, violate, profane. 
. polluted. 
•*'•, fX>mpassion : gabh truas dheth, take 

truaiil, nf. g 
truaill, v:i. I '■ 
truaiilidh, a 
truas, mu. g... L.. 

pity of him. 
truÌnM, a. heavier. 
truinMMd, nm. g. -eid, heaviness. 
truit, va. trusadh, collect, truss up 

are scared oS. 
trup, nm. g.+ a. ; pL+ aichean, troop of horse. 

truis ! word by which dogs 

tmtadll, nra. g.v. -aiilh, j.;at;i 
triMglll, mn. K.v. -aiii ; pl. 

ta a:;d tù • - " •'■ 


tuaileas, ^ .. . . :, : 

taaÌROal, nin. g.v. -eil ; pl. + an, stupor, dizziness. 

tMÌrtab, uni. g.v. -ib ; pl.-f an, fray. 

tuairaabadh, nm. g. -aidh, molestation. 

luaiream, nf. g.v. -eim ; pl. + an, a guess, conjecture, vicinity. 

!Iecting, tucking up. 
•)f clothes, garmcut. 
■ iiii. 

pl. + an, axe, hatchet. 
siander, calumny. 



twir, n- 






-eil ; pL + an, description, report. 
-eir : pL + an, tumer. 
-' •- - - 'iir, hue, appcarancc. 

s, fee, salary, rcward. 

ii, the north. 
itry, couuUy peoplc, husbaudmen. 


luathanach, uin. ^ v. -aich ; pL -aich. fanner, rostic, peasant 

tuathanachat, nm. k'.v. -ais, tarming. 

tubaist, nf. pl.-frai). misfortune, mishap, accident. 

tubhailt, ^ ■ 

tùchan, um. g.v. .; as dove, hoarscnesa. 

tug, \ a. irr. pT.c, ;'>ok. 

tugainn. ^ 

tugh, v,i. tlMl' b. 

tughadh, um. g.v. -aidh, tli 

tuig, v.i. and vn. -fsinn, i-cem, coi 

tHÌftinn, nf . nnderstanding, disceming, comprehending. 
tuil, nf . g. -f- c. ; pl. r tcan, flood, delu>:> 
tuill. See toll. 
tuilltadh aud tulllidh, nm. more, a.. .. . <...^..>.. vi..^..v..., 

nuuibcr ; tuilleadh 's a' chòir, more than its due, m< 

tliau enuu^li. 
tuim. Sec toni. 

tuineach, mn. ^.v. -ich ; pl. -ichean, dwelling, abode. 
tuineachai, r.m. i.:.v. -ai.s, dwelliug, sojouming. 
tuinich, vn. Mjjouru, dwell, frequent, resort to. 
tuinne, uf. in ; gob ua tuinne, the water edge. 
tuir, \a. deplore, moum, lamcut. 
tuiraadh, nm. g.v. -idh ; pl.-fidhean, mounung. ' 

lameutation, dirge. 
tuirtasf, nni. g.v. -isg ; pl. + an, a saw. 
tùirling, K!. iud., desccnding, dcscent ; va. alight, dismoui 

tùirte, uf. iud.. niouruiiig. 
tÙirMach, a. mournful, som 
tùit, nf. g.4 e. ; p!.-t-can, ìhlcu^c. 
tuitieach, a. stuuibUug, causing to stumble, acddentaL 
tuitiaadil, nm. g.v. -idh ; pl. -idhcau, a stumW'- — '•'*■''• 

slip, error. 
tuitlich, vn. stmr'"'- ^''-^ '-n ••" 
tuit, vu. f eam, i t as thc iun. 

tuiteam, imi. g.v ::g, tall, a chance. 

tuiteamat, um. g.\ . -tiià, u chaucc. cx>ntingence, fall, occurren< 
tulach, nui. g.v. -.TÌrh ; p!. -.lichean, hiHock. 
tulchainn, uf. pl i hurdica.) 

tulchuit, nf. a<.u! 
tulg, . 

tunna, inn tun. 

tunnag, uf, ., .. , . < <iuck. 

tàr, nni. g. tàtr, aenK, uudcrstanding, Migadty, Ì&tmtioii, 00 

tur, ' deviae, invent. 



tùr, nin. g.v. tùìr ; pl. tùir, a tower. 

tur, a. whole, absolutc, complete, entire ; dry, wuuout tonaiiueut, 

: buntàta tur, potatoes without ' kitchen ' to them ; gu tur, 

a'.tngeth' - • '^- 

turadh, u::; ler. 

tùrail, a. ser. : ; jus, heedf ul. 

turaman, um. g.v. -ain ; pl.-^an, nodding, shaking, rocking. 

tùrn, iim. job, feat, tum of work. 

turus, um. g.v. -uis ; pl.4-an, joumey, voyage. 

tùs, iiiu. g.v. tùis ; pl. tùis, the beginning, commencement, 

origin, front, van : air tùs, at first. 
tuia, and tlmta, empb. form of tu and thu. 
tuthac, nf, g.d. -aig ; pl.-|-an, patch. 

U! interj. expressive of snrprise or disappointment. 
nabliar, nm. jr.v. -air, pride, vainglory, insolence. 
uachdar, i'.i:i. u v. -air ; pl.-f-an. top, surface, summit, cream, 
uTi; r :. .ither of shoe : dol an uachdar, getting uppermost. 
oachdaran, nm. g.v. -ain ; pl.-f-an, mler, chief. govemor. 
Uachdar-tire, pmn. .^uchtertyre. 
uaibh, prep. pron. from you. 
uaibhreach, a. proud, haughty, vainglorìous. 
uaìbhreas, nm. g.v. -eis, prìde, pomp, vainglory. 
uaidh, prep. pron. from him. 
uaigh, nf. g.-j-e. ; pl.-f-ean, a grave. 
uaigMMkt a. secret, lonesome, melancholy. 
uaiglMas, nni. e.v. -eis, secrecy, prìvacy, solitarìness. 
uaill, ni. ^ . •. ainglor>-, prìde, vanity. 

uaimh, ni. g. u :;iha ; pl. uainhau, cave, den. 
uaÌB. S«e uan. 
uaÌM, a. green, wan. 
uala W wal l , nf. r. -eol... I .:;:l :! ,h. 
uallia, prep. pron. irwiu us. 
uaipa, i'rt-p. pron. from her. 
uair, :.: e. ; pl.-f-ean, hoor, time: annair, when : air uairean 

at Uu^ui. 

Wàlnutak, nm. pl. -!- ean, a watch, time-keeper of any kind. 

Mklrtlflaa, nf. sometime. 

ualsle, ::* ìiid., nobility. gentility ; a. genteeler, politer, more 

< ■nul'^ous. 

Mhliek, va. enno' 

mK, prep. pron. : 

Mttach. ; tately, proud. 

■illiach, iil, burdeu, a charge, 

UiHm, sum 
u:im, DrcD. ! 


uamha. Sce naimh. 

uamharr, and-ft, a. dreadful, ternble, atrocious. 

uamhas, nm. g. v. -ais ; pl. -f an, horror, terror, motister. object of 

Mmhasach, a. terrìble, awful, dreadful, shocking, horrìble. 
uamhunn, nf. g.d. -uinn ; pl. + an, horror. 
uan, nm. g.v. uain ; pl. uain, a lamb. 
uapa, prep. pron. from them. 
Wtttl, a. noble, gentle, proud, genteel ; mn. g.v. -ail ; pL uaislean, 

uat, prep. pron. from you, s. See uait. 
uatha, prep. pron. from them. 
ub-ab, nf. hubbub. 

Ùbh, Ùbh ! interj. expressive of aversion. 
Ubhal, nra. g.v. -ail ; pL ùb'^i ■" ^"nle ; also abhall. 
Ùbrald, nf. pl. + ean. confu le. 

UChd, nm. breast, bosoni, r side of a hill. 

UChdach, nf. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aicheau. ascent, accU\nty, breastplate. 
UChd-èideadh, nm. breastplate ; inflected on the second element. 
Ud, yon, that, yonder ; ud thall, over yonder. 
udal, nm. g.v. -ail, dangUng, moving, flitting. 
udalan, nm. g.v. -ain, a swivel : clach an udalain, ' the roUiug 

Ùdlaidh, a. gloomy, sequestered. 

Ufan, nm. g.v. -aiu ; pl. • an, forepart of the breast, the neck 
Ugh, nm. g.v, uigh ; pl. uighean, egg : ugh-gluig, addled egg. 
Ùgh, ndiUr. See ùth. 
ùfhdair, nm. pL-f-ean, author. 
ùfhdarrat, nm. g.v. -ais, authorìty. 
Ulba, nm. pl.4-achau, lump or mass of soft substonce, p;i: 

( ularly of dough. 
Hibhir, uumber. See uimhir. 
Aidh, - ; pl.-i-ean, desire, partiality. fondness, hope, 

( . interest, care, heed. 

uidhe, ;... , .. ^ii, degree, step, pace, journev : uidh air n-uidh. 

bit by bit, stcp by step, by degree.s. 
Uidheam. See uigheam. 
Uifhaam, nf. g.d. -eim ; pl.-fan, fumiture, .i 

slruments, dress. trappings, apparatus, f, ... .. 
uifheamaicil, va. equip, /umish with instrumcnts. appar 

(.r (Ircss. 
uile, a. and nm. the wholr, all : uile gu lèir, altogether. 
uilear. Sce fuilear. 
uileann, nf. g. uilne ; d. uilinn ; pl. uilnean, the elbow. • < r 

iM, va. oil. besmear with oil. 
èHlMMb, nm. g.v. -idh. oil. oiIUig. 
UUItan, pnm. g.v. •cim, William. 
vNlMail, nf. g.d -inn, boneysuckle, woodbinc. 



uiilt. See aUt. 

uime, prep. pron. about liim. 

uimpe, prep. pron. about her. 

ùine, nf. ind., a time, season, time. 

ùinich, nf. bustle, hurry. 

uìnneaf, nf. g.d. -eig ; pl. -fan, window. 

uinnean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, ouion. 

uinnseann, nm. g.v. -inn, ash, ash tree. 

Hipinn, nf. pl. — ean. a treasure, a hoard. 

Ùir, nf. g. uireach, mould, dust, earth. 

ttircean, nm. g.v. -ein ; pl. -einean, little pig, yoong pig. 

àint. Seeòrd. 

HÌfMChan, pi. of uirìgh. 

Hirtad, nm. ind.. .so much. as much, amount. 

■ir»afbhu'f<** - -' -. want, indigeuce, povert- -- ' 

Mifidh, Ih. 

uifigh, .. .. ... bed, ledge in a precipice. 

tlrtfeul, nm. g.v. -eòil ; pl. + an, fable, novel, romance. 

■ittaf , nf . g.d. -eig ; pl. -h an, lark. 

■itge, nm. pl. -f-achau, water. 

■Itft-btatha, nm. whisky (:^aqua-vitae). 

■Itgich, va. wiit-r 

■m ! hist I 3Ìicni.L- ! 

Ulaf, in". i,.(l. -aig ; pl. — au, ìjioik lor puiUn-. 

uiaidh, I.: pl. -f-ean, a treasure. 

ulfhartaich, nf. ind . howiing. 

ttllachadh, m::. V ^ .ii Ih. prepariug, preparation, provision. 

■Ilamh, a. rendy pri-T-ircd. 

■UaMÌMÌCh, ttllaich, va. prepare, make ready, provide for. 

■HtCÌI, nm. g.v. -aich ; pl. -aicheau, armful, lapful. 

umad, prep. pron. about you, s. 

umaibh, prep. pron. about you, pl. 

umainn, prep. pron. about us. 

uOMai, prep. pron. about me. 

umha, nr". in'! brass. 

umhail, :.: . heed, attention, consideration ; doubt, suspicion. 

umhal, 1 >:: :. :^.«.ive. huinble. obedient. 

AMblachd, nf. lii'l., :ie8s, bumility, obedience, obeis- 

ant c, houiaj^e, i. . .i. 

■mpa, • ' j). pron. about thcm. 
tmpaidh, ::rn. pL + ean, dolt, blockbead. 
ung, ;int. 

unlagh, :. pl.-han, a fine. 
unnta, • ' nidhean, ounce. 

up, .le. 

iipae, a; ; pl.-}-an, a sli^ht pusb. 

or, , recent, flourishmg, young, vigorous, beautiful, 

ur, : rwu. yuur. See bbur. 


ùrach a' bhtithc, fresb green beechwood. 

ùraich, va. and vn. renew, be renewed, refreah, recreate, become 

tresh or grcen. 
uraidh, nf. last year. 
Ùrar, a. frosh, flourishing, young, gay. 
urball. Scc carball. 
urchair, uf. g. -racb ; pl. -raichean, a shot, a cast, a throw 

: urchair -thuitcamais, accidental or stray shot. 
urchoid, uf. pl.-|-ean, hurt, mischief, detriment, calamity. 
ùrlabhairt, nf. ind., speaking eloquently, eloquence, oratory. 
ùrlar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl. -i- an, floor of a house. 
ùrnui|h, nf. pl. -f-ean, prayer, praying. 
urra, nm. pl. -f idhean. person. 

urradh, nm. g.v. -aidh ; pl. -aidhean, authority, gaarantee. autl. 
urrainn, nm. promoter, author, beginner ; power, ability . ... 

urrainu mi, or : is urrainn domh, I can, I am able 

: a b' urrainn, who could. 
urram, nm. g.v. -aim, respect, reverence, hononr, deference. 
urramach, a. bonourable, reverend. 
urramaich, va. honour, respect, revere. 
urras, nm. g.v. -ais ; pL-fan, surety, guarantee, a caatio: 

audacity, confidence. 
urtalnn, um. pl. -annan, door post, side of a door. 
Uta, a. easier. Better asa. 

us{a and ugM, nm. pl.-ichean, fuU grown coal fish. 
usgar, nm. g.v. -air ; pl.-f-raichean, jewel, omament, bellonliqr 
utag, nf. g.d. -aig ; pl. -(-an, a push, jastle. 
utagaich, va. push, jostle. 
ùth, nm. g. -f-a. ; pl. -f annan, udder. 
ùtrais, uf. confused mass. 

i \i 




Spellings which are in accordance with the best literary 
usage and most advanced etyraological knowledge are in 
Black Letiers. SpelUngs which are absolutely erroneous 
are in Italics. 


, hand net. 


biidh, love, 


abhainn, rìver. 


baiteal, battle. 


akliartair, Satan. 


batail, battle, 


achuinge, suppli- 

bàthaich, byre, 




bathar, wares. 


àdh. happiness, 


beairt, loom, 


adhiir, air. 


beil, i.s. 


aibhistear. Satan. 


beuiaibh, front, 


aifreann, Mass, 


beurla, English 

beurla Shas- 

àile, air. 




àilgheas, .i- ir. . 

." ;::•■ ■-. 

bhàn, a, down, 


àin, Ik , 

bhith, to bc. 


aiubhthcach, debt, 


bìgh, gum, 


ainroie, rare. 


biadh, fame. 


ainneamh, rare. 


bobag, term of 

alrean, ploughman 

, aoirean. 



airiead. sihcr. 


bòcan, goblin. 



bocsa, box. 



boiceann, goatskin 

, boicionn. 


boillsg, gleam. 


; r..-t. 


boineid, bonnet. 


/i ■ ■ !;c-. 


boireann, female. 




boisg, gleam. 


amhfafi, ■ >:\'^. 


bonaid, bonnet, 
bri, quern. 

boine d. 

anfhann, \ c k. 


annamh. r : 


bràch, for ever, 
breacan, plaid, 
brèagha, fine. 


annl: ..iien 




aeith, guti,t. 


breitheamh, judge, brìtheamh. 

aetroman, bladder 

, aodroman. 

breug, lie. 


<K7irfan,ploughman airtan. 

briag, Ue, 


art, araa, quoth. 

ars', ors, os. 

brìagha, fìne. 


■sa, easicr. 


brìgis, breeches. 

briogait, {h 


(aWh, an, gratij 

1, a nasgaidh. 

Sc. breeks) 

lar, air. 





Ichuinge, suppli 


britheamh, judge, 




bruich, boil, 
budagoc, snipe. 




chuil, crozicr, 



ihar, warcs. 


caidreabh, feUow- 


f han, stomach. 






calUh, barbuur. 


cNttiwiA, wortn, 


Caliiinn, Ncw Yeai 


còig, fivc, 
coWoach, cock. 







coUoiun. New Yeat 


CMMfeflM, lamen- 





com,'- ■* 





caoimnheas, kind- 

a chòmhnuidh 



craoit. bunip. 


caorann, rowan 

cratfan, cross. 



( aorunn. 

crcatha, clay. 

caothach, ragc. 


cròc, dccr'shom. 


caraibli, turns, 


crom, l-ent. 


C«, what. 


crubha, horse'shoof crudha. 

ceadha, niT . 


crui--'' - 


cean.t;. :;. 



' i ,!iM, w !;;•;: : , 





; nu. 


ceilear, > ;;;i; ; : . 

i . ;i. :r. 

cuibhreann, porii 

.un. ' 

Celst, (|iK>tii.n. 


CUÌn, when. 

c' IU". 

ceudaoin, w i.hics- 

cuiridh. champion. 




cùlaibh, back. 


ceutach, riv- u 


cuislc, vein. 


cheana, ilrcady. 

a lìicana. 

CUmhanc, uarrow. 



cùmhraidh, fra- 


a' còmlmuidh. 



chuca, t..lhcni. 


curaìdh, champion 

., cuirìdlL. 

ChUfad, to y.ui, 


currac. . an. 


chugaibh, to yuu. 




chugam, to mc. 


danntadh, dancmg 

, <: 1 <>: '• ;.)./ 

chuica, toher. 


de, of . 

cliaift, to him. 




da, what. 



.1. .ulh. 

cìbelr, shepherd. 


dèaiiaiiiii, ;!ik;. 


ciadaoin, Wcdnes- 





dtidhinn, coucern- 

cioun, os, ovcrhcad, OS CMnn. 


ciennae, how. 




. : .' 


' . . .' iu!. 

cleòc, 1 \ . 

deur, tcar, droj.. 


clic, i. 

(li.i. ii.iinn. attcmp 

t deuchainn. 

Cliùc, ' ' !;■ 1 . 

.'.i.iv, 'iccn. 




i!i.i!!..i.l. saddlc, 



■ li.uiili .in, idle. 

dloNihslfi . 

cnuac, .. 

. nuachd. 

('.:,i;nh.ur, .sccrct. 


coibhneat, kì; l 

<h.»i. <lrop. 




diarras, vehcmcncc, diorrae. 



dichcaii, diUgence 
diollaid, ' ! "• . 
diomhain, : !:■ . 
diomhair, secret, 
dtorras, vehemence, 
doiclMaJI, churlùli- 

draoidh, druid, 
drèachd, officc, 

irlàeki, dew. 
drùdh, p<?netrate, 
druidh, dniid, 
d ù b Man, cballenge, 
duchM, hereditary 

e<uUr riu, between 

•adllM, natndv, 
Mlla, n ■ 

,1, , , 

earball, tail. 
•Mgai4, hongh, 
Mltrrt, between 

èibh, cry, 
èif ÌM, neccsaity, 
èirigh, rising, 
èiric, ransom, 
cilhir, boat, 
•u4, jealoiuy, 
•ugmlMÌi, without 
•un, bird. 

, diarras. 






Nabhat, bettemess, feobhas. 

ià.i. turf. 
fafhaid, : 
iKiChnich. . ìc, 
talrtiich, Uuile. 

/a '.^Aji/, ford, 

' i !' I forrl i%nT\ 'i 
















'. c'cn.), faodkla. 

ting, faoghaid. 






feann, flay, 
f«art, virtue, 
fvasf ar, evening, 
fèath, calm, 
f èin, seU, 

fhèin, fhìn. 

feobhas, bettemess, f«abhas. 

f«UCh, tr>-, 
feur, grass, 
feutaf , beard. 
fausf an, mussel, 
fhèin, fhìn, self , 
fiach, try, 
fiar, grass, 
fiasag, beard, 
fiasgan, mussel, 
fiath, cahn, 
fionn, flay. 












flaHhMnnas, heaven, flaithinnis. 

fèd, turf, 
fof har, sound, 
foireann, crew, 
follus, publicity. 
froumli, root, 
fri«gll, bristle, 
tulaing, suff er, 









gadhar, lurcher-dog gaodhar. 
gtadh,, geòdh. 

geanmnaidh, chaste, geamnaidh. 

f e do, although, 
f euban, gizzard, 
feur, sharp, 
f heibh, will get. 
f iollaich, prepare, 
f iortf , panic, 
f iuthas, fir, 
flain*, clc.iner, 
f laac, wrestlc, 
flOC, ' huk. 

floibhc, ' tiscless 

wuiuau, gloichd. 

gnèda, ugly, grànda. 

glWfhNCh, bnsiness. gnothuich. 
f obha, sniith. gobhainn. 

f ràcan, uuisc of heos grickdan. 

ged do. 

giul'h .~. 
glaii;!! •. 



crànda, ukIv. 


mach, am, ont. 


grtusaiche, »hoe- 

miirtach, am, to- 





guala, shoulder, 


flUUth, good. 



gu bheil, gu'm 

maUaehd, curse. 


there is. 


mar, if not. 


fui an, uutil. 


meamhair, memorji 
mtamhraich, raedi- 

', meomhair. 

iad, jealuusy. 




ian, bird. 


mtanaidh, aui. 


imil, immiiiciu 0. 


mtanmna, ^Mrit, 


inbhe. position, 


MèMian, : .vw:i. 


ioghnadh, wonder. 


Wtaia, wur»e. 


ioUa, nothing (to do 

mtatar, tub. 




m***? am, among 

, a measg. 

ìomadh, nianv. 




ionann, alikc, 


: . memory mtamhalr. 

ionbhar, couflueuL-e inbhir. 

mtur, ùuger. 


ionfhnadh, wonder. ioghnadh. 

mkàin, a, down, 


ionnraic, honest. 


miadh, respect. 


ios, an, down. 

a nlos. 

mial. animal. 


iosgaid, hough. 




ÌS. is. 




it, and. 


n,.,..w, n. 


mi::; :;■, awl. 


iaghach, uice. 


mioi, annnal, 


laidh, lie. 



lèab, piece. 




ièabag, flounder. 


miosa, worse. 


itaba dh, bed. 


mò, bigger. 


itadalr, belabour, 


moch, early. 


itag, knock down, 


mòna, moss (gen.). 


itann, ale. 


mtrair, lord. 


itig, let. 


mtrt, murder. 


leisgeul, excuse, 


mu, about. 


MS M, with the. 


miKh, earlv, 


latlWff Ui, cxcuse. 


mughadh, ^^-'V. 


leòb, piecc. 


muigh, ari 

leòbag, flounder. 



ItM, torch. 


mur, ii uot. 


11, colour. 


muna, it not. 


Uodair. belabour. 


ilaiin, liquid. 


na, or. 


Itcar, hand plane. 


MMIMMM, news, 


lam, bare. 







naagaidh,a.grati*. MMpMh. 








ntJmh, poi&on, 
■Ml, doud, 
nimh, poison, 
nkxs, a, up, 
MCM,M, to-night 
■Mir, when. 
naas, down, 
Mimilir, numbcr. 
nunn ' 
'nur 111 ^ 





a nochd. 





•, from, 

youths (gen.), nan òigridh. 
olrrt, on her. 
oUlna, coraur, 
Mtl f , honour, 
•rrn, on them, 
ors, o9, quoth. 
Matf ll, desisting. 

pàigh, pay. 
plutiiar, sistt r, 



art, aru. 



ra-mhath, very good ro>mliatll 

ràtfll, af , sayine. a' gràdh. 
ridh, a, X '^ay. aghràdh. 

ralbhc, bo;; V. raoic. 

ràinif, reached, rànaig. 
rainMCli, fem, 

brackens, roineach. 

ràitll, qnarter. ràidh. 

raoic, beUow, raibhc. 

Bb, mackerel rionnacb. 

I, star. 



at'r ràir. 







rtlc, ^cll, 

rèir, a, according, 

rt«dha, frost, 

rtul), tcar. 

rtamh, ever. 

rlbhinn, nymph, 

rlf Im, forearm, 

rionnach, mackercl, rtannach. 

r ionnag, star, rtan nac . 

rHM, reel. ruithil. 

Iag^ rithist. 


ro (mhath) very 

(good), ramhath. 

roimh, through, troimh. 
rubha, promontory, rudha. 

rudha, blush, rugha. 

ruithil, reel, rithii. 

ruighe, forearm, rifht. 

sac, sack. 


Sài, sea. 


•amhulnn, Uallow 




sèa, sia. 

SMbhaf , hawk. 


SMC, wither. 


SMdh, yes. 


saaf h, sensc. 


SCM, old. 


SMnn, old. 

bcfore d, t, 1, n, 

SMnchaU, conver- 

r, s. 



stannsair, chanter, 


Sèap, sneak off, 


saarmoin, sermon. 


Stilt, spittle. 


SèlS, mclody. 

seist, seisd. 

StO, this, 


Stud, jewel. 


Stun, charm. 


stunan, freckles. 


Sf tul, storv-. 


Sf rtUCh, screech. 


siab. sweep past, 


siabhrach, fairy. 


siamnn, strawrop« 

'., sioman. 

sian. -!■ :"::i. 




tidh, ; 


sithtann, veuison. 


SlaC, bcat. 


SlOC, slough. 


smaoin. thiuk. 


imtar, -' ■• 






^:::;' r. :: irrow. 


sniomh, >pin. 




so, this, 
soe, Miout. 

SOÌIItir, clear, 
tointann, fair 
SOraidb, farewcll. 



tpiec, niennness, 
spraic, rcprimaud, 
sproc, (lc-jcctioD, 
sràid, street, 
trath, stratb, 
truth, stream, 
Stagh, stay, 
stai|hir, stair, 
sttach, in to. 
ttlgh,, within 
ttOC, stump, 
ttràc, stroke, 
strath, strath, 
ttriOC, vicld, 
ttrlth, strifc, 
ttròlC, tear, 
stnith, streani, 
Stuagh, Rable. 
ttÙC, conical hiU, 
ttùic, projecting 

tAbh, berry, 

Ubhann, barking of 


latfhal, K^al, 

tagh, choosc. 
tàiilo, in consc- 

scquencc of, 
teanail, gather. 





tui spetulair. 























iaghal, iaodhal. 


ttangaldh, tongue 

(gen.). teanga. 

toatairg, deUver, teasraig. 
tc'is. iiui^ìral air, tMs. 
teògh, !:; ike warm, teòah. 
thàJnig, came, thànaig. 

tigh, bousc. taigh. 

timchoall, around, tìmchioU 
tìonail,gather. teanaiL 
tobhta, roofless waU tota. 
togh, choose, tagh. 

tom.hillork, tòm. 

t"t,i.i .11, tobhta. 

treabh treobh. 

trionaiU, mniiN , 
troigh, fcxjt, 
tromhad, through 

trom, heavy, 
tuath, an, 

tugha, thatch, 
tuilltadh, more, 
tuinoadh, abode. 

ttobhad (come 






WUmh, cave. 
MMt, gentUity, 
■M, an, down. 
■fh, egg, 
Ùghiar, author, 
ulbhir, number, 
tidh. heed. 








■ighoam, trappings, uidheam. 

uilear, enough, 
MÌrMUI, amount, 
■nMh, last vcar, 

■tarlaich, howl- 

Aniagh, a finc, 
urball, tail, 
usa. easier, 
Ath, udder. 





The letters ■# sbould not be u^ to rcpre.<«ent the aliort aonnd <A thc 

vowel ao written. See tStfiMd and others above. 
The letters èi should not be used to represent the long soond of tho 

vowel wrìtten oa. Sce driacbd above. 




'wel letters representing vowels which are invariably long, have no 
need of duration marks. Therefore, it is wrong to write : cèum, 
bèul, gàoth or gaòth. flal or fiàl. 

Becanse duration marks are aolely for the purpose of indicating long 
vowels, it is wTong to place them above vowels which may not be 
classed as long, as : tòm, fònn, màll, lànn, glinn, for : tom, etc. It 
is wTong also to use them to indicate accented syllables, as : gràd 
or gràd, for : grad. Accent marks must not be confounded with 
duration marks, and must not be placed over vowels, but at the end 
of syllables, thus : ead'-ar, sannt'-ach, fa-dheòidh'. 

It is unnecessary to write duration marks over vowels which precede 
double consonants not of the same name, because they are, as a rule, 
long, as : mànran, sònruichte, fòghlum, fòghnaidh', còmhnuidh ; 
or diphthongal as : samhradh, dannsadh, ionnsuidh, leabhraichean, 
feadhna. The practice of putting duration marks on long vowels 
before double consonants might, without appreciable loss of lucidity 
be discarded. 


19 wTong to use the Dative Plural of nouns for the Nominative Plural, 
as : dh' fhalbb na fearaibh, except in verse, when a snappy syllable 
is wanted to answer, and rhyme with, another such. 


It is wrong to write t for am, as : a fear for am fear ; to write a for an, 
as : anns a' sgoil for anns an sgoil ; to wrìte na for nan, as : eachd- 
raidh na sean Ghaidheal, for : nan s«an etc. 


Il isba ■ ' irmful to the language to spell words accord- 

111. --ound, unless it is tne express intention to 

: liisins, or in conversation when the purpose is 

. > an uncertain guide to the true literary form, it 
rr.ine it by its neamess to tbe old wrìtten form or 




Alba, Scotland (geographically regarded) ; Albannach, Scottisb, A Scot»> 

Brtttann, Brìtain ; Brfatannach, Rrìtish, A Brìton. 
Ctilttach, A Celt. Ccltic ; A' Chànain Chtiitaach, The Celtic LaoRuage. 
Cèrn — An Cdrn, Coruwall; Cdrnach, Comish, A Comishman ; A' Chànain 

Chòrnach, The Coruish Languagc. 
Cruithna, A Pict ; Cruithntach, Pictish ; A' Chànain Chruithntach, 

The Pictish Language. 
Cuimrigh-^A' Chuimri|h, Wales ; Cuimreach, Wclsh. A Welshman; 

A' Chànain Chuimreach, Thc Wdsh Language. 
Eirt, Ireland (geographirally regarded) ; Eirtannach, Irish, An Irisb- 

man ; A' Ghiidhlig Eirtannach, Irìsh Gaelic. 
Qaidhtal, A Gael, An Iri.shman, A Scottish Highlander (racially re- 

gardcd) ; Qaidhtalach, Gaelic (raciallv reeardcdì : A' Ghàidhtlt. 

The Gaelic Language of Ireland, Man aii . ' ; A* Qhai ' 

taltachd, Gaeldom, " The Highlands " in .whI the { 

where Gaelic is spoken, in Ireland. 
Qall, a Lowland Scot (racially regarded) ; Qallda, Lowland Scottisb ; 

A' Qhalldachd, Lowland Scotland ; A' Mhachair Qhallda, Thc 

Midland plains o£ Scotland. 
Manainn— Eiitan Mhanainn, The l^le of Man ; Manainntach, Manx, 

A Mauxman ; A' Qhàldhiif Mhanainntach, Manx Gaelio. 
Qildhllr-A' Qhildhlig, Tbe Gaclic Language ; A' Qhàidhlis Albannach, 

Scottish Gaelic ; A' Qh. Elrtannach, Irish Gaelic , A' Gh. Mhanalnn- 

tach, Manx (ìaclic. 
Saiunn, England ; Sasunnach, English, An Englishman ■ A' bhturla 

Shatunnach, The HngUsh Language ; A* bkturla Qhallda, Tbe 

Lowland Sccts dialect of the English language. 
Sgott, A Scot (dynastically regarded) ; Sgottach, Scuttish, A Scotsma; 


Tbe namM of the Nntivefl or Inhabitants — as such — of Countiies, Dl^ 
tri' ' ' 1 iv .i<i<lin>; aeh <>r tach, pl. alcli and ?ch 

to -^ Gallaibh, Caithness, Qallach, c 

nessian ; bai ! Catach, Sntherlan<ler : RO', ' 

RMMII, Ros lonbhar-nli, h-.vcnu-.vs, Nlieach 

newÌRn : Ptirt F-,ileach, rt.rthshiriinan ; Earra-Gha;t!r 

Argv^. Earra-Ghaldhtaiach, Argylcm.m ; An Taobh tuath, 
Noriii. Tuathach. x t'irner; An Taofeh dtai, TIk.- S 
Dtaiach, s<>uthcr "^, Skvr. Sglthtanach, Muiic, 

Mu!!. Muileach. Uladh, i'istcr, Uit..iii, 

Connacht, c tach, Conn.iUKlitr.'..i;i ; Laiftheann, 

Lvìnstcr, L»<;, lau ; Mumhain, Mun.strr, Mumh 

•Intacb, MunM< ii' 





ti . 



* VM 

'C c 


. w 



•2 - 

~ 2 



^ g 


^3 < 

: 5 Ph 




t» s 





« s 



S a co 


g* pj 


.0 j 


cuC < 

'^, i 







— ^ 


M gg 



"3 : 


•i 4< ^ a^ 

f' 5s 

■ c ^ «" 

11 cd 

o . .a 

^ 4/ 4; a o 

-=1 sssssas;;?;? sss o u^ 

•o = = ,5i2Eoorgf 

^ < <<<<<<<<< 

X w uuuwuuouu 


^ « (S 


^ rt « 
n 01 a> 
£ f £ 

U U u 

« « «8 

t! . 

O 3 
. '. 3 

,r •* <r< 

I ■««« 

M u u e 





X t^ u 

x:^ X :s 


. f E 

rt e 

•. ' .— u 

ii C£ 

.2ii E.C 
: 1- E 2 E 

:OeO.^Oe"e« eO 

2 — «'=-o"c "s:5 

w « 3 £ 5 . 





SZ uSEuS5E5£oaEu£ uSu S5S 

« « 2 


"2 «2 

I cQ c 

I C u c 

: M C3 (B 



. JE .ti ._ 

: ■o 'o fj 
' « 2 ^ 

i ^ 

c O f 
Q c O 

U C u 

- w - 





u C 

n n 

•" S" 
o J ^ I 

3 T3 


s r 


JC c «• 

C4 <• 3 C 

•w JC i: c 


2 £ J» 2 


cEo= :S.eiiEcc^ 

0000 oooo~ 


I M 















zs^s s 

•& « 

tn u 
>. i' 

ù S 

y ec U O O O a y 

"C P 

•a -ji 

a r .i '-5 

C :? pq S 3 ^^ "^ S 

•- -_:0 

: Q J Q J2 .5 
' c o c «*a 

« M « W C « 


.5±: •• 

u u _ c 
n o cs cg 
biUJUI w 
u u u u 

1« «■ M (S 


Ji:J£ n M9 e 

^ k. A c C .^ ^ ._ 

«» a> ■— — — — w i_ 




•0:5 3 2^2 2"»= 

^ I I ■ I I • I 

■ 0» «> «* «1 V W 0» 

o a u c5 5 u u (5 



.;: .^ u. u 5 -E a 
■- V r! a ? «3 

::: B » s » a .^ 

&» ti< U* '.' « »i» 




c C ••■o c 

• •• kT 3 5« " - 

u u i; c .g M.E 

« ■ M r* — -O 

uj hj i^ lu uj w u 

•^ -■<= .'o E c V 

^. ^ cx:£™i-nrak 

•= -f. ?■= S»S»« 3XSJ0.0OQ000 

W^ACC._C._ I uoowwww 

Ui u. iZ iZ Ui iZ ifc ib (3 c5 o cB u u (3 5 


iS .5, 


^ S « 

'S. 3 

rs « 





^ ^ 


. q S 



U u o 

« «s « 





■a -• 














o > 3 t <1 ^ 

>— ,1-1 i^ M M M 

e ■ c e 

C9 2 



~ B 


à 5*1 


■5 ^ 

S sn 

W U o u o 


a s 

M a ^ es 

4» es a^ ^ta ^« ^ ^o 



"O -3 '. 

5SJS?^?? ;^ SSS »5?%^ 

ctS cd A c^ r3 03 r^ 

^ S »5 ^ ^ S J5 

U S 

n o 

j ss 

■2 £ .5 = £«■ « 

3'= m « 2^u j: 

£ £ C £ E f £ 

«* u u u 

« ■ « « « 

m es 

^ W MP «« ^ VS 

««■> .« x:jcjcj:jcjs£ -am 

zzz K flcce 

uuu u uuuuuuu uu 

M<a« M ■OMniants m« 

sss s sssssss ss 

. . J3 ja 

n "^^ ? j^ c - 


"3 "3 


= O O O O Ò S "C £ "S w - c il 


«9 U U 

O M M 
M «> •> 

'a'O-rt.^3 *s 

. Ob CL 0. b ^ A. BE K 





d (S b O O O O 
rj cj tj cj o O U 

«9 €8(9» cs^cs^^ c3C9caa(sa<a 

JE « •• .^ .S O = - CB — .*• ^ 

•= ?=«C ■OJS.C Mt— « rt « 3 C .S?S 

— n 

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a 9 crcrP 

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oaCCwk.>. -..^ — 
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.95 35 >. 

JS jajì M J3 Ji J3 -a J3 



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C. C. . CCCC 



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s ae X z c 9t z Z X s z 



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Amelia, Emily. 
















Br>r'-— ■ 




s< ■ 












The Virgin 







Rarah, Marioa 




I • ■ ■ : T. 












"' •"'■^ ■ 








EUzabcth, ct... 


Hclen, etc. 





j ain;, j »-an ^i. 






Grizzcl, Gris 



elda, Gracc. 




IsabcUa, etc. 


.Agues, VVi: 




. irh'r mntcxt, ppnnine CirHc name^, nr n.nmM ot fincHr prr 



giveii m lUcir ii uivc, ;iii(i u<> .uiciiijìi tna<U' lu <..iciuis< lacji. 

To give fem' ■ 

Ghai<ili< .w. 


Vowels rcpresented by their lettfrt. 
Feghairean air an taisbeanadh 'nan litrichean. 

Short Goirid. 

Broad or Low. Small or High. 

Teang ìosal. Teang àrd. 

a, e, u. e, i. 

Lonf Fada. 

i, ae ; ò, 6, ù. è, è, i. 

Labialised Bil-atharraichte. 

e, u ; è, 6, à. 
Nasalised Sròn-atharraichte. 

Consonants represented bj their letters. 
Comh-fho|haireail air an taisbeanadh 'nau litrichean. 

Simple Aon-bheumach. 

Low Teang iosal. 

Back Lingual Consonant Comh-fhoghair bun-teangaidh. 


\ Wcak 


|h, dh 
nc, ng 

Lag j 
Làidir \ 
Lag ) 
Sròn ao-dlonach. 


Frent Lingual c c. bàrr-teanfaidh. 

Complete / Strong 
Contact ^Wcalt 
Partial fStrong 
Contact \Wcak 
Slde Lingual 

Partial ( Flat 
ConUct \ Pointed 
Triil Llngual 
Partial ( Flat 
kontact \ Pointed 

Naaal c 



t Làidir ■) 

d Lag. / 

t(cas, sac) Làidir \ 
t(càs, sàr) Lag ) 

e. taefeh-leangaidh. 






Maol ) 
Biorach / 

c. crath-teangaidh. 

Maol \ 
Bioratb / 

sròn ao-dionach. 

Maol \ 
Biorach. / 




Labial Consonant Comh-fhofhar bhilean. 

Complctc /Stroii ; p Làidir ì ,,. . 

Contact \Weak b Lag. / 1^"^"^^"- 

Partial fStron;^ ph, f L liilir t . ^i . 

Contact \Wcak bh. mh La,,- ) A<>-dlonach. 

Nasal m Sròii ao-diouarh. 

Brtath ImpuiM Beum-analach. 

th, th, h- whon thcv tonie at the becinning of a wortf, and fh in tbc worda 

: fhèin, fhuair, fhathast. 
th, sh, h- nuair thig iad aig toiseach facail, a)^us fh anns na facail : fhèin, 

fhuair, fhathast. 
The above Consonants may be furnied by tha ton|ttO bci at i 

higher position in the niouth, or, in the case of thc hilc 

the t .:iivuL occupies a hi|her place in thc mouth. r- 

chisM<l a- Small or High Teanf ird. Su 

arc icpr«.-.-,entta in writiii}.; by letttrs flankttf by High vowels. 
l'aodar na Comh-fhochairtan shuas a dheanamh le cur na tean{aidh an 
ionad àrd anns a' Micul, no, ma's iad tomh-fhoghairean nani ì' 
a th' ngaiun. am feadh 's a tha aii tean{a an ionad iri anns a' b; 
An sin ainmii hcar iad mar Chomh-fhochairean ttang ird. Gìu ., »- 
car iad sin an .sgriubhadh tadar dà fhoghar teang ird. 

SiltntLttttre Utricbtan Balbba. 

fh aà the beginniug of a word ; tll at the end o£ a word ; often |h, dh, mb 

af ter a vowcl ; aud n before f . 
fÌI aig toiscach facail ; th aig deircadh facoil ; gu tric gb, dh, mh au 
dòidb foghair ; agus ruimh r. 

Diphthong Foghar da fhuaim. 

LMg Fada. 

•I •! aoi «1 

làlmh dòimhne < raoibh daibhrv 

thort Goirid. 

daimh troirah caibe cuip. 

Thcse come btfftrt labial consonants aud II, nn, ; aud gli and dh be fore 
anothtr consonant. 

Leng Fada. 

•è, ii ia M 

beò fìù liar fuar. 

thort Goirid. 

M itt 

beothail piuthar. 

TrtpMkMig Ptghar trl fhuaimean. 

Mi— oohnh. 



D«ybi« Consonant Comh-fhochar da-bhtumach. 

Thote which precido voweU. 
latfsaa U cnith a bhi roimh fhoihairtan. 

cr, chr ; gr, ghr ; tr, tlir ; dr, dhr ; sr, shr ; pr, phr ; br, bhr. 
cl, chl ; gl, ghl ; tl, thl ; dl, dhl ; sl, shl ; pl, phl ; bl, bhl. 
cn, chn ; gn, ghn ; tn, thn ; sn, shn ; mn, mhn ; sm. 

Those which follow voweii. 

ÌÈiun U gnàth a bhi an dèidh fhoghairtan. 

rc, rch ; rg. rgh ; rt, rd. rs ; rp, rb. rbh ; ru, rl ; rm. 
lc, lch ; Ig, Igh ; It, Id, Is ; Ip, Ib, Ibh ; hi ; hn. 
uc, ng ; nt, nd, ns, nns ; nm ; mp, mb ; sd ; sb ; chd. 

Those which precede or follow vowels. 

lUtMB a db' fbaotfas a bbi reimh no an dèidh fhoshairean. 

sg, st, sp. 

Tripio Consonant c. tri-beumach. 

sgr ; str ; spr ; sgl ; spl. 

Atpiration IMùthadh. 

As^raMo Contonant Comh-fhoghar a ghabhas mùthadh. 

Thcse will be fouii'l in thc Alphabet. Ghcibhcar iad so 'san Aibideil. 

Un-aspirable c c. nach gabh mùthadh. 

sm ; sg ; st ; sp ; sgr ; str ; spr ; sgl ; spl. 

I, n, r — liablt to change under conditions which cause as- 
n-'naiit-.. tljcro is no written sign to indicate 
— - r--. :^fromflattopointed. 

i tha I, n, r buailteach do mhùthadh, cha 'n eil cumharradh sgriobhte 
a chum sin a leigeil ris. Is ann mhaol gu biorach a thig am mùth- 
adh orra so. 

Words which aspirate those which follow them. 

Facail a bheir mùthadh air na facail a thig dlùth 'nan dèldh. 

do, to ; do, thy ; mo, my ; a, his ; de, of ; mu, about ; £o, uuder ; o, bho, 
from ; roimh, l)eforc ; troimh, through ; mar, as, Uke ; ^U, very ; ro, 
rather ; dà, two ; a = do aud de, to, of ; an ceud, the hrst ; a of the 
vocativc casc ; •aon, oue ; •gun, without ; •tha. uot ; •bu, was. 

rtls btginnlng with t or i axe not aspirated by those markti.* Words 
bcgiumug with t are aot aipirated by gun <>r cha. The words 
ta, this ;ito, that ; lai, yon, are exempt from aspiration. 


Before Vewtll. 





an t-, 'n 

t- .in. 'ii 

an, 'n 

an, 'n 

Bclort c, g. 

ao, 'n 


an, 'n 
a' (ch) 

a' (ch) 

Before t, i, 1, R, r. 

a', 'n (ch) 
a', 'n (ch) 


an, 'n 

an, 'n 

an, 'n 


an, 'n 

Before t, tl, sn, sr. 

an, 'n 


an, 'n 

an t- 'n t- 

an t-, 'n t^ 


an t-, 'n 

t- na 
Bcfore tf, St, sp, sm. 

an t-, 'n t 


an, 'n 

an, 'n 

an, 'n 

an, 'n 

Before p, b, 10. 

aa, 'n 

am, 'm 
a' (ph) 

a' (ph) 

Before f . 

a', 'n (ph) 
a', 'n (ph) 


am, 'm 

an. *n ffhì 

au. 'n ffli) 


an, 'n (fh) na 


Before all Ittttrt, exccpt p, b, f, m. 

Som. G«H. Dat. 

Masc. and Fem. na, na b-(Tow.) naa na, na h-(TOW.) 

Before p, b, f, M. 

Matc and Pem. na "-•'^ na 



an . n:( s before vOWtiS in the gen. and dat. sing. masc. ; and in the 
;i. and dat. sing. fem.; before e, f, in the nom. sing. masc. ; before 

t, d, I, n, r, in thc nom., gen., and dat. sing. masc. ; and in the nom. 

and dat. sing. fc-in. ; before s, ti, tn, tr in the nom. sing. masc. ; 

beforc tg, tt, tp, sm, in the nom. gcn. and dat. sing. masc, and in 

the nom. and dat. sing. fem. ; before fli in the gen. and dat. sing. 

masc, and the nom. and dat. sing. fem. 
an t- comes before vowtit in the nom. sing. mosc, and t, Si, sn, Sr in thc 

gen. and dat. sing. masc and the nom. and dat. sing. fem. 
am comes before p, b, m, f in the nom. sing. masc 
na comes before Ihe gen. case, sing. fem, and the nom. and dat. plur. of 

all nouns beginning with COnsonantS. 
na h- < oincs before the gen. case sing. fem., and the nom. and dat. plur. 

of all r.ouns beginning with VOWOlS. 
nan > ohks before all nouns in the gen. plur., oxctpt those beginning 

wìth p, b, f, m. 
nam comes bcfore nouns in the gen. plur. beginning with p, b, f, m. 
'n, 'n t-, 'm stand for an, an t-, am, which are liable to enter into com- 

position with prcceding words euding in vowel soimds, as : do 'u 

each, to the horsc : tha 'n t-slat fada, the rod is long : tha 'm feur 

gorm, the grass is green : am bi 'm fear mòr ann ? will the big man 

be there ? : cuir fo 'n bhòrd e, put it under the table. 


'' *' ! ■ : 1 r- kets indicale luai luc .iriK if i> lollowed 

• ■■'• . ~: :: i' i the class under which it is tabulated, 

as air a bliòrd, uu Lh- i^Jvlc : fo 'n bhòrd, under the table : abair 

ris a' phiobaire, say to the piper : thoir do 'n phìobaire e, give it to 

the piper. 

The t-, which was oriyinally part of the article , is attached to the word 
following the ai ticlc, as : an t-òran, the song : an t-sùil, the eye : 
anns an t-sloc, in the pit. A bctter way of representing this phasc 
of the article would have been : ant òran, ant shùil, anns ant shloc. 


Thc Prepositiona io, do, mn, fo, bllO, rolmlì, troimb, enter iuto compo8Ì- 
with the art, thus : io 'n, do '« t- etc See the Article under 
i — uve case. 

Kiitions tnn, i, fu, io, ri, take thcir forms anns, as, gus, ieis, rit, 
: the art. What has really taken place is that thcse prcposi- 
MR, à, gU, It, rl, havc cntcrcd iiit(j coinposition with the 
m— in pruuunciatioii annsan, asan, gutan, leisean, risean ; 
1 spelling, anns an, as an, gus an, leis an, ris an. 




Nom. Obj.ox Au. Pot$.ot Gtn. 

1. mi ; I. ml ; me. m«(asp. c.),n' (▼. andfh.) ;niv. 

2. td, thd ; Ihou, you. tlii ; thee, you. t» (asp. c), f (v.ond fh.) ; th 


3. tè, è ; he, it (m.). i ; him, it (m.). a (asp. c), (')( v. aud fh.) ; hi», ì\a 

/tn \ 

3. si, i ; she, it (f.). I ; her, it (f.). t (c), a k.' (V.) ; her, its (f.). 


T. sfnn ; we. tinn ; us. ar (c). ar n- (v.) ; our. 

1. sibh ; you. ye. sibh ; you, yc. bhur, ur (c), bhur n-, ur n- 

3. slad, iad ; tlu y. iad ; thcui. an ; their ; am before p. b,f. m. 


1. mist. mise. mo (asp. c) -ta ; m' (r. and fb.) -ta 

2. tusa, thuu. thusa. do (asp. c) -ta ; t' (v. and fh.) -u. 

3. atan. ttan, a (asp. c.) -un ; (') (v. and fh.) -ua. 
3. IM. ÌM. a (c) -M ; a b- (v.) -n. 


1. slnnt. tinnt. ar (c) -na ; ar «• (v.) -na. 

2. slbhst. slbhst. bhur, ur (c) -st ; bhur n-, ur r 

(V.) -M. 

3. siadsan, ladun. ladun. an (c or v.) -un ; am 

beforc p, b, f, m. 


Tbe r tn bracketa, thas (c), tndicates words bcginnins with cooaonantì 

The v. Ìa brackets indicatcs words bcginning witn vowda. 
Thc Poss. prononns mo, do, and a (hls) cause atpiratv 

initial consonant of the word following them, aa : mo cL 

The Poas. Pronoun t (hia) is usually elided bcforc initial Towil 

aad fh. 


The Poss. Pronoan io hardens to an original t before, and enters 
into composition with, initial vowels and fb, as : t' òran, your song. 

The Poss. pronoun a (her) takes h- between itself and initial vowels, as 
: a h-aodann, her f ace. 

The Poss. pronoun me, enters into composition with words following 
it, when they begin with a vowel or fh, as : m' òran, my song. 

The Poss. prononns ar and bhur, ur, take n- between themselves and 
initial vowels, as : ar u-athair, our father ; bbur n-aran, your bread. 
The n was originally part of the prou. and might be writteu : arn, 
and : bhum, um. 

The emphatic postfix is used in cases such as those which call for em- 
phasis on the English pron. ; or when there is the slightest intentiun 
of singling out or distinguishing, as, you and I : mise 's thusa (never 
thu is mi) ; when / go : nuair a thèid mise ; but when I go out : 
uuair a theid mi am mach. 

The elided a (his) has its absence usually indicated by an apostrophe, as 
: 'aran = a aran, his brcad : 'fhacai=a fhacal, his word. While this 
:nay be admitted as useful, although not absolutely necessary, there 
:s no need of the apostrophe when the postfix foUows the noun, as 
: aran-san, his bread : fhacal-san, his word. 

The emphatic postfix follo\(-s the adjcctive when there is one, as : mo 
chù-aa, my dog ; but : mo chù ban luath-sa, my swift white dog. 


■Ir, oo 

alf. at 










....... in.toU> |-"-„ 




I, aa, out of 







j, -» ^a (dk>m dlot deth dlth. 

■^°''°" Jdlnn dìbh dlùbh. 

j, . (domh duit dà dL 

■'• ^" Iduinn duibh doibh. 

•adtr, between {ead^rainn eadwaibh eatorra. 

,. , _ (fodham fodhad fodha, foidhpe (foithe). 

!•, unaer ■ifodhainn fodhaibh fodhpa. 

(chugam chugad rhuige chuirc. 

|U, cuii »*' jchugainn chugaibh chuca. 

1«, Itit, with, by (leam leat leis |*^«»i^ 

mean.sof "(leinn leibh leò.* 

MM aK/^nf (umam umad uime uimpe. 

mn, anoui (umainn umaibh nmpa. 

A Kk« fr «, Jbhuamt bhuait bhuaidh. bhuaipe(bhnaitbe). 

0, ono, trom ìbhuainn bhuaibh bhuapa. 

.1 .L. » ^,A. frium riut ris rithe. 

rl, rl«, towards ]^.^^^ ^^^ riù.f 

, , , . <r.)niham romhad roimhe roimpe. 

r»lm», betore ^romhainn romhaibh rompa. 

(tharam tharad || thairte 

tMr, over, across ^tharainn tharaibh tharta. 

» . .. *t- u (tromham tromhad troimhe ttomipe. 

Trolmh, through ^trotnhainn tromhaibh trompa. 

• or lcotha. - ; ' nthfr rinn 8 <>r riutha. fl thairia 



mo tfo a a (•h-). 

ar, (arn-) ur, bhur (ur n-bhurn-) an. 

Uf, at 

in, ann, m, 


1«, of, ofT 

jo, • . 

ni, to 

rgam 'gad 'ga 

Vgar('garn-) 'gurCgurn-) 

('nam 'nad 'na 

Inar('narn-) 'nur('nurn-) 

Jdem' (ìed' de' 

(de 'r (de 'r n-) de 'r (de 'r n-) 

(do m' dod' d'a 

(d' ar (d'ar n-) d' ur (d' ur n-) 

(fom' fod' 

(fo'r (fo'rn-) fo'r(fo'rn-) 

(gu m' gu d' g'a 

■Jg' ar (g' ar n-) g'ur (g'ur n-) 

'i*h, by (le m' le d' 

.eansof lle'r (le'r n-) le'r(le'r 



m; about i^P™; ,. 

Jm nr '•" 




'na ('nah-). 

de 'n. 



g an- 


de' (de' h-). 


fo' (fo' h-). 


le' (le' h-). 

mud' m'a 

) m'ur(m'nrn-) m' an. 

m' a (m' a h-). 

kka a frrtm (bhom bhod' bho' bho' (bho' h-). 

ono, o.irom ^bho'r fbho'rn-) bho'r (bho'rn-) bho'n. 

, Jrim' rid 

iri'r(ri'rn-) ri'r(ri'rn 




<r imhm' roimhd' roimh', roimh' (roimh' h-). 

. :. .inh'r (roimh' r n-) roimh 'r ( roimh'r n-), roimh' n. 

(troimhm' troimhd' troimh', troimh' (troimh' h-). 
h 'i troixnh 'r (troimh 'r n-) troimb 'r (troimh 'r n-),troimh 'n. 



Syllables whìcb, in tbe vocabulary, follow a bypben, thus, ••■, take the 

place of the last syllablc of tiie word in its primarj- form ; thoae 

which follow '■ plus " thus, nn, to be added to the word in its 

primary form, as : cuileag, ij; : +aQ=cuileagan. 

TheCaMlnfltCtÌontOf Neuntan • Mie vocabulnr' ♦ ♦' • ' 

the Genitive, Dative aud \ ir, and tl; 

Plural ; bul the other Casc . :aay be de<J . 

iustances, from those given, by having regard to the foUowing 

general rules : — 
The Dativt Cast Singular is confìned to dccli- Tiinine K( 

whioh admit of i bciug introduced in the : le. AIl i 

nouus have thc Dative Casc similar to the T r. 

The Vocativt Catt Singular of Matculint Nount, .- i in tbe final 

syllable for tlie Genitive Casv, i " < .i^ lui Genitive, In 

Ftminint Nouns no inflectional >l the primary form of 

the word is made for the Vocati\L ^..i.r. 

Tho Gtnitivt Catt Plural is similar to the Nomiuative Case Singuhr 

tlie Nominative Case l'hiral. Whcn the noun is not precede<. 

Ihe article, the first cousonant, if aspirable, is aspirated. 
The Dativt Catt Plural is n^^ti.dly Uke the Nominatìve Phira! ; but v 

in language of a > ' r tban onlinar 

sation. be made 1 ibh or aibh to i 

See what is said ny.iruuiy the improper u.-^e i>i tui- Oativt ».: ib^i 

(p. I41Ì. 
The Vacativt Catt Plural of Matculint Nount wi :. u ,t,. ,ì,,t n.1,1 .vi( 

for the Noniinative Plural, is made b 

Singuhir, when the word ends in a co! 

(low) \'owel ; and by adding wheu thv wuid cudst ùi «t > 

coming after a Smali (high) Vowel. Wlicn the word in it 

fonn, ends in a vowel, the Vocative Plural is IT 

Plural. Masculme Nouns which add syllables 

Plural, have their Vocative Plural the sauie .1 \i\r .>,>;uir. 

Plural, uiinus the fìnal n after a, or the final an aftrr t. 
The Vecativt Noun, ^< ' >r and Plural, isalways atpiratotf on the iu...... 

consonant, \ u aspirable one ; and is generally preceded 

by the Voc. i n. 

Infltctien of Adjtctlvtt fer ComparitOH is done ou tl 

print ijìU- : .\il<l t to the prim.iry form. as : 1: 
.smootlur. In <ìoiii^ this, in the casc of a woi,' 
preiidinf,' a < <.iiv. ,i:..nt i-, IUo.kI (Iaìw), it is ol' 
UlterjM.l.iU' .111 i r.iiKii 'l; ', ■ 1 ,f,ic tli<- vcii-v^ 
Sonu" .iiljr, tni s \s hii !. ?. 

I a.s :ili<jve .-.latol. 'i h ì 

thc broad vowcl coiuiiiK bclurc u , a u 

•, M, as : trom. truime : oa, I, as : breu' , >a, ci, 

ai»o OH, èi, as : geur, gèire. 




ij«ctìve9 which do not conform to the general rule baye their compara- 
tive forms given in the vocabalary. 

tÈnti NOMM are foonded on the Comparative Forms of Adjectives, 

as : gile. - *••• ...i.; i. ;, the adjectival form unaltered : gilead, 

degree < -ss), which is the adjectival form with 

ad addt 1 .- — ÌLgree of heaviness (heavierness). Ab- 

stract Nonns ot this class are used in idiomatic expretsions, such as 
thi- : AJr .i thruiniead — ht. on {or after) its weight (or hcaviness) = 
Tig its weight. 
.: application of the comparative is said to have resulted 
in aii alj. .jtival word conveying the same idea which the English 
comparative and the word " of " combined, convey, as : Is giUde 
an tigh a aolachadh. the house is the whiter of being Ume-washed 
: I.s truimide am p<jca an siol a chur ann, the poke is tlie heavier of 
the seed having been put into it. The Terminal Syllable •Idt is 
ac(X>unted for by the added •% of the Comparative. and the prt- 
potftionai prenoan tfttil, " of it " or " oS "— Is truime deth am poca 

Uctìon ef Adjectives for Case follows these general principles : — 

es ending in Vowels rcmain unlnflecttd in all conditions. The 
tial eemeatats of Adjectives are aspirated in conformity 
.Ui the rules which i'.jIIow. 
c nomiaatlve case singular of the noun is followed by the primary 
♦orm ef tÌM adjective, a-piraled iv. ''• '■"^'- "* '■"•"minine Nouns. 
' itive case sinsular of the noun :i .\djective which 

^s an inttr- ; i before i: tnt, and which is 

ii6pirated on ; Consonant. ii thc Noun be I-'eminine and 

itn rtfTiitive L a vowel. the adjertive remains unaspirated, 

monosyllabie, il.Is .1 fnial e interpolated i. 

>e tin;;ular masculine of the nou <-d by an adjective 

I f the ' the notm, the 

•ctive is :ratÌOa. 

"• the neun .- ^. w ..^^^ ,.> an Adjective 
efore its hnal Consonant, and is 

« Au|<rvUvc \^ vs the Vocative case sin{ular masculine, 

T^r^ìvf^ i<trì ir- : i and is aspirated "ii it.s Imtial Coiisonaut ; 

Vocative case sin|ular feminine dovs not 

ì, hut i^ aspirated <>n its Initial Consonant. 

'''\u'z ':!Ì5c!ivcs ' .1-5 thcir intlection an i.s Broail 

11 :i..,i, ^.ìjectivcs 

. arc as- 

j ^ ■ li:tn onc 

*) ' iteir pnuiary form in tbe Hural, subject to 

m cd. 

161 L, 



it, is. are. 
»n ? is ? are ? 
jur, that (-) is. 
cha, (-) is not. 
nach, that (-) is not. 
nach T is (-) not ? 
(de) it, that Ls. 

ma 'I, if (-) is. 

mur, if (-) is not. 

Ced it, altho (-) is. 

gad nach, altho (-) is not. 

na 'l, is (-er) than. 


bM, was, were. 

am bu ? was ? were / 

|u'm bu, tbat (-) was. 

cha bu, '-) was not. 

nach bu, that (-) was not. 

nach bu ? was (-) not ? 

(do) bu, that was. 

ma bu, if (-) was. 

mur bu, if (-) was not 

gad bu, altho (-) was. 

ged nach bii, altbo (-) was not 

na bu, was (-er) than. 


bu, would be ; am bu ? would (-) be ? etc. ; bnt na 'm bu, if (-) woali 
be, if (-) were. 


Tbe vtrbal particit indirtct, bu, should be written taili ; bot 

not so writtcn the coutext is necessarìly the guide to the n. 
of the word whcn it occurs in a sentence, as : ma bu bheag i ct 
bu lag e, if he wa.s little he was not weak ; but : na 'm bu (badl 
mhatli e ghabhainn e, if it were good I would take it. 

it, frequently beconics 't and enters into composition with tbe woi 
following it if it bcgins with a vowel or any conaonant whù 
readily combines with s to form a compotmd conson. 
: is e becoming : 's e, and : is gann becoming: 't gann, < 

Cha beconies cba'n befofe vowels and f ; and aspirates con.*. 
following, with exceptions before stated, as : cha 'n e, it 
: cha 'n fhcàrr e, it is no bctter ; cha mhi, it is not I. 

d9 in brackets is u.sually writtcn à, as : am fear a 's sine, the ni 
is olrU-r : nni fear a bu shine. the man who was older. I 
pi 'iiur.' i.iticii is best conformed to by elition of do, as : a: 
is ^iiu ;i!n Jcar bu shine. 

il, bu, na 't, na bll are used in the comparison of adjectivea. 
is .siiu i sau na mise, he is older than I : bu shine esan na nv 
was ulder than I : tha e na 's sine na miae, he is oider ìhnn 
bba e na bu shine na mise, he was older than I, and to on tliruu^ 
all tiie other phasea. 

Mar is oftcn miirat ** • mura bòidheach i is math i, if she is d 
bonnie she is good. In some ports of the country mw is trtt'r- 
and similarly gir is ga'a ; and possibly these fonna • 
h..ttr.r f>r.><)erve<rones. 





On the basis of M. 
^Vith a definite subject. Without a definite subject 

/M, be. /bKear, let tbem be. 

\nabi, etc. (Seeglac p. 164); \na bitcar, etc. (See glac) ; 
but : am bi, gu'm bi. but : am bitear, gu'm bitear. 

(dO) bhitar, they were. 

(de bha, was, were. 

an robh, etc. (See glac) without 

dc> expressed. ; but 
ma bha, ii (-) was. 
ge do bha, altho (-) was. 

an robhtar, etc, but 

(do) bhàtar, they were. 

ma bhàtar, if they were. 

ge do bhàtar, alUio they were. 

Imo /Wtl»adh,let(-)be. 

*™P- Ua bitheadh. 

am bitheadh, etc. (See glac). 


bHhidh, (-) wiU be. 

am bitf adh, would they be, etc. 


bithtas, (-) will be (Provindal). 
(dO) bhithoat, etc. (See glac). 

bith, being ; 

(do) bhith, to be ; generally wrìtten : bhi. 

là, d«) tllà, am, is, are. 

ma tha, if (-) is. 

ge do tha, altho (-) is. 

On the basis of ti. 

(doi thàtar, they are. 

ma thàtar, if they are. 

ge do thàtar, altho they are. 


On the basis of foil. 

gn'm bhefl, that (-) is. 
cha'n eil, (-) is not. 
nach eil. that (-) is not. 
■adi eil ? is (-) not ? 
mnr eil. if (-) is not. 
gcd nach eil, altho (-) is not. 

NorK.— robblar, thàtar, and 


am bhoiioar ? are they ? 

gu'm bheilear, that they are. 

cha'n eilear, they are not. 

nach eilear, that they are not. 

nach eilear ? ..: -t ? 

mur eilear, if ,i. 

ged nach eileai, uiiii.. iùey arc not. 

bÌMÌitar, are frequently rendefed robhat* 



THE VERB glae. catch. 


With a definite subject. 

Tmo .'*'■'• catch, 

"■ '(iia glac, do not c. 
an glac ? wiU (-) c ? 
gu'n g. that (-) wiU i-. 
cha gh. (-) wiU not c. 
nach g. tliat (-) wiU not c. 
nach g ? wiU (-) uot c ? 
niur g. if (-) wiU not c. 

ged nach g. altho (-) will not c. 

Without a definite subject. 

f tlae(t)ar, let (-) be caught. 

I. na glac(t)ar, let (-) n'.t K- . 
an glacar ? mU (-) be c 
gu'n g. that (-) wiU be . 
cha gh. (-) wiU not be c. 
nach g. that (-) wiU not bc c. 
nach g ? wiU (-) not be c ? 
mur g. if (-) wUl not be c. 
(do) gh. (-) that wiU be c. 
nia gh. if (-) wiU be c. 
ge do gh. altho (-) wiU be c. 
ged nach g. altho (•) wiU nut 

(tfo) fhlae, (-) caught. 

an do gh ? did (-) catch ? 

gu'n do gh. that (-) caught. 

cha do gh. (-) did not c. 

nach do gh. that (-) did not c. 

nach do gh ? did (-) not c. ? 

ma gh. u (-) did c. 

mur do gh. if (-) did not c. 

ge do gh. altho (-) did c. 

ged nach do gh. altho (-) did not c. 

(do) {hlactdii, (-) was ciu^ht. 

nn do gb ? was (-) cauglit ? 

gu'n do gh. that (-) was c. 

cha do gh. (-) was not c. 

nach do gh. that (-) was not c. 

nach do gh ? was (-) not c ? 

ma gh. if (-) was c. 

mur do gh. if (-) was not c. 

ge do gh. altho (-) was c. 

ged nach do gh. aìtho (-) waa not c. 


Imo •/f •««<•». »«^t(-)<^at<^h. 
^' \ua g. do not let (-) c. 
an g. ? would (-) c. ? 
gn 'n g. that (-) would c. 
cha gh. (-) would not c. 
nach g. that (-) would not r. 
nach g. ? would (-) not c ? 
na'n g. if (-) would c. 
mur g. if (-) would not c. 
(do) gh. (-) that wouM ( . 
ge do gh. althu (-) would i . 
gcd nach g. oltho (-) wooid u<u 

an ilacttadh 7 w .ii * t hc caugbt 
gu 'n g. that (- \\iuM t'c c. 
rha gh. ( • 
nach g. t 

nach g. .' ■ > 

na 'n g. if (•) wouid be c. 
mur g. if (-) would not be c. 
n'..^ ^.'h. (•' th:it SM'UIM l>cc. 

i;r <lo kIi. .iltl;.. ; , U. ul<l hl- v'. 

Kt^'l nuch g. altho (-) would n<>t Ix . 


Affirmative FtrruRE. 

glacaidh, \dll catch. flacas, (-) will catch (Provindal). 

(do) ghlacas, (-) that will catch. 
ma ghlacas, if (-) will catch. 
ge do ghlacas, altho (-) will catch. 


flacadil, gen. glacaidh ; alwajs of the masc. gender ; aud govems the 

Oonitive case of nouns following it. 
a' (ag) glacadh, catching. a (do) ghlacadh, to catch. 


glaete, caught ; not subject to inflection ; in common with : glacteadh, 
breaks the spelling rule which enjoins similarity of vowel class on 
both sides of consonants or groups of consonants. There are 
exceptions which conform to rule, as : gleusda, pòsda, etc. Thc 
verb-adjective belongs to active verbs ouly. 


The (dO) in 'Drarkoi^ js usually elided or pronounced and writteu a, 
or tfh' before vowelt and fh, in the modem language. The dO not 
in brackets bccomes d' bcfure vOWtll and fh, and aìso before a fcw 
verbs beginning iu r, as : au d' òl, gu'n d' òl, cha d' òl, uach d' ÒU 
murd'òUged a dh' òi, etc. ; and' fhàs, gu'nd' fhàs, chad' fbàs. uach 
d' fhàs. mur d' fhàs, ged a dh' fhàs, etc 

^ ^^ (tf) ia brackets occurs before vowels, and the word ridh, ^ >.> n's- 
Ma is followed by dh' when the verb begins with a vowtl or fh. 

So do are usually pronounced and written : ged, ged a ur ged a dh'. 

Thc ^mary form of the verb, being the Direct Imperative, admits a 
prunominal suffix iu the plural, as : glacaibh, catch ye. 

.is phase of the verbadmits pronominal sufifixesintoitscomposition, 
as : glacaiH, let me catch : f^acaniaid, let us catch : an glacainn, ctc, 

would I catch, etc. : an glaCMiald, etc, would we catcb, etc. 

Oha retains an n befure a vOW. or !., as : cha'n òl, cha'n fhàs. The con- 
sonants I, d, and s, are not aspirated after cha. 

Snffiz of the verb-noun is generally : -adh, but there are others, 
|sach 0« : •ail, gabhail ; -Inn, bmidhinn ; -ainn, cantainn ; -oachd, 
[faighneachd, etc. Tbesc special suf&xes are rccorded in thc 



b. THE VERB dyinil, bear. 


With a definitc ."ìubject. Without a definite subject. 

Imn \ ^"'"l' ^*^^- \ Cluinnttftr, lct (-) bc heard. 

' ■ I na cluinn, etc. (See glac). j na duinntear, etc (See glac). 

(do) etiuaia. (-) heard (do) Ciiaaladil, (-) was heard. 

an cuala, gu'n cuala, cha an cualadh, gu'n c, cha ch. 

ch., nach c, raa ch., mur c, nach c, ma ch. mur c, 

ged ch, ged nach c ged ch, ged nach c 


P" I na chiinncadh, do not let (-) 
anckiinueadh, would (-) hear, etc. an clulnnUadh, would (-) be heard« 
(Seeglac). etc (See glac). 


cluinnidli, (-) will hcar. ciuinntai (-) will hear (ProvL). 

(do) chluinneas, (-) that wiUhear, «■• 
(See glac). 

Cluinntinn, bcnring^ (do) chluinutiuu, tu hcar. 

NolE.— Ciiualadll is frcquently rendcrcd cliualat. 

c. THE VERB fak, see. 


With a dcfinite subjcct. Without a definite sobject. 

,„.„ ) falc, see. i faÌC(t)tar, let (-) be seen. 

^'"P* j na faic. dou't .scc. > na faic(t)car, don't let (-) be .•• 

am faic. ^'u'in f.iic, cha'n fh., ani faicear, gu'm f., cha'nfh., i. 

nach fh k'cd nach fh. fh., mur f.. but (dt) aMUMar, 

ma ch., ged ch., ged nadi fh. 
(do) ciiunnaic, (-) saw. (do) chunntcadii. (-) w«» tecn. 

am faca, gu 'm faca, cha'n fh., am tacadii, tsu m facadli. 

nach fh., mur f., but ma uach fh.. mur f,. but 1:1 

chunnaic. ged ch.. ged nach fli. acadh, ged ch., ged luch tu 






ItÌCMÌIl, let (-) see. 

na faiccadh. do not let (-) see. 
faiceadh, gu'm f., cha'n fh., tm faicteadh, gu'm f., cha'n fh.. 
nach fh., na 'm f., but (i«) nach ih., na 'm f., mur f., but (do) 

Chtthtadh, ged ch., ged nach fh. ChttMdh, ged chìteadh, ged 

nach fh. 

Chi. (-) wfll see. 

falcinn, seeing 

Affismative Puture. 

(do) chì, (-) that will see, etc. (See 


(do) fhaicinn, to see. 

Nok;. — channacadh is irequently rendered chunnacas ; and facadh, 
d. THE VERB faich, get. 


With a definite subjeci. 
'^ I falCk, get, find. 
\ na faigh, do not get. 
am faigh, gu'ni faigh, cha'n fh., 
nach fh., mur f., ged nach fh. 


Wiihoui a deiinuc subject. 

ffaigh(ti«ar, let (-) be got. 

\na faigh.tear, let (-) not be got. 
am f., gu'm f., cha'n fh., nach fh., 
mur f., but (do) {htibhoar, ma 
gh., ged gh. , ged nach fh. 

(do) flNMÌr, (-) got 
an d' fhnair, etc. 

I^ /lalglMadli. let (-) , 
' * \na faigheadh, etc, but 


(do) fhuaradh, (-) was got. 
an d' fhuaradh, etc. 


m gMMotìi, ged gh., 
nach fh. 

|h«ibh (-) will get 

fal|Maa, getting ; 
fachaH. getting ; 

ged am faightoadh, ctc, but 

m fMhhtoadh, ged gh., ged 
nach fh. 

Affirmative Puture. 

(do) gheibh, (-) that will get, etc 
(See glac). 


(do) fhaighinn, to get. 
(do) fhaghail. to get. 

'TX.— fkaaradh is frequently rendered fhuanu. 
fboaradh and fhuaras, the fh is pronounced b. 


In fhuair. 

e. THE VERB ruil, go. 



With a definite subjcct. Without a definite subject. 

T (raeh, go. ( rachtar, lct them go. 

^' l na tèld, do not go. i na tèidear, dont let (thcm) g 

an tèid, etc, butchateid. un lcidcar, etc, but cha f. 

(See glac). (See gUc). 


(do) chaidh, (-) went 
an dMchaidh, etc, but lua 
chaidh, gcd cbaidh, gcd nach d. 


Imo /"ehadh, kt (-) go. 

^' (ua rachadh, don t let (-) go. 
an rachadh, etc. (Sce glac). an rachttadh, would thc} 

(Sce glac). 


lh*ld, (-) wiU go. (do) thèid, (■) that wiU go. 

(See glac). 

doi, going ; (do) dhol, to go. 

NoTE. — Whcu thc Past is uscd without a definite suhjt.t. thr 
arc, in .some parts of the country : (dO) Chaidhoat, an dtachat, 
but ma chaidhtat, ge do chaidhoai. 

f. THH VEKB dean, do, make. 
With a definite subjcct. Without a definite &ubj<'. 

l dèan, do. make. /dèan t ar, ' ' 

Imp. l na dè.iu, ctc. (Scc glac) ; (na d. 

( but ■ '' . 'i' ■!!. nltheai 

ge do nithear, althoV) wiU bc d 


(do) rinn, (-) did. (do) rinneadh, (-) waa done. 

an d' rinn, etc. (See glac). an d ' was (•) done 






li^ let ^-1 iiu. 
dh, etc 
an dèanadb. etc. (See glac) ; 
but cha deanadh. 

an dèanteadh, would (- bc doae. 

etc, (See glac). 


ni, wiU do. «•) Ri, that wUl do etc. (See glac 

ièanamh, uumg ; (do) dhèanamh, to do ; iudeclinable. 

dèantt, donc, madc. 

g. THE VIÌRB tif, come. 

V. ith a de£nite subject. Without a definite subject. 

I;. . •thig, come. (thig(t)Mr, let them come. 

"(iia tig, etc. (See glac) ; (na tig(t)ear, etc. (See glac) ; but : 

but : cha tifr. cha tigear. 


(do) thàinic, (-) came. 
au d' thàinig, ctc ' 

(do) thàiniftar, thcy came. 

an d' thàinigear, etc. (See glac.) 



thigeadh, let (-) come. 
t na tigcadh, etc. (See glac) ; 

but cha tigeadh. an tigteadh, would they come ? etc. 

(Sce glac) , gu 'n tigteadh, etc. 

thig, will comc. 

tighinn, comiag. 
tetichd, coming. 


>) thig, (-) that will come, etc. (See 


(do) thighinn, to come. 
(do) tlieachd, to corae. 

nv.— thàinigear is frcquently rendered thàintas 



b. THE \'ERB Mr, bear. catch hold ot 


With a defiaite subjcct. 
(btir, bcar, bring forth. 
Iinp. • na beir, etc. (S^ glac) ; 
(but gu'm beir. 

(§•) r«g, bore. 

an do rug, etc. (See glac). 

Without a definite subject. 
f MritjMr, lct (-) bom. 
\na bcir(t)ear, etc. (See glac) 


(tfo) ruiaih, was bom. 

an d' mgadh, etc. (See glac). 


Imo /'*••''•••*•«, let (-) bear. 

^' \ua beircadh, let (-) not bear. 
am beireadh, etc. (See glac). am b«irt«adh, etc. (Sec glac). 

Affirmativb Puture. 

Mritfh, wiU bear. 

br«ith, bearìng ; birth. 
b«ir*inn, bearing. 

btirMt, will bear (ProTl.). 
(do) bheireas, etc. (See glac). 


(do) bhreith, to bear. 

btirto, bora. 

i. THE VERB abair, say. 



With a defmite subject. 

imp. !•*••'. "y 

[na h- abair, do not say. 

au abair, ctc. (See glac) ; but 

cha'n abair, mura h-abair. 

Without a dcfinite subjec 

rtbalrMr orabrar, let (-^ >>■ 
\na h- abairear. let (-) n< 
an abairear, etc. (See g 

cha'n abaircar, ranra h-ab. 

(do) thcircar. ma th., ged i 

(tfe) thubbtirt, said. 
an d' thubbairt. etc. (See glac; 
but cha d' th. 


thiihhairtMÌh, (-) was $ 
airtcadh, etc. (See t; 


loxp. I 



, let. (-) say. 
na h- abaireadh, let not (-) 
in abainadh, etc (See glac) ; but an abtirtMdh, etc., but cha'n ab., 
cha'n ab.. mora h- ab. mura h-ab., (<•) tlMÌrttadll, ged 

;#•) tMrMdb, ged th. theirteadh. 

Affirm.\tive Fl'Tl-re. 
llltlr, (-) wiH say. (do) their. that will say, etc, (See 


ridh, saymg. (do) ràdh, to say. 

\'ERB- AdJ ECnv'E. 

ateirtt, spoken. 

NoTE.— ttiubhairttadii is often rendered thùbhradh, an dùbhradh, 
ctc. but ma thùbhradh, ged tb. For ridh and ràdhainn, ràitinn 

and ràita arc ottc.n given. 

j. TUE VERB tabÌMÌr, or thoir, bring, or give. 
With a definite subject. Without a definite subject. 

ImD (^^^^* ^^ taMwÌr, give. ^thug(th)ar, and thoirear and 
*^' \ na toir, do not give. - tabhairear, let (-) be given. 

ina tug(th)ar. let not (-) be given. 
•n tob, etc. (See glac) ; but cha an tugar, etc (See glac) ; but (d«) 
toir. bhoiraar, ma bh.. ge do bh. 

(U) tlMC, (-) gave. (d«) thufadh. (-) was givcn. 

aa d' thug. etc. (Sce glac). an d' thugadh, etc. (See glac). 


(thugadh. tabhairtadh, and 
Imp. - tliMraadh, kt (-) kìvc. 

(na tu>;adh. etc. (See glac) ; an d' thuf^teadh, rt<-. (See glac) ; 
h«t cha tngadh or toir. a«lh ; but . lii tu^t.'ddh ; (d«) 

m MairMdh, ge do bh. l lwir tM dh, ge do bh. 

Afpikmativs FimmB. 
bh«Jr, ' ■:.] (do) bhcir, (-) that wiU give, ctc. (See 


laMiairt ttirt, giving. (do> thav?--' 

I I 

k. THE VERB ruig. k.kIi, arnve at. 

With a definitc subjcct. Withoi.. ,. ...i.u..v -^uwjv.i. 

Imp ^"''•'1» rcach, arrive at. \ ruic(t)«ar, lct {-) be reached. 

^' \na ruig, etc. (See glac). i ua ruii,Mtiear. elc. (Sce eUrV 


(de) riinig, (-) arrìved at. (d«) riinigMr, thej arrived at (•). 

an d' ràinig, ete. (See glac). an d' ràmigear, etc (See glac.) 

'-p- {Z 


ruigeadh, kt (-) rcach. 
la riiigeadh, etc. ; 
au ruiceadh. (Scf L'lac). an ruigttadh, clc. {Scc gLic). 


migidh, (-) will M K h ruigtat, will reacb (PiovL). 

(do) ruigeas, etc. (S«e glac). 


ruigtinn, rcaching ; (do) ruigsinn, : 

ruightachd, rcaching ; (do) ruigheachd, lu rcach. 

Nuxi:.— riinigtar is frcqucntly rcndered riintas. 


Faod, get. — This regular verb, when used along with the verb-noun < 
another verb, has the saine force as Engl. may, as : — .\m faod n 
a' chlach a bhualadh, May I strìkc thc stone ì Faodaidh c : 
chlach a bhualadh, He may strìkc thc stone ; Faodar a bu 
It may be struck ; Math dh' fhaodteadh, It may well be, etc. 

Ftum, need. — This r< ' ' iv be uscd in the sair 

fori c of mutt, a i a' chlach a bhaala< 

tlu- .stone ? I\i;. ... .. ..^.dadh, Vou must slii.... ,,. , . ^uui., 

a l)<lli. It must bc struck, etc. 

Rach, >:".-"i's irrcRuIar vcrb is uscd .ilcni! with thc verli-nouii t 
c.\-i) tlif iiu-.iiiiiit.'s r<\ c.ilcd li\ 
t1'' ti"!i-, is :— .\ti tt J<1 .i' < hl.K h a 1)1; 

^ -tonc bc struck ? .\n <; 

' ' i, Was it struck ? R.nch .; 

1 stnick, ct< 



jmguact, Cànain. Th« V«rnacular, A' ghnath-bheurla. 

rh« Mother Tongo*, Cànain na màthar. The Native Tongue, A' chànam 


rhe Vulgar Tongue, Cànain nam mithean. Broken Sptoch, Cainnt 


>ialect, Dual-chainnt. Provincialism, Cèam-chainnt. 

krchaism, .Vrsaidheachd (cainnte). Colloquiallsm, Còmhradh-bhrìathar. 

riM Littrary Langaage, An leabhar-chaiunt. Conversational Language, 

Còmhradh-chainn t. 

;lang, Beurlagar. Patois, Fiadh-chànain. 

>ro$e, Sgeul-chainnt. POftry, Bàrd-chainnt ; Bàrdachd. 

>0K{ertl, Gl(i)ogranntachd. Euphuisim, Ro-llomhadh (cainnte). 

^erse, Rann (bàrd-chainnt). Versification, Rannt(aire)achd. 

rale, Sgeul. HiStery, Eachdraidh. Essay, Beachd-oidhirp. Exercist 
Obair-denchainn. Recitation, Aithris ealanta. A Speech, Oraid. 

Itport. lomradh. SyilabUS, Eagar-iomradh. Prospectus, Roimh- 
iomradh. Programme, Clàr-eagair. 

tpellinf, I.itrt-achadh. Current Spelling, An guàth-Utreach.iiIh. 

Hìstorical Sptlling, .\n sean-litreachadh. PhonotiC Spelling, 

ichadh. PseudO-phoneti' "-'Ving, Saobh fhuaim- 

Phonography, I uain: Phonetics, Eòla.s 

.-..„mi. Pseudo-phonetics, .^s c. fh. 

^aragraph, Raim (sgeul-chainnt). Stnttnct, Ràdh, Làn-ràdh. Simplt 
Stnttnct, Cruiun-ràdh. Compound Stnttnct, Alt-ràdh. 8ah- 
ordinate Sentenct in a compound Sentcnce, rrìth-ràdh. 

^lauie, Phrast, Mcanbh-ràdh. 

^hraie, v ni>h the words entcr into composition) Alt-bhrìathar. 

lomposition, Comh-cbur (caiunte). Compotition .trticulated words 
i'T syllables), Comh-altachadh. 

dlom, Gnath-rìan (cainnte). Idiomatic Phrast, Cnath-bhrìathar. 

^hrati) r . Rianaicb (na brìathran . Phrateology, Riauachadb 

(:: .::: ■ r. tliar). 

Jtyle. M; : Diction, . hadh (nam brìathar). 



Meud-àireamh Cardinal Number. 

Saer-iireamh IndependentNumber. 

1, a h-aon ; 2, a dhà ; 3, a tri ; 4, a ceithir ; 5, a cùie, no cMg ; 
6, a tè ; 7, a seachd ; 8, a H.nrhH . 9^ ^ naoi ; 10, a deich. 
11, a h ai 11 deuc ; 12, a(i: i 3, a tri<kia': 14, i < i-ithir deug, etC. 

20, fichead ; 21, i h-aon li I ^ i ; itc. 

30, deich ar fhicbead ; 33, in dcug a; i tri (1< lu 

40, dà fhichead ; 47, a seachd ar dh . .. a<l s a s. ., 

50, a deich ar dhà fh., dà fh. 's a deich ; lethcheud. 
60, tri fichead ; 70, tri f. 's a deich ; •dcich agus tri f.. etc. 
80, crithir f. ; 90, ceithir f. 's a dcich ; 93, ceithir f. 's a tri deug. etc 
100, coi^ tkhead, ceud ; 115, còig f. 's a còig dg. ; ceud agus còig dg.. ' i 
120, sè li(. hcad ; *ceud agus f. ; 137, s^ f. 's a seachd dg., etc. 
140, scachd f. ; 'ceud agus dà fh. ; 149, seachd f. 'a a naoi, etc. ; 150 

ceud gu leth. 
160, ochd f. ; 174, ochd f. 's a ceithir dg. ; •ceud agtis tri f. agus c< 

dg., etc. 
180, naoi f. ; 198, naoi f. 's a h-ochd dg. ; ochd deus ar naoi f., etc. 
200, dà cheud ; 201 , dà cheud 's a h-aon ; 212, dà cneud 's a dhà dheug, 

220, dà chcud 's a f. ; 221, dà chcud, f. 's a h-aon ; dà cheud 's a h-aoi 

ar fh., etc. 
240, dà cheud 's dà fh. ; 241, dà cheud 's a h-aon ar dhÀ fh. ; dà rh^'»<^ 

dà fh. 's a h-aon ; 250, dà chend is lethcheud. 
300, tri cheud ; 400, ceithir cheud ; 500, còig ceud ; 600, »è ceud. etc 
1000, mile ; 1365, mile, tri cheud tri f. 's a còig ; tri cheud dg. tri f. * i 
còig ; 1500, inile gu leth ; 1911, naoi ceud dg. 's a h-aon dg. 
mile, naoi ccud 's 
2001, 'la mhilc 's a h-aon ; 2483, lc, ceithir cheud, cdthir f. 's t 

tri ; 2630, •dà nihiic. ^ ; 1 aen^ (iciih ar fh. 
SOOO, tri mlle ; 3137, tri milc, aon rh' k i i> ^i .i^ ii 1 <U'. ar th ; tri milc, 

•>.,n , 1.,.,>,I 1 ■.. ■> c ,, 1:, 

6200, * : 

8580, •(" li^; 

10,000, deich milc ; 10,017, dcich luiie 'a a seachd dg. 

10,076, deich innc trl f '•; a s<J dg. 

10,200, (1. ! < ud. 

10,219, <1<: ursanaoidg. 

10,438, <lci cbeud 's a h-oi h 1 <U' .>r fh. 

12,000, dà 19,000, naoi inil. '.^- 

19,956, " ■•' l.dàfh. 'sa.scdg. 

20,000, head mUe 's a naoL 

20,721, ì 's a b-aon ar fh. 

' ■ t 


21 ,000, mile ar fh. ; aon ar fh. mlle ; aon mlille f . 

21 ,337, inìle ar fh. (aon mhile f.), trì cheud 's a seachd deng. ar fh. 

22,273, *dà mhìle ar fh. (dà mhile f.) dà chend is tri f. is trì dg. 

30,000, deich mile f. ; deich mile ar fh. 

32,200, 'dà mhìle dg. ar fh. agus dà cheud. 

41,000, dà fh. is aon mhile ; a h-aon is dà fh. mile. 

41,500, •aon mhìle agus dà fh. agus còig ceud. 

48,500, *dh fh. ai^s sò mile agus còig ceud. 

60,000, kth.ii i:l mile ; 53,400, •tri mile dg. ar dhà fh. agus ceithir 

59,300, •lethcheud agus naoi mile agns trl cheud. 
62,700, •tri f. agus dà mhile agus seachd ceud. 
79,394, tri f. mìle 's a naoi deug, tri cheud, ceithir f. 's a ceithir dg. 
90,711 , ceithir f. mìle 's a deich, seachd ceud 's a h-aon dg. 
100,000, ceud mile ; 100,009, ceud mile, 's a naoi. 
100,431, ceud mìle, ceithir cheud 's a h-aon dg. ar fh. 
108,100, •ceud agus ochd mile, agus ceud. 
1 1 1 ,71 9, coig f . ralle 's a h-aon dg., seachd ceud 's a naoi dg. 
131,973, sèf. mile'sa h-aon dg., naoiceud trif. 's a tridg. 
150,000, Mud fu l«th mil«. 

1 57,600, •ceud agus k-th cheud agus seachd mile agus sè ceud. 
1 99,21 9, ceud 's a ceithir f. mile 's a naoi dg., dà cheud 's a naoi dg. 
200,000, dà cheud mile. 
971,493, naoi ceud 's tri f. 's a h-aon mile dg., ceithir cheud is ceithir 

f. 'sa tridg. 
1,000,000, muillean ; 1,000,003, muiUean'satri. 
1,000,321, iiiuk'm:: :- tii . iniid is aon ar fh. 
1,000,537, :;.uiii<.vi:i i,. v> ;..: ^cud 's a seachd dg. ar fh. 
1,096,029, iiiuilk.i!i is i( itliir f. 's a sè mile dg., 's a naoi ar fh. 
1,500,000, muillean gu lath. 
1 ,952,366, muillean is uaoi ceod is dà fh. mile 's a dhà dhg., trl cheud 

is tri f. 's a 9è. 
2,000,000, dà mhnillean ; 2,000,113, dà mhuillean is ceud 's a tri dg. 
39,000,000, naoi muiUean dg. ar fh. 
1 1 9,000,000, 1 1 u<l is naoi muillean dg. 
196,736,210, ' < a 1 is ceithir f. i.s sè rauiUean dg., seachd ceud is aè mìle 

'!j. ir fh., (!) <li<tid 's a deich. 
200,000,000, ! 1 1 • ; ! : :.: :i. 
919,831,215, u.i'.i < ' u'l i^ n.i.; i:miUean dg., ochd ceud is aon mhile dg. 

ar fh., <ià cheu<l 's a còig dg. 
1,000,000,000, milerauillcan. 1,500,000,000, mUe ^ leth muiUean. 
1,723,692,783, naoi mile is scarhd ceud is tri muiUean f., aè ceud is 

ceithir f . is dà inhìle dhg. seachd ceud ceithir f. 's a trl. 
•79,621,832,621, naoi ccud is tri f. is naoi mile dg. is s^ ceud is aon ar 

fh. dc mhuiUcanan, ochd ceud ia dà dhg. ar fh. mUe, còig 

rcud Ì3 aon ar fh. 
1 000,000,000,000, feuilltan. 

• Accordiug to Scripture usage. 

Daor-iireamh Conjoined numb«r. 

1, aon fhear, tè, bhròg. duine. 

2, dà fhear, th6. bhròig, dhuine. 

3, trl fir, te, brògan, daoiue. 

4, ceithir fir, ti-, brùgan, daoine. 

5, CÒI{... ; 6, sò... ; 7, seachd... ; 8, ochd... ; S, naoi... ; 10, deich... 

11, aon fhcar dtug ; aon tè dheug ; aon bhròg dheug ; oon duine dcut;. 

12, dà fhear deug ; dà thè dhg. ; dà bhròig dhg ; dà dhuine dhg. 

13, trì fìr dg. ; tri tè dhg. ; trì brògan dg. ; tri daoine d^. 
20, flchead fear ; fichead tè ; f. bròg ; f. daotne. t1, fear ar fh. ; bi 

ar fh. ; 22, dà fhear fh. 

23, trì flr f. ; trì brògan f. ; trl te f. ; trì daome f. 

80, deich fìr ar fh. ; dcich brògan f. 

33, trì flr dg. ar fh. ; trì brògan dg. ar fh. 

40, dà fh. fear. ; dà fh. bròg. 47, dà fh. fear 's a seacbd. 

50, dà fh. fear 's a deich ; lethchtud fear. 

60, tri f. fear ; 70 tri f. fear 's a deich. 
1 00, COUÌ f ear ; còig f . f ear. 

120, sè f. fear ; *ceud agus f. fear ; 135, s^ f. fear 's a còtg dg. 
140, seachd f. fear. 

150, seachd f. fcar 's a deich ; ceud fU leth de fhearaibb. 
160, ochd f. fear ; 180, naoi f. foar. 

198, naoi f. fear 's a h-ochd dg. ; naoi f. 's a li-ochd dg. de fhearaibh. 
200, dà cheud fear. 

207, dà cheud fear 's a scachd. 219, dà cheud fear 's .i naoi dc. 
220, dà cheud is f. fear. 221, dà cheud is fear ar fb. 

240, dà cheud 's dà fh. fcar. 

241, dà cheud is dà fh. fear 's a h-aon. 

300, tri cheud fear ; 360, tri cheud fear is letbcheud. 

400, ccithir cbeud fear. 500, còig ceud fear. 

1000, mile fear ; 1365, niile fcar, tri cheud is trl f. 's a còig. 

1911, niilc fcar, naoi ceud 's n '■ — ' ■ 

2000, dà mhile fear ; 2001, d >r 's a b-aon. 

2483, dà nihUe fear, ceithir ch. ... . .iihir f. 's a trt 

3000, tri mile fear ; 3137, tri milc fear. ceud is seachd dg. ax fb. 

6200, sè mile fear agus dà cheud ; tri f. 's a dhÀ cbeudfear. 

8580, ochd mile fear, còig ccud agus ceithir f. 

10,000, deirh mlle f<-ar ; 10,017, dcich mile fcar 's a scachd dg. 

10,076, 'I 'aaaè dg. 

10,200, ' c-beud. 

10,219, ' ■• cheud 's a naoi dg. 

10,438, ' ( cithir chcud 's a b-ocb(l 


19,000, : Uj. 

19,956, : . ., naoi ceud is da fb. 's a sè dg. 

20,000, : : 20,009, f. mile fear 's a naoL 

20,721, :. > h<l icuil .iKus fcar ar fh. 

21,000, milc tcax ar Ih. 



V537, : . . :ear ar fh., trì cheud is seachd dg. ar fh. 
22,273, : :::hik- fear ar fh., dà cheud is trl f. 's a tri dg. 
30,000, a ar ihichead raile fear ; deich mìle fear ar ih. 

32,200, : . ::;hile dhg. ar fh. fear, aeus dà cheud. 
40,000, 1 i !ii. milefear ; 40,035, dà Hi. mile fear is còig dg. 
41,000, a h-aon 's dà fh. mile fear. 
46,500, (là fh. is sè milc fear ag^s c6ig cead. 
50,000, leth cheud mile fear. 

53,400, 'ì.i ilì. is iri raìle fear dg. agus ceithir chend. 
59,300, 1 • ' i mile fear, agus trl cheud. 

62,700, ■ lear, agus seachd ceud. 

79,394, : : f.?r 'i?. trì cheud is ceithir f. 's a ceithir <l.i.% 

90,711, :'; :r : :~ ; ,r. seachd ceud 's a h-aon dg. 

100,000, ^ -u ì mi; : r ; 100,009, ceud mile fear 's a naoi. 
100,431, ceud mile fear, ceilhir cheud 's a h-aon dg. ar fh. 
108,100, ceud is ochd raile fear, agus ceud. 
111,719, > , M(l is aon mhile fear dg., seacbd ceud 's a naoi dg. 
1 31 ,973, ' ud is aon nihlle fear deug ar fh., naoi ceud Ls trì f. 's a trì dg. 
150,000, 1 ^ti ! •' ' ir. 
151,000, ..;!l -^ . ardhàfh.mìlefear. 

157,600, ... ..J agus seachd mìle fear agus sè ceud. 

199,219, :. is naoi mlle fear dg., dà cheud 's a naoi dg. 

200,000, fear. 

171,493, naoi ceud tri t. 's a h-aon mile fear dg., ceithir chead is ceithir 

f. 'sa trì dg. 
1,000,000, muillean fear ; 1,000,003, muillean fear 's n trì. 
1,000,321, :!.uir ri, tri cheud is fear ar fh. 
1,000,537, :::u:;k :i i^ 'i.; . eud is seachd fir dg ar fh. 
1,096,029, ::r::','. .;; i il; r f. 's a sè raile dg. 's a naoi fir ar fh. 
1,952,366, ! lui'il' i;: ; ;ia.^i ceud is dà fh. milc 's a dhà dhg., tri chrud 

i. :: : !. :"■ .ir 's a s^. 
2,000,000, 1 : : : i fear. 
39,000,000, :: n fear dg. ar fh. ; naoi muilleanan dg. ar fh. de 

119,000,000, uiUean fear dg. ; ceud is naoi muilleanan 

1t6,736,210, ' '• muillean fear dg., seachd ceud is sè 

• ud 's a dcich. 

919,831,215, : fear dg,, ochd cead is aon mhìle 

.i còig dg. 

ìi fonr. 

inan f. fear, aè ceud ia 
• ud ceithir f. 's a trl. 
Iri i. u iiaoi milc dg., i.s sè ceud is muiilean 
iid is dà dhg. ar fh. mile, còig ceud i« 


•,721,092,783, i : i, i 

'■.•ilhir ! ; 
079.821,831,521. : 

ar !i 

fi-ar ;it m. 

1.000,000,000,000, buiiitan t 



Ortfinal NumNr Eaear-àlrtamh. 

Ftar for masc. noan. Bròg for fem. nonn. 

1, an ceud a'cheud fhear ; a' cheud bhròg. 

2, an dara fcar, brùg. 3, an tr«M fear, bròg. 

4, an ceathramh fcar, bròg. 5, an cdigMmii fear. bròg. 

6, an tèathamh fear ; an t-tèathamh bròg. 

7, an seachdamh fear ; an t-seachdamh bròg. 

8, an t-ochdamh fear ; an (an t- ochdamh bròg. 

9, an naoidheamh fear, bròg. 10, an deicheamh fear, bròg. 

11, an t-aona u ir deug ; an aona bhr >•.: dheug. 

12, an dara fear deug ; an dara br>«t; dheux. 

20, am flcheadamh fear ; an thicheadamh bròg. 

21 an t-aoua fear fichead ; an aona bhroR fìchead. 

23, an treas fear fichead ; an trea.s bròj,' tichcad. 

27, an seachdamh fear f. ; an t-seachdamh bròg f. 

28, an t-ochdamh fear f. ; an (an t-) ochdamh bròg f. 

30, an deicheamh f ear f . ; an deicheamh bròg f. 

31, an t-aoua fear deug aw fh.; an aonabhrògdheugarfh. 

40, an dà fhicheadamh fear. bròg. 

41, an aon 's an dà fhi ' ' h fear, bròg. 
45, an còig'san dà fh h fear, bròg. 

50, an deich 's an dà :. ...::ih fear, bròg. 

60, an tri ficheadamh fear, bròg. 

80, an ceithir ficheadanih fear, bròg. 

98, an t-ochdamh fear deug ar cheithir f. ; an (an t-) ochdamh biòg 

dheng ar cheithir f. 
100, an còig ficheadamh fear ; an ceudamh fear, bròg. 
100, an ceudamh fear '» a naoi ; an naoidhcamh fcar ar a' cheu<! 

119, an ceudamh bròg 's a naoi deug ; an naoidheamh fear deug ar .i 


120, an sè ficheadamh fear ; an t-aè ficheadamh bròg ; am ficheadamh 

fcar ar a' cheu<l ; an ceud 's am ficheadamh fear. 
123, an treas fcar fichead ar a' chcud ; an ceud 's an treas fear fichead : 

an treas fear ar an t-sè fichead. 
107, an scachdamh fcar ar an ochd fichead ; an seachdamh fe.i: 

^ ceud ; an ceud 's an t-seachdamh 's an tii : 

: -aT. 

200, an uar. 

201, an !i dà cheud ; an dà chcudamh fear 's a h-aoo. 
220, ani in u - " " ' '^ - *">nd ; an dà cbeud 's am ficheadai..^ 

:• ar 's • fichead. 
288, nn dà ( i. ^i^ 's an dà fhichead : an treas fear 

(i<iiy; .<r (thi thichead is dà cheud 
1000, am mlie t«r<>^. 

1987, an naoi ceud dcug 's an seachdamh fear dcug ar fh. 
2998, an dà mhlle naoi cend 's an sèathamh fear deug ar cbeithir f. 
19,990, an ddch mile fear. 



13,4M, an treas mlle deug 's an ceithir chead 's an còig 's an trì fich- 

eadamh fear. 
100,009, an ceud mile fear. 
000,000, an trl cheud mile f ear. 
976,321, an naoidheamh ceud 's an sè deng is trl fichead mlle 's an tri 

cheudamh is fear fichead. 
1,000,000, am muilleanamh fc3r ; a' mhuilleanamh bròg. 

0«ct, twic«, thrica, four times, etc. 

1 , aon nair ; 2, dà nair ; 3, tri uairean ; 4, ceithir uairean, etc. 
10, deich uairean ; 11, aon uair deug ; 12, dà uair dheng ; 13, tri uairean 

deug ; 
20, fichead uair ; 21, uair ar fh. ; 22, d.^ nair ar fli. 
40, clù fh. uair ; 100, ceud uair ; 1000, mile uair. 


1 X 1 ; 2 X 2 ; 3 ; 2 ; 3 X 4, ete. 

1 , . !i aon ; 1 y 2, <là aon ; 1 y 3, tri aoin ; 2 1, aon dà ; 

2, i. dhà ; 2 x 3, tri dàthannan ; 4 1, ami cheithir ; 

2, i cheithir ; 4 - 3, tri ceithirean ; 4 4, ceithir ceìthìrean ; 

5, - / còiseannan ; 6 6, sò tèathannan ; 7 7, seacbd seachdannan ; 

8, o. ;.<i echdannan ; 9x9, naoi naoidheannan ; 10x10, deich 
MciMannan ; 11 11, a<>a deug aon uair deug ; 11-12, 
aon dcui; dà uair dheuc ; 12x11, dà dheug aon uair 

One by Ofte, «^>n an dèidh 

a lion . .; a ! ' 

two by two, a iion 

fìve by fivc, 

in twos, : 

in fourt, 

in twentJes 

in thirties. 

In forties, 

; fear aa dèidh fir ; t< an d«idh t^. 


itj s a coig. 

-an ; in throot, 'nan tritheannan ; 
in fives, 'nan còigeannan, etc. 

I .iT tbichead ; deich air fh. annt gach buidhinn. 
ichead, etc. 

ki:pe.\ted quantitv 


The 8ame Quantity, uiread ; 2 timet the quantity, a dbà uiread ; 3 1. 1. 0.t 

.1 thri mrfud ; 4 t. t. q., ; ■•''■- •ircad ; 11 1. 1. Q.. ' ' '- ' 

'lfug ;12t. t. q., .Klhi ti ;20t.t.a., (a 

25t. t.q., a choig iiiri;i'l : ;., a chòig deug _ 

I3S 1. 1. q., a chcud 's a < ar fh. uiread ; 206 1. 1. q., a dbà 

ftieud, 's a chòig 's a thti ctc. 


lOiKi/ivylVADI ! 

A rèir mcud. 

1, a h-aon 

2, adhà 

10, a dcich 

11, deich 's a h-aon 

12, deich 's a dhà, etc. 
20, a flchMd (fcar) 
23, fichead 's a trì 
30, triochad (fear) 

35, triochad 's a còig 

40, ceathrachad 
50, caocad 
60, lèatcad 

70, seachdatf 
80, ochdad 
90, nochad 
100, ceud 
1000, mlle 
1,000,000 muillean 
1.000,000,000.000, buillean 
381, tri cbeud ochdad 's a b-aon. 
9256, naoi mlle, dik cheud, caogad 

's a sc (is si fir). 
73,246, seacbdad is trì mile. dik 

cbeud ceathracbad 's a 

M4,379,còig ceud scasgad is ceitbir 

mUe, trì cbeud scacbdad 

's a naoi. 
567,932,319, còig ceud sèasgad is 

seacbd muiUean, naoi 

ceud triochad is dà nibilc. 

trì cbeud deich 's a uaoi. 

6.591,332,456, sè mlle còig ceud 
Docbad is aon mhuillean, 
tri clicud trìodiad is dà 
mhUe. ceithir cbcud 's a sè. 

6,356,271,835.211. . .'i;; l.unUan. 
trì . 

mbuilkaii. uchd ccud 
triocbad is c<Sig mUc. dà 
cbetid deicb 's a b-aon. 

V '^^- •.- .V1KJ..VMHACHD. 

A rèir eafair. 

an ceud, a' cheud. 
an dara. ct< 
an deicheamh. 

au ceud fhear ar dhcicb. 

an dara fear ar dheicb, etc. 

■ni flcbtadamh ftar. 

an trea-s {i-ar ar fhicbead, eti . 

an triocK''^'"«h •••.nr. 

an d>i. ar thriochad. 

an ceath mh. 

an cao{adamh. 

an sèas{adamh. 

an seachdadamh. 

an ochdadamh. 

an nochadamh. 

an ceudamh. 

am mile. 

am muilleanamh. 

am builleanamh. 

an ceud fhcar ar ochd.: 

au seatbamh feor ar > . 

cbeud i.4 naoi uiilc. 
an còigeamh fear ar cbeatbrai . 

is dà cheud, ar tbn i$ 

.seacbdad mUe. 
an': ' — * . i... . 1. 1 ,.» 

is t 


an naoidbe.. 


is Utnti c«ud mile, 

sheacbd ìs sòasgad is 

ceud muiUean. 
an sèathamh fear ar cbaoga' 

ccit' ■- ' ' - " 


ar — 

ccud is 
nn ceud fbear ar 

ar chòig i» ti 

ceud mUc. «; 

dad is dà < 

caogad is t: 

muulean, or cuui^ uun: 



1 O'cloek, aon uair ; 1 .30, ieth uair an dèidh aou uair ; 2 O'C, dà uair ; 
2.15, etatiirainll au dèidh dà uair ; 3 O'C., trì uairean ; 3.45, dà 
fhichcad mi'Miaid 's a còig an dèidh trì (uairean) ; mar cheathramh 
do th n) ; 4.20, f. mionaid an dèidh ceithir (uairean) ; 5.40, 

mar i ì do shc (uairean); 6.30, leth uair an dèidh sè(uairean); 

mar ieuj u ur uo sheachd ; 7.35, f. tnionaid 's a còig deug an dèidli 
seachd ; mar chòig ar fh. mionaid do ochd ; 10.55, mar chòig mion- 
aidean a dh' aon uair dcug ; 12 O'C, dà uair dheug. 

A.M.=ailtt merlditm, roimh mheadhon latha, R. M. L. 

l'.M. ^post meridiem, an dèi.lh meadhon latha, D. M. L. 

at aicllt, 'sau oidhehc ; in day-time, 'san latha ; dtad Of nifht, marbh ua 

h-oidhche ; broad day, àiii an latha ; mominf early, mochthrath ; 

evening late, anmoch ; 3 a.m. mu ghlaodh (ghairm) uan coilcach 

(atcoclt crowing). 


February, ( cud mios an earraich ; March, dara mios (uiios meadhotiach) 
..:; . iTr !ieh ; AprH, treas mios (mios deireannach) an earraich ; 

May, June, Jnly, an t-samhraidh ; August, September, 

Octoèor, an fhoghair; November, December, January, 

a' gheamhraidh. 

The Names of the Days of the Weok may be found at " ii " in the vo- 


New Year" n.i; ".illainn, Là na bliadhn ùir ; Candlemas day, ist Feb. 
I. 1 ide ; 8t. Patrick's day, i^th Mar. Là Ihcill Padruig ; 

Ladyb^jr, i.. i.i Caillìch ; All fOOl'S day, La na Cuthaigc ; EastOf, 
A' Chàisg ; May day, La licalltuinn ; Whitsunday, isth May, A' 
Chaingis ; Midsummer day, -^th Junc, Là Ihiill Lùin Bai.stich ; 
St. Swithin's day, i sth juiv, l.i Màrtainu iuiii.14 ; Lammas day, 

ist. AuR. Là Luna>ai'i ; Michaeimu day, J'jtli Scpt. Là 1-hcill 
Mi h(il ; Hallowmas, Samhainu, HallOWOVO, 3ist Oct. Oidhchc 
Shunhi' Martìnmas day, iith Xov. Là FhciU Màrtainn ; 8t. 
Andr A 1 j. yth Nov. L.'i 1-hcill .\in<lrcis ; Christmas day, i5th 
1 1' Hogmanay, u>t Ik-c. (Ji<ih(,he Challaìnn. 

Am Faoiitvach, ine iast for? ' nid first ; '*• } 

An QOfllTM, a period va: a Mar. ; A : >d 

\ !ri'-«n«W .l.-t,..,-,i it, Ai':.. Ai. 4,4,.Urtn, a pcriod >,.. ,, 

lar ' :r. ponds to the Dogdays ; An DÙdlachd 

tnc acau 



The Pointi of Sentoncoc. 
Comharraidhoan nan ràdh. 

To assist iii the intcrpretatiou of 
the meaning of sentences. 

A cbuideachadh ràidhcan a thuig- 








( ) 

[ ] 

Quotation Marki 
Inter-Quotation Marks 

To a>sisl art. 

Pointof Interrocation 
Pointof Exclamatlon 

dad. Comharradh ceann ràidh. 

dad fo dhad. C. frith-ràidh. 

camag fo dhad. C. fo-ràidh. 

camag. C meaubh -ràidh. 

slat. C. sgaraidh. 
crò crom ì r> * w -jt. 

cròuiUnneach / C .tearbaidh. 

I ciabhagan nam \ 

\ l)riathran aithriste/ 

j ( ial>hagan uam ì C. bhriathran 

\briathranath-aithri-' hristo. 

C. bhrìathran aithr 

A chu : 

dad fo ghath. t^ . ( 

The Polnti of Wordi. 

Comharraidhean nam facal. 

To assist the iuterpretation of A chuideachadh ciall fhacal 

Words. a thuigsinu. 

ApOltrophe ' ciabhag. Comharradh marbh-lide. 

Hyphen - suaimcau. C. snaimidh. 

AccentMark {ÌÌom''^ird'c. } ^'- "« trom-Ude. 

The Marki of Letteri. 

Comharraidhean nan Lltrichean. 

Onrttloii Mtrkt 

arrofding to 

/ Comharraidhean nam 
( foghar fada. 






è ò, anitcag <ilu' ts. 
à, ò, ù, i, 1, au itcag ( lili. 

i, striochag na fad ùiue. 
A, cromag na gèarr ùine. 
i, luasgas a' chrith-fbnaim 
ià, càraid dhad. Comharradh beò fhoghair 
9, ga^an. C. c lc f uaim a. 

Cùine arèir 
rhAnafaican coimhe. 


Marks of Reference. 
Comharraidhean lùil. 

To catch the attention, 
Asttrìtk. or Star * 

Parallels || 

Paragraph 1} 

Obalisk, or Dacgtr 
Double Dagger 

index Hand 





A ghlacadh aire. 


dà ghas. 

bachull. C. a b'àbhaist a chur 

roimh rann sgeul-chainnt. 


càraid bhiodag. 

dualan. C. a theid a chur air uairean roimh 
earrann sgeul-chainnt. 







Multiplied by 

Divided by 




Less thaa 


l^ làmhag-iùil. 
\* **» grioglachan. 

Comharraidhaan Aireamhachd. 

càraid shlatag. C. ionanuachd. 

crasgan direach. C. cur rì chèile, 

slat. C. toirt bho chèile. 

crasgan claon. C. rann-slànachaidh. 

slat eadar dhad. C. rann-sgaoilidh. 

gob deas. C. coimeas a' mhòir rìs a' bheag. 

gob cll. C. coimeas a' bhig ris a' mhòr. 

Various Other Marks. 
Gomharraidhean Eug-samhuil eile. 

I greallag. C. ceangail. 

( •••• sreath reanuagan. ì C. bèim am brìatkran 
"■ ... srcathdhad. (' it'-r: •- ' 

inesof Diroction 





thl; i'lace of the HYrni;.\ 

lu compound WOrdS a hyphcn sbould always hc put btforc the acccntetf 
lyllable \^hcn it is ni)t the tìrst syllablcof thc vvord, as ;it.; ; ; :'.i, 
di-chuimliue, geur-kaunihuinn, uco-shcabiuhach, tla».li^h;:;i;. 

A kyphcu is usually put aftOf an initial h as in : a h-aghaidb, her f.. 
: a h-uile ui, everything, ctc. ; attor t Of tho artiCÌO, as : an t-òran, thc 
song : air an t-sràid, on the strcet, etc. ; and aftor n Of tho potSOttlvt 
pronount ar n- and bhur n-, as : ar u-atbair, oar father : bhur 
u-cich, your horses. 

A hyphen is uscd in breaking up words, at the end of a writtcn or printed 
Ùne ; and, in dctenuining the places in the words, whicb it should 
occupy, regard sbould be had to the following general rules 

In dorìvativo wordt which carry tho accont on tho flrtt tyM:^^!<< 

thesc have bccn uiade by addiuj; prefixes, thc hypheu ;ie 

aftor thO prefÌX, as : mìothlarhd (origiually mi-tlil.i< d 

thus : mio-thlacbd : dìochuinihnc (originally di-cl. 
thus : dio-chuimhnc : scaufhacal, divided thus : 

lu derivative words made by addini suffixes, the h>-pheu sbould co 

bOfOrO the SUffìX, a.s ; bau-;ìi' • ' ' • '••' • 

coinn-each-adh ; cealg-air, ce.i 

còl-as, eol-ais, ain-col-as ; bu.u .., ' : 

Double and Triple Consonants, not at the begiuning of a word. v 
which might be used to begin a word or accenied sytlable, 
thc hypluii before the last letter of the e''oup, a.s 
uiac-nus ; foc-lair ; iosg-ladh ; i>-ncach, elc. liut such a.s iu.i\ i' 
under tbe ncxt class are to be excepted, as : ast-ar ; teagasg-air, ( 

Double and Triple Consonants which mifht N ustd to ond a word or 

accented syìlabie, sIkiuUÌ not \>v di\idcd, but have the hyphcn plarcd 
after the last lettor Of tho froup, as : marc-acbd ; 'dcarbb-ad: 

sc.illili .iii ; incirl-e.ich ; casb-uig ; tlachd-mbor, etc. 

At a gontral rule, whin in doubt. and subject to thc preceding stipu- 

lations. tii< !ui,!:r!) shouid follow a consonant in prtttrtact It a 

Under no condition shouid a hyphcn immediately prccedc an h, tiu-<>n tx-in.i.; tii.ii .iH 'l'iilli • •;',•.- . ■ ; ; h .luj 

auotllcr, havc tlie Jon c oj .si:ì^Ii. n :; ;.:,•-,, ;, ..;; . ;,,, i; i!' 

làth-air ; còmh-radb ; aimb-eaL ct< 



WRrriNG FOR THE . .v.,^. . 


rite on tiRCte sheets aud oii one side only. 

Nvmber the pagM carefully. 

Writc plainly ; particukrly fifurM anJ unfamiliar words. 

Lcave spaces betwecn thc words. 

Avoid the use of capitai lettert where such ate not due. 

Punctuate carctull\ . 

Revise thoroughly bcfore scnding off, correcting errors on the principles 
adopted for pnx^f corrcctius. For this purposc it is advisable to 
leave a martin. 

i)raw a line around words which do not beiong to the text, such as direc- 
tions to the compositor ; or, write theni in red ink. 

Wlien the author wishes to have the printed matter revised hy himseif 
•r tMtber, he should write at the top of the fìrst page oi the MS., 
" Proof Wanted," or " Send proof to 80 and So," giving full name 
and postal addrcss. 

Proof Reading. 

it would be inconvenient and confusing to wrilc instructions lo tho 
comp>5Ìtor by proof readcrs, in words, marks Of well-established 
Signiflcance are used. These are illustratcd in thc passagc which 
foUow.s, at page i<jo, with the corrections made as if by a competent 

Ii is advantagcou^ to do proof corrections in red ink. 

alteration should bc made on the printcd tcxt of thc proof shcets 
witbeut maklag some ctrretpondinc mark ou thc margiu to attract 
thc attention of thc compositor. 

callcd gaileys, eacli of which 

of a proposcd book. When 

lÌK falley proo paratcd into pagcd 

formes, whi s ; and tliesc also 

require rcvisi"!i. uuun unisi uc ninuui- .i:m 

If, after makinR -•<;.-.= ^,,M»h>r nroof |t wanted, 
" Rcvisc" .r 'i tli'- pro. .1. 

rcvisc is wa:; ' tnc mi! ■■ _,. be phnted Off, ' 

" Prcss " at the top of thc lÌLrst pagc of thc proof. 




Uarks for the correction 

of thc Press. 

1. Dtltte this ^ sgiùrsa 

2. Put thit hert a gob (ao 

3. Reverte thii letttr ^^ bachlag 

4. Increate theipac* ^ mogul 
betweeri the wordt j 4f 

3 Abolish the ipace ì bogha 

betwten theie i - 3 

6. Move thii word te* ) 

warditheright J 

7 Move thit word to- I 

wardi the left J 

8. Make an indent at I 

the beglnninc ef thii } 

llne j 

9 Flll the Indent at the I 

becinning of thii line j 

10. Ralie these iittere 
te make the line even / 

11. Lewer theie letteri I 
te make the line even ; 

Combarraidbeao a cbeartachadb 
Cuir a9 da 90. 
àird) Cuir so an so. 

lompaich an litir so. 
fSgaoil na facail sobho 
't chèUe. 

. Tcaaaaich iad so. 

uilianeag dbeas' 


uiUoaeag chU 




lctb chèarnaig 




Thoir am facal 

db' ionnsuidh 

Thoir am facal so 

db'ioaasuidh na 

làimbe cll 

Dean b^arn aig toiseacb 
an t-sreatb so 

12. Straiihten the mtr> 1 
|ln / l 

13. Lower thii lead or ] 
•pace type bclow [ 
thelevelof theprint j 

14. Makea new Para- 1 
fraph here 1 

15. Subttituteanentire i 
type for thit broken 
•ne \ 

16. Put an Apottrephei 

17. Put Quotatlon or | 
Interquotation markt 

18. Put a peried here 

19. Put a hyphen here 
ao. Put a tfaih hire 

Lion am t>èam a i..a a.^ 

toiseach an t-sreath 


Ardaicb na litrichean so 

a cbum an sreath • 

dheanamh dlreach. 

Isbcb na litrìcbean so a 

cbum an srcath a 

dbeanamh dlreacb. 

I Dean cotbromacb anc 

bogba 's saighead | l.Hbch an lom-luaidb 
i fo chòmbnard oi 

[ breac-luaidh. 



Dean rano ùr an so. 

hr l. (broken letter) j Cuir breac-luaidh 
crasgan cJaun| an Aitc na i 

I amaichte so 

I Cuir ciabhag an so. 

Cuir ctabha|;an bbriat 
ran aitbnste. 
'hriste, an -- 

*..,.! .1.1 ■! lii .SO. 

Cuir Miaiiiican an so. 
Cuir tUt an eo. 


: Add tlift to the prt- 
ctding parafraph 
22. Rtmove the lead 
which Is bttwten tho 
thest lintt 

Put a lead betwten 
thete lines 

Put this in Italict 

Put this in Roman 

^K'. Put this in Small 

capital letters 
27 Put this in large 

capital letters 
'^ Putthisin smaller 

Putatypeoutof tho 

proper fount in this 

one's place 

30. Trantpost these 

31. Qutry. Tht mirk 
ef uncortainty 

32. Ltavt thìs as it is 

"i No 1f, or, run on 

r > no lead < 
ì > lead, or < lead 


I Ital. (strioch fodha) 


)/?oiN. (strìoch fodha) 

> Sm. Caps. 

da strìoch fodha) 
I L. Caps. 

/ (trì strìochan fodfaa) 
) l.c. (lower case) 
/ (strìoch fodha) 

w.f. (wrong fount) 

I tr. (transpose) 

I - (ia<l fo bhachlaig 


/Cuìr so rìs an rann mu 
\ dheireadh. 

(Thoir alr falbh an lom- 
luaidh a tha eadar 
na sreathan so. 
fCuir lom-luaidh eadar 
\ na sreathan so. 
j Cuir so anns a' chlaon 
\ Utir. 

/Cuir so anns an litir 
\ dhìrich. 

fCuir so anns a' gharbh 
\ litir bhig. 
\ Cuir so anns a' gharbh 
/ litir mhòir. 
/Cuir so an litrichean is 
\ lugha. 

(Cuir litir as an àlach 
cheart an àite na 
Cuir iad so an àite a 

( Comharradh na mi- 
\ chinnte. 
Fàg so mar a tha e. 


Note. — The figures on the margin here are for reference to the section 
which precedes this one. 

Wreng Ittttrs or words are corrected by drawing the pen through 
them. and NMrking tho prepor iotters or wortfs on the near 
Fffff*" opposite the linc in which they occur. 

b. Wh ire not in thoir propor ordtr, aud do not 

a'.. »;i ven uiider • jo, draw a liuc uuder them 

and write the wora in Its proptr spelling on tbe margin. 


ietier cr word which has beon tcorod through is to be 
under the word, and wrltO " ttot " 

,. T32. 

When a point. letter or word is to be omittod, draw the pen through 
it and make a delta on the margin. 

When a point, letter or word is to be instrtod put a eartt (A) at 
the place, aud tlio point, Ittttr or word on tho margin. 


3. Wheu a lcttcr is inttrfed uptide dewn, draw a small line uudcr u 

and maiie a mark lÌKnifying " reverM " oq tbe margin. 

4. Wben a tpace il wanting bctween two words or letters. put 

carct whcre the scparation ougbt to be, and tkls tlgR on 
tlM nargin. 

3. When a tpace hai been improperly left, as between parts of .. 
word. put the marki ^ and ^ at the place and tbe same in tbc 


0. When, in ipacing, a \\ou\ is phic cd too far towardi the left hand. 
put thii mark at the piace and on the margin t<> indicatc that 
it is to bc shiftcd towards thc right. 

7. When, in ipacing, a word is placcd too far towardi the right hand, 

put thii mark at the place and on the margin to indicate tbat 
it is to be shifted towards the lcft. 

8. Wben an indent is wanted at thc lcft hand end of a line to indicai 

the beginning of a Paragraph, or that a line of versc does n- 
rbymc with that precediug it, place thii mark on the margin. 

• ». When an indont hat been ieft in error, and it is prupcr tu bri; 
tlie end of the line out to the margin, put thil mark on the mar 

10. Wbcn letten which have gone downwards out of thc line, ba\ 
to be rai.^cd, piace this mark over them and en the margla. 

11. Wben letteri which havegone upwardiout of tbe Unehavc tob 
lowercd, place thii mark under them, and on the margin. 

li. Wben tbc endi of linei are irrefular put a line on the mar|in 

to tbc ezteut of thc irrcgularity. 

13. Wben a tp«ce-type itandi up too high and takes on tbc iuk 
draw a downward line through the blemiih and make thii mark 
on the margin. 

i.{. \\ hcn a lentence in the body of a Paragraph i> t<> Ih^ìh .ì new 
Paragraph, draw a iquare bracket at the befinning of the sen- 
tence, and write " N.P. " (new Paragraphi or thii mark on the 

15. Whcn a letter appeari to be defective, nMkc 1 crou 
write " br. I." on the margin. 

16, 17. Inverted commu and apMtrephei arc 1 
marks uudcr thcni indirating thcir hi'.'!!- r p<"i'; 

18. A ^erlei te N imMltd or subst 
margin wltllhl ■ tmall circie, t. 

19. Whcn a hyphen iiomitted putacaret wherc i^ i on occur 
and tbc hyphcn on thc margin ou tbc lcil . 




20. When a dash is emitttd, put a caret where the omission oceurs, 

and the dash thus 1 — \ on the margin. 

21. When two Parafraphs are to be joined, draw a curved line from 
the end of the first to the beginning of the next and writO on 
tiM marfin, " No « " or " run on." 

22. When a " lead " has been wrongly inserted betweeu the lines 
of type, put a side caret at the end of the interlinear spaee, 
and the dekte inark on the iiiargiu. 

23. When a " lead " has been wrongiy omitted between the line.s 
of type, put a side caret at the end of the intertinear space, 

' and the word " lead " on the margin. 

24. When it is wanted to chanfe from the Roman to the italic letter 
draw a line under the letter or word u> be i-hanged, and write 
" lUI." on the marfin. 

23. When it is wanted to change from the Italic to the Roman letter, 

draw a Hne under ihe kttcr or word to be changed, and WfitO 

" Rom." on the margin. 
2f<. Wheu it is wantcd to changc from the ordinary type to small 

capitals, draw two llnes under the k-tter or word to be c hanged, 

and write " sm. caps." on the margln. 

27. Wben it is wanted to change any lower caso typo 
to larfe eapitals, draw three lines under the ktter or word to 
be change<l, and write " L. Caps." on the margin. 

28. When it i> uaiitv<i to change from capitals to ordinary type, 
draw a iine under tlK- kttcr or word to be ihanged, and writo 
" l.c. " (lower case) on the margin. 

29. When a letter from a wrong fount of type appears, draw a line 
under or through it, and write " w.f." (wrong fount) on the 

30. \\ hon two r >r more letters or words are transposed, draw a line 
over the one set and under the other, and write " tr." (transpose) 
on the margin. 

31. When there ÌS dOUbt as to whether the printed point or letter 
fuUy repri-^tnt.s tlie type from which it nas been printed, put 
a cross at the doubtfui impression and ? on the margin. 

Whcn there are more words to be added to a line than can be con- 

viniriitìv '■ r;U' :: on the sidc mar).;ÌM, thcy sliould bO writton 
at the top or bottom margin, or on .. -- • r itc slip of paper. and 
thc unr!^ see above," " see bek r see paper apart," 

;ì-> tlic ca ' '.11. ty bc, put ou thc ni.. 

AMES.— Pafo, lyethtaobh (duillcige) ; The Printed Part, Am breac ; 

Tl» Unprinted part ' -' '• n. .\m H.n ; Proof, C' "• "-nch- 

ainn ; Qalley Proo^ h ; Paged Proof, d. iitc ; 

Pormo Proof , ' i f .nal proof, > l. ■Ui. <lh. ;r Press, 



' — '0»^jr 


^Tha an duinc 'na fhèin spèis a' y^^bhail 
g'a ionnsuidh fèin gu'm bhcil a tHH^s«m 
san cQb* àrd os cionn tuigse nan creX- 
taircan dìbli^t>)eis am bheil g air a chuarf 

Qjachadh 's a tha na neamh^n os cionn 

na lalmhainn ; ach jua sh^jlas sinn a 

stigh na's dlùithe 'sa ghnothuch, chi 

sinn^co dhiùbh^cho fadj|is leir dhòmhs' 

e— nach eiIeacIarZ-dhealachadh 'sam biih 

Qeatorra an gnè, ach a mhàin anns an 

'tomhas' 'sa bheil^tuigse sin air arbuil- 

eachadh,x Cha'n e sin a mhàin, acn iha 

co chòrdadh nach >t>gag. eadar gi^Van 

an duine gu nidurra, agus g^Xlan nan 

ainmhidhean as dluithe dhjli an inbhe. 

AÌMa shamhiaicheas mi beusan an duine 
ri beusan ^chait air arn bheil mi a' fe ri* 

Oì^blàdh, cha 'n eiji mi faicinn gu'm bnc ' 
aobhar mòr 'sam bith aig an duine au 
u aill a dheanamh.-) 
*^Ma iheirear nach eil an ^ftj choonorach -PgJ 




a ^ 


's a dh' fhaoda^h e bhi ; c6 is urrainn* 
a ratdh gu'm bheil an duine ? Ma theirear 
gu m bheil an cat 'na chrcutair/^fj^èineil ; 
nach cuala sinn iomradh#ff. daoine nacli 
ri»bh, uile gu l^ir, saor *^t^ fhàilin:. 
cheudna Ma thatar %^ cur as leth a 
chait gu'm bheiLmo chrcach ! nach eil 
auij npTdhà de/mo luchd ei^lais fèm^tiT 

''naiTìVo chomhai^^chtc air son^taingcal- 
achd. / 

'''^Sin agaibh biialhran Dhòmhnuin chòir 
tiach maireanii..arsa Seumas. 

ai A 


Tha an duine 'na fhèin spèis a' gabhail 
g'a ionnsuidh fèin gu'm bheil a thuigse* 
san cho àrd os cionn tuigse nan crea- 
tairean dibhdh leis am bheil e air a chuart- 
achadh 's a tha na neamhan os cionn 
na talmhainn ; ach ma sheallas sinn a 
stigh na's dlùiihe 'sa ghnothuch, chi 
sinn — co-dhiùbh, cho fad's is lèir dhòmhs' 
e — nach eil eadar-dhealachadh 'sam bith 
eatorra an gnè, ach a mhàin anns an 
lomhas sa bheil an tuigse sin air a buil- 
eachadh. Cha'n e sin a mhàin, ach tha 
co-chòrdadh nach beag eadar giùlan 
an duine ^u nàdurra, agus giùlan nan 
ainmhidhean a's dlùithe dha an inbhe. 

Ma shamhlaicheas mi beusan an duìne 
ri beusaq a' chait aìi am bheil mi a' 
sgrìobhadh, cha 'n til mi faicinn gu'm 
bheil aobhar mòr 'sam bith ai^ an duine 
atr uaill a dheanamh. Ma theirear nach 
cil an (Ol cho onorach 's a dh' fhaodadh 
e bhi ; c6 is urrainn a ràdh gu'm bheil 
an duine? M.i theirear gu'm bheil an 
cat 'na chreutair fèineil \ nach cuala sinn 
iomrarlh air daoine nach robh, aile gu 
lèir, saor o'n fhàilinn cheudna Ma 
thatar a' cur as leth a' chait gu'm 
bheil e mi-thaingeil ; mo chreach I nach 
eil aon no dhà de mo luchd eòlais fèin 

ich eil ro chomharraichte air son an 


•*Sin agaibh brlathran DhomHNUIUL 
chòir nach maircann," -""' "^"vmas. 

Caelìc Boots edìted bp Halcolm Hac Farlape. 


(1) AN TREÒRAICIIE-THE LEADER-w deaiifned for 
use in SchooUas a first reading book. Third Edn., Price 3d. Net. 

is another book of the sauie kind ; but, in it, longer words are 
used. Prices— 6d. (PaperX 1/- (Cloth) Net. 

COMPANION— Ì8 intended aa a third rpaflin;; Itook. PrictM - 
6d. (Pa}>er), 1/- (Cloth) Net. 

(4) AM BRIATHRACHAN l;i:.\(. 'HIl-: bLilOuL 
DKTIONARY— ia a handy and cheap dictionary containing 
hII the word.H in the afore mentioned books and'otherH of a 
Jii.storic-al kind which are to follow. Aa an indication of the 
length to which the work« referred to bring the learner in 
hi8 Ktudy, it niay be stated that nearlv4000 word« are made us«e 
of in the text book8 and recorded in the diction.irv, aloni; with 
other 1500 word.s of common use, all with ' anl 
princiiwlinflectionsgiven. Prices — 2/6(pK>arcl N. i. 


pilation of Modern Gaelic Verse, suitable for recitii' 1 1, ^- 

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JoHN M^c (kjRMU'K, the fiint of its kind iu the laDKuage. 
Pricea— 1/- (Pai^er), 1/6 (Clolh) Net. 

TELLER OF THE SHORE-by Mr ' *' k. 

contiiins thi'ee Htoiie.s <»f engrosxing ii \ 

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TELLER OF THE SHIELING-ìh a conipanion vnlmue tothe 
hwt. Prices -Gd. (Pifwr), I/- Cloth) Net. 

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